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Good Pizza, Great Pizza Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Run Your Own Pizza Shop

Restaurant management games have made things look easy, with one-tap controls and customers that are always happy. TapBlaze’s new mobile game Good Pizza, Great Pizza gives you a more challenging experience when it comes to running your own pizza place. The game will make you work for every dollar you earn from your customers. There are over 80 different types of customers, each with his own quirks and preferences. Don’t expect perfect pizzas to magically appear after just a couple of taps. You will need to make your pizzas from scratch, and according to your customer’s specifications. Orders can be anything from a simple cheese pizza, to something completely bizarre. Don’t forget to upgrade your equipment in order to keep up with the rising demands. If you find yourself struggling to keep your business afloat, check out our list of Good Pizza, Great Pizza tips, cheats and tricks for guidance!

1. Stick To Basic Assumptions

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The customers will give you a lot of different orders. Sometimes you will wonder if you are making the pizza right since you don’t want to assume. There are a few assumptions, however, that you can safely make without getting yourself in trouble. In fact, it will be better for you to make these assumptions. First off, never leave out bread, cheese, and sauce from an order unless it is specified by your customer. For example, if a customer asks for a pizza with bread, cheese, and pepperoni, you should still add sauce to it. The only time you would take out the sauce is if the customer explicitly tells you to leave it out.

2. Save On Ingredients

Unlike most restaurant management games, you do not get an unlimited supply of ingredients for free in Good Pizza, Great Pizza. Using a lot of ingredients may delight your customers, but you will end up going bankrupt. Try to use as little ingredients as possible without upsetting your customers. If you can get away with spreading just a thin layer of cheese on every pizza and still get a tip from the customer, that would be great for business.

3. Experiment With Weird Orders

If you though an all sauce pizza order was weird, you haven’t seen anything yet. Some customers won’t even tell you what they really mean. For example, one customer would tell you he wants a pizza that looks like the sunrise. Somehow, that means he wants a standard cheese and sauce pizza. If a customer tells you he wants a half cheese bread and half sauce bread, that means he wants a half cheese only and half sauce only pizza. A request for super extra crispy pizza, on the other hand, means they want the pizza to go through the over three times.

4. You Can Decline Customers

good pizza great pizza customers

Some toppings are only available after you purchase upgrades. That won’t stop customers from ordering them, though. If you receive an order that includes ingredients that you don’t have yet, don’t be afraid to send the customer away empty handed. There are some orders, though, where the customer will be find with substitutions. For example, you can get away with using pepperoni on a salami request.

5. Reject Poor Customers

You are running a business here. As heartless as it may sound, it is better for you to send away customers who don’t have any money on them. Sometimes, you will get a customer who will only have a dollar. You can also send him away since he will just take up precious time. If you really want that dollar, though, feel free to whip up the cheapest and quickest pizza you can make.

Running a pizza place on your own isn’t easy, but with the help of our Good Pizza, Great Pizza tips and tricks, your business will surely thrive!


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