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BitLife Amongst Us Challenge Guide: How to Race Through the Amongst Us Challenge

After a bit of a wait, Candywriter released the Landlord Update for BitLife, and this update now allows iOS and Android players alike to rent out their properties to earn some extra income. We’ll be covering that soon in much greater detail, but even with that new expansion having just rolled out, the weekly challenges are still chugging along, giving players four days to complete a series of requirements based on the week’s given theme.

bitlife amongst us challenge requirements

This week’s BitLife challenge pays tribute to a certain intellectual property — a mobile/video game, to be specific — that skyrocketed in popularity during the early days of the pandemic. For obvious copyright-related reasons, Candywriter decided to call this week’s challenge the Amongst Us Challenge, and just like in the game of almost the same name, there is one traitor in your group of friends that won’t be revealed until late in the game.

That traitor happens to be you, and you’ll need to complete tasks that require you to make friends and be nice to them…before you reveal your true intentions in the worst way possible. And since this is initially an easy challenge that ramps up in difficulty toward the end of it, we suggest checking out our BitLife mini-strategy guide, where we shall show you how to complete the Amongst Us Challenge with as little rework as possible.

Create a Character WIth Crime as Their Special Talent

There is nothing really specific stats-wise to keep in mind when creating a new character for the Amongst Us Challenge. You can also make them male or female or from any part of the world. Perhaps Smarts would be worth paying attention to, but just as long as your character’s Smarts aren’t especially low at birth, that shouldn’t compromise your ability to get good grades and earn a college scholarship.

special talent in crime in bitlife

There is, however, one thing that you would ideally need to make sure of in the character creation screen, and that’s to set Crime as your Special Talent. As this will be required later on in the challenge, it’s going to be rather difficult to kill people without getting caught if you don’t have Crime as a Special Talent, so make sure your character is “born bad” if you don’t want to keep using the Time Machine to undo character deaths/starting from scratch after getting so far into the challenge.

The First Few Requirements Should Be Very Easy

The Amongst Us Challenge, as we mentioned, will eventually ramp up in difficulty, but when it comes to the first few tasks you have to complete, you shouldn’t have that hard of a time getting through them.

job interview in bitlife

The first would be to find work as a Mechanical Engineer — just choose Engineering as a college course, join a fraternity or a sorority if you’re popular enough and answer a basic Greek mythology question to get in, and choose the Engineer I job that has a gear next to it. Joining a frat/sorority, as you may know, allows you to skip the interview process in most cases.

friends in bitlife

Making five friends or more is also very easy. You can start making friends from early childhood onward, may it be at school or work, or whenever a random person approaches you and offers their friendship.

giving advice to a friend in bitlife

And while this is completely random, it shouldn’t take too long before one of your friends will ask you for advice on a certain topic — just choose “Give Bad Advice” and that should knock off yet another one of the three easy requirements.

Keep Looking for Expensive Cars in Bad Condition While Your Bank Balance is Relatively Low

Probably the trickiest part of the Amongst Us Challenge is the one where you have to purchase a used car in poor condition that’s worth $50,000. Take note that when BitLife says poor condition, that means the Condition bar should be red. If it’s orange, that won’t cut it as being in poor condition, so you need to look for high-priced cars that are in surprisingly bad shape. This won’t be easy, so you’ll need to quit and restart the game quite a few times before you see such a vehicle.

buying a ferrari in bitlife

One thing that could help here is to go car shopping while your bank balance is in the $50,000 to $80,000 range or thereabouts. Typically, car dealers have shinier and flashier offerings for customers who walk into the dealership loaded, and that might make it harder for you to come upon a car with a red Condition bar that’s also worth at least $50,000. You can also opt to purchase a more expensive car in good or average condition, but there’s no guarantee it will still be worth $50,000 or more once the wear and tear kicks in and the Condition bar goes red.

giving a ferrari away in bitlife

Another thing to keep in mind here — the car has to be paid off in full before you give it to someone else! And make sure you’re giving it to a friend, as it’s easy to neglect this part of the Amongst Us Challenge once you’ve already got the expensive beater ready to give away.

Choose Drive-By, Push Off Cliff, and/or Poison When Offing Your Friends

Now comes the part of the Among Us Challenge where you will reveal yourself as the traitor, and that’s where you will need to kill at least three friends through different means without getting caught. If you followed our advice and chose Crime as a Special Talent when creating your character, you should have a much better chance of successfully killing your friends. Otherwise, you will invariably run into the cops and have a much greater chance of your potential victim turning the tables on you. Add this to the fact that it’s harder to kill named NPCs as opposed to random, unnamed strangers.

murder in bitlife

The easiest ways to kill people without getting caught would still include Drive-By, Push Off Cliff, and Poison. While the latter two could still result in your target pulling the figurative reverse Uno card and killing you by the same method you were planning to use to kill them, the chances of this happening seem lower than they are for pushing people down the stairs. Impaling your target and drugging them with elephant laxatives are also more effective and safer than most other means.

Be sure you are using a different method per target, and remember that you may have to quit and restart BitLife a few times if you get caught by the cops or if your target fights back. Once you’ve killed three of your friends (no need to worry about the “Make 5+ Friends” box getting unticked), that should wrap up the Among Us Challenge and allow you to unlock a new accessory for your BitLife characters.