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Lumia Saga Farming Guide: Tips & Strategies for Gaining Cores, EXP and Gold

Century Game certainly offered up a lot in their MMORPG Lumia Saga. So much so that you could easily spend an entire day playing and still not get at everything. That’s the beauty part to the game. You’ll have so many options to choose from while playing. You can play manually, you can set it and forget it using the Auto Combat system, or you can mix and match both.

That’s great and all but as it turns out, just about everything will cost. No, don’t start getting nervous thinking you’ll need seriously deep pockets! Unfortunately, the costs are spread throughout the game in various ways. So you’ll need ways to gain and do it quickly. The oddball and fun part is that a lot of this farming wraps around other parts of the game. In our Lumia Saga farming guide, we share with you a bunch of tips, cheats and strategies for farming cores, EXP, and gold. So stay with us as we present you various ways to gain resources. You’ll not only gain, you’ll keep on gaining fairly easily!

1. Gaining Fom Te Start

As soon as you log in for your Lumia Saga gaming day, you can already gain like crazy. The good news is that you can gain quite a lot and very quickly. The bad news is that this will cost Silver and you’ll have to miss out on content from the previous day. When you log in, you’ll immediately be shown the Rewards Retrieval screen.

lumia saga rewards retrieval

Do yourself a solid and just use your Silver to buy those rewards from missed content from the previous day. Since Silver is the easiest resource to gain, it shouldn’t take long for you to regain it! While we’re talking about the start of things, one of your main starts is to open your Backpack and expand it. Your farming ideas won’t last long if you keep running out of inventory space! Again while discussing the beginnings, there’s another trick for your character’s start.

When you first make a character in Lumia Saga, you’ll notice shining objects pretty much all over the place. Do yourself another solid and loot those things like crazy! You’ll definitely need them for the Alchemist Profession and possibly for Bounty Challenges. The things you’ll be looting are Seaside Shrubs, Shells, Broken Boards, Coconuts, and Rocks/Small Rocks. There’re others but this will get you going. Advancing a bit further into your levels, you’ll eventually gain the Class Armament quests. The Class Armament quests are the best start to your gaming day because the various rewards involved are quite significant.

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2. EXP Farming Strategies

Typically the Main Story quests are your non-stop source of EXP and Silver. You’ll need to do them as much as possible for unlocking certain content too. However, right at the start of your Lumia Saga day, you can already gain a ton of EXP using the Class Armament quests. This is a series of 10 quests which gives you EXP, Pet items, Silver, and Old Captain’s Treasure Maps. So at the minimum, you should have 10 of these maps to exchange. Click on an Old Captain’s Treasure Map and click the Explore button.

lumia saga old captain's treasures

Of the highest importance here are the Old Captain’s Treasure Diaries. It’s the book showing on the right side in the above screen shot. There’re some expensive rewards in it for you when you use those books. The better bet is to stockpile 5 or more for a couple of days and use them all. Don’t stockpile the Old Captain’s Treasure Maps. You’ll run out of inventory space awfully quick!

One of the main methods of farming EXP in Lumia Saga is through Cultivation. This is a set amount of EXP you can gain via hunting mobs directly or doing Profession activities. To boost it, go to your Manual and click on the NPCs tab. Click on Cressentia and buy 5 Experience Enhancing Cards (250,000 Silver). That amount is a weekly limit so try to stick with using those cards once per day (30 minutes each and they can stack). Otherwise, attempt to use them all at the same time when you have a full Cultivation bar. All 5 cards together will last 2 and 1/2 hours. From there, pick a mob and set it and forget it for a while! Another method is to use the Normal or Challenge Bounties with those cards. The Normal Bounties will give you EXP as part of the rewards and hunting mobs.

The Challenge Bounties will give you EXP from hunting mobs only and the listed rewards. Lastly is the Crusade War. This offers up good sized chunks of EXP but unfortunately, nothing else. The recommendation is to do 5 Crusade Wars per day only for the Activity Points.

3. Farming Magic Core Tactics

The idea behind hunting cores in Lumia Saga is not just to gain “a really great core”. It’s mainly to setup your cores so that they’re truly effective for your character. For example, if you’ve made a Warlock, you’ll notice that Haste won’t help it. It’s CD Speed-Up that will do a lot better on a Warlock (just one example stat). Basically you should start actual Magic Core farming at level 50+. Before that level you can pretty much use anything you want. The point being is in getting to level 60. That will take you some time. So take some time to hunt Magic Cores mostly for their additional stats that you can refine onto your current Magic Cores. Just remember that the weapon Magic Cores are a little tricky. Mostly you’d want to keep them for their extra skills. Use the Modify option in the Equipment screen to send a skill from one core to another (costs Gold).

Also note that when you gain certain Magic Cores, you can gain an extra reward from your Manual (this is Gold gains). The standard for gaining Magic Cores in Lumia Saga is the Instances. Yes, you should run as many as you can daily. The real trick to the Normal and Heroic Instances is that you can run them with a bot team. Get into an Instance and click the Auto-matching button. Give it 30 seconds and you should be on a team and already entering the Instance. You’ll know it’s a bot team by looking at the names of your “teammates”! As it turns out, you’ll pretty much have 4 other “meat shields” in there with you. So go ahead and use them as “meat shields”! They do make things a lot easier in there. Just be sure to let them go first and attack first. From there, you can run up alongside the target(s) or behind the target(s) and mostly freely attack. Once the Instance with the bot team is done, you’ll gain extra rewards (check your mail). You can either solo or get a team for Epic Instances (no bot teams in Epic).

Here’s a nifty trick for farming Magic Cores. You have to work in conjunction with your Cultivation and Challenge Bounties. The trick here is to check the Challenge Bounties. The first one (upper left corner) is for hunting mobs. So get those quests and/or join the Wild Hunt. When you’re hunting in the open fields, most of the Magic Core gains won’t be terribly helpful. Again, you’re main aim is the stats for refining. But that’s only part of this. You’ll also be gaining EXP (Cultivation), Pet Training Balls, Heroic Emblems, and Old Captain’s Treasure Maps (30 per week). Get 10 Heroic Emblems and you can exchange them for a Magic Core (jewelry and accessories only). You can either swap your Magic Cores with any you gain or just use them for their stats. Other than this, you can simply pick a spot and let Auto Combat have at it! There’s always a good chance you’ll gain the Heroic Emblems, EXP, and Pet Training Balls depending on the mob(s) you go after (no quests).

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Also while you’re looking at the Challenge Bounties, check the upper right side of the list and you’ll see a repeating Challenge Bounty for running Instances. These are all based on Normal Instances. Yes, even if a Normal Instance happens to be too difficult for you at the time to solo, please refer to the “meat shield” team! With this setup, you’ll gain Magic Cores, the Challenge Bounty rewards, extra rewards in your mail, and Old Captain’s Treasure Maps. Just don’t start thinking the Normal Instance Magic Core gains are 100% useless. Like every Magic Core, even if it really is 100% useless, you can still Decompose it and gain Silver, materials to craft with (Alchemist > Cores) and possibly Normal or Rough Nuclear Powders. So even with a bunch of repeating Child of Dawn Challenge Bounty quests, it’s not a waste of time.

4. The Professions

We won’t sugar coat this for you since the devs of Lumia Saga didn’t bother to! The Professions are not overly hard to do. The bad news is that they’re just very time consuming to do and certain parts rely on your luck. The good news is that they’re 100% worth doing! You stand to gain in all kinds of ways if you get your Professions built up. This also includes Challenge Bounties. The main problem is that you’re limited to 3,000 points of Vitality and you only gain 500 points freely per day. Yes, there will be some days where you should consider leaving it alone for the day.

lumia saga professions

The Professions of Lumia Saga go hand in hand with your Manual. They also pretty much wrap around each other too. So here we’ll go through each section. The Botanist section is needed so you can harvest the various plants scattered all around the maps. This covers the Collecting part of your Manual. You’ll need those plants for the Alchemist section when you want/need to craft pots. The Alchemist section is used for crafting various items including Magic Cores, Novelty items, Runes, and various pots. Those are covered in the Magical Core, Life, and Friend’s Intimacy sections of your Manual.

lumia saga manual

The Fishing section is the hardest part to this. The Fishing section relies on your ability to control the Bobber and your luck in what you catch. You could end up catching a type of plant or a rock! You could end up catching nothing. You could also end up catching a Treasure Chest. The Treasure Chests show up at random. You’ll need to catch 3 in total due to quest requirements. One such quest requirement happens to be to rank up the Fishing! Fishing is covered in the Manual under the Collecting and Fishing sections. You’ll need the various fish to cook things under the Chef Profession. The items under the Chef Profession are covered under the Life section of your Manual.

You’ll need the Alchemist, Botanist, and the Chef Professions in order to give gifts to the NPCs under the Friend’s Intimacy section of your Manual. When you level up your Friend’s Intimacy with an NPC, more items become available for sale in their stores. For example, you’ll need to level Wenrier’s intimacy in order to buy pot formulas. You’ll need to have those formulas in order to craft specific pots under the Alchemist Profession. Some of the gifts you can give are found in the Novelty section under the Alchemist Profession. At the beginning, they’ll be easy to craft if you followed the advice given above about looting things you see all over the ground. Several NPCs list Novelty items as gifts and they usually give the most points to level Friend’s Intimacy.

The Botanist and Mineralogist Professions, like all the others, have requirements to rank them up. These two are a little different. Check the Professions screen shot above. Look at the bottom middle where it says “Pick Icegrass 10 times”. Seems pretty straightforward, right?! The trick is that you have to go after the individual Icegrass plants. Not the unlimited groups of plants.

lumia saga farming tips

In the above screen shot, you’ll see the Lumos Flower Garden of Lumia Saga listed in the Collect section of the Adventure button. The gardens are for constant looting when you need a lot of plants. The individual plants are for ranking up the Botanist Profession. It works the same way for the Mineralogist Profession. The other Professions require a certain number of things made or fish caught. For example, the Alchemist Profession requires 5 Runes to be crafted so it can be ranked up (rank 2 to rank 3). The Fishing requires 3 Treasure Chests to be caught so it can be ranked up (rank 2 to 3). In any case, in order to gain Activity Points, you’ll need to use up 500 Vitality each day. Don’t overlook the Activity Points because you’ll gain 100 Crystals each day from gaining 150 Activity Points.

What all this farming, fishing, cooking, and crafting amounts to is two things in Lumia Saga. First and foremost, this is a whole lot of gains for you in various ways. Even if you can’t sell any of it for Gold, there’s a chance you can use the items gained for something. So don’t just “Discard Button Marathon” things! Secondly, check the screen shot of the Manual above. In the bottom left area of that screen is the Adventurer Skills. You can gain some nice boosts to your character’s stats from leveling up those Adventurer Skills. In order to go further, you’ll have to upgrade your Adventurer Level. You’ll do that via using all the content mentioned here.

5. Various Ways To Gain Gold

Gold is the hardest resource to gain in Lumia Saga. The bad news is that you’ll need it for various things. This includes buying anything in the Trading section of the Store, modifying Magic Cores for shifting the skills to another core, and buying formulas for crafting. The good news is that there’s a minor method to farming gold. While you’re busy hunting for Magic Cores and/or Heroic Emblems, you will be adding to your count in the Manual. The sometimes overlooked part is that you have Gold gains in those rewards in the Manual. When you get any of the specified mobs to 3 or more stars, you’ll gain gold.

lumia saga explore

While you’re at it, check out the Explore section of your Manual. Each page of the Explore section offers up 120 Gold when competed in total. As it turns out, some of the entries in the Explore section will be completed while you’re doing certain quests at the beginning of your character’s adventures. The rest you have to find. In the above screen shot, 3 of the entries are done via quests when you’re first starting out. The top left is a Photo you take in the place where you teleport into Lumia City. The middle right is where you see a lot of pets out in the open. It’s very close to the NPC Niya where you can buy pets. Click the Placate button. The bottom left entry is a Photo you take near the main house of Lumia City. All the maps have Photo locations and some of them you’ll really have to search for. In any case, don’t just give up easily!

The Explore section gives you clues to try to find the locations if they’re not part of your quests. From there you can check the map for possible locations depending on those clues. Another way to find these locations is to click a spot on the Map and quickly click the Photo button. Keep an eye open for a green colored camera icon. If you see it, you’ll know for certain you have a Photo location that will add to the Explore section entries. That method can be a bit hard so the recommendation is to stick with trying to solve the given clues and use the given pictures.

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Your main method for gaining Gold in Lumia Saga is simply by selling items. As mentioned, all that farming, fishing, cooking and crafting can score for you nicely. The bad news is that you’ll also be trying to sell items for gold just the same as hundreds or thousands of other players. Unfortunately, there’s a chance you’ll see a lot of undercutting in prices very quickly. The good news is that you can still gain. The bad news is that this depends on your luck. What you sell is also going to make a big difference. For example, if you’re trying to sell common plants, you’re chances of getting rich quick are zero and none! But if you managed to loot a skill book you don’t need (no player trading system and no Storage sharing), there’s a great chance it’ll sell for a high price.

You’d be very surprised at how well certain pots can sell! Another factor is the age of the server. You’ll see a lot of prices drop in the older servers compared to newer servers. As things become more and more common/easy to get, the prices will naturally drop.

And this wraps up our detailed farming guide for Lumia Saga. If you know any other farming strategies, don’t hesitate to drop us a line!