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Castle Cats Guide: 10 Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Defeat the Evil Pugomancer

If you ever wanted to have your own guild of warrior cats, Castle Cats is a perfect game. In it, your cats that have incredible powers must defeat the evil Pugomancer (the eternal battle between cats and dogs takes another turn in Castle Cats) and free their cat society from horrors of the dog world.

You have different cat heroes, each with its unique set of traits and powers that are needed for completing various quests, there’s a base to be taken care of, and your cats can level up and evolve with the help of different embers (there are three different colors and six different types).

The heroes are placed in three tiers. Common heroes have a set of common traits and powers, rare ones come with powers that are hard to find among commons, and epic heroes are there to bring you extremely powerful skills that are no match for dog army.

You have different quests to finish, cats to evolve, and a base to build and improve, a standard set of features in a mobile RPG game. There are different resources that can be crafted, both regular and rare ones, and you have a standard combination of regular (coins) and premium (crystals) currencies. While crafting resources can take some time, you’ll earn lots of gold, enough for getting new heroes. While normal and rare cat heroes can be bought for coins, in order to get an epic hero you’ll need lots of crystals. There are many different heroes, and your ultimate goal (aside from defeating the evil Pugomancer) is collecting them all. Of course, you can just destroy the bad guy, that’s also okay.

Castle Cats is not a hard game. You can finish quests with your band of common cats, especially story related ones. But to get some epic heroes you’ll need some help. Also, there’s the story involving evolving cats, that can only be transformed with amber, which is a rare material to find. But, with this guide you’ll be ready to beat all quests, to get some epic heroes, and to make the best cat base in the world. So, stay with us and find out how to kick some nasty dogs in Castle Cats.

1. Collect Daily Prizes

Daily prizes can be immensely lucrative in Castle Cats. Not only will you be given lots of crystals, but the game will award you with some awesome heroes and all you have to do is to enter the game each day.

You don’t have to play it; just enter the game, collect your prize and that’s it. If you plan on recruiting some epic heroes, think about just collecting daily prizes for a week, and once you have some cool heroes and lots of crystals, then is the time for serious play.

2. Cats Have Different Powers, All Of Them Are Needed For Completing Quests

Different heroes come with different powers, and quests ask for different powers in order to secure Great Success. You see, your cats cannot fail a quest, they can only fail by completing a quest and getting just a regular win, “Succes.” Great Success is the real prize, and you only can secure it by dispatching cats with wanted powers (each quest has a list of powers needed for securing Great Succes).

So, make sure your guild is built of heroes with different skills. There’s no need to have two heroes with overlapping powers because you won’t have to finish a certain quest. It is best that all of your heroes come with unique skills so you always have a perfect hero for different quests. If you have two cat heroes with the same set of powers, just make one inactive, or just get rid of it, we’ll tell you why in a sec.

3. Getting Rid Of Heroes Gives You Ember Needed For Evolving Your Cats

There are six different types of ember, and each hero needs certain ember type in order to evolve. If you get two cats of the same kind, you can get rid of one and for it, you’ll get one ember of a certain kind. Also, if you don’t plan on collecting all of the cat heroes (and there are quite a lot of them in Castle Cats) you can get rid of new heroes that feature the same powers as your current ones. This way you’ll get lots of ember pieces and will be able to evolve at least a couple of cats.

When cats evolve they get new traits and powers, so it is better to have a hero with two different powers (so you can send it on different quests, not just those asking for their basic power) than two heroes with same two powers.

4. Do Not Buy Regular Hero Boxes

Although boxes containing regular heroes cost three times less than rare hero boxes, do not buy the Regular, rare, and epic heroes have the same powers, but the two latter ones come with much better traits. For instance, if a common hero comes with ten percent gold bonus for completing quests, a rare hero with the same trait will give you twenty-five more gold. So, you see the difference.

5. Shake Cats For Gold

Yes, you can do that. Just tap on a cat and shake it until it stops dropping bags with gold. Repeat this until the cats stop dropping gold. Each day you can earn 100 gold coins this way. It isn’t a lot but it can give you some extra gold.

6. Instead Of Tapping With Just One Finger, Use Two Fingers And Tap In Rapid Succession

As you might know, Castle Cats is a sort of idle RPG game. You can assign heroes on a quest and then just wait for the quest to finish. Or you can help your brave cats by entering the battle and tapping on enemies for some extra damage.

You can tap with just one finger, but the strategy relying on two-finger rapid tapping is much better. You see, each cat has a special attack that charges over time with each successful hit, Once full, just click on it and the hero will launch its special attack on an enemy dealing lots of damage. By tapping with one finger these attacks charge slower, so it is better to rapidly tap with two fingers. Your special attacks will charge more often, and you will damage enemies higher.

7. Watch Ads To Refill Tap Energy

Tap attack pool is quite limited. You can only tap 200 times before it gets empty. Now, the only way of getting a recharge option is watching ads, so you have to do that. You can leave tap energy pool to recharge, but that takes time and you can finish two or three quests with tap pool filed. So instead of waiting for it to refill, just watch a simple and short ad and solve your problems in half a minute.

8. Send Low-Level Heroes To Accompany High-Level Ones On High-Level Quests

By leveling up heroes you improve their attack power, as well as their special attack power. The best way of doing this is sending low-level heroes on high-level quests. This is way better than sending them on low-level quests because those give them much lower amounts of experience. By sending them with powerful heroes on tough quests, they will level up much faster and will become deadly cat warriors much faster.

9. There Are Items That Can Help You In Battle But Don’t Use Them

You can craft your own potions (not the energy refill potion though), and other types of items that can cut down quest time, give you stronger attack, a chance to get rare resources, or more gold and experience. The problem is that they need way more resources to craft than what they are worth. It is better to save up resources for upgrading your quest board and guild than giving it up for some items that can’t do you much good.

Since in Castle Cats you can’t fail a quest those items are practically useless, except the potion that cut quest times, but it is just too expensive to craft that potion. So, save up resources for upgrades, not for crafting.

10. Upgrade Your Guild First, And Then Upgrade Wood And Cloth Factories

The first thing you want to do when playing Castle cats is saving up resources for upgrading your guild. You’ll get one extra slot for an active cat, so you will be able to send your cats on up to three quests at the same time.

Next, once you’ve upgraded the guild, upgrade cloth and wood factories, because those two resources are needed for upgrading the quest board.

Finally, when you save up enough wood and cloth, upgrade the quest board. This will give you one extra quest slot, and also grant you access to more lucrative quests.
Okay, folks, that was all. We hope this guide gave you some interesting and useful advice for betting better and Castle Cats. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!