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Brain Out Answers for All Levels

Brain Out Level 151-160 Answers

brain out level 151 answer

Level 151: Zoom the ball in and when it becomes bigger, play it straight ahead.

brain out level 152 answer

Level 152: The smallest ball in the picture is the dot in Lv.152; so tap on this dot.

brain out level 153 answer

Level 153: Including the left and right buttons that are triangles too; 14 is the answer.

brain out level 154 answer

Level 154: Take the box of cigarettes out of his left pocket and then tap on the cigarette two-three times to stop smoking.

brain out level 155 answer

Level 155: Pineapples don’t grow on trees; 0 is the answer.

brain out level 156 answer

Level 156: Put the soap in the water; put the cat into the tab; lift the chair and get the fish to feed the cat before the end of time.

brain out level 157 answer

Level 157: Tap the word “exit” in the question.

brain out level 158 answer

Level 158: No cow to milk in the picture! Put the red bucket near the black bull and it will kick the calf. Do it 3 times and the cow will come to rescue the calf. Now put the red bucket under the cow to get some milk.

brain out level 159 answer

Level 159: The bucket has a hole, so put it in the glass pot and then under the tap.

brain out level 160 answer

Level 160: You can try from 0 to 9; 4 is the answer as 444+44+4+4+4=500

Anushree Jain

Saturday 18th of March 2023

This is very usefull because if you are not getting an answer/can't understand how it happens this website can help us during this situation... Loved...😇😇