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BitLife Crazy Cat Lady Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Crazy Cat Lady Challenge

There’s a reason why BitLife remains immensely popular with iOS and Android gamers, and it’s not just the wealth of features added to the original game in the year-and-a-half or so that immediately followed. We are referring to the weekly challenges, which go live on the weekends and immediately lead to various social media content creators (including one whom Candywriter shouted out in a recent challenge) sharing videos of them trying to complete every requirement based on the week’s given theme.

After several weeks of pop culture-specific challenges where the folks at Candywriter paid tribute to rock stars, popular songs, and all that good stuff, they’ve dialed it down for this challenge and kept things rather general — unless you consider one of the more colorful supporting characters on The Simpsons as a point of reference for the challenge that bears her name.

bitlife crazy cat challenge requirements

The Crazy Cat Lady Challenge, as it’s called, invites players to create a female character and make her the ultimate fur parent — and a bit of a smothering parent with a thing for misbehaving pets. It’s another easy challenge, though somewhat time-consuming at points, and if you want to complete it sooner rather than later, do check out this BitLife mini-strategy guide as we show you how to finish the Crazy Cat Lady Challenge.

Getting Started – You May Want To Give Your Character A High-Paying Job

The first requirement in the Crazy Cat Lady Challenge refers to the only thing you absolutely need to make sure of when creating a character or resuming that of a previous Bitizen — they have to be female. There’s no requirement regarding their nationality or Special Talents and you don’t really need to keep re-rolling until your character’s stats are at a certain level.

high paying job in bitlife

However, there are merits to creating a character with high Smarts and/or Looks, or by simply completing college and earning a high salary right out of the gate. That’s why it would still be more advisable to prioritize Smarts and/or Looks and keep your grades high all throughout — we’ll be explaining more in the next tip, so hang on for that!

Choosing Athletics or Music as a Special Skill if you have God Mode could also help — you could earn a lot of money as a famous athlete or musician, or if Looks are high, you could aim for an acting job straight out of high school! The bottom line is that while high Smarts and/or Looks are optional, they are highly recommended.

You Need To Own 15 Cats Concurrently, So Buy A Ranch!

As you may find out through the trial-and-error process of trying to complete the Crazy Cat Lady Challenge, cats you may have owned as a child and have since crossed the rainbow bridge do not count toward the requirement of owning 15 cats. That means you need to own 15 cats at the same time, and since even larger conventional houses won’t allow you to keep 15 cats, you’ll need a special type of house in order to meet this requirement. An expensive type of house, even, as Ranches and Equestrian Properties would be the ones that would allow you to own more than a dozen animals, cats included.

bitlife haunted ranch

With that in mind, that’s where going to college and getting a good job, as we suggested above, comes into play — having a big salary increases the chances of mortgages getting approved, and if you wait long enough, you may be able to buy such properties outright. In our case, we got lucky, as our test character’s high Athleticism allowed her to be drafted by a women’s soccer team — female athletes in the BitLife universe, just like in the real world, don’t get paid as highly as the men, but it was more than enough to get approved on a mortgage for a ranch. (Which turned out to be haunted, but at that point, we thought we’d take what we could get.)

Once you’ve purchased a ranch or equestrian property, you can go about adding to your menagerie of feline friends, though you’ll also need to be very careful so that you can pass the other requirements without any problem!

Pay Close Attention To Your Cats’ Breeds And Craziness Stats!

The Crazy Cat Lady Challenge would require you to have at least five cat breeds represented among the 15 cats that you own, and since you’ll need to live up to the “crazy” part of the challenge, you’ll also need at least five cats with high Craziness.

That makes it very important to make mental notes of the breed of the cats you purchase at the Pet Store, and, as much as possible, not raid the Pet Store’s stocks of a certain breed — jump from one breed to another, and if you need to, you might even want to name the cats after the breed! (e.g. Persian, Siamese, Maine Coon, etc.)

bitlife cat breeders

And when it comes to the Craziness factor, the game would consider this stat to be high if the Craziness bar is orange or red. Even if Craziness is close to 70 percent and the bar is green, as it still would be around that point, that won’t count as high Craziness — make sure it’s orange or red before buying the cat and fulfilling the high Craziness quota!

Just like the 15-cat requirement, previous cats you may have owned that have died or were sold or dropped off at the shelter do not count toward your totals. It’s all about keeping it current, which is why most of the requirements — including the last — may need to be completed in the same year before hitting the Age button.

Make Sure You Have Enough Money Left Over For The Vet

As you may have observed while playing the Crazy Cat Lady Challenge, owning cats does not come cheap, even if you have a big salary. Combine that with the likelihood that you may have an outstanding mortgage and you may find yourself in the red if you aren’t careful. In any event, though, you should make sure that you have enough money left over to pay for visits to the veterinarian — that’s one per cat in a single year at $100 per visit.

taking a pet to vet in bitlife

That means $1,500 for all 15 cats, and if you’re hoping to knock off this requirement nice and early while you don’t have too many cats yet, that won’t be the case — hit on Age and this requirement will instantly get unchecked. This is why we’re recommending this requirement as the very last one you should work on completing.

It doesn’t matter if your cats aren’t actually ill — just take them to the vet for $100 each, make sure you aren’t paying double by taking the same cat twice (happened to us once, but we still had more than enough money left over), and once you’ve taken your 15th cat to the vet, that should wrap things up. You know the drill — you can choose a prize chest and get a new pair of eyeglasses or a new hat once everything is said and done.


Wednesday 29th of September 2021

I can't take all my cats to the vet in the same year, is almost impossible. And I can't find 5+ days with high craziness