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Race Kings Tips, Cheats, Tricks & Guide to Win All Races and Unlock More Cars

Hutch Games’ Race Kings is another one of those games that seeks to break the mold of mobile racing games where you take part in storyline battles against AI drivers to complete a campaign. This iOS and Android game is advertised as a title where you compete against “100 percent live real-time opponents” in intense drift duels, though unlike Ridge Racer Draw and Drift, which we recently covered, the cars are actual real-life vehicles. You’ve also got a wide range of live events to take part in, as well as dozens of different tracks, as compared to the six tracks in the aforementioned RRDD. There are supposedly thousands of unique car variants you can win, collect, or upgrade, so that’s something else you may want to look forward to — selections change in real-time, so what’s there not to like?

If you’re familiar with the mechanics of drifting games, you probably know what to do. But you may also be wondering about what you can do to collect more cars, win more races against your real-life, breathing, human opposition, and move up the leaderboards. Read on, as we now bring to you our Race Kings strategy guide, which is ideally meant for beginners, but with a few tips here and there that you could make use of if you’ve been playing for some time.

1. How To Rank Up Faster

Yes, we’re actually starting with this very tip, and when it comes to ranking up in the game, the best thing to do would be to complete more objectives. That’s the most preferred, and most organic way for you to make your way up from Novice rank to Race King (the highest rank available in the game). And as you rank up, you can place bigger bets and unlock more car classes. Additionally, you’ll be able to hold more cash, enter more events, and make your way up the leaderboard faster. A lot of the objectives can be accomplished in the normal course of gameplay (completing x number of races, performing x number of upgrades, etc.), but it’s always best to check the objectives regularly so you can focus on them and complete them faster.

2. It’s All About The Edge

Race Kings makes use of something the game’s developers call EDGE — it’s not quite sure what this is in specific, but generally speaking, cars that have the most EDGE are faster than the others. In order to ensure that you have the edge (and the EDGE — take note of the caps) over your opponent, we would recommend making sure you’ve got a few upgrades or more equipped before you start a race.

3. Upgrade Your Car Smartly

Moving on to the upgrade process, we should inform you that these can take some time before they are delivered and equipped on your car. Keeping this in mind, we suggest buying an upgrade before heading to bed (or to work, school, or wherever smartphone use may be intermittent) and ending your gameplay session for an extended period of time. The game will deliver that upgrade while you’re out, and when you return, you can fit it and give your car the EDGE it needs. Buy a new upgrade (if you can afford it) once the last one has been delivered to keep the ball rolling.

There’s also a bit of a strategy involved when upgrading your car vis-a-vis the changes that take place on a race track. Once a track resets, all racers get their EDGE advantage reset, which would require you to fit upgrades each time the track changes — this will allow you to maintain your EDGE for a longer period of time. You definitely don’t want to fit any kind of upgrade right before the track changes.

4. Here’s The Best And Easiest Way To Nail A Perfect Drift

When we covered Ridge Racer Draw and Drift, we mentioned that drifting is very easy — just tap on the screen when your car reaches a certain point to nail a Perfect Drift and gain more speed when you come out of it. That game, however, had a more casual flavor to it. Race Kings is completely different, and we should warn you at this point that drifting is far from being that easy.

What you can do to exit properly from a drift is to keep the drift needle within the blue range as you make it to the end of the corner, then step on the gas as you reach the yellow exit line before the drift needle enters the red area. Again, that’s much more complex than “drift when your car’s almost at the white line” in RRDD, but with a little practice, this will soon become second nature to you.

5. How To Earn More Gold

Gold is the main currency in Race Kings, and you can earn more of it simply by entering as many events as possible. You don’t even have to top the leaderboard in a given event to earn gold — as long as you complete enough races and do well enough to finish within a prize tier, you’re sure to win something. And even if you don’t do well in the races, the consolation is that they’ll still count toward your Event Goals, and allow you to win more prizes when the goals are completed.

Additionally, you can check the game every hour while you’re playing so you can get a Bronze Key, which also cold earn you gold for free.

6. Play In The Main Event For More Blueprints

Like many other racing games, you can collect new cars in Race Kings by collecting more blueprints. And you can get more of these blueprints by taking part in each day’s Main Event race; complete the Event Goals in order to get the blueprints, as stipulated. If you keep racing in those Main Events, you might not realize it when you finally have enough to unlock a car that’s higher-up on the rarity tier without having to spend any currency for it. Better yet, that car will be available for you to drive during the weekend qualifier races.

7. It’s Good To Have A Backup Car

Nowadays, we’re noticing a trend in which game tips (including many of ours) suggest that players should stick to what’s tried and tested, instead of collecting like crazy. That may be true in RPGs where you can collect heroes, or in other racing games, and to an extent, that applies as well in Race Kings. But it pays to have another car in the same class serving as your backup ride — if your main car is being serviced, you can take that backup with you out to race, or vice versa; race your main car, upgrade the backup. And since the game has events that require a specific car or a specific class of car, it does pay to collect, instead of merely sticking to a few good, well-upgraded cars all the time. Furthermore, EDGE comes cheap on new cars, so there’s that thing to consider as well.

8. Social Adds To The Fun

This is a completely optional tip, mind you, but if you really want to enjoy multiplayer gaming and competition against real players to the fullest, you can try a couple of things. One would be to livestream your best races, or take photos of the cars you’ve won or unlocked. And if you tap on the World icon, you can join the Race Kings community and exchange strategies with other real players, or even offer your suggestions or feedback to the guys behind the game. Of course, you can talk trash too, but remember your online etiquette and keep things as clean as possible!

There you have it! This wraps up our list of tips, tricks and cheats for Race Kings. If you happen to know other hints for the game, be sure to drop us a line in the comments below!