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Lumia Saga Class and Character Skills Guide: The Best Setups for Each Character

Century Interactive (Diandian Interactive), makers of the massively popular Guns of Glory and King of Avalon, has released a new mobile open world MMORPG Lumia Saga. The fun part of the game is that you can add to your character’s skills. Typical with MMORPGs is that you have a specific set of skills to play with. With the use of weapon cores, pets, and runes, you can really put together some “serious monsters” in Lumia Saga! All things considered, the game has a lot to offer to keep you busy for a big chunk of the day. The bad news is that it can be a bit difficult trying to determine the best setup for your characters.

Keep in mind that each character can freely switch between its available two classes starting at level 30. The good news is that you can have two completely different setups to play with on each character you make. The bad news happens to be the same thing. It’s not so easy to maintain two completely different setups especially with the Rune system. You also might not like one class compared to the other for each character. But even with one character setup, you still have a lot to consider. In this Lumia Saga class and character skills guide, you’ll have a complete set of details to play with before you start.

1. The Power And Not So Much Fun Of The Runes

The Rune system of Lumia Saga is a tricky one. You’d think it was a matter of simply placing the runes into the open slots and you’re done. Unfortunately, that’s not the case here.

lumia saga runes

The first part is to upgrade your Rune Disk so you can unlock the skill for the specified character class. The upgrade button is showing in the bottom right corner of the above screen shot. You have to get it leveled up to at least level 10 to gain that skill. To do this, you have to gain Rune Essences from various rewards. You also have to have Ancient Statues to upgrade your Rune Disk every 10 levels. That’s the Swords’ Rune setup showing in the above screen shot. Also make note of the icon in each slot (if any). If the slot has an icon, that means only that type of rune can be inlayed there.

As you upgrade your Rune Disk in Lumia Saga, more and more slots will become available. Notice the runes on the left of the above screen shot. See the little arrows around their edges? Those arrows are your connecting parts. At least one connecting part of the runes you want to use has to connect to the Rune Disk so the Rune Disk can power it. Without a connection to the Rune Disk, the rune will be useless and just taking up a slot for nothing. For the most part, you’re basically playing “Connect 4”! Look at the bottom left corner button named Random Inlay. Click it to see if it will give you a Runes layout that you’d like to have. If it doesn’t, you can keep using the Remove all button showing in the upper right of the Runes area. Then you just click the Random Inlay button to try again. You can place your runes manually but you should plan on spending a bit of time doing this. The whole point to this is to add to your character’s CP by boosting its stats. Just don’t forget to click the Save Changes button or you’ll be repeating the process!

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When you click on a rune, you can refine it as well (click Refine instead of Inlay). This means you can randomly change the location(s) of the connecting arrows. The aim here is that Lumia Saga tries to let you use more runes at the same time. You’ll need Universal Stones to do this. You can buy them or gain them during Dark Invasion attempts. The good news is that you can add more stats/CP to your character in an instant. The bad news is that the arrows move to random edges on the runes. You might inadvertently render a rune useless. The higher the rank of the rune, the more Universal Stones you’ll need to refine it.

2. The Usefulness Of Pets

The Pet system of Lumia Saga is quite fun. Unfortunately, the pets are not always easy to get. They’re not overly difficult to get but not too easy! The good news is that they can work together and provide your characters a nice stats/CP boost. You can gain a free Pet at level 38.

lumia saga pet system

Fortunately, the devs of Lumia Saga did give the Pets the ability to attack and do some other “cool things”. Thankfully, they’re still very useful and upgrading them is pretty easy too! The trick to it all is to set the Caring Principal Pet in the Funland tab according to your character. This really isn’t rigged so that any pet in the Caring Principal will do. That’s why the Gallery is so useful! Click the View All button in the bottom middle as showing in the above screen shot to check their skills first. The info is still there for you even if you skipped all the tutorials or don’t have the particular pet yet!

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In the Funland tab, you’ll see slots open up when you level up (every 10 levels). Each of those slots is for a specific type of pet as indicated by their icon (upper left corner of their icon). Each slot you add a pet to will increase your stats/CP. It’s the Pet in the Caring Principal slot that grants you the use of its skills. The rest are for stat/CP boosts. Yes, they’re passive skills. Yes, you can add more skills to each pet using Comprehend. Yes, unfortunately, some of the pet skills will rely on your character casting skills before they’re used. Yes, you will have to pick the pets you want to use and level them all up. No, it’s not easy or cheap to get Pet Essences for adding skills to your pets.

3. The Mage And The Warlock

The Mage of Lumia Saga is a widely destructive character to use. Too bad it’s quite the glass cannon! The good news is that its glass cannon status can be fixed. The bad news is that it will take some work to fix it.

lumia saga mage and warlock setup

The Mage of Lumia Saga is a little difficult to use. The difficulty in use is caused by the Element Seal skill. It’s actually a buff based on which part of it you use. Then you have to use the associated skill for the buff to work. The first 2 buffs work the best towards the destructive power of the Mages. These are Flame Seal and Thunderous Imprint. The third buff is pretty much a type of escape tactic which relies on you getting hit to trigger it. The Scatter Thunder Ball is a great skill to use when you’re close to your target(s). The problem is that it has a very slow moving speed so anything at a distance might already be dead before Scatter Thunder Ball hits it! Frost Nova is basically a hit and/or escape tactic skill. It won’t help much beyond that. Combo Fireballs and Thunder Spell are great to have because they both can hit a ton!

Blink is only good as an escape tactic. Ice Barrier works great if you’re at level 50 to use the healing Talent. Again, the Mages of Lumia Saga are glass cannons. Their survival rate is low and it takes work to fix that. Do what you can to increase the Dodge, Energy Reduction, and HP Recovery stats. From there, use the attack range of the Mages as much as possible. Your aim is to kill off your target(s) before they can get to you. The Talents can help fix things up too. Use Call Thunder, Crushing Ice, Shockproof, Reduction, and either Solidify or Warm Up (Warm Up requires Ice Barrier).
The Warlocks of Lumia Saga are pretty decent at AoE damage dealing. They also happen to be the character with the best survival rate in the game. Switch Vitality Excitation for Torture and your Warlock has a vamp effect (your damage done heals you). The problem is that if the target of Torture dies, you won’t get the vamp effect. Yes, Torture does continuous damage to speed on the target’s demise. That’s ok since you still have Life Conversion to use. The trick to the Warlocks is that they have a very low energy need. You still want to keep Life Siphon because it’s a very good single target hit. You wouldn’t rely on its energy recovery much at all. Souleater Scythe is a great skill to have to add AoE to your basic attack. The vamp effect won’t spread but other targets in range will die anyway! Life Conversion is a must to help increase your Warlock’s survival rate.

For your stats, Attack, CD Speed-Up, and Haste are you most important parts to increase. You’d want a good and heavy hit to take full advantage of the vamp effect. Also note that healing effects are based on your Attack stat. You’ll have to try to get so much Haste that your Warlock attacks like a mini-gun! The cool downs of your skills are initially higher than their durations so CD Speed-Up is a must. The Talents you’d want to use are pretty straightforward since you don’t want to use Debilitation or Wild Rampage. Use Despair, Soul Reaper, Haste, Pure Evil, and Apathy. A Warlock setup as described here would be a true blue monster in Lumia Saga.

4. The Adjudge And The Guardian

The Adjudge of Lumia Saga is the heavier attacker of the pair. Its survival rate isn’t as high as the Guardian’s but it’s a lot faster to kill things! The good news is that the Adjudge is not such a glass cannon. The bad news is that it’s cool downs can make things difficult.

lumia saga adjudge and guardian setup

It was nice of the Lumia Saga devs to give the Adjudges Sacred Therapy to help keep them alive! It’s a very nice sized instant heal depending on your Attack stat. Unfortunately, that 30 second cool down wasn’t so nice. So a hefty amount of CD Speed-Up comes in handy. The Hammer of Conviction skill is a good start to attacking in general. Just be sure to set Storming Rage’s Auto Combat to “higher than 50% energy”. That way you should still have some energy to manually use it. Thunder Stroke can produce a pretty good hit and a 100 point energy boost to help keep things going. Do note that unless you’ve added Energy Regen to your cores, you’ll have to manually regen your energy via basic attacks (Warhammer Swing).

As for the Talents, use Haste, Resurrect, Energy, Thriller or Repentance, and Commandment or Champion (requires Hammer of Judgment). The main stats you want to focus on are Attack, CD Speed-Up, and Haste. CD Speed-Up being the most important stat. Again, the skill cool downs can make things difficult for you. Having a higher Hit stat can also come in handy in not missing your attacks. From there, it’s pretty much anything goes depending on what you can get into your cores.

The Guardians of Lumia Saga are plenty tough enough characters. The real trick to the Guardians is to get their Attack stat as high as you can. Hopefully it won’t take so long to kill things after you increase the Attack stat. Again, healing effects are based on the Attack stat. It’s unfortunate the Guardians are not great as a group healer. But with the damage reduction of Holy Shield Protection, they can take a lot of damage as tankers and be just fine. The truly nice part is the hefty reduction in needing pots to survive. Guardians don’t guzzle energy as much as other characters but you still would want Energy Regen included if you can get it. Divine Realm works very similar to the Mage’s Element Seal. The difference is that Divine Realm’s buffs active straight out. You don’t need to cast an associated skill.

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As for the Talents, go with Sagacity or Equality, Excess, CD Speed-Up, Reverence, and Assemble (requires Divine Chains). Alternatively, you can switch Sagacity and Excess for the Block and Holy Shield Talents. The idea being to work your Block stat so you for real barely take any damage. At the same time, you’ll have to increase your Guardian’s Block EFF stat as much as possible. Do note that blocking is done by chance and Block EFF is the amount of damage reduction that a block does. It’s not a complete loss of damage done to you but it could amount to a wet noodle hit!

5. The Oracle And The Scholar

The Oracle of Lumia Saga is a tricky character. The tricky part is that so many think it’s a great healing/support character. The truth is that it’s really not! Not unless you can quickly control which team member you heal. That’s the downside to the Oracles. They can heal greatly but it’s only single target healing. The good news is that they are pretty good tankers and solo characters.

lumia saga oracle and scholar setup

The Oracles of Lumia Saga have a pretty good basic attack where its third hit in the series is an AoE attack. Their Divine Fire skill makes for a strong single target hit. You have to press and hold the Pre-Vision button for it to continuously fire it. It’s a good and constant AoE damaging skill but it will drain energy quickly. Divine Cleanse is a good healing skill with a fairly low energy cost and cool down. Angel Arrival is the heaviest healing skill in the game. Its energy cost isn’t bad but the cool down is horrible! All together the Oracles make for good characters as long as you can fix their energy consumption and cool downs. They can easily be on par with the Warlocks for survival rate.

For their Talents, use Reduction, Gift of Flame, Heavenly Boon, Haste and Merciful Prayer (requires Mercy Heart). For the stats, focus on Attack, CD Speed-Up, Energy Reduction, and HP + Energy Regens. Again, Oracles can guzzle energy so Energy Reduction and Regen have the highest priority.

The Scholars of Lumia Saga are serious damage dealers. They’ll give Mages a run for their money in terms of damage dealing. Unfortunately, they’re horrible glass cannons even worse that the Mages! They can surely hit a ton and have great AoE skills. They don’t really guzzle so much energy. Their cool downs and attack speeds are just ridiculous. It’s to the point where they’re the most difficult characters to use in the game due to their very low survival rate. Your main aim in using a Scholar is to wipe out enemies as fast as possible. To help you, focus on increasing the Haste, CD Speed-Up, Block, and Dodge stats.

For their Talents, use Haste, Centrifugal Force, Arcane Master, Reduction, and Focus. You can switch Reduction for Zero Gravity or Secret Power if you think you’ll do better with either one.

6. The Knight And The Swords

The Knights of Lumia Saga are very nifty tankers. The trick to them is in their Talents. So instead of being fancy punching bags, use their Talents to really make them “bring the hurt”! Unfortunately their damage output isn’t really great until you crank up their Attack and/or Crit stats.

lumia saga knight and swords setup

The Knights of Lumia Saga can take a terrible beating and keep on going. This is typical of tankers. The really fun part is you can extend their good survival rate by cranking up their Energy Regen stat. When you’re using Auto Combat set the Shield Rush energy requirement to 45%. This works in combination with the Resurgence Talent. You’ll get a nice HP regen from that! Set the energy requirement for Shield Bash and Wild Sweep to 55%. The result is a tanker that’s tough as nails and pretty much keeps attacks.

For the stats, focus on Attack, Energy Regen, and HP Recovery the most. For the Talents, use Justice, Resurgence, Integrity, Sacrifice, and Brave March (requires Assault) or Honesty (requires Warpath) or Martyr (requires Fearless Decree). You can swap Assault and Wild Sweep as you like. It just depends on if you want Resilience reduction in your target or an AoE skill.

The Swords of Lumia Saga can be pretty fun to play and destructive at the same time. The main problem being their destructive capability is mostly geared towards single targets. So getting into a group of enemies isn’t such a great idea! Their survival rate is fairly ok with the Hurricane Flying Blade skill which provides healing over time despite the currently missing healing info in its description. The Whirlwind Stomp skill also helps increase the Swords’ survival rate by reducing the damage from each target hit. Changing that damage reduction effect with the Talents is entirely up to you. The stats you want to focus on the most are Attack, Crit, CD Speed-Up and Haste.

For the Talents, use Wind Blade, Reverberation, Haste, Wind Walk, and Air Slash or Reckless Abandon. The recommendation is Air Slash. Reckless Abandon is the Talent that removes the damage reduction effect and replaces it with a damage increase effect. So it’s a matter of trying to kill faster or trying to survive better. Even though there is a healing effect in the Hurricane Flying Blade skill, it won’t be great until you have a very high Attack stat.

7. The Importance of Testing Your Setups

Of course, running around trying to use your character(s) without testing them somehow can be a disaster wanting to happen. Thankfully the devs of Lumia Saga did include testing grounds for you. You only had to join or make a guild to have access to the testing grounds. The Pesky Legion portion of the game comes in handy for testing your setups. Even though you’ve already gained the daily rewards, you can use the Pesky Legion for testing purposes all you like. It can work out surprisingly well for you in seeing the difference in your characters after making changes!

There you have it! This is the end of our Lumia Saga class and characters skills guide. If you have anything to add or just want to share your thoughts about the game, then feel free to drop us a line in the comments below!