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Age of Magic Cheats, Tips & Strategies to Improve Your Heroes and Dominate Your Enemies

Playkot’s new mobile game Age of Magic is one title that we couldn’t get enough of as of late. It is a turn-based RPG, as we had previously explained in our first guide, and just so we can jog your memory a bit, this game puts you in control of dozens of heroes (with a maximum of five or six per squad/team), as you take part in fast-paced battles and hope to make it into the Dark Tower and gain control over the universe, changing things for the better and vanquishing the forces of evil. In terms of mechanics, battles in here are turn-based, and when talking about modes, you can play in Campaign Mode, battle against real players in the Arena, and take part in special events for rarer and better rewards. And that’s just scratching the surface of the game.

Now that we’ve gotten the beginners’ tips out of the way, let’s move on to the further intricacies of this title and see if we can help you out as an intermediate player, meaning someone who’s at player level 11 to 30, or thereabouts. Read on, and check out this second Age of Magic strategy guide, and you just might get the extra edge that you need to continue with that three-star success from stage to stage.

1. Party Composition, Part One: Use Two Melee Heroes, One Tank, And One Healer

Once you’ve reached player level 11 or thereabouts, you should have five basic heroes — Roland, Rogar, Taneda, Bellara, and a Kobold unit, either a Spear Kobold or a Kobold Slinger, which you’ll get for free after hitting level 10. Regardless of your player level at that time, you’ll unlock your first healer, Kharannah, after completing the sixth stage in Act 2. And by the time you reach level 24, you’ll probably have two Kobold units, and your choice of Abyss Hound or Infernus as a free hero. The bottom line is this — if you’re an intermediate player, you’ll have more than enough heroes to choose for your team of five, and you’re going to have to make some decisions with regards to party composition.

age of magic team

Based on our experience, the best setup is to have two melee heroes — Roland and Taneda, for instance — as mainstays of your party. Roland, especially, should be included, as in almost every case, you’ll be able to increase his star rarity before everyone else. You’ll want to have Rogar around as a tank; he doesn’t deal out too much damage with his basic attack, but one of his special skills deals out spell damage on all enemies, while the other redirects all enemies to attack him during the next turn, which he’ll often be able to soak up due to his high health stats. Kharannah is a must-have in your party once you unlock her. As most healers are, she’s on the squishy side, and will often be targeted first (which is why you need a tank in your party), but she can be of help by healing your entire party, or resurrecting a dead hero with her special skills.

2. Party Composition, Part Two: Your Fifth Hero

You will then have several options for your fifth hero, who can serve as a wild card of sorts. For instance, you can use a ranged unit, such as Bellara or Eraser, to cast some spell damage. The former is useful because one of her special skills forces the enemy of your choice to skip a turn, while the latter can cast a spell that affects all units on the enemy side. But since it won’t matter if you want to go all-melee or all-ranged (more on this later on in this tip), we personally like the Spear Kobold, as he has a special skill that allows him to hide for one turn, while building up enough strength to deal out 35 percent more damage when he attacks during the next turn. This works especially well if you launch his second special skill after he hides — the spear he throws with this skill, aside from doing more damage on its own, cannot be dodged by the enemy!

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As we mentioned above, it doesn’t seem to matter if everyone in your team deals out melee or ranged damage with their basic attacks, and in relation to that, it doesn’t matter where you position them in the battlefield. As this is a turn-based strategy RPG, you can attack any enemy on the battlefield, while they can do the same to you, regardless if your heroes are in the front or back row. In other words — there’s no need to adhere by the old “tanks in front, ranged and support at the back” arrangement that’s a must for success in other RPGs.

3. Auto-Battle? Don’t Bother

A lot of us have been there. You’ve got a ton of work to do — it may be office work or school work, or you may need to do some stuff around the house. But since you can’t put down the game you’re playing, you decide to go on auto-battle and see if the AI can win it for you. Should you trust auto-battle, which can be activated by tapping the arrow on the left side of the battle screen, in Age of Magic?

age of magic fight

We’ve played turn-based RPGs where auto mode can be pretty smart, but unfortunately, that’s not the case in this game. More often than not, auto-battle will have your heroes using their skills at the wrong time, or targeting the wrong enemy. So instead of finishing the stage with three stars, you might end up with two, or worse, only one star, or end up defeated. In this case, we strongly suggest fighting the battles yourself, and not using auto-battle, unless Playkot issues a patch to make the auto-battle AI more intuitive. Sure, you can use it when replaying previously completed levels manually, but you’ll likely be doing that only if you’re all out of Memory Spheres; otherwise, those Memory Spheres are there for the explicit purpose of farming for currency, XP, and items.

4. Start Playing In Hard Difficulty

Once you complete an act and register three stars in all the stages at Normal difficulty, you will unlock Hard difficulty, which amps things up by pitting you against the very same enemies you faced in Normal, only with these enemies sufficiently leveled up or at a higher star rarity. Of course, that’s going to give you more of a challenge compared to when you were beating those same enemies in Normal, but the tradeoff here is that you get better quality rewards, specifically those that you may need if you’ve upgraded your equipment level. You’ll also get more Hero Shards, mostly as a onetime reward for beating the level in Hard for the first time. But there’s one additional tradeoff that you should keep in mind, especially if you’re using your Memory Spheres to grind for rewards — each stage in Hard will cost you 12 energy units, or twice the amount of energy you need to complete a stage in Normal. Another limitation here is that you can only play a stage in Hard a maximum of five times a day. That does limit your grinding opportunities a bit, though it’s not like you’ll have enough energy, in most cases, to replay a Hard stage all five times in one day.

5. Go Through The Tomb Of Horrors

The Tomb of Horrors is unlocked at player level 20, and it’s quite an interesting game mode, if you ask us. Consider this as sort of a gauntlet mode, where you go through a series of 12 stages with AI enemies that get progressively harder to defeat as their Squad Power goes up. As you go through this gauntlet, your heroes will not be able to recover any lost HP, unless a healer patches them up during battle, and once a hero is dead at the end of any battle, they cannot be revived to take part in subsequent battles. On the plus side, you can substitute heroes in and out if you’ve got more than five unlocked, so if someone’s low on health, you may want to take them out and bring in another hero.

age of magic guide

Winning battles in the Tomb of Horrors rewards you with silver, XP, and diamonds, the latter of which can be used to purchase items in the shop’s Tomb of Horrors section. This section features Hero Shards and items you can equip on your heroes or use as crafting materials to make higher tier equipment for them. But don’t go overboard on spending your diamonds — you can only enter the Tomb of Horrors and complete the gauntlet once per day!

6. Get Social And Add Some Friends

Once you reach player level 22, you will unlock the ability to add friends to the game, and leverage Age of Magic’s social features. This is something we strongly recommend, and if you don’t have friends who play the game, you can always add the people you face in the Arena, as you’ll often be given the option to send a friend request after completing an Arena battle against a human player. The main benefit of adding friends is the ability to add a sixth hero to your party, in the form of a given friend’s top hero, which could be key as the difficulty of the campaign stages ramps up and it becomes harder and harder to get a perfect three stars. You can also borrow heroes for the special events, which unlock at level 26. You want to have that extra edge regardless of the game mode where it’s available, so don’t be shy, and add some friends to the game!

7. You Can Only Buy Specific Items Once Without Refreshing The Shop

So you’ve been doing some “shopping,” so to say, and just used your rubies, diamonds, or other currencies to buy some Hero Shards. But you don’t have enough to unlock the hero you wanted, and want to buy more of the same, since you’ve got enough on you anyway. In this case, you won’t be able to buy the same item again unless you wait several hours. It doesn’t matter if it’s shards, equipment, or crafting materials — unless you pay 50 gold coins to refresh the shop’s offerings, you’ll have to wait it out before buying more of the same! We suggest choosing the latter option, as your gold is arguably best spent on getting a boost of Memory Spheres and energy.

8. Should You Save Up For Those Chests?

Going back to the Shop, you may have considered saving up for the Chests section, which, as the name obviously implies, features several chests which you can purchase, starting with the Resource Chest, which costs 350 coins and comes with 50 Memory Spheres, 200 energy, or 45,000 silver, with a “chance” of getting a rare hero’s shards. As you can get a quick fix of Memory Spheres and Energy for 50 to 100 coins, we would recommend staying away from this; instead, you might want to consider saving your coins until you’ve got 1,950 of them — at this price, you can get an Arekhon Undead, Kobold, or Demon Chest, which come with 10 to 25 shards corresponding to each race’s unit, 100 Memory Spheres, and 60,000 to 500,000 silver.

age of magic tactics

But take note that the operative words are “might want to consider.” While that’s a whole lot of resources, as well as some shards that could allow you to unlock more heroes, it would seem that they shouldn’t be much of a priority in the early to intermediate stages of the game, as completing stages and grinding, as well as the Arena and Tomb of Horrors sections, are probably better ways for you to win Hero Shards for Kobolds, Arekhon Undead, and Demons.

9. The Ins And Outs Of Improving Your Heroes

Last time around, we already told you how important it is to improve your heroes in one way or another while playing Age of Magic. But we believe this topic needs a longer, more focused tip to explain this process, which we have to admit is different from the usual RPG.

First off, the six magnifying glass signs surrounding your hero’s image in their respective character screens correspond to different items, which you need to equip on your heroes. Complete all six and you can hit on the “Rarefy” button, which clears all six slots and increases your hero’s Equipment Level, which also adds to their power rating, thereby improving their overall stats. After this, you can then hit the green plus signs and equip any items that can be equipped. Some items, however, need to be crafted with certain materials; click on the magnifying glass corresponding to an empty slot, then click on the other magnifying glass which you’ll see under “Items to Craft,” so you can see the ways in which you can obtain the remaining crafting materials.

We already talked about upgrading your heroes’ basic and special skills, and training them regularly to level them up. Bear in mind that you cannot level a hero up beyond your current player level. As for improving their rarity, you can only do this if you’ve collected all of the hero’s required shards. May it be rarefying equipment, upgrading skills, training, or increasing rarity, these all cost silver, and if we may warn you about the costs for a moment, there may be times when all the silver you earned by grinding could be wiped out after improving one of your better heroes! Of course, that then serves as your cue to resume the grinding process, and pretty much rinse and repeat for as long as you’ve got energy and Memory Spheres.

10. Events And Tournaments

The Tournament gets unlocked at level 25, and serves as an opportunity for you to win some exciting prizes in a series of battles against human players. Take note, though, that tournaments are only held on Fridays, and in order to take part in them, you’ll need to fight in the Arena 24 hours prior to the kickoff.

Likewise, the Events promise some of the more exciting prizes in Age of Magic, but the kicker here is that you’ll need to meet certain requirements in order to take part in them — these may include your heroes being at a specific level or star rarity, or having specific heroes unlocked. But what rewards can you expect if you emerge successful in any of the stages in these events? The rewards may vary, but they appear to include rare Hero Shards. The current event as of this writing offers Rok shards, and if you think that tiny raccoon isn’t any threat at all, we should remind you that he’s at four-star rarity in the game. (It won’t be easy to unlock him, might we add, as Rok requires 80 of his Hero Shards.)


Saturday 23rd of February 2019

I like this game,,, is easy for understanding, because you dont have loooots of ad on screen, nice graphic and heroes look so cool:}} I played this game around 105 days, I know it, because as a leader I write every day as leader :}} and still like it.


Wednesday 3rd of October 2018

I enjoyed reading it exclusively thanks to the language skills of the author. However, this article is of very little use concerning strategies of the fights. Perhaps I suck at battling, but the auto-battle mode usually helps me win. When I manually fight, I am pathetic. I did improve a level from 2 to 3 stars myself (once only), but improvement from 1 to 2 stars hardly ever happened. I was googling some strategies of battles, so it is demanded that someone writes an article on how to battle more efficiently, because so far the AI knows better.


Thursday 10th of May 2018

I've enjoyed reading this article, Tim, good work!

Hope you'll be glad to learn some good news — we have improved the AI, added new event with demonic Succubus as a reward and there are more daily quests in the game now. Try it ;)

Also, I suppose it will be interesting for you to get in touch with devs and other players — feel free to join our friendly Discord server:

Regards, Anatoly, Age of Magic CM