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World Flipper Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Crush Your Enemies

With well over a decade of activity in the mobile gaming scene and a current portfolio that holds more than 40 titles, Kakao Games has certainly made its mark across mobile gaming platforms. Although a lot of their titles have not been launched globally, avid mobile gamers have certainly heard of or even played one or a couple of their games.

Guardian Tales and Moonlight Sculptor are two of Kakao Games’ most successful mobile titles, contributing to the more than 70 million downloads the company has earned across its apps from the Google Play Store alone as well as its largely positive average user review rating from both Android and iOS platforms.

World Flipper is Kakao Games’ newest chart-topping title and is a unique mix of action adventure RPG and pinball mechanics. There are plenty of characters to collect and upgrade, opening near-infinite possible team combinations.

world flipper guide

With each unit in your team having their own special skills and qualities, the challenge outcomes are bound to be less the result of luck and more the outcome of strategy and skill. World Flipper actually has simple enough mechanics but the battle stages and unique abilities your team and your enemies have, along with the various stage layouts, provide unique experiences from one challenge to the next.

Given its highly distinctive gameplay mechanics, World Flipper will certainly require some time and effort for beginners to fully get. Like one of the tips that flash on your screen during loading times, you can mash buttons in case of doubt. As funny as that may sound it’s not such a bad advice. Performing taps and swipes with perfect timing does take time to master.

If you have just started diving into the bizarre yet exciting world of World Flipper, and still grasping all the features and mechanics of the game, then our World Flipper beginner’s guide will certainly come in handy to jumpstart your adventure and help you dominate each challenge the game throws at you!

1. Reroll For The Best Characters

World Flipper would actually already be a lot of fun even if you’re just using one character with the basic skills to take on each new challenge that comes your way. With different characters to unlock, collect, upgrade, and form into teams, however, the fun and excitement factor shoots up several folds more. With its plethora of characters that have rarity grades along with other classifications, and a gacha system for acquiring them, it can be expected that the more difficult ones to acquire are highly likely the best ones.

Despite an inferred intention of ensuring balance across every playable character in an RPG that hosts tons of them, even for characters within the same rarity grade, at the very least, some of the characters will simply outshine others.

These differences in power and overall efficiency will certainly impact your performance moving forward although it should technically be possible to make it through regardless of which characters you utilize, having the best ones to from part of your team can certainly make some challenges easier. In this regard, players, most especially experienced ones who have played a lot of gacha games before, subscribe to the idea of rerolling for the best character pulls.

world flipper gameplay

If you are a complete beginner when it comes to gacha games as well as the concept of rerolling, then we will give you a quick rundown of these concepts. Gacha systems basically enforce randomness or probabilities in the procurement of characters or items you virtually purchase. With different rarity grades, there is always a higher probability of securing items of the lower grade, leaving little chance to obtain top grade items or characters.

As most games like World Flipper provides players with an early chance to do a 10x pull off of these gacha mechanics, the concept of rerolling makes it so that you will replay this instance as many times as you want until you obtain the best possible “pull”, so to speak.

Rerolling does not guarantee that your next attempt will yield better results than the previous one. One of the downsides is that it can take a lot of attempts, naturally taking more time without any certainty as to its results. The upside is that you can reroll as many times as you wish and even in the absence of favorable fortune, repetition stretching as far as your patience and free time affords can net you the results you want to have.

You can get 3 to 5-star characters from the gacha and you would naturally want to nab at least 1 5-star hero per 10x roll. We would be happy to obtain at least 1 of the 16 5-star heroes available to begin with and while we have yet to come up with our very own tier list for World Flipper, we know that Celtie, Razelt, and Vyron are among the top favorites among the 5-star characters. Being able to obtain them may not be enough as duplicate copies for upgrades are also important later on. At the very least, having a 5-star character will surely make the early stages of your run a lot easier.

If you feel that you would rather proceed with your adventure in World Flipper regardless of which characters you obtain, then you can freely skip this part. If not, then ready yourself with as much time as you can provide and before actually proceeding with your adventure, be sure to use a guest account first and only link your progress to a social account once you have already obtained the characters you want.

rerolling for the best characters in world flipper

We recommend that you play through the tutorial session part at least once and then you can opt to skip it for the next occurrences. After the tutorial, you will have enough Lodestar Beads to perform a 10x gacha pull but if you claim gifts from your inbox, you can sufficiently do a 10x pull 3 times. Tap the Potral icon at the lower right side of the screen and be sure to check the available banners. Some will have an increased chance to pull specific characters.

After expending all your Lodestar Beads and securing an excellent harvest considering everything, then you can proceed to the game’s settings through its icon at the lower right side of the screen, click on account info, and sign in with your choice of social media account. Otherwise, if you are not happy with the characters you have obtained, then proceed to go for a reroll.

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To initiate a reroll, you will no longer need to uninstall and reinstall the app. You simply need to unregister your game to start with a fresh account. This can be done through the same account info window where you can link your gameplay progress to one of the given social media account options.

There is an “Unregister Game” button at the lower right side of the window and if you click on it, your game will reset. It may take a while before your account or progress will be unregistered so be sure to exercise some patience for this process. You can then skip the subsequent tutorial sessions, grab the initial Lodestar Beads and then rinse and repeat.

2. Maintain A Balanced And Synergistic Team

Although a character’s rarity grade has an impact to his or her base skills and stats, and given that the higher the star grade the stronger both these attributes are, simply lumping together as many 5-star units as you can will not necessarily lead to an efficient team. As every battle you engage in is not dependent on just one character but actually a team of 6 units, your decision as to which ones from your roster should form part of the team is better based on how each character synergizes with one another, rather than how strong each units is individually.

Beyond rarity grades, there are other important factors to consider before you cast your decision. Leader skills are very important and should be one of the first things to consider for your main hero, which determines how you build the rest of the team around him or her. Note that not all leader skills apply to everyone as some have specific conditions to take note of as well.

Each character in World also has an elemental affinity and if you have played several strategy RPGs, before then the proverbial “rock-paper-scissors” approach in giving certain advantages and disadvantages to characters based on their elemental attributes should already be a familiar concept.

For the sake of complete beginners, elemental systems are designed to make characters belonging to one element to have damage and defense advantage over one element but also have the same set of disadvantages against another. There are 4 basic elements and 2 special elements in World Flipper and it is important for you to familiarize yourself with each one early on.

The 4 basic elements are fire, wind, thunder, and water. Fire beats wind; wind beats thunder; thunder beats water; and water beats fire. The special elements are light and dark. While these elements do not necessarily have advantages or disadvantages against the other 4 elements, they are essentially strong and weak against one another.

world flipper team

With elemental affinities in mind, going for a full team of characters sporting one element can have both advantages and disadvantages. Some team combinations and leadership abilities actually benefit a lot from characters with the same elemental affinity working together.

On the other hand, you will naturally encounter challenges that naturally places your mono elemental team at a disadvantage. In such cases, a secondary team of characters comprised of characters from another element becomes necessary or a team that has different elemental affinities but still synergize well with one another.

Most especially through the main campaign as well as some challenges, there will be recommended elements for each stage. For an easier time across those stages, having as many characters or a full team of heroes with the recommended element certainly helps, although not completely necessary. With the initial gifts and rewards you acquire and the characters you recruit, there are plenty of options for you to try.

Characters in World Flipper also belong to one of 5 classes: warriors, deadeyes, bruisers, support units, and special units. Warriors usually have higher HP than others. Deadeyes have ranged attack and have higher attack values than warriors. Bruisers are close range attackers as well and have higher ATK but lower HP than the first 2 classes. Support units do not necessarily have good offense and defense but have support skills to help allies. Special units are somewhat unique and have different stats and skills that make them different from other classes.

It is actually easy to breeze through the initial battles you will engage in even if you do not spend a lot of time looking into how to build the best team with the characters you have. It will certainly take some time and dedication to peek into each one’s details and analyze how best to utilize them most especially the ones you will use for the team.

Note that you will basically be just playing with the initial 3 characters while the latter 3 or seconds, standing on the lower podium in the team roster, are essentially support that add strength to your main character’s attacks.

3. Prioritize Progressing Through The Main Campaign

The main quest or story campaign in World Flipper stands as the most basic game mode that primarily teaches you all the basics as well as sharpens your skills for the bigger challenges. The usual setup in strategy and action RPGs is that progressing the main campaign is very important as it serves as the key to unlocking the rest of the game’s features.

world flipper main campaign

While World Flipper provides most features early on, however, the bosses you need to battle in the coop mode will only become available once you beat them in the main campaign, making it equally important for you to progress as far as you can at the soonest.

The main campaign also provides rewards for you to earn with every battle you complete as well as on every first completion run. Lodestar Beads are up for grabs not just from your first run across battle stages but also through the story cut scenes. Later on, you will need to target specific resources from stages so going farther also comes with that incentive. Beyond rewards and potential loot, every battle your heroes engage in earns them valuable EXP as well.

4. Be Selective When Upgrading Heroes

For the early stages of the campaign, the battles will most certainly feel very easy, easier even after you unlock the auto mode on stage 4-2. Even straying from the recommended elements and forming a full party without much thought can have your team pull through the starting challenges. Likewise, you can survive without performing upgrades and can entirely rely on EXP and new levels reached by the heroes you use in combat.

At some point, you can expect to take a slow turn from battles that are as easy as pie to boss enemies that can wipe your team out without much effort. World Flipper certainly provides an experience where the increase in difficulty is gradual but before you experience any real challenge, it is best to come prepared from an early point. World Flipper provides different avenues for you to strengthen your heroes and one challenge that comes with it is deciding on which heroes you would want to invest your resources in.

World Flipper certainly is an action strategy RPG where even resource management should form part of your overall strategy. You would naturally want to expend all the enhancement materials on heroes that you will be using for a long time, instead of the ones that may only be part of your team temporarily. Rarity grades are certainly a strong factor to consider when choosing from among investment options and while it is a challenge to obtain as many of the 5-star heroes as you would want, there are lower grade ones that are also worth spending resources on.

There will certainly be a disparity between your dream team roster and the team you will start off with as well as the team you will have to put up with while waiting to chance upon the heroes you want to have. Depending on whether you pushed through with the reroll and how far your starting team is from what you hope it would should be the basis of your enhancement prioritization.

upgrading heroes in world flipper

Heroes who will most certainly be a member of your team till the end game should be exempt from the sparing approach towards resource consumption. For those whom you feel have limited usefulness, as well those whom you are in doubt as to whether or not will be useful for a long time, then you should exercise prudence.

Although your characters can earn EXP and reach new levels through deployment in combat, you can also grant them instant EXP through the Point Pod. This pod accumulates EXP as you play the game and the EXP it holds can be used on any of your units. While you would naturally want to expend these EXP for the units you mainly use, keep in mind that you may soon chance upon a unit that would replace the ones you have on your team and in such cases, it is best to leave some points in the Point Pod to bring them up to speed and have their levels catch up to the rest of your heroes.

A hero’s initial maximum level is capped based on their star grade but levels can also be uncapped. This is where extra copies of the units become handy as each extra copy sacrificed can increase the level cap by 5. You do not need to wait for the hero to reach max level before uncapping them as the process also have benefits as soon as you perform them. Uncapping also boosts the stats of the hero by a certain percentage and while extra heroes can also be converted into XP, the best use for the higher grade ones is definitely for uncapping their levels.

The mana board is a unique concept that also leads to providing tremendous boosts to your character. Mana and materials are needed to progress through each character’s mana board and beyond increases in stats, this is the only way to unlock their abilities and skills. The mana board is also key to unlocking stories for each character and simply playing the stories also earn you Lodestar Beads.

An armament can also be assigned to each of your primary heroes. Armaments do not just add HP and ATK for the hero but have inherent abilities as well. Like the heroes themselves, extra copies of armaments are needed to awaken them. Awakening also needs Wrightpieces as a basic resource. Awakening an armament increases the outright HP and ATK boost it provides and also increases the effects of its unique ability. Each awakening also creates an ability core and ability cores can be equipped to a character via the mana board.

5. Take On Events And Boss Battles

Playing through World Flipper’s campaign mode will certainly leave you wanting more adventures. There are tons of unique experiences to gain from the main campaign itself and while the challenges in the campaign are designed to grow more and more to occasionally bring your progression through it to a halt, World Flipper’s other game modes provide you with the extra means to amass resources to strengthen your troops.

Kaleidoscope game modes can be accessed via the events through its icon at the lower left side of the main screen. These game modes are the main source of materials you will need for your favorite characters to progress through their own mana boards. The elemental fragments you need to constantly collect depend on your character’s elemental affinity.

world flipper quests

As you will be taking on enemies of the elements you need, however, the recommended members for your team are always from the opposing elements, meaning if you want dark elemental fragments, then you should use a team of light elementals to perform best in the Dark Kaleidoscope Dungeon. While recommended, though, keep in mind that it is not a requirement.

You can also gather EXP and mana from one of the dungeons and you can engage in them as many times as your stamina can allow. It is important to use the Kaleido Boost wisely as you only have 3 chances to use them and boost the drops you can acquire from the challenge. If you are close to unlocking and beating a higher level dungeon of choice, you should save the Kaleido Boosts for them but if the day is nearing its cut-off period, which is 5 a.m., then it is best to expend all 3 attempts quickly.

Boss Battles are perhaps the most challenging yet the most exciting aspect of World Flipper. If the unique skills and tactics of the bosses you encountered and defeated in the main campaign have roused your expectations as to the kind of challenges that World Flipper has in store for you, then wait till you see those same bosses in the boss battles. You may have plowed through the first boss in the campaign with ease, but even their initial incarnation in the boss battle game mode can certainly test your limits, especially if you are unprepared.

world flipper boss battle

Bosses in the Boss Battle can be very difficult to beat on your own, most especially if you rely on auto mode for the most part. You can choose to take on any boss on your own or play coop mode with other players. The rewards will be different in coop instances but the boss coins to earn are certainly worth the effort in any case. Be sure to check the shop for items you can exchange for the boss coins you have earned as seeing those items will surely entice you to challenge the bosses as often as you can.

6. Accomplish Missions For Extra Rewards

World Flipper isn’t short on being generous when it comes to drop rates and instant rewards from practically every activity you engage in. While you can expect that you will never run out of a need for most resources, the rate at which your needs grow based on your progress will eventually lead to a bit of slowdown when it comes to strengthening your characters later on, especially if you have made some heavy investments in some characters that have been basically benched.

Beyond the automatic earnings you receive from the campaign and events, however, there are extra resources you can obtain as a result of actively engaging in various activities. These may not all relate to partaking in battles but rather simply doing the usual things that you should normally tend to in the natural course of your adventure.

The Missions feature in World Flipper houses various objectives that you can accomplish for extra rewards, and these objectives do not necessarily imply the need for extra effort as targets are all aligned with what you will naturally do.

world flipper missions

Missions are divided into daily, regular, and event missions, and each list comes with a reward given for every objective accomplished. Daily missions are expectedly the easiest bunch to accomplish and should naturally form part of your routine moving forward. Regular missions are actually achievements that reward you for meeting certain milestones across every aspect of your journey. Some targets will take a while to accomplish but peeking into the items on the list can help you focus on some objectives you are close to achieving.

Event missions have a limited period of time within which you can achieve them. Event missions do not necessarily earn you rewards that are unique or special but every bit of extra resource you can earn from accomplishing them is important.

7. Learn To Play Well In Manual As Soon As You Can

Auto mode in World Flipper certainly makes it very convenient to breeze through some stages with very little effort and is definitely an appreciated tool especially if your hands and eyes are tired. Unlocking it early in the campaign would naturally have you utilize it especially if you see how effective it can be against enemies in the next succeeding battles. Every tap on the flipper, every dash, and even swipes that activate your heroes’ special skills can seem on point especially if you are still struggling to time your actions right.

As efficient as auto mode may seem, however, it is designed for convenience rather than proficiency. As bad as you think your performance is for the earlier stages, the auto mode cannot really compete with your performance especially with a bit more practice.

Auto mode performs based on availability of actions, devoid of any tactical sense or strategic plans. The flippers activate once characters touch them and skills are also used as soon as they become available. While this is better than not doing either one at all, any player can certainly do better with some practice.

world flipper manual play

With a trio of characters that have special skills to utilize, there are numerous ways to unleash them in a sequence that would yield better results than to simply activate them as they become available. The way characters move around the stage from the flippers entirely depend on where they are situated at the time of the launch, making it important to have good timing on instances where precision matters.

This is especially necessary in boss battles where you need to target specific weak spots to knock down the boss. It can take a while before you can master timing and strategy especially with different character combinations but doing so is well worth it especially if you want to dominate every challenge that comes your way.

We expect plenty more of tips and tricks in World Flipper are waiting to be discovered. For now, though, this is where we end our World Flipper beginner’s guide. We hope that the simple tips and strategies we shared will be key to your moving forward in your adventure faster and more efficiently. If you have spent some time in the game and stumbled upon something we missed, do not hesitate to share them with us below on the comments!