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Top Drives (iOS) Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Build the Perfect Racing Deck

Whether you are a car enthusiast or a racing fanatic, there is reason to be excited about Hutch Games’ latest mobile title. Top Drives is the perfect mashup of card collecting and racing genres. Available on iOS and Android devices, Top Drives lets you build the ultimate deck consisting of cars from some of the biggest names in the industry, including McLaren, Bugatti, Ford, Pagani, Buick, Cadillac, and Mercedes. Players must select just five from over 700 officially licensed cars to create the perfect team. Hardcore car enthusiasts will be delighted to test their knowledge as the game uses legitimate car stats from Evo Magazine. Racers, on the other hand, can look forward to taking on different challenges such as ¼ mile drag tracks, fast-race circuits, city street racing, and off-road hill climbs. The game takes things one step further by allowing players to unlock their own garage where they can customize, fine tune, and upgrade their cars. There is a lot to do before you can build the ultimate car deck but you can get some help by reading our Top Drives strategy guide!

1. Collect Different Cars

While it can be fun to collect all your favorite cars, you need to focus on strategy above anything else at the start of the game. You will have plenty of time to get all the cars later on if you make smart investments. When creating your first deck, make sure you have good variety. There will be different types of challenges and you want to have at least one car for each. Check your options and try to have one car that is good at driving on wet surfaces, one for driving off-road, and one that’s good at sharp turns. You need to be able to meet whatever challenge comes your way and having the right car for the job is half the battle.

2. Leave No Prize Unturned

There are 15 prize cards available in each stage. You will not be able to take all of them home after just one win. Make sure you replay these stages in order to win every single prize. You don’t always have to send your best cars. A lot of times you can just send out your backup cars and they will be able to do the job just fine.

3. Get Boss Cars

Each country has nine locations for you to race in. Take time to defeat all the opponents in each location. Once you do, you will be given the privilege to challenge the country’s champion. This is a great opportunity for you to get a great car. Defeat the champ and you will be rewarded with their favorite car. Of course, not all boss cars would work well for your team but you should be able to find a couple of good contenders. Remember, the key to this game is having a lot of options. Those boss cars are definitely good options for you, especially when you are still starting out.

4. Check The Weather Before Races

Top Drives isn’t just realistic in terms of car information, it also strives for realism in terms of the impact of weather on races. Don’t forget to check the weather and surfaces before entering a race. Having the wrong car during bad weather can easily spell disaster for your team. Carefully analyze the weather and surface for each race then see which of your cars would be able to perform the best in each circumstance.

5. Analyze Each Car Carefully

There is a wealth of information available for each car. Knowing the ins and outs of your cars is key to making a good deck. Just tap on a car in order to bring up its information. You can tap on it again if you want to see more in-depth details for the car. This view also allows you to access additional options for the car such as upgrades or selling options. Explore every part of this screen as it will give you everything you need to know before building a deck.

6. Upgrade Your Car Regularly

As with any game, it is inevitable that you will eventually lose a race or two. When this happens, you will want to upgrade your car to see if you can overcome the competition. Keep in mind that you will only be able to upgrade each car a specific number of times. You will have to carefully consider what to improve in order to maximize the use of each car. You can choose to fully invest in power or in handling. In other cases, you may want to improve both by a little bit. This is where knowledge of the car’s details will come in handy. Knowing what kind of upgrade your car will benefit from the most is crucial to getting the most out of this feature.

7. Fuse Cars For More Upgrades

If you have a few cars lying around that you don’t have much use for, you can sacrifice them in order to strengthen your favorite car. Fusing cars will give you access to further upgrades for your target car. Keep in mind, however, that you will only be able to use cars of the same tier or lower as sacrifice. You cannot use a tier A car as sacrifice for a tier B target.

8. Open Car Packs

There will always be events that you can participate in but they will sometimes require certain car types. If you want to join an event but you don’t have the right car for it, you can go to the New Cars store and open some car packs. Car packs will give you random cars that you can use. Events will usually have special car packs that will give you what you need to join. Open those up for a better chance of winning in events.

9. Watch Ads For Gold

Gold is required in a lot of things in the game. Most importantly, you need it to open car packs. If you are short on gold, you can get some for free by watching an advertisement. It is a good idea to watch these ads in exchange for gold whenever you have the time. It only takes a few seconds of your time and it will give you that gold boost you need in order to get ahead.

10. Expect More Content To Come

Top Drives is continuously evolving. It already has more cars from new manufacturers in the pipeline. Events are also popping up one after the other. It is only a matter of time before new game modes and other content are released. Check on the game regularly to see if there are any new challenges you can take on, or features you can take advantage of.

Building a perfect car deck is challenging but it is also extremely satisfying once you succeed. And with the help of our Top Drives tips, tricks and cheats, success is definitely within your reach!