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Cat Bird (iOS) Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How to Complete All Levels

Is it a bird? Is it a cat? It’s Cat Bird! This brand-new platformer from Ryan Carag lets you control an adorable little creature who’s half bird and half cat. He has been living happily in his cat planet until a sudden disturbance flung him far away. It is your mission to guide him through obstacles so that he can return home. There are over 40 levels to conquer, each one more daunting than the one before it. If you find yourself struggling to progress, don’t worry! Our list of Cat Bird tips, tricks and hints is here to help you conquer all those levels!

1. Know When To Glide

Most platform games only give you the option to jump or double jump. Lucky for you the protagonist in this game has wings so you can also glide when you need to. Just tap once then hold in order to glide across the screen. Keep in mind that you can’t just fly around forever so know when to use this skill. It is pretty useful when you are trying to get those hard-to-reach crowns, or if there are particularly long obstacles. Use your best judgement and you will be able to overcome a lot of obstacles with this simple move.

2. Quit To Select Levels

The game automatically sends you off to the next level every time you successfully complete the previous one. If you want to return to an earlier level for some reason, you will have to quit first, then select the level you want to play. You will want to replay a level if you missed a crown or two. You could also practice in easier levels if you are having trouble completing the latest one.

3. How To Unlock New Planets

In order to return home, you will need to go through several planets first. Each new planet requires a certain number of crowns. However, you will not be able to unlock the new planet right away even if you have enough crowns. You must first finish all the levels on the current planet before you can move on to the next one. Once you have enough crowns, you don’t need to keep trying to get them anymore. Just complete all the levels so you can move on. Keep an eye on the meter above the level select screen. When it reaches 100%, that means you have completed all the levels on that planet.

4. Prepare For New Obstacles

As mentioned above, each level gets more difficult to complete as you progress in the game. This is especially true when moving on to a different planet. A new planet may have new obstacles that behave differently. Always be cautious when starting on a new planet and try to anticipate any new traps that could prevent you from moving forward.

5. Try The Time Trial Mode

Once you are confident with your skills and want to take on a bigger challenge, you can check out the time trial mode of each planet. Make sure you have a lot of time to play before trying this out. In this mode, you will be playing all the levels of the entire planet without any rest. You can quit at any point but that whatever progress you made will be lost.

The journey home may be long and arduous but with the help of our Cat Bird tips and tricks, you will definitely make it!