age of magic beginner's guide

Age of Magic Beginner’s Guide: 11 Tips & Tricks to Win More Epic Battles

Age of Magic is a new turn-based RPG from Playkot, which invites you to join the “epic war of the True Mages,” collect dozens of heroes across different races and classes, and fulfill the prophecy stated in the game’s description — that one of the True Mages will become the ruler of the universe by entering the Dark Tower. All this can be possible as you progress through the campaign stages, though there are other game modes that will be made available as you level up, including Arena mode, which allows you to compete in timed battles against real, human players and their own parties of heroes.

Like most other turn-based RPGs, there’s a lot of things to learn in this new title. The gameplay may be very simple, but there are various twists and turns and nuances in this game when it comes to unlocking heroes, improving the heroes you currently have, and doing battle with AI and human-controlled enemies alike. With that said, here’s our Age of Magic strategy guide for beginners, which contains 11 helpful tips that should help you make good progress, and hopefully three-star more levels, if you’re anywhere between player level 1 and 10.

1. Save Your Special Skills For Special Occasions

This is probably the most important thing to remember when it comes to any campaign battle in Age of Magic. Each hero you collect has two special skills and one basic skill, and while you can certainly use your special skills early on in a long battle, using those skills a second time will require you to choose the right timing. For example, if you’re controlling a tank character like Rogar, who has a special skill that allows him to redirect all damage toward him, this should be used when you’ve got someone on your team who’s running low on health. Or if you’re controlling someone who has a high-damage special skill, you’re better off saving it for the latter stages, where the stakes are much higher and the difference between three-starring and failing a level could be small. A character like Bellara, who has a special skill that makes her target skip a turn, can use that skill in the latter goings as well, and should you go this route, you’ll need to choose a target that deals out a greater deal of damage.

2. One Enemy At A Time

It’s the old rule of thumb in games like this — an enemy with 10 percent or less of their original health will still be able to deal out 100 percent the damage they can normally deal out. What you want to do here is to exploit your strength in numbers, so make sure you’re always targeting one enemy at a time. There’s also a method to the madness here — the enemies you should be targeting are the ones that deal out the most damage, or have healing powers that could bail their teammates out when the going gets tough. As you progress further in the game, this will all boil down to experience — there doesn’t appear to be a feature where you can look up the skills and stats of enemy units or heroes, but if you face a certain type of enemy so many times, you’re sure to learn a thing or two about them.

3. Make Sure To Equip And Train Your Heroes

The Heroes menu — this is the castle-like structure near the upper right corner of your screen — is your one-stop shop for everything hero-related in Age of Magic. This is where you will be heading if you want to level up a hero with potions, or equip items that, just like your potions, are dropped during campaign battles. It will progressively take more potions for you to level up your heroes as they continue to increase in level and in terms of stats, but there’s a way in which you can easily grind for them — we will be getting there in a bit. But in any case, you will need silver (the game’s common currency) in order to level up your heroes.

Meanwhile, the items that drop during campaign battles are all hero-specific, but the game will let you know if a hero has new items that can be equipped on them to improve their stats, provide buffs in battle, etc. The difficulty from one campaign stage to the next can increase exponentially, once you’re done with all the tutorial stages, so you need to have your heroes sharp at all times, and ready for any challenge that comes their way.

4. How To Collect More Heroes

Your starter hero is Roland, and as you’ll find out after a few battles, he’ll essentially be the leader of your party, being quite a powerful hero in his own right, and considering the fact that it will be his hero shards you will be collecting during the first few stages of campaign mode. After completing the first two stages in campaign mode, you’ll unlock Rogar, and this will go on for a bit, as more heroes become available to add to your party, usually after you defeat them in battle. You can also get free heroes by reaching milestone levels — for example, you get a Kobold Spearman once you reach player level 10, and an Abyss Hound or Infernus if you reach player level 25. You’ve also got the shop, where you can pay gold (the premium currency) to open hero chests, though we should inform you that these can be rather pricey! Additionally, you can pay rubies, which you can win in Arena mode, or gold coins to buy hero shards in the Arena and Market tabs respectively in the Shop menu.

5. Complete The Daily Quests

So far, we’ve noticed that Age of Magic is rather light in the questing department, but you are still offered a list of daily quests that refresh each day, and allow you to earn more currency for completion, as well as other rewards. Generally, these quests could also point you in the right direction if you’re just starting out, so there are still multiple reasons for you to keep on questing as you continue playing the game. We do hope, however, that the game’s makers would make more quests available in the updates to follow!

6. Claim Your Bonus Energy

This one’s in relation to the daily quests tip, as it can also be accessed via the Quest tab found in the bottom right of the main menu. You can claim bonus campaign energy of 45 units each every 12 hours or so, and if you consider that your energy could be depleted quite easily (as each campaign stage costs you 6 units each, regardless whether you succeed or fail, regardless whether you’re automatically replaying a level or actually taking part in the battles), that bonus energy can really come in handy, and keep you going for a little longer. Otherwise, it’s going to be a long wait, as it normally takes about five minutes or so for one unit of energy to replenish on its own.

7. Compete In The Arena

Want more gold, as well as rubies, which you can use at the shop to buy hero shards, just as we had previously mentioned? Then you might as well head to the Arena (available once you reach player level 5), which allows you to pit your team of heroes against those of other human players. Arena battles take place in a span of five minutes, which means that you do not have the luxury to take a breather and contemplate your strategy; you won’t exactly be rushed into making a move, but the five-minute time limit will force you to act sooner rather than later. Arena battles end once one team’s entire party has been killed, and with each battle you win, you get to rise up the rankings. At the moment, first-placers in Arena get 300 coins and 750 rubies, while those in the lower tiers will get substantially less; for example, if you end up ranked 501st to 1000th by the time the ongoing tournament ends, you’ll get 40 coins and 150 rubies — not bad, but certainly something you can work on by being more active in the Arena going forward.

When choosing opponents in the Arena, you generally want to take on those with a lower Squad Power than yours. But if you’re up for a challenge, you can certainly challenge those with a similar or better Squad Power — it isn’t that much fun, after all, to be fighting a team of heroes whose stats pale in comparison to yours. Since you can see each opposing hero’s level, that should also give you an idea of which hero to focus your fire on when the battle begins.

8. Hero Starter Packs – To Buy Or Not To Buy?

The folks behind Age of Magic do make some tempting offers when it comes to the Hero Starter Packs. Typically, these onetime offers appear once you’ve unlocked a new hero, and once this happens, you’ll be asked if you want to spend $5 (or its local equivalent) to buy materials/items and other resources required to get them leveled up to level 20, and ready to evolve to a higher rarity. However, if you decline the offer, you will then be informed that the deal will not be made available ever again; you’ll still be able to buy a Hero Starter Pack for Hargrim in the shop for $15 (which is still supposed to be 30 percent off), but the game appears to be good on its word — pass up a Taneda, Spear Kobold, or other similar starter pack for $5 and it won’t appear again. If you’ve got enough real money to burn, we advise you to go for it, no questions asked, though it wouldn’t hold you back by that much if you choose to reject the offer and improve your heroes without paying a single cent of your hard-earned money.

9. Grind It Out With Memory Spheres

You can earn Memory Spheres as rewards for completing campaign stages, and, should you be in need of a quick fix when you’re out of energy, Age of Magic will sometimes ask you if you want to buy a certain number of Memory Spheres and energy units for 50 coins. These items will be your best friends when it comes to grinding, as Memory Spheres allow you to replay a level without having to go through the actual battle. Of course, you will first need to have completed the level in question with a perfect three stars; while the rewards don’t appear to differ much from one star rating to the next, the ability to automatically replay a three-starred level via Memory Spheres should be a good enough incentive for three-star completion. Just click on the Instant button after choosing a three-starred level, and you’re all set.

Take note, however, that replaying a previously three-starred level, may it be via Memory Spheres or the “hard” way, will have you with a lower chance of earning rewards beyond the customary XP and silver. Still, if you’ve got a robust supply of Memory Spheres, you can manipulate the slider on the lower right of your screen after hitting on Instant, so that you can replay the battle more than just once, thereby increasing your chances of earning substantial rewards.

10. Don’t Forget To Upgrade Your Heroes’ Skills

After clicking on a hero in the Heroes menu, you’ll notice your hero’s three skills underneath his/her image. While your attention may be on the items you can equip on them, as seen on the left and right side of your hero’s image, or on the Train button, you shouldn’t neglect those skills either, to make them more powerful in battle. To level up a skill, you’ll need to have enough Skill Cubes, but if you’re not sure where you can find them, you can always hit the magnifying glass, as that will show you the levels you need to complete (or replay, as we showed you in the grinding tip) for a chance at getting that item. This too applies for your hero’s equipment, which you’ll need to fill up completely before you can evolve them from one star rarity to the next.

11. Collect Your Daily Rewards

If you need upgrade items, hero shards, gold coins, experience potions, and other valuable goodies, you might as well log in to the game every day, even if it’s just going to take you a few seconds to a minute to redeem your daily rewards. These rewards can run the gamut, as we hinted above, and all of the items you can win for your daily login are necessary in the long, arduous process of getting your heroes from one star rarity to the next. Just don’t expect anything special for your month-end reward — for the month of March, the 31st day reward is 5 gold coins, which is exactly the same reward you can get after completing each week of consecutive logins! As the saying goes, you can’t win ‘em all.

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