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DragonSky: Idle & Merge Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Upgrade Your Dragons Fast

Com2uS has been active in the mobile gaming industry since 2011 and has been a popular name among gamers especially fans of RPGs and sports games. The company currently has 30 apps on its portfolio and the games they offer spans across a wide variety of genres. Summoners War, Ace Fishing: Wild Catch, and Golf Star are Com2uS’ most popular titles with Summoners War amassing more than 50 million installs from the Google Play Store alone. Most of the company’s games also enjoy largely positive review from users and almost every title they release and make it to respectable spots in top lists of games. If you are an avid mobile gamer, then chances are that you have played a couple of title from Com2uS.

DragonSky: Idle & Merge is Com2uS’ superb take on the idle merge genre that boasts high quality graphics and tons of in-game content on top of its highly addictive gameplay. The game actually looks and feels like a 2D top-down shooter but with a plethora of dragons on your side that automatically ravages their way through each level. Beyond the fun and excitement of watching your dragon army annihilate the opposition on the main game mode, there are boss battles as well to revel in to test your dragon pack’s might.

With the wide variety of enhancement and upgrade options available to your dragons as well as other elements of the game, DragonSky: Idle & Merge is definitely one game that will definitely provide a lot of hours of enjoyment. While progress and growth in the game can be largely dictated by how much time you actually spend on playing it, being offline and away from it still contributes to your growth as your dragons continue to fight while idle. If you enjoy dragons, shooter games, RPGs, merge, or even idle games, be sure to check what DragonSky: Idle & Merge has to offer.

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Although merge games are among the easiest genres in the mobile gaming market in addition to progress that continues on even if you stop playing, DragonSky: Idle & Merge offers a vast amount of in-game content and features comparable to complex RPGs. For total beginners especially people who have no experience playing RPGs before, some mechanics in the game may initially appear complex. With the help of the tutorials as well as in-game indicators, though, it will be fairly easy to identify what you need to do as well as items you need to look into.

Controls are as easy as tap and slide and the automated attacks as well as other automated features you can unlock makes it even a lot easier for anyone. You can definitely make progress regardless of how you play the game and how much time you can dedicate on it but if are raring to have strong dragons fast and see your name on the leaderboards a lot sooner, then follow our DragonSky: Idle & Merge beginner’s guide, as we share with you loads of tips, cheats and strategies to start your dragon army-building adventure the right way.

1. Merge Dragons As Fast And As Often As You Can

The ultimate goal in DragonSky: Idle & Merge is to reach as far as you can across the many levels that grow more difficult the farther you reach. Naturally, you need to accumulate more and more power through the flock of dragons you control to be able to complete higher and higher levels. As dragons primarily grow stronger through merging them, you should constantly be doing just that, despite the presence of numerous other feats and tasks you need to tend to as you play the game.

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Dragons hatch from an egg located at the bottom right corner of your screen and while you can quickly deplete available dragons as indicated by the number on it, the regeneration rate is fast especially if your busy tending to other things even without upgrades of any sort. As such, seeing the egg full of dragons ready to be hatched and merge is essentially a waste of opportunity to make your aarmy stronger at a faster rate. For purposes of boosting efficiency, therefore, make it a habit to stay conscious of the egg and the availability of dragons for merging constantly. You will surely tend to a lot of activities necessary to empower your dragons, search for new ones, or even engage in boss battles. Just the same, learn to always keep coming back to tap on the egg and merge those dragons in-between activities anywhere else.

There are limits to the number of dragons you can have on the screen and a more delimiting number still on epic dragons. Epic dragons, by the way, are what you get when you fuse 2 level 10 dragons together. The resulting dragon is random but will always be stronger than the rest of your pack. As you will only be able to deploy 2 epic dragons on screen immediately, you may want to hold off on fusing level 10 dragons together unless you no longer have space on the screen to deploy new fledglings. As you may already have 2 epic dragons on the screen early on, fusing a third one will just park it away at your collection and the result will be a reduced firepower for your army. As you reach higher levels, though, you will be able to make upgrades and unlock more slots for your special dragons but until then, consider the impact of level 10 fusions before you initiate them.

2. Be Selective When Upgrading Your Dragons

There are various ways to improve the overall power of your dragon army and powering your dragons up are just a fraction of them. For starters, each dragon from level 1 to 10 can be levelled up using only coins. Beyond that, epic dragons in your army are levelled up individually consuming gold as well but can also be powered up more through enhancement and evolution.

Although upgrading the normal dragons may very well depend on your time spent actually playing the game, you should prioritize levelling up from higher tiers down to the first one. Presumably, you should not have tier 1 dragons spending a lot of time on the screen as you would typically be merging them again and again for higher tier dragons. At the gold cost of doing so, however, it will be a good idea to level up the higher tier dragons a bit provided that you prioritize your epic dragons beforehand.

how to upgrade dragons in dragonsky

For epic dragons, be sure to consider the number of epic dragons you can deploy on your team before spending resources on all of them. You will only be able to deploy 2 initially, and as you reach the level requirements to purchase more slots through the lab later on, then you will be able to deploy more epic dragons. Considering this condition, you should focus primarily on your best 2 dragons and only start saving gold for levelling up another dragons once you are close to unlocking the next slot for a third epic dragon. Likewise, consider the elemental affinities of each dragon you consider as your top four picks should have 1 epic dragon represent each available element: neutral, fire, wood, and water.

Elemental affinities may not mean as much on normal gameplay, but having the right epic dragons to use against bosses is essential to claiming better rewards from them. Elemental affinities follow the rock-paper-scissors system of dealing and receiving extra damage. Fire beats wood, wood beats water, and water beats fire. The element with an advantage deals 20% more damage while the disadvantaged one deals 20% less. Neutral dragons deal an additional 10% damage against neutral enemies but have no impact on dragons of the other elements.

The next power up option available exclusively to epic dragons is enhancement through the use of enhancement stones. Given that these resources are fairly limited as well and can be primarily acquired through resetting, having one epic dragon set as priority for enhancement stones will be a necessary strategy. Keep in mind as well that as dragons evolve to secure higher star ranks, more enhancement options become available. Although you will begin your adventure on the neutral world, you will naturally be able to unlock other worlds representing the other elements. Take note that you will secure more enhancement stones of a given element from playing their respective worlds.

Fusing 2 tier 10 dragons will nab you a random epic dragon and while it is exciting to see unique dragons become unlocked from time to time, you will soon appreciate obtaining copies of dragons you already have. This is because evolution requires another copy of the dragon you wish to evolve and fairly enough, it is hard to come by those you need specifically given the huge amount of possible outcomes each fusion produces. Take note of the dragons you have on your team that you would really want to evolve as opportunities to nab these specific dragons may come and taking them at the cost of valuable resources such as gems will then be very much worth it.

3. Always Reset Strategically

Each new level you conquer in DragonSky: Idle & Merge contributes to a lot of rewards you will always be needing to empower your dragons. At the same time, though, you will naturally reach a stage where your dragon team’s power will prove insufficient to complete that stage. Given this scenario, the only viable option is to return back to stage one through reset, which you can easily find in the main menu.

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Returning just doesn’t take you back to the start of the world to again earn experience points for your account. What really makes this an important feature to initialize every now and then are the gold and enhancement stones you will receive as a reward for doing so. Rewards for returning can reach as much as 120% and has a cool down period as well. Occasionally, what you need to decide on is to return once you can obtain the full amount of reward for 120% or push further whenever you can see that your dragons are still easily ravaging the stage. If you are still planning on staying online, then you should grab the return opportunity and power up your epic dragons, if you are about to log off the game and rely on auto progression, then do so before you log out.

4. Keep The Hatching Accelerator Up At All Times

dragonsky hatching accelerator

Whenever you are actively playing, you will surely encounter situations where your merging skills greatly outrun the speed at which dragon eggs hatch. If you notice the egg icon with the fast forward symbol on it at the right side of the screen, be sure to click on it. Once you do, you will be presented with different options to seciure a hatching speed boost, but the particularly attractive option is the free one. You can activate a x2 hatching speed multiplier that lasts for 20 minutes at the cost of absolutely nothing and all you have to do is to watch a short video ad. Ads last between 10 to 30 seconds and once the 20-minute boost dies down, you can watch another one to reactivate it.

5. Remember To Visit The Lab And Goddess For Upgrades

Beyond powering up your dragons, there are other ways of further boosting your dragon flock’s power and one of the more important ones lie within the lab. Be sure to browse through each available upgrade here and read through each one’s description before initiating to make any purchase. Keep in mind as well that obsidian research and gem research is available and while you should prioritize spending obsidian given that you can only spend them here, spending a bit of gems is also viable depending on your needs.

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Just to give you an idea about the options you may want to prioritize, the ones that give you more dragons on the screen, especially epic dragons should always be a priority. Upgrades that also initiate automation of some procedures are also very important. For the rest of the available upgrade options, consider the time you spend on the game before purchasing them as some work better when you play the game a lot while some will be more convenient for casual players.

Be sure to also visit the goddess through the icon just beside the lab at the bottom part of the menu. You will need lifestones to unlock and upgrade some costumes for your goddess and you can only activate the perks they provide one at a time. If you are very much happy with the armor boost that the initial costume provides, then feel free to spend lifestones to enhance its effects. Otherwise, you may want to horde more of your lifestones and earn enough to unlock the costume that provides the buff you need for your dragon force.

6. Expend Attempts On Search And Bosses

Hatching dragons from eggs and fusing them is a lot of fun and you will surely spend a lot of time doing them without feeling any sort of boredom at all. Beyond tapping the dragon egg as the main source of dragons, though, the search for dragons and running attempts to tame them adds a lot more fun and excitement to DragonSky: Idle & Merge’s gameplay.

The search function is available at the main menu and you can stack up a maximum of three attempts to search for dragons at a time. Attempts replenish over time so make sure to always expend them whenever you can so they will continue to regenerate. You can find tier 1 to tier 10 dragons here as well as epic dragons. You will have 2 attempts to tame each dragon and you will always find 2 dragons with each search attempt. Naturally, lower tier dragons are easier to tame and if both tries fail to tame a dragon, you can spend gems to automatically add them to your team.

dragonsky dragon search

Typically, and for the most part, you should not spend gems to automatically acquire dragons here. The only exception would be when you find a specific epic dragon you need as a resource material to evolve a dragon on your main team. Even if you want to spend gems to acquire an epic dragon, be sure to still expend the 2 tame attempts before doing so as you might get lucky.

You will also have 3 attempts each day to battle the daily boss for essences that boost your team’s stats. These bosses that each represent the available elements in the game have different availabilities within the week but all are accessible on Sundays. Be sure to attempt higher difficulty stages on each one as soon as it becomes available as higher level stages always offer better rewards. Once you have essences that can be leveled up, an indicator on the essence icon at the bottom of the main menu will become visible. On Sundays, you may want to visit the essence window to identify which essences are needed and are close to levelling up. Sundays are the best days to target specific essence types so be sure to spend attempts strategically especially on these days.

The legendary boss battle is perhaps the only boss in the game designed to stand undefeated. Progression here is determined by the amount of damage you deal and the lifestones you will be rewarded with are based on your performance compared with other players. At this point, it is important to let you know that you can actually manually control one of your dragons. Tap and hold your favorite dragon to move him about and dodge incoming blasts from the enemy boss to stay in battle longer.

7. Complete Missions And Achievements

dragonsky achievements

On top of the various rewards you obtain from moving through stages and battling against bosses, a lot more can be earned through accomplishing missions and achievements. Take note that there are daily missions that are very easy to accomplish and relate to activities you should engage in on a regular basis and there are missions that match your progress through the game.

Achievements, on the other hand are like milestones that offer one-time rewards in the form of gems but unlocks a higher level of objective to accomplish once you have fulfilled the current one. For the most part, you will earn a lot of rewards through these features without you knowing and indicators on these icons on the menu will most likely have indicators on them especially on the early part of your game. BE sure to browse through these items on idle times and check to see which objectives can still be accomplished within your playing hours.

8. Join An Active Legion As Soon As You Can

Like guilds and factions common in every online multiplayer game, DragonSky: Idle & Merge has a legion system where each member’s contribution impacts the rewards everyone receives within each legion. Although it is very easy to apply and become a member of a legion in the game, identifying which ones are active can only come after you have already joined. In any case, be sure to look into the general contributions of each member and also ensure that you are actively making your own contributions if you want to receive more contribution coins. Keep in mind that you can use these coins to purchase epic dragons from the shop which are difficult to obtain from all other means.

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That would be all for now as far as our DragonSky: Idle & Merge tips, cheats and strategies are concerned. We hope that you learned a great deal from the tips and strategies we shared with you and that you enjoyed reading each one of it as well. If you have discovered some additional tips for the game that you would like to share with us, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments!