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Eversoul Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Save Eden

Destiny—a blatant prophecy that grabs you by the wrist or a chain that’s only for the strong to seize or break?

eversoul destiny
Yep, that’s destiny alright… Or, it’s the cops.

From the years of the past, this present day, you have been called, o Savior. Earth, eons of years from now, will be known as Eden, where immortal beings called Souls wander about and live in a new age of peace. But with the arrival of the Gate and the Dark Knight, such peace will not last for the eternity that these Souls live through. The Gate is a portent of the End, an event to cease all of existence. By the sound of the fifth trumpet, all of Eden and those which dwell in it shall be erased forever.

eversoul mephistopheles
You’re not… gonna make any deals, are you?

Only through the powers of Mephistopheles, the artificial Soul of the Ark, have you been called to this world. You, the Savior, have been brought here to seek out the latent powers that lie within the Souls themselves and keep the End from happening. Do you have what it takes? Do you truly have a choice?

Kakao Games Corp., South Korean publisher of popular mobile titles such as Guardian Tales, Moonlight Sculptor, and World Flipper, brings to you an epic fantasy hero collector that’s sure to engage you with its colorful cast of characters, Eversoul.

Fight through legions of the harbingers of the end and bring peace to Eden in this story-driven tactical RPG. With battles very heavily based on formation and team composition, a town for you to call your own, and love stories that unravel between you and the lovely ladies of this game, there’s rarely a dull moment in Eversoul.

eversoul dominion control system

But starting out can be tough, especially if this is your first hero collector or gacha game as most people call it. You wouldn’t know if who you have on your team is any good at all or if you need to invest in certain heroes to make your team work.

Do not fret! While we do have a tier list for all Eversoul characters, this guide is here to first help anyone starting out on their journey to save Eden from the End. Are you ready to dive deep into this isegye* and become the best Savior that Eden has ever seen? Then read our Eversoul beginner’s guide below and we’ll be sure to help you out on your adventures!

*Isegye — The Korean translation of the Japanese genre, Isekai, which involves a protagonist traveling to another world.

Eversoul and Similar Mobile Tactical RPGs

eversoul gameplay
Let’s rock!

The mechanics of a modern tactical RPG, especially on a mobile platform, is greatly detached from classic tactical RPGs of the olden days.

For contrast, games like Final Fantasy Tactics, Front Mission, Fire Emblem (wow, they all start with Fs) are played like a game of chess: the player moves the characters around a grid and each character has their own stats that denote movement or attack range. In recent years, while some mobile tactical RPGs retained the original mechanics (like Girls’ Frontline, Fire Emblem Heroes, Disgaea 1 Complete, Heroes of Steel, or Shining Force Classic), the rise of mobile tactical RPGs have given way to a new playstyle.

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This new playstyle involves pseudo-automated battles where the players’ involvement can turn the battle around in terms of the timing of skill activation (more on this later), team composition, and formation. The battles no longer happen in battlefields with varying tiles but smaller arenas where the heroes can move around freely.

eversoul the witch of betrayal

Some games that share this mechanic are Mythic Heroes, AFK Arena, Hero Wars, Figure Fantasy, Alchemy Stars, and our subject for this article, Eversoul. With that all said, Eversoul also operates on a gacha mechanic where one could obtain more heroes, also known as Souls in this game, to further expand their tactical outlook. You know what that means:


Combat is a huge aspect of Eversoul—you’ll be doing this a lot, so expect to fell many creatures that pour out from the Gate. Of course, you won’t be without your trusty squad of Souls to back you up each time, but keeping track of who needs strengthening and who needs to be replaced may take practice. Though, there’s nothing that immersing yourself in the game won’t fix.

eversoul soul contract

You’ll lose some battles in the long run and these should make you reconsider your strategy. Think of it as solving a problem in real life: you’ll need specific tools for a job and you’ll have to use them properly to solve the problem.

The game eases you in with a tutorial for the most part but, sometimes, we could all get lost in the main menu, especially if we want to specifically do something for our teams. The next part of this guide is a brief outline of the game’s main menu and what each sub-menu does.

Mastering the Main Menu

eversoul menu
The base of your operations.

Every game out there has a main menu. This serves as the main hub in which players select their modes of play or if they want to make adjustments to something.

In Eversoul, the Main Menu gives the player full control of what they would like to do next. This can range from rolling the gacha to resuming the main storyline. Here, we have neatly outlined the main buttons that you will find on the lower portion of the screen. These main buttons, when tapped, open up submenus as discussed below:

  • Soul
eversoul souls

This is where your collection of Souls is located. We will discuss later how you can upgrade Souls and make them stronger.

  • The Ark
eversoul the ark

The Ark is where Mephi oversees all operation on Eden. Here, you can choose to Ascend Souls, Release Souls, Level Sync your Souls, and Reset the Levels of your Souls. Because Ascension is a means of upgrading, we will touch upon that later on in the guide.

  • Release Soul — Releasing Souls grants you a slew of basic upgrade materials like Gold, Mana Dust, and Mana Crystals. Occasionally, you may also obtain Memory Shards, which are used in the Release Shop. If you’re able to roll for Artifacts, you may also dismantle the extras of these to earn Artifact Coins, which are used in the Artifact Shop.
  • Level Sync — The Level Sync feature allows you to choose one Soul (at first) to bring to the lowest level of your 5 strongest Souls. What we mean here is if 4 of your Souls are at Lv40 and one of them is at Lv35, any Soul up for the Level Sync will only have its level boosted to Lv35—it is the weakest of your 5 strongest souls.
  • Upon choosing a Soul you’d like to Level Sync, this low-leveled soul in particular will have their level boosted to 35. Unequipping a Soul from the Sync slot means you won’t be able to re-use that slot for 4 hours in real-time. Other than that, you won’t be able to manually level up any Souls currently in the Level Sync, so choose wisely!
  • Reset Level — This is a rather difficult part of the Ark. The purpose of doing this is once you’ve found someone strong enough to fill a slot in your team and you’ve had a low-tier Soul carry you this far, you might need to refund the resources of the low-tier Soul and use these on the stronger one.

    It’s necessary, especially if you know that your new Soul is much more powerful than the one it’s replacing. If there are certain Souls that you’d wish to have their resources refunded, this is where you bring them. Don’t feel too bad, they’ll still be able to work in town, safe from battle.
  • Shop
eversoul general shop

This is Sharinne’s emporium! She sells all kinds of neat swag that can further your progress in the story. She has a lot of subcategories, however, so let’s first list down which shops are which, and which currency goes where:

  • General Store — She sells all kinds of things that help make your Souls grow stronger. Here, she accepts Gold and Everstones as payment.
  • Release Shop — In this shop, you may purchase the Soul’s Memories of various Rare Souls, as well as both Epic and Rare Soul’s Memories. Soul’s Memories are a means to summon a specific Soul (if it has a name on it, like Soul’s Memory Alisha). If it only has a rarity, the Soul’s Memory will call forth a random Soul of that rarity. Consider it another way of rolling the gacha. Here, Sharinne takes Memory Shards as payment which, as discussed earlier, are earned from the Release Soul function in the Ark.
  • Labyrinth Shop — This is similar to the Release Shop, but it sells even rarer Souls. You’ll find the likes of Adrianne, Catherine, and other powerful Souls in this shop. The Labyrinth Shop takes Labyrinth Coins as payment. These are earned from playing the Labyrinth Mode.
  • Town Shop — This part of the shop is where you buy more buildings, structures, and plants for your town. For this section of the shop, Sharinne takes Town Coins which are earned from having Souls complete Part-Time Jobs (we’ll discuss this later.
  • Arena Shop — Have you been fighting a lot in the Arena lately? Here’s where you can spend your hard-earned Arena Coins. Apart from Soul’s Memories, you can get Artifact Stones.
  • Artifact Shop — Once you have the ability to summon Artifacts, dismantling them is the way you can earn Artifact Coins, which are the only acceptable currency here. The Artifact Shop sells Artifact Memories, similar to Soul’s Memories, but for Artifacts and Artifact Stones.
  • Bag
eversoul bag

These are the contents of your bag. Here you can check what items you have, what else you might need (i.e. if you’re lacking Soul’s Memories, you can take a look here), and things you can use under the Consumables tab. The Consumables tab is particularly important since it’s here that you’ll be able to find bundles of Gold or Mana Dust that you can use to advance the upgrades of your Souls. For instance, using 2 Hours of Idle Gold immediately grants you the amount you’d get from your Camp in the Battlefield when 2 real-time hours have passed.

  • Zodiac
eversoul zodiac

This is where you can apply passive buffs to all Souls that you own, as well as gain certain items with better volume. These buffs are permanent and they can each be obtained using Zodiac Points. Zodiac Points are quite precious and rare—you only get them as your player level increases! Each Zodiac is dedicated to increasing a specific aspect as we’ll explain below:

  • Aries — The ram increases the amount of Mana Crystals you can gain from loot. If you feel like you’re at a dearth of Mana Crystals, this is what you should be upgrading.
  • Taurus — The sign of the bull boosts the overall aspects of STR-type Souls. Any Souls that have STR (Strength) as their main stat will be affected by any upgrades done to Taurus.
  • Gemini — The twins bestow their blessings unto any Souls that are members of the Humanlike types. Any improvements to Gemini will directly affect the stats of Souls under this type.
  • Cancer — This crab is a generous one: it gives boosts to Mana Dust loot. Upgrading the nodes under the Cancer Zodiac will yield you more Mana Dust, a resource you will need plenty of early on.
  • Leo — Let your Beasts roar! Souls that are classified as Beast types will be buffed directly by any upgrades done in the Leo Zodiac.
  • Virgo — Are your Fairy-types not mischievous enough? Consider upgrading the nodes under Virgo to affect the stats of all Fairy-type Souls.
  • Libra — Souls classified as Angels will be blessed by the scales of truth and justice. Libra grants direct improvements to all Angel-types.
  • Scorpio — Vengeful Souls that have unfinished business in the world of the living draw their power from the scorpion Zodiac. Scorpio nodes grant stat upgrades to any and all Undead-type Souls.
  • Sagittarius — If you’ve got Souls who have DEX (Dexterity) as their main stat, then upgrading the archer’s Zodiac might be a good idea. Sagittarius grants overall improvements to the stats of Souls whose eyes can cut glass.
  • Capricorn — What do goats share in common with Demons? Their horns, perhaps? Regardless, any Demon-type Soul will receive their stat buffs from the Capricorn Zodiac.
  • Aquarius — The sign of the water-bearer invokes the stillness and focus of the mind. Hence, Souls that have INT (Intelligence) as their main stat will derive their power from this Zodiac.
  • Pisces — They say fish are lucky creatures. Upgrading any node under the Pisces Zodiac will yield you more Gold from loot. Since Gold is widely used in the game, you might want to consider investing here.

Especially if you’ve just started playing Eversoul, we recommend investing in Pisces and Cancer. Both Gold and Mana Dust go hand-in-hand when strengthening your Souls and you will never have enough of these.

  • Artifact
eversoul artifact

After clearing Chapter 4, Stage 10 (or 4-10 as the game puts it), you will unlock this tab. Artifacts are powerful items belonging to specific Souls and, according to the lore, it’s these items that brought the Souls to Eden through a mysterious means. Take for example: Linzy was born from the legendary sword Fragarach. If you happen to equip her with this Artifact, she will become even more powerful.

Granted, Artifacts have immense stat boosts by themselves. Just don’t expect their Artifact Skill to be bestowed onto one who isn’t its rightful owner. Artifact Skills add special effects to a certain skill of the Soul who owns their corresponding Artifact—activating an Artifact Skill could help change the outcome of any fight!

  • Archive
eversoul archive

This part of the Main Menu contains cutscenes and anything story-related. Here, you can view these cutscenes and get rewarded for doing so; some of them give out freebies for your first viewing. If you’re greatly interested in the lore of Eversoul, this is the tab you should frequent. It also keeps track of your Love Stories.

  • Town
eversoul town

This is where you can access your Town. We’ll talk about this more in detail later on in this article.

  • Adventure
eversoul adventure

The sub-modes displayed here are extra modes that you can play to gain more currencies. Just like the previous item, we will discuss this later on.

  • Battlefront
eversoul battlefront

The rightmost button that isn’t attached to everything else on the bar. This is where your main adventure awaits! Here, you will first see your camp (pictured above). The camp will constantly hunt for supplies while you are gone and will fill the loot to maximum over time.

The loot you can obtain from here varies but mostly what you will receive are materials necessary to level your Souls up. You may also choose to Quick Hunt where you will instantly gain 2 hours worth of rewards. The first Quick Hunt will be for free, but the following ones cost Everstones. Be sure to check back every often before heading out for battle!

Now that you know your way around the Main Menu, it’s time to get a little bit more specific.

Eversoul General Tips and Tricks

The Main Menu and its features aside, this is where we get around to talking about how to play the game. The tips that follow lean toward a more generalist approach, so these should be able to help newbies and intermediate players alike.

1. Roll the Gacha for More Souls or Artifacts

eversoul gacha
Supporter get!

We’ve mentioned before that Eversoul is a gacha game.

This means that there will be lots of drawing (or rolling, or pulling, as it’s more colloquially known) and spending premium currency or tickets. The deal with rolling the gacha here is that you have the chance to get more powerful Souls or Souls that will fit certain roles in your team. To try your luck at the gacha, simply tap the Summon button on the left side of the Main Menu. Here, you’ll be presented with various choices, but we would often recommend pulling Souls from the available banners, especially if they’ve been newly released. A banner is a limited-time event where a specific hero (yes, we mean this for most gacha games), has an increased chance of being pulled.

eversoul character banner
This is what a banner looks like.

Early on, particularly if you’re new to Eden, the game will shower you with a lot of Everstones. You can use this to your advantage and summon all the Souls you can before heading out to battle. Sure, you can earn these later on and it might be wise to save Everstones up for deals at Sharinne’s shop, but we’d highly encourage you to try this so as to get a well-rounded team in the beginning.

Souls are classified among three tiers: Origin, Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Common. Origin Souls are the most powerful ones, Legendary Souls are those who are a notch just below Origin, Epic Souls are already quite strong with plenty of room to grow still, Rare Souls are easy to level since their duplicates show up often, and Common Souls are fodder for material.

From summoning, the highest tier of Soul you can get is the Epic grade, and it’s from there that you can upgrade them up to Legendary and then Origin. Likewise, Rare Souls will be able to reach Epic, and Common Souls cannot be upgraded from their rarity.

eversoul account
Let’s try this again…

Then again, if you are unhappy with your gacha pulls and you’d wish to have started with a better team, you can also do that. This is commonly called among gacha game fans as rerolling. Simply open the Settings Menu (by tapping the upper-right portion of the Main Menu and tapping the gear icon) and proceed to the Account tab. There, you should see a button that says “Withdraw.”

Upon tapping the Withdraw button, you will be prompted with a choice whether or not you would like to proceed with this. What happens here is that all of your account progress will be reset and you’ll be able to start over from the beginning, albeit under a new identity.

We recommend starting over as a guest first before performing another reroll. Naturally, it’d be unwise for you to do this if you’re already happy with the team you have with you.

You’ll notice soon that when you deploy these Souls in battle, those that had the initial rarity of Epic will be able to cast their Ultimate Skills (or ults, for short). But we’ll talk about that later. Epic and Rare Souls are quite powerful and there’s no shame in mixing them up in a party, so long as it’s an effective setup.

2. How to Organize a Well-Rounded Team

eversoul team
Put your group to the test!

Ever wonder how in a lot of fantasy games, the hero teams tend to have different members? The same principle works in Eversoul.

The purpose of having a team that’s spread-out or well-rounded is that you’ll be able to tackle any situation with finesse and minimal casualties. Consider this kind of preparation as though you’re cooking your favorite dish. The three main aspects that should be most appealing are the taste, the texture, and the flavor. Supplementing these three aspects are presentation and serving size.

For instance, too much salt or pepper in a dish would make it taste very off. That’s kind of how classes in an RPG work—their roles meld together in a synchronization, one of teamwork that paves the path to success. Eversoul is no stranger to having a class system.

Eversoul has a total of 6 classes in which some of its characters fall under. Here are the classes as well as a brief description to them:

  • Caster
eversoul caster
Enchantedly erudite.

The Souls classified under the banner of the Caster are those adept with magic. These Souls in particular favor defeating their opponents with the power of the elements rather than with sheer muscle or accuracy. Notable Souls that are of the Caster class include Ayame, Mephistopheles, and Vivienne.

  • Defender
eversoul defender
Dauntlessly defiant.

The Defender class is only fit for Souls who can take a beating from the enemy. These Souls stay in front of the battlefield and meet the enemy head-on, soaking up damage while their friends take care of the rest from behind. Souls classified as Defenders are the likes of Adrianne, Chloe, and Claire.

  • Ranger
eversoul ranger
Accuracy and alacrity.

Rangers are Souls who are sharpshooters. Their accuracy is something that the enemy should truly fear. From the back lines, they pick off enemy units with ease and provide a lot of cover fire for anyone fighting in the front. Some examples of Ranger Souls are Flynn, Miriam, and Nicole.

  • Striker
eversoul striker
Cynical, clinical.

Strikers are cunning and crafty Souls who favor singling out targets more than anything else. While they aren’t as tough as Warriors, they certainly hit harder, making them ideal for battles where bosses might appear. Souls that are considered Strikers are Haru, Jacqueline, and Reneé.

  • Supporter
eversoul supporter
Benevolent beneficence.

If your team is lacking some protection that the Defender couldn’t provide, perhaps it’s time to enlist a Supporter. Souls that are of this class are adept at healing or buffing their allies, keeping them alive through powerful, protective spells. If you’d like to know a few Souls who are classified as Supporters, they would be Catherine, Jiho, and Talia.

  • Warrior
eversoul warrior
Brutally bellicose.

Warrior Souls are those that fight alongside Defenders in the front lines. They live for the fight and bulk up the force of your party’s charge toward the enemy. Some Souls that fall under the Warrior class include Mica, Linzy, and Velanna.

Coming up with a team that syncs together is key to winning many of your battles, but what is also important is the way you place them in a formation. Formations can be changed right before a battle starts. Here are a couple of suggestions as to why you should choose each formation:

eversoul team formation
The formations in question.
  • Basic — Use this if you have 2 tough Souls up front (1 Defender, 1 Warrior or 2 Defenders), and 3 Souls that can support the front lines such as Supporters, Casters, or Rangers. This is the most balanced formation.
  • Defense — A defensive formation. Use this if you have 3 tough, melee Souls up front and 2 softer ones at the back. The backliners could be a Caster that does Area of Effect damage or a Supporter with healing abilities.
  • Ranged — Put 1 tough Soul up front and have the rest follow up with magic or bullets. This one is one of the other offensive formations.
  • Assault — The backliner will have only 1 Soul, so this could be a Supporter with healing abilities or a Caster/Ranger with Area of Effect. All those on the front lines should be Souls that use melee as their mode of attack.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should follow our suggestions to the letter. It’s always a good idea to try being creative with your formations. To illustrate, in the Assault formation, let’s try putting 2 Rangers on its outermost points and 2 Defenders on its innermost points. Supporting them from behind is a Caster. The Rangers will engage the enemy sooner and build up their Mana faster, provided they won’t meet other enemies head on and that the Defenders can keep their enemy’s attention.

eversoul soul types
Weaknesses: plain and simple!

Another aspect you might need in building your team is to consider Soul types. Each type falls under a rock-paper-scissors kind of setup. To explain, Humanlike Souls have an advantage over Beast Souls, Beast Souls have an advantage over Fairy Souls, Fairy Souls have an advantage over Undead Souls, Undead Souls have an advantage over Humanlike Souls, and Angel Souls and Demon Souls are advantageous against one another. The advantage we’re talking about is 25% more damage inflicted. For instance, if a Humanlike Soul attacks a Beast Soul, the Beast Soul will receive 25% more damage, but not the other way around.

eversoul atk and hp

Having Souls with matching types on the same team may result in different stat boosts. That said, it’s also wise to spread your types out so as to overpower the enemy in type superiority. The principle works effectively in the Battlefront as well as other modes like the Arena. Experiment and try to get different Souls on your team—you’ll be able to easily conquer your enemies that way!

As far as rolling the gacha and assembling a well-balanced team goes, there’s a special feature the game has that also encourages collection: Soul Links.

3. Try to Aim for Soul Links

eversoul exquisite triangle
The Three Musketeers of Eversoul.

You know how in most anime settings you’d see “those two guys” or “those three guys” together? This is the principle of Soul Links.

Think of it as a bond among Souls. For one, you have the main trio: Linzy, Chloe, and Rose. While Rose isn’t of the same caliber as her peers, she is still an essential member of this group. The logic behind getting Soul Links is that you will gain permanent buffs to all of your Souls if each are given the same rarities through upgrades. You read that right!

To further expound on this point, we will outline what possible upgrades you can get from having Linzy, Chloe, and Rose with synchronized rarities:

eversoul effect

As you can see from the provided image, all of your Souls receive these bonuses solely from upgrading these three. Even if you reset Rose’s level later on (sorry, Rose—you’re fodder), these effects will stay. Regardless of whether or not the Souls have been reset after, achieving these Soul Link Levels are completely permanent. Every little stat boost helps. Good luck pulling Souls that are linked with one another!

When you’re feeling confident in your strategy, your team composition, and whoever’s Soul Links you have upgraded to make all your Souls stronger, it’s time to put these all to the test. How? By playing through the Main Story, of course!

4. Play Through the Main Story

eversoul gate
Somebody ought to shut that Gate.

Naturally, no epic saga goes without an adventure!

It’s like Ash Ketchum training to become the world champion; Squall and his friends en route to their first military sortie; the warrior of the Nexus fighting for a vain attempt to save the fallen kingdom of Boletaria; your genocide run in Undertale, and so on (okay, maybe not that last part). But in Eversoul, as the Savior, it is now your duty to safeguard the kingdom of Arkenine and the entirety of Eden from the forces of the Gate. You have to fulfill this duty by no less than progressing through the story.

The campaign, as of this writing, has 21 chapters, each divided into 30 stages each. This makes for hours of gameplay, with each battle testing your strategy. That only applies if the stage is matched with your power or stronger, of course. For the most part, and if you’re strong enough, your Souls will be sweeping through the enemy hordes en masse using magic, projectiles, and steel. Progressing through the main campaign doesn’t just help you get familiar with the plot, but it also helps you earn more rewards from the Battlefront’s camp.

In a way, this is like your Souls being able to find better quality loot and easier places to find Gold and Mana Dust. The more stages you conquer, the quicker and more efficiently you’ll be able to strengthen your Souls. Because you might end up having an excess of materials, you might even be able to level up more than just 1 Soul at a time.

Each battle, as we’ve explained earlier, is mostly automated (or you can choose for it to be through a series of options). You, unfortunately, cannot command your Souls who to attack, so they will most likely just attack the enemy right in front of them, unless they get taunted by the enemy Defender. As they fight, they will build their Mana, and upon activating these by tapping a Soul’s glowing portrait, they will unleash powerful attacks onto the enemy or provide support to their friends. Be careful, the enemy can do the same!

As the fight rages on, you may notice that another bar fills at the very bottom of the screen. This is called the Ultimate Power gauge, and it should be used only in dire moments.

5. Activate Your Ultimate Skills Wisely

eversoul ultimate skills
Ultimate Skills ready!

When does a superpower make a superhero? Usually it’s most prominent when the superhero in question is about to perform a day-saving move. That principle applies in this game, too.

We’ve mentioned earlier that Souls that start on the Epic rarity are the only ones capable of performing Ultimate Skills or Ults for short. But what are Ultimate Skills, exactly? Well then, dear reader, allow us to enlighten you.

An Ult is a Soul’s signature move. It is with this technique, this maneuver, that Souls can inflict massive damage to the enemy party, completely restore the health of their allies, and more. These powerful skills have a handicap, however, and that’s the Ultimate Power gauge. You see, this very gauge fills up as the battle rages on but it can only hold the power of just 1 Soul’s Ult.

Ergo, you may only cast 1 Ultimate Skill at a time, although these can be cast multiple times per battle depending on how quickly you fill the Ultimate Power gauge and how long the battle lasts. If tapping your Soul’s shining portrait activates their Active Skill, tapping the icon next to their portrait when it is aglow activates their Ultimate Skill.

A tried-and-tested technique to mastering Ults is simple: timing. Each Epic Soul has a different Ult, and executing these properly will take some studying on your part (read up on their skills when you have free time). After understanding fully what the Soul can do in a fight, it’s time to put your timing to practice.

eversoul giant destroyer of all things
Behold, the Giant Destroyer of All Things!

Let us take Vivienne for example (pictured above). This seductive, saucy, sultry sorceress can really blow her opponents away with her magic. With her Active Skill, Cutting Wind Blades, she gains a Wind Blade buff that raises her critical hit chance after being cast on a single target. But her Ult, Giant Destroyer of All Things, deals devastating damage to her target and enemies surrounding said target.

The Ult will hit even harder depending on how many stacks of the Wind Blade buff she has on her. Therefore, casting Vivienne’s Ult is best done after she has performed Cutting Wind Blades a number of times.

If you have a powerful Soul just like Vivienne, you can make her stronger yet! Let’s talk about upgrading!

6. Upgrade Your Souls

eversoul soul upgrade
The heart of the Soul, powerful yet fragile.

It’s a common feature for hero collectors to have an upgrade feature.

leveling up in eversoul
Quick levels ho!

Much like in many other hero collectors, Eversoul has an upgrade system. In its most basic means, you can upgrade Souls by leveling them up using Gold and Mana Dust. Their levels will reach a level cap depending on their rarity—higher rarities mean higher levels and higher levels means more material needed.

If you have materials in bulk, the game may prompt you if you’d like to level them through increments of 20. As pictured above, the game prompted us if we would like to level Linzy up to Lv60. Leveling up your Souls is the easiest way to give them stat boosts.

eversoul keepsake
Lovely little things.

The next way you can strengthen your Souls is by giving them Keepsakes—mysterious trinkets that are collected from the battlefield. Keepsakes themselves have their own rarities and, much like Souls, rarer Keepsakes are often more powerful. Your strongest Souls (or your favorite ones for whatever reason) only deserve the best Keepsakes you can find. Give them these Keepsakes and their stats should shoot up as well.

eversoul ascension complete
Imagine if you could do this in real life; there can only be one of you and your clones provide you with strength.

Another way you can upgrade your Souls is through Ascension, which we briefly touched upon earlier. Ascension is like merging three duplicate Souls together. You will often get duplicates through Soul’s Memories or through summoning. The game will prompt you if you have duplicates of a Soul when there is a red dot on the Ark button on the main menu. Oftentimes, this will mean Ascension is possible.

eversoul soul ascension
What it looks like to have duplicates.

At certain rarities, you will be able to Ascend Souls by taking Souls that are not their duplicates. For example, your Linzy is about to be Ascended, but you have only 2 other suitable Linzy duplicates with you. Among these is a duplicate of Chloe who is of equal rarity to the 2. This Chloe duplicate can stand in for the 3rd Linzy duplicate, but please do not do this if you are trying to upgrade Chloe as well! Only Ascend Souls with the duplicates of others if the duplicates belong to Souls you do not use or need!

granting artifacts in eversoul
You’ll soon notice that these are the names next to the Souls’ names.

The last way you can upgrade your Souls is by granting them their rightful Artifacts. Once again, Artifacts are summoned just like Souls, so good luck getting the Artifacts of Souls you put on your main team. Artifacts themselves can be upgraded using Artifact Stones, which can be gained from your camp loot, the Hall of Memories, or Part-Time Jobs done in the Town.

Much like Souls, Artifacts can be Ascended as well, but you will need to use Artifact Memories for this, which can be gained by summoning duplicate Artifacts. Unlike Souls, however, Artifacts can only be Ascended via duplicates of their own. Giving your Souls upgraded Artifacts will grant them a massive boost in stats and power, as well as an Artifact Skill if the user of the Artifact is the correct one.

When you aren’t fighting, we suppose some rest and relaxation is in order. Why don’t you kick back in your Town for a bit? Making it bigger and better has its own rewarding perks, too!

7. Develop Your Town

eversoul town development
Die, rock! Die!

Fighting isn’t always the main attraction of Eversoul—you have to develop a thriving town, too!

The Town is a nice place where you can do leisurely activities like clean up debris that fall mysteriously from the sky, ward off monsters without the assistance from your Souls, assign Souls Part-Time Jobs at various establishments, design various places where Souls can work and stay, and, most importantly, go on dates. But we’ll talk about that last part later.

Getting around the Town can simply be done by walking around, dashing through it, or even going between districts by tapping the Go button on the left side of the Town interface. The Go button allows you to switch between your private land, which you can customize how you see fit, and the commercial district, where your Souls often go to hang out.

eversoul town level
If we could only lift our own homes with our bare hands like this…

The private land in your Town would be your central hub of productivity and rest from all the fighting that you do to save Eden. It’s highly customizable wherein you can choose which facilities to build and which plants to place and beautify your Town with. You can even give houses to your favorite Souls. The housing perk grants your Souls some small but reasonable stat boosts.

But then again, you can only pull this off if you buy a house from the Town Shop (the game gives you one for free during the Town tutorial). You’ll get even more stuff from the Town Shop if you happen to level up your Town and that occurs the more stuff you put in it. Placing other facilities here and there will also boost the amount of loot you gain from your camp, so take advantage of this and get decorating!

eversoul rewards
All in a day’s work!

Part-Time Jobs are also a means for you to earn other stuff on the side (apart from Town Coins). These are also a great source for Artifact Stones. Part-Time Jobs have requirements and it’s up to you to assign them to Souls that suit them. Otherwise, you can always tap Auto-Select and let the game pick Souls for you. Beware that each Soul has only a limited amount of energy. If they run out of energy mid-task, they will have to stop it and only give you what they were able to produce.

That said, we recommend sending Souls on Part-Time Jobs when you first login during the daytime. If they do need and are out of energy, you may grant them rest by opening the menu on the upper right corner of the screen, picking Soul Rest, and then picking the Souls who have to rest. Note that only Souls with 0% energy can rest.

If you feel like you’d still want more material out of your progress, how about accomplishing quests?

8. Finish Quests for Extra Material and Everstones

eversoul daily quest
Get going!

What good is an RPG without quests?

The easy answer to that is this: an RPG without quests is quite pointless. You’d be out on an unfulfilling and endless mission, wishing for purpose and a sense of achievement. You fight all these monsters, make your characters stronger—but to what end? Quests are important, especially in an RPG. To supplement the statement beginning this paragraph, it would feel devoid of life, soulless (no pun intended considering this is an article about Eversoul). Thankfully, Eversoul has plenty for you to do and it rewards you for doing these.

The quests of the game are divided into three categories: Daily, Weekly, and Main. Each category comes with its own rewards, but let’s talk about how the first two categories operate.

claiming rewards in eversoul
Everstones! Yes!

Daily Quests (pictured above) and Weekly Quests are as their categories suggest: they can be completed within a day or a week. Each Daily/Weekly Quest that you complete rewards you with points that fill up a gauge.

This gauge is divided into 5 legs with increments of 20 (20, 40, 60, 80, 100). Every 20 points, you get a reward bundle that usually gives 2-hour stacks of Gold, Mana Dust, Mana Crystals, as well as Leaves of Life, Normal Summoning Tickets, and some Everstones. These are what you can typically expect from Daily Quests.

Weekly Quests take a bit longer but are even more rewarding since they give 6-hour stacks instead of 2, Artifact Summon tickets, and more Everstones. What the two quest categories share in common is that they both drop items that can help enhance your Souls’ Keepsakes and Artifacts. Essentially, you make your Souls stronger just by playing the game.

eversoul main quest
It’s a long road ahead.

Main Quests are the chronicles of your journey—milestones that reward you for reaching a certain point in the game. While a lot of them reward Everstones en masse, some of them grant Saviors extra rewards like Type Summon Tickets, Labyrinth Coins, Town Coins, and occasionally exclusive swag like Avatar Frames. The conditions that need to be met are tall orders, but completing them is only a matter of patience.

If you appear to be stuck and you need some specific Souls to have in your party, how about playing other modes to earn extra currency?

9. Play Different Game Modes for Extra Currency

eversoul forgotten ruins
Make the side stories your own and get rewarded for doing so!

Eversoul’s main campaign isn’t the only place to get strong—you will eventually get stuck. The enemies will be stronger and you might need to strengthen some specific Souls that you can earn via the specialty shops. If that’s the case, you might want to try your luck with the other modes available under the Adventure tab.

The Adventure tab offers a lot of new different modes to Saviors, each also giving different rewards, most of which are essential in getting you newer Souls. Below is a brief outline of which modes can be played:

  • Challenge
eversoul challenge

Challenge Mode offers a variety of new ways a Savior can fight. For instance, in the Gate Breakthrough mode, players will be greeted by a slew of different Gates. More Gates will be opened as you progress the Battlefront and the quality of rewards from these Challenge Modes would surely increase. Some of them even reward Everstones so if you want some of those sweet gacha pulls, you ought to grind here!

  • Dungeon
eversoul dungeon

The Dungeons are a place where Saviors are thrust into scenarios that involve heavy exploration. This means you get to freely move around and choose your encounters wisely. Special mention goes to the Dimensional Labyrinth. This is a mode where you can earn Labyrinth Coins and spend them in the Labyrinth Shop. The Labyrinth Shop always has the fragments of powerful heroes in stock, so play the Labyrinth often if you’d like to build yourself a better team.

  • Arena
eversoul arena

The Arena is a place where Saviors test each others’ strategy and cunning. Unlike real battles, Ultimate Skills cannot be used here and all the battles are fully automated. It’s here where thinking ahead will make you win. Therefore, putting together a well-balanced team beforehand and giving it an apt formation will make you triumph often.

The Arena is where you earn Arena Coins, which are spent in the Arena Shop. Much like the Labyrinth Shop, this place, too, has the fragments of powerful heroes, so fight in the Arena often to expand your tactical options. It could even help you in your Battlefront progress!

There’s still something missing here. Is it because of the lonely fighting? Is it finding your true partner? Perhaps you’ll discover it when you get to know your Souls on a deeper, more meaningful level.

10. Explore the Love Stories

eversoul chloe
Oh come now, Chloe; Linzy isn’t that bad.

Now, this final tip on our list won’t exactly make you a better player or give you a stronger team, but you will find this as a means to get more attached to your Souls.

Each of the Epic Souls you can get have Love Stories that you can explore. You may access these by going to your Town and by directly speaking to them. Otherwise, you may also access the Visiting Souls panel (top of the screen in Town) and choose the Soul you’d like to romance. At first, you’ll only be able to go on Outings, but later on you can give them gifts. You can go on 3 Outings with 3 different Souls or the same Soul every day in real-time.

eversoul linzy
You know someone’s comfy with you when they start telling you how much they dislike mayonnaise.

Outings are special because you get to know the little secrets each Soul hides. They’ll tell you their hopes and dreams, and they’ll let you know what makes them happy. Occasionally, as you level them up or strengthen them, you’ll be able to unlock Outing Keywords, which allow you to increase your intimacy with them during Outings.

For example, Linzy has an allergy to fur and talking about her Fur Allergy, an Outing Keyword, will greatly increase your intimacy with her. Be warned that you can only do 3 things during an Outing. It’d be best to make the most out of it.

eversoul outing summary

When your intimacy fills, you’re ready to continue your Love Story with that Soul. Usually, it stems from messages in Evertalk (an in-game chat app where the Savior interacts with Souls), so keep your eye on this one. Eventually, if you unlock the true ending of your desired Love Story, you’ll gain access to a special costume that your chosen Soul can wear in battle. Don’t worry about going on Outings with different Souls—you can go on as many different dates as you’d wish. They won’t get jealous.

There are a lot more things left to explore and we left them out of this guide for you to find out. But let these first few tips guide you through your humble beginnings. Always remember:

  • More Souls means more ways to win. Don’t be afraid to strive for a better team.
  • Create a well-rounded team. Make up for weaknesses in your formation by choosing Souls whose roles or types are needed for the situation. Also pick out a great formation for your team before sending them out.
  • Aim for Soul Links. Their bonuses are permanent!
  • The Main Story unlocks features in the game. More features means more ways you can make your Souls stronger.
  • Timing is very important in terms of skill activation, but even more important for Ultimate Skills since these can only be cast one at a time.
  • Upgrade your Souls before battle. They have to be at the top of their game. Otherwise, Souls that have fallen behind might become a liability.
  • Develop your Town for bonuses and extra rewards.
  • Quests give lots of rewards and some give Everstones.
  • Try out the other modes for other currencies like Labyrinth and Arena Coins. Earn these to unlock powerful Souls from their respective shops!
  • Woo your favorite Souls, Savior. Don’t be a stranger!

On that note, this concludes our beginner’s guide for Eversoul. Gather up your forces and put a halt to the End that will sweep Eden. Let not the fifth trumpet blair and keep your Souls safe from the grasp of darkness. Fight well, o noble Savior!

Are you well-versed in the ways of Eden? Have you had your fair share of battles? Do you fancy yourself a tactician of Souls and know where they should and shouldn’t be placed? Leave your thoughts in the comment area below and help your fellow Saviors out!