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Lichtspeer Cheats, Tips & Hints to Complete More Levels

In an ancient Germanic future, Penguin Vikings, Wurst Zombies, and Hipster Ice Giants will rule the land. Only one hero can stop them. Lichtspeer is a new action-packed spear-throwing game from Noodlecake Studios. In this game you are controlling an ancient champion who wields an elegant spear. You will need to use that spear to defeat your enemies and please the gods. Only you can restore the balance to this odd, but visually stunning, universe. The game combines 80’s-style arcade gameplay with futuristic landscapes and throws in just he right amount of humor. Prepare to overcome over 60 insane levels along with six ungodly Boss Battles. You will have ten upgradable Lichtpowers at your disposal, but you will still need good tactics if you want to succeed. If you find yourself stuck in any of the levels, you can always rely on our Lichtspeer cheats, tips and hints for help!

1. Know Your Lichtpowers

As we mentioned above, you will have an arsenal of skills called Lichtpowers that you can use to progress in the game. Each skill has its own cooldown, so you won’t be able to spam them just to get ahead. You will also need to know how to use each skill because there won’t be pre-assigned buttons for you to press. The good news is that we have listed all the Lichtpowers below for your reference.


This skill splits your spear into three, allowing you to hit multiple enemies at once. Of course, it is equally useful at hitting single enemies since the damage gets multiplied by three. Use it against shielded enemies since you can bypass their shields by throwing with a high arc.

Licht Hammer

It may not look like a real hammer, but it does pack quite a wallop. This skill will smash through multiple enemies and is perfect for hitting units that are grouped together.

Licht Drones

This skill will let you throw a lot of spears continuously for a short while. The accuracy of the stream of spears is pretty bad, but it can still be useful if you are up against a lot of enemies.


This is an Uber ability that takes a while to charge up, but once it does, it will unleash a sharp slice that will go through all nearby enemies. It is good for grouping enemies together and obliterating them in one strike.


Another Uber ability, this short-ranged ability is great for killing flying opponents. It deals massive damage when used correctly, so make sure you wait for the right moment to activate it.


This is the last and most powerful Uber ability in your arsenal. It takes a very long time to cooldown, but since it wipes out all the opponents on the screen, there will be very little need to fire it again right away.

Das Shield

This skill is both defensive and offensive. It will summon a shield that will protect you from enemies for a short duration. During that time, all enemies that will come in contact with it will die.

Licht Trance

When active, this skill will give a massive boost to your headshot multiplier. It does not really do anything much for you in terms of offense or defense, but you will be able to rack up a lot of points with it.

Zuper Time

Activate this skill when you are getting overwhelmed. It will slow down time, allowing you to take out more enemies without getting overrun. The skill is only active for a short duration, so make sure you take out as many as you can before things go back to normal speed.

Licht Guardian

This is another skill that is good at keeping you from getting overwhelmed. It will place a barrier of light at the right side of the screen that will automatically destroy incoming enemies. It will only be active for a short time, so use it only to get a breather when you have too many enemies rushing in.

2. Upgrade Your Abilities Wisely

Now that you know what all the abilities are, there is a bit of bad news. You can’t use all of them at once. The abilites are divided into Attack, Uber, and Defense. You can only equip one of each type. The key here is to figure out which three Lichtpowers work best with your playstyle. Try out different combinations until you find the perfect ones.

Once you have your three favorite skills picked out, it is time to upgrade. Upgrading costs resources, so it is best if you just focus on the three that you will be using the most. You can start upgrading the other ones when you have your top three maxed out.

3. Master The Perfect Arc

If you have seen spears being thrown in real life, you will notice that they always travel in an arc instead of a straight line. Throwing in an arc allows the spear to cover a greater distance. The key to this game is mastering the perfect arc. You need to know how high you should aim in order to hit your target. There are several factors to consider including the size of your target, the distance the spear needs to travel, and how much it will drop along the way.

You will need to practice a lot before you can master this skill. After throwing the spear dozens of times, you will be able to memorize how the spear behaves. Things will just get a little tricky when you are going up against flying enemies since the arc will be more difficult to predict then.

4. Collect Achievement Artifacts

Collecting artifacts of achievement will allow you to push your scores even higher. You get bonus points for each artifact you get. There are different criteria for getting artifacts, but they mostly involve throwing special shots. For example, you will be awarded the Farspeer artifact if you execute enough long shots in a single game. Another example is the Near Death Experience artifact which you can get by killing enough enemies at melee range.

5. Go Penguin Hunting

Penguins may look adorable, but don’t let that fool you. These annoying flightless birds will perch themselves in high places, making it easy to miss them. If you don’t get rid of them right away, they will start diving towards you, adding to the onslaught of the ground enemies just when you least expect it. Try to pick off any perched penguins as soon as you spot them. Remember to take into consideration the height of your target when aiming!

6. Aim For the Head

Headshots help you get more kills, but did you know it also boosts your score? The first headshot you make will give you a 10% score bonus. A second one will give you a 20% bonus. This will continue to increase in increments of 10% until you reach the maximum of 100%. Keep in mind that missing will remove the multiplier bonus, and you will go back to 10% on your next headshot. Once you are confident in your aim, practice going for headshots as much as you can in order to push your score further up.

It is time to throw spears in style and restore balance to the world! We hope you’ve enjoyed our collection of tips and tricks for the game. If you know any other hints for Lichtspeer, don’t hesitate to drop us a line below in the comments!