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Age of Magic Best Heroes Guide: The Best Characters in the Game (Tier List)

Age of Magic is a highly addictive mobile game developed by Playkot. It is a turn-based fantasy RPG in which you select and train heroes to save the world from an evil power. As with every other game in the same genre, your resources are limited, and you need to spend them wisely. This is where our Age of Magic best heroes guide comes into play: you will be able to see which heroes are worth investing in, and which one are not.

Remember that as with every tier list, it is highly subjective, and that we cannot possibly test every combination available in the game. Our Age of Magic tier list is purely indicative and is made for version 1.13.2, future updates and new heroes will surely tip the scales of the balance. Keep in mind that different heroes synergize better with others, so some heroes might be better than their power really indicates when played alongside heroes that synergize with them.

Another thing that differentiates this game from the others in the genre, is that the positioning of your lineup doesn’t matter in the slightest. There is no frontline or backline, there is no need to place your healers in the back, or your Tanks in the front, just make sure your lineup is well rounded and you will have everything you need to progress through the campaign and win in PVP. So without further ado, we are presenting you our Age of Magic tier list, showcasing the best heroes in the game.

The Classes In Age Of Magic

age of magic best characters

The class system is a staple of any RPG, and Age of Magic is no different. There are 7 classes in the game: Boss, Caster, Healer, Melee Damager, Ranged Damager, Rogue, and Tank. As you’d expect, tanks have the biggest health pools and highest defenses and can take a lot of hits, rogues are very swift and dexterous, and are able to avoid a lot of attacks from their enemies. Ranged damagers deal a lot of damage from distance, whereas melee damagers are specialists in dealing huge damage from close distance.

Healers are specialized in healing their teammates and keeping them alive to ensure they can keep fighting and dish out their abilities, while Casters are more focused on buffing spells for their allies or damaging spells for their enemies. The boss class is a bit of an odd one. It isn’t very clear in the game what their specialization is, plus there are only 4 boss units as of now, so it’s hard to figure out what’s going on with them. Judging by their numbers, boss units simply have stronger abilities than other units.

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The Best Tanks In Age of Magic

Tanks in Age of Magic are like tanks in every other game. They tank attacks and spell so that their frail teammates don’t, protecting them from harm. Always bring a tank to fights. Realistically, you could bring 2 if you wish, they are that good. Since there aren’t positions in this game, tanks rely on their taunt ability to protect their teammates, so if you run more than 1 tank, make sure to not overlap their taunts, or you will end up wasting precious turns.


siegfried age of magic

Siegfried is easily the best tank in the game, no other hero gets even close to his ability to soak damage for his team and protect it.

Defender of the Council is the best ability you could ever ask for from a tank, as it forces enemies to attack Siegfried for 2 turns, while simultaneously healing him for 40% of the damage they deal. This ability is casted automatically at the start of the fight, so your other will have ample time to set up their damaging spells and proceed with your gameplan. His other 2 abilities are all about protecting his party. Path of the Knight is an amazing passive ability that more than doubles the armor of Siegfried’s allies for 2 turns when they get hit by a physical attack, whereas Patronage of Light is a great active ability that gives an extreme boost to Siegfried’s magic resistance and armor, while also increasing the armor of his teammates by a slightly lower number.

The bonus that comes from this ability is so high that it’s hard to justify running any other tank instead of Siegfried, but if you can’t manage to get him, we have the perfect replacement for you.


dreverad age of magic

Dreverand is a tree, and trees are cool. Isn’t that enough reason to run him? Fair. Dreverad is a fine replacement for Siegfried, and here’s why: Forest Forbids.

Forest Forbids is the classic taunt that forces enemies to hit Dreverad, but it is more than just that, it also provides huge buffs to Dreverad and his allies. Every Druid, Dreverad included, sees their armor tripled and their magic resistance quintupled. Allies that aren’t Druid “only” get half of the boost. Yeah…only. Angry Hive is a great ability that can turn even the most dangerous enemy into a weakling, as it has a 70% chance of reducing the attack of all enemies by 25%, as well as dropping their chance of scoring a critical hit to 0. Roots of Piece is an okay ability, nothing too spectacular, although it has the potential of being very very good if you happen to run a lot of debuffs, as the more debuffs affect the enemy unit it hits, the longer its effects will last on said enemy.

Unfortunately, Dreverad’s ability to protect his allies is tied to a single ability on a long (5 turns) cooldown, so he is much worse at keeping his squad safe compared to Siegfried, and that’s why he is worse. That said, Forest Forbids is so good that running him will still allow you to take care of most of the single player content, as well as building a powerful PVP team.

Arekhon Guard

arekhon guard age of magic

Akheron Guard isn’t very good, but this game’s tank department is a bit lacking, so he made the list. That said, he’s ok for a good portion of the game, up to the late game, so you can play him if you don’t have the shards for Dreverad or Siegfried.

Since he’s a lower level unit, he only has 2 abilities instead of 3, and he doesn’t really offer anything to his team other than the ability to taunt enemies. Arekhon Battle Cry is the classic Tank ability, it taunts the enemies to force them to attack Akheron Guard, while also increasing Magic Dodge Chance and Magic Fortitude by 24%. This spell is okay, but nothing spectacular, although the dodge can lead to some hilarious moments if you get lucky. Power of Akheron is just a heal that heals Arekhon Guard by 28% of its maximum health points.

Arekhon Guard is a good tank for starters, its ability to tank hits is very good thanks to its great health and armor stats. But you will have to replace him as soon as possible with the other 2 tanks in this guide if you don’t want to risk finding yourself stuck on a level unable to progress.

The Best Healers In Age Of Magic

As with every RPG game out there, healers are a very important class for every party. They heal allies, they prevent their deaths, and they make sure everyone can keep dishing out damage. It is usually a good idea to focus the healer first in every match, killing them makes it significantly easier to deal with the rest of their team.


azariel age of magic

Azariel is definitely in the top 3 best healers of Age of Magic. Unlike with tanks though, there are plenty of great healers in the game, so it isn’t as clear-cut as with Siegfried. Anyway, what makes Azariel so great is how hard she makes it to kill her or her allies.

Her Passive Protection of Shadow is a crazy ability. If one of her allies is dealt a fatal blow, they won’t die, and they won’t be able to get killed for 2 more turns, or until they get hit 8 times. This ability is already mind-numbingly powerful as is, but then you add in the fact that Azariel herself gets healed by 16% of her max health every time an enemy gets healed. You can play around this ability though: Azariel herself isn’t affected by this ability, so by focusing her you will prevent it from activating.

Also, Protection of Shadow can only activate once every 6 turns. This could make you wonder “but then can’t you just focus Azariel?”, and the answer is “no”, because of Brotherhood of Blood, one of her 2 active skills. Brotherhood of Blood makes Azariel sacrifice a quarter of her health to heal all allies by 35%, plus in the following 2 turns the 2 weaker allies will be healed by as much as 3 times of the damage Azariel deals.

If all of this wasn’t enough, Azariel’s health can’t drop below 1 for a turn, and a 70% chance to make this immunity last 2 turns. Azariel’s basic attacks heal her by 180% of the damage dealt, which helps her stays in top shape even after using Brotherhood of Blood. Lastly, Red Shadow is an amazing offensive ability that attacks and curses the target, reducing their fortitude and healing Azariel’s allies, plus attacking a cursed target heals the attacker by 60% of the damage dealt.

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Azariel’s skills have many effects, and all of them are great, which is what makes her so great. You can’t go wrong by having an Azariel on your team, so try to get her, she will massively improve your team. But if you don’t manage to get her don’t worry, there are other great healers.


lucky age of magic

Lucky is a lower level hero than Azariel, so he only has access to 2 skills instead of 3, but don’t let this fool you. He is just as good as her, although he’s better as a secondary healer rather than being your main one.

The reason for this is Lifebloom, an ability that resurrects a random hero and restores half of their health, while also granting them the regeneration of 15% of their max HP for the next 2 turns. This ability is great, resurrection is very good in this game, as usually the enemy will have to spend a lot of resources to get rid of one of your units, who you will then resurrect with Lifebloom. You can also use Lifebloom when your entire party is alive, in that case Lucky will restore 60% of the health of the ally with the lowest health.

Overgrowth is also pretty good, but it is also another reason that makes Lucky better as a secondary healer: it heals allies below 50% of their max health by 20%, and 5% to everyone else, plus an extra based on how much health they are missing. Furthermore, allies will take half damage form the next 4 attacks that hit them. His basic attacks have a chance of slowing the enemies they hit by 25% for 2 turns.

You can see why Lucky is a great secondary healer: he is very good at keeping people alive after the first or second round of spells have been exhausted already, which usually includes the heals of your main healer. He is lackluster as a main healer, which is why we are putting him below Azariel, but as we’ve already said, he is just as capable, so make sure to at least consider adding him to your squad.


sacrif age of magic

Sacrif is a great defensive healer, mostly thanks to Light of Archons, a passive ability that casts a shield on Sacrif’s weakest ally as soon as her turn starts. She can also remove up to 7 debuffs from an ally and shield them if they have all of their health points. Lastly, with Holy Healing she will heal almost half of the health of her weakest ally, and that of all the allies that belong to the Archon faction (as of now Argen is the only other Archon in the game). If the target is already at full health Sacrif will instead shield them.

Sacrif’s main appeal is Light of Archons, her healing isn’t really that strong, so don’t rely on her as a main healer. She is very good at keeping people alive through her multiple shields though and the fact that she purges debuffs is very useful as well.

The Best Rogues In Age Of Magic

Dodging is the name of the game for Rogues, and there are plenty of great ones in Age of Magic. Let’s see who are the best ones.


kage age of magic

The amount of utility that Kage brings to the table with his skillset is very high. First off, he makes enemies he hits with his basic attacks unable to attack him for a turn. Then he can hide from enemies by casting Shadow Smoke, which lasts for 3 turns, and it increases the damage of all allies hidden behind the smoke by 30%. Death Strike is a very interesting ability, as it deals a powerful blow that makes it impossible to resurrect the hero it hits, if it deals a fatal blow. Should they survive the attack, they will be unable to get healed for 3 turns.

We put a lot of emphasis earlier on how crucial it is to have more than 1 healer, and how important healing is in this game. Kage is the perfect answer to healers, as he can negate healing and make it impossible to resurrect the heroes he kills.

His passive, Shadow Shuriken, gives him a 60% chance of attacking an enemy who has just been attacked by an allied rogue. Kage also gets a 10% damage increase for every consecutive turn spent hiding. Shadow Shuriken makes it easy to deal a lot of damage for free by pairing Kage with another Rogue. Luckily for us, there are plenty of great Rogues in the game, so it is easy to build a competitive team around this.


succubus age of magic

Another hero who makes the list of best heroes despite not having a passive ability, and for a very good reason called Demonic Kiss. Demonic Kiss makes the target unable to attack Succubus and to cast any of their abilities for 2 turns. This effect will also hit 2 extra random enemies, and they will also be poisoned for 1 turn. Demonic Kiss is an insanely powerful disable that can turn the tides of any battle, and it is why Succubus made the list. Her other ability, Deadly Passion, deals massive damage to the hit target, and if the target is under the effect of Demonic Kiss, the damage will be increased by 250% and end the effect of Demonic Kiss.

What this means is that you can Demonic Kiss and disable your enemies, and then deal an extremely powerful blow to them when the effect is about to run out. Remember, Demonic Kiss will stop enemies from using any of their active skills, so you can for example block Healers from casting their heals or shields or resurrections, or you can prevent Casters from wreaking havoc. The lack of a passive ability is more than made up for by the sheer power of Demonic Kiss.


maedb age of magic

Maedb is pretty similar to Succubus, as her Wood Spirits also prevents struck enemies from using any of their special abilities for 3 turns, while also removing buffs. Blades of Fury is another amazing spell that resets the enemies’ initiative, while poisoning them and dealing massive damage, and then her passive, Emerald Shadow, makes Maedb always hidden, increases the speed of all allied Druids by 30%, plus her speed increases by 20% for 2 turn up to a maximum of 200% every time an enemy is slowed or misses a turn.

This combined with Blades of Fury turns Maedb into an extremely dangerous Rogue who can deal massive amounts of damage quickly, while her enemies won’t be able to move.

Blades of Fury has the added effect of marking the hit enemy with a Melee Damager class mark. If the next attack against marked target ir by a Melee Damager, then the target misses a turn. This feeds into her passive, unfortunately most Melee Damagers are pretty bad compared to heroes from other classes, so this will only have real application in the midgame, should you manage to get a Maedb for yourself.

The Best Casters In Age Of Magic

Casters are very straightforward in this game. They use magic to attack enemies and defend allies. That’s it.


rok age of magic

Rock is a sorcerer who belongs to the Beastmen faction. His spells are very simple. Frost Spike is a powerful spell that deals considerable damage to a single enemy and it has a cool down of 4 turns. Fireball is a very powerful spell that hits all enemies and deals considerable damage to them. This spell has a cooldown of 3 turns. Rok has access to a third ability, Frozen Prison, which deals damage to all enemies and makes them skip one turn.

That’s it. That’s all Rok does. Very simple, very straightforward, nothing too complicated about him. And he is really good and that’s why he is in this list.


myrddin age of magic

Myrddin controls the electricity. His first ability is called Thunder Strike, and it damages all enemies instantly, and also damages them more for the following 2 turns. His second spell is called Thunder Fury, and it damages all enemies, with a 30% chance of making them skip their next turn. Myrddin also has a passive called Storm Vengeance, which strikes with lightning any enemy who attacks Myrddin.

Myrddin is a Druid, and as such he has the ability to trigger Druid faction marks, decreasing the speed of the target of 30% for 2 turns.

Blood Mage

Blood Mage isn’t as good as the other 2 casters on this list, but casters is one of those classes where your choices are limited to begin with, so he made the list regardless.

Rivers of Blood damages all enemies and has a chance of prolonging the debuffs they are currently affected by. It also lowers the damage output of all enemies by 26% for 2 turns. Overall a pretty good spell, especially when combined with other heroes able to cast debuffs on enemies, as it prolongs them.

Dusk of Arekhon is an extremely powerful spell, as it reverses all healing done for the next 2 turns into damage. It can stop even the most powerful healer from doing their job. This spell is what makes this character serviceable later in the game.

Forbidden Ritual increases the base stats of all allies by 15%, and it also increases the initiative of allied Arekhon Undead by 10%.

The Best Boss In Age Of Magic: Sun Wukong

sun wukong age of magic

There are only 4 bosses in the game, and it is rather unclear what they excel at, they seem to just be good all-around characters with powerful abilities. Sun Wukong is by far the best one, and the only one you should aim for if you want a Boss in your party

Monkey King is what makes Sun Wukong so good. It makes it impossible for him to skip a turn or block his abilities. This means your Sun Wukong will always be able to fight, even against powerful disables like Demonic Kiss or Wood Spirits. Furthermore, he boosts the health points of all his allies, twice as much to allied Beastmen, and his damage increases by 4% for every critical hit his allies strike. All of this comes just from Monkey King, Sun Wukong’s passive. His other abilities allow Sun Wukong to buff himself to obscene levels and deal more damage than just about every other hero in the game.

He also ignores the targets’ armor when he strikes a critical hit, and his critical hits cannot be dodged or blocked. As if all of this wasn’t enough, when he uses Ryuji Jingu Bang he has a 80% chance to remove all armor and magic resistance buffs from the enemies he hits.

All in all, Monkey King is a super solid choice for every lineup, and you should prioritize getting him, he is just that good.

The Best Melee And Ranged Damagers In Age Of Magic

We won’t go in depth into these, as no hero who belongs in these categories is particularly good, which is a shame, as they do have some nice synergies, for example the one we mentioned with Maedb earlier. Here is a short list of the best damagers you might want on your team, they will serve you well up to the lategame.

Raarspit, Angrim, Infernus, Jagg, Sabertooth

raarspit age of magic angrim age of magic infernus age of magic jagg age of magic sabertooth age of magic








All of these are passable damagers for both Melee and Ranged categories. I’m not going to describe them in depth as all they do is damage. Which is fine and all, but utility gets better the further you reach into the game.

Just know these 5 are among the best damage dealers you could possibly get, so if you’re looking to expand your team with one, look into these.

This concludes our tier list for Age of Magic. The game is pretty detailed, and while the number of heroes are low at the moment, the developers are working hard to bring us new content. As with every tier list, it is highly subjective, and future balance updates will most likely change the position of powers between the various heroes, but it is a good starting point nonetheless. Let us know in the comment what you think about all the heroes we mentioned, and happy farming!

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Is this list still up to date with the new heroes that added in to the game? If not, could you be so kind to update this please, it's very helpful!