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Tiny Cow Cheats, Tips, Tricks & Hints to Reach Prestige Level Faster and Easier

Tiny Cow is a new clicker game from Mindstorm Studios for Android and iOS devices that, in the words of the game’s makers, is optimized for “super casual gameplay.” All you need to do, at least while actively playing the game, is to keep on tapping on the screen — nothing to it, really, as you build your farm, raise more animals and clone more tiny cows while feeding them hay, upgrade your township, and keep making money. The game’s description really does emphasize the casual elements of it, though if you fancy, you can also take on you friends and send them a challenge to see who’s better in raising those cows and earning that money.

That’s just a brief overview of what you can expect from this game, as your clicking adventures will also lead you to collect money from storks (among other birds), upgrade the milk your cows produce, and collect blue diamond cheese, which, as you can imagine, is the best possible byproduct of the milk your cows produce. So if you’re ready to earn big-time and do so faster than you normally would, we suggest that you check out the following Tiny Cow tips and tricks.

1. Tap On The Storks, But Make Sure You Also Tap On The Eagles

Your main means of earning money in the game would be to tap on the storks as they fly with moneybags, which would drop down when you tap on the birds. The amount of money is determined by the speed in which the storks fly, which means you’ll have to be quick if you’re hoping to earn a big reward from a fast-flying bird. But aside from the storks, you can also tap on eagles, who would obviously fly much faster, and even change directions to throw you off. The eagles also carry moneybags which drop down when you tap on them, so keep an eye out for eagles, because tapping on them will earn you a significant reward, one that trumps whatever the storks have to offer, as well as the random gifts.

2. How To Unlock More Types Of Milk

Unlocking higher-grade, better types of milk can be done by reaching a certain farm value. Each type you unlock will be worth progressively more money, but there’s a little method to the madness, particularly when you’ve just returned after a significant amount of time away from the game. Once this happens, we suggest that you don’t upgrade to the next type of milk right away. See if it’s possible to upgrade two types ahead, and if you’re close enough, you can try to get there faster by tapping until you’re at the right point where you can upgrade two tiers ahead and skip one type of milk in the process.

3. How To Make This Game Into A True Idle Clicker

We really didn’t touch on this in the game overview, but Tiny Cow is an idle clicker in the truest sense, meaning that you don’t have to tap all the time — you can also let the game earn money for you while you’re offline. And it is possible to eliminate the tapping mechanic all together, simply by buying the upgrades that allow you to automate cloning in milking centers. That should be good news to your fingers, but of course, there are those who would prefer to do the tapping themselves to really maximize their potential and go through each play through faster than usual.

4. Tap With More Than One Finger

This should be a basic, common sense tip for a game in this genre, but for the benefit of those who haven’t played clicker games before, you should always be tapping with more than one finger if you want to speed up the pace in which the game adds cows to your milking center. Larger devices would obviously allow you to fit more fingers on the screen, so consider yourself lucky if you own a 5.5-inch phone (or bigger) like the iPhone 6s/7s or Galaxy Note series.

5. Try This Out To Get Even More Out Of Your Tapping

Now if you are serious in wanting to maximize the effects of your tapping, we would recommend this following trick. Go to the cloning house, zoom in as closely as possible, and use two fingers when tapping on the cloning house, and two to four fingers (preferably three to four) on the cow cloning overheat bar. Once you’ve set your fingers up to tap, you can go button-mash to your liking and get a whole lot of tapping done.

6. When Can You Prestige?

Just like any clicker or idle clicker game worth its salt, Tiny Cow allows you to prestige — in the jargon of the idle clicker genre, this means resetting your game while retaining the items or perks you’ve collected in your first play through, therefore allowing you to progress faster the next time around. You would be able to prestige in Tiny Cow once you’ve reached a certain number of milk upgrades, and just as the case is in other games with this mechanic, you’ll be starting off from the beginning, but with an earnings multiplier. You will also be able to keep your permits and diamond cheese, plus any premium purchases you made, thus accounting for the stuff you can keep despite prestiging.

These would be our tips and tricks for Mindstorm Studios’ new mobile game, Tiny Cow. If you know other hints, feel free to share them with us below in the comment section! Happy gaming!


Wednesday 28th of September 2022

Tiny cow game is good but has problems, like they removed to buildings from the game making it hard to get the last researches, it will take 6 months to get super-cow DNA because the buildings that would help are gone and the trucker buy out 4 and a half months to get that one. please put the buildings back or lower the cost for them.