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Radiation City (iOS) Cheats: 10 Tips & Tricks to Live Another Day

Survival games have been gaining popularity in recent years and Atypical Games has finally come out with their own contender for the genre. Radiation City is a masterfully created open-world survival game for iOS devices. In this game, you are part of a team of rescuers on a mission to help survivors in Chernobyl. Your team’s plane has crashed into the city and you discover that the only ones who can still be rescued are yourselves. The city has been turned into a wasteland and those who survived are no longer human. You will have to fend for yourself, fight for resources, and find a way to get out of the living nightmare. Explore an eerily realistic recreation of the city of Pripyat as you search for food, water, weapons, armor, and other items that can help you live another day. Watch out for the mutated survivors who now hunger for human flesh. How long can you last in this forgotten city? Make sure you read our Radiation City ultimate strategy guide if you want to stay alive!

1. You Can’t Run From Hunger

Despite the nefarious creatures that are out to eat your brains, you will quickly discover that the deadliest thing in Radiation City is hunger and thirst. If you don’t find enough food and water, you will eventually die from either dehydration or starvation. That is why your priority should always be to look for food and water. Always have an empty bottle with you so you can fill it up in wells or water pumps. Look for any kind of food to help keep you satiated. Berries give you very little but eating them is still better than having an empty stomach.

If you have to choose between putting a weapon or food into your bag, prioritize the food. You can always try to run away from zombies when you encounter them but no amount of running will save you from starvation.

2. Save Your Stamina

Avoid running if you don’t need to. Even if it will allow you to cover more ground quickly, it will also drain your stamina. You will slow down significantly if you run out of stamina and that is the last thing you want when you have monsters running after you. Save your stamina for emergency situations or prepare to be monster chow.

A few short bursts here and there can be useful. Just make sure you are in a relatively safe location before running. You don’t want to draw unnecessary attention to yourself as well. Wait for your stamina to fully recover before trying to run again. Even if it is for a short distance, it can still spell the difference between life and death. If you are really having trouble managing your stamina, or if you are the type who can’t sit still, you can invest a few points into increasing your maximum stamina. This will give you a bit of freedom when it comes to running around the map.

3. Spend Skill Points Wisely

When you start out, levels will come easily. You will get skill points from levelling up, and you will be able to assign these freely. There are several different skills you can put points into such as stamina, resistance, speed, and health. Keep in mind that levelling up will become more difficult as you progress so do not assign points willy-nilly. Think about which skills will help you more depending on your playstyle.

As we mentioned above, you can try investing some points in stamina so you can run a bit more. Beefing up your resistance is a good idea if you like getting down and dirty with the zombies. It is usually a good idea to assign points with a long-term build in mind. If you can’t decide just yet, speed and health are always good investments.

4. Look For A Backpack

It is crucial to your survival that you have plenty of space to carry stuff in. As mentioned above, you will need a lot of food and water to stay alive. Of course, you need a bag to put those supplies in since you won’t necessarily need to consume them when you find them. There are also a lot of other things that you need to be able to carry. You will have very limited slots for items in the beginning so finding a backpack should be one of the first things on your to-do list.

5. Get Creative With Items

Since Radiation City aims at being realistic, you will need a can opener before you will be able to eat out of a tin can. There should be a quest that will help you secure one at the beginning of the game. If you happen to lose it, however, there is still a way for you to eat canned food. You can get creative and use a knife in order to pry open the tin cans. Of course, finding a knife is another thing altogether but it is actually easier to come across than a can opener.

Think outside the box and see what other items you can use creatively for you to survive. You only have limited slots for items, even if you have a backpack. Look for items that can have different uses even if they may not be the most efficient. Having items prepared for different scenarios is always a good thing.

6. Sleep At Night

This advice isn’t about letting you get beauty sleep. There is absolutely no reason good enough for you to be walking around at night. When it is starting to get dark, do everything you can to find some kind of shelter to sleep in. Don’t risk going out after dark even if you have good equipment. The zombies are much more dangerous at night for some reason. There is also the fact that you will have limited visibility in the dark, making you more vulnerable to surprise attacks. You will still end up dead if you venture out at night so you might as well get some shut-eye.

7. Avoid Combat At All Costs

Keep in mind that you are playing a survival game. Anything that puts you at risk of getting injured or infected isn’t worth trying. Even if you have good equipment, you still should not go around picking fights with zombies. When you encounter a zombie, try to run away from it until it loses sight of you. It will eventually forget about you and you will be able to sneak around once more. If a zombie corners you, avoid getting hit if you can. Long-ranged weapons are especially useful in this case. Even one scratch can get you infected so you may not come out of it alive even if you successfully kill that zombie.

8. Get Medicine For Infections

If you do end up getting infected, make sure you look for medicine right away because it will only worse over time. Most other status ailments will go away on their own so save your medicines only for infections. The good news is that any type of medicine will get rid of your infection. Pick up any medicine you find because you will never know when you might need it.

9. Focus On Long-Term Investments

Once you get used to surviving on your own, you should start thinking about how you can make your life easier in the long run. Sure, you have gotten used to surviving by walking around and running when there’s danger, but wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t have to travel on foot? One of the things you can do is work on repairing one of the vehicles lying around. You will need duct tape, wires, and scrap metal for the repairs so pick those up whenever you see them. Don’t forget to check vehicle’s trunk for other items you can use. Sometimes there are even equipment stored inside the trunk aside from repair items. When the vehicle is repaired, you can travel safer and faster.

Another investment you should be making is to set up bases across the map. This will only be possible later into the game but make sure you set them up as soon as you can. Having multiple bases will allow you to quick-travel back and forth so you won’t have to run through all those zombie hordes.

10. Pump Up The Adrenaline

While it may have some side effects, in a worst-case scenario, an adrenaline shot may be just what the doctor ordered. You will be surprised by the things you can do after taking those adrenaline shots. Take one right before exploring a large building as it will help keep you going regardless of what you encounter. Also, if you absolutely have no choice and end up having to travel at night, take another adrenaline shot and it just might help you survive.

Radiation City is definitely a challenging game that requires resourcefulness, a quick wit, and fast reflexes. But if you rely on our ultimate strategy guide, you will surely make it out alive.