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Purrfect Tale Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Raise Your Virtual Cats

Purrfect Tale is a casual game developed by BadMouse, where you take control of a young student struggling to find her way, as her performance in class declines. She finds solace in a stray cat found in an alleyway, which can turn into a human at any time! Will this special cat, along with other wandering felines, help her through her struggles?

purrfect tale intro

Being a laid-back game, Purrfect Tale is not particularly challenging: it will have you rearranging and managing your cats’ own space while progressing further in the main story. You collect currencies as you take care of your virtual pets, use those currencies to buy new things to redecorate your living space, which in turn earns you more money and so on. You can get some things for free via the game’s lootbox system; it ranges from simple decorations to more cats.

The main story of Purrfect Tale is more or less separate from the gameplay portion, though you do get special rewards for your living space by completing each chapter. It will take some time for you and your cats to reach maximum potential, but this game does not rush the player. So, sit back and relax as we take it easy with some friendly felines.

1. A Cabin For Your Clowder

Purrfect Tale’s gameplay mainly resides in your house, where you start off with a single, pre-named cat named Gumi and a food bowl to collect Cod, the primary currency of the game. Cod is collected mainly by filling up the bowl with cat food and waiting three hours for your collected cats to eat it. This earns you 60 Cod every time the bowl is emptied.

The cat food costs 20 Cod to purchase, meaning that you will earn at least 40 Cod each time the bowl is emptied. There is an alternative cat food that gives out 120 Cod in only two hours, but it will require you to watch an ad in order to “purchase” it. Any of your collected cats will poop around your house, and cleaning it up will earn some Cod as well.

purrfect tale house

Aside from feeding your cats and cleaning up after them, your cats will need attention from you, indicated by the speech bubbles above their heads. These give you simple activities such as playing with them, giving them baths, or just some much-wanted petting. Completing these activities will earn you some Cod.

These activities will also increase a cat’s affection towards you, and once that affection reaches a certain level, that cat will reward you with a small sum of Hearts, the premium currency of Purrfect Tale. Affection resets to be filled up once again, and cats can request activities multiple times per session, allowing you to increase affection fairly quickly if you play for extended periods.

purrfect tale bath

At first, your house is limited to a single room that can only house up to three cats and any pieces of furniture you find or purchase. Eventually, you will run out of space for your cats and you can expand your house by spending Cod, adding an additional room to house three more cats.

Despite the feline focus of Purrfect Tale, you also have a yard to place dogs, which are unlocked later in the game’s main story. Eventually you will run out of real estate, so you will have to directly expand your cat cap by selecting the Archive button and buying a cap increase. The Archive also displays which cats you have collected so far.

purrfect tale dog yard

While most furniture and decorations can be purchased with Cod, new cats are obtained primarily through Purrfect Tale’s “catcha” crane game. The crane game has you trying to collect gachapon (reward balls) of differing sizes, along with some Cod and Hearts scattered about. You can move the crane left and right and drop the crane even if the claw is swinging around, as it will automatically center itself the moment you decide to drop it.

The main goal is to collect a gachapon, and the claw will automatically ascend the moment it touches a gachapon or the floor, potentially picking up Cod and/or Hearts on the way up. Your collected gachapon may slip out of the claw’s grasp however, so expect multiple tries even when you think you have a solid grip. You start out with five free attempts on the crane game. You can watch an ad up to three times to refill your attempts, giving you twenty free attempts per day.

Once all those attempts have been used up, all later uses of the crane game will cost one Heart until new ads are loaded in. Once all the crane game’s rewards have been collected, or you have had enough trouble trying to collect that last gachapon, you can refresh the crane game for free once a day.

purrfect tale crane game

Though the gachapon come in different colors, what matters is the size of the gachapon collected. All gachapon take some time to open up, with larger ones taking more time in exchange for rarer rewards. The largest gachapon can take up to twelve hours. Most of the things you can get are simple items to decorate your house with like food or appliances, but the larger gachapon can award cats and even clothes for your character to wear.

All the customization options have uses past simple aesthetic, as any furniture, clothing, or cat placed in your house will generate an in-game social media post on the aptly-named WeCat. The comments on your posts are all pre-generated, but the main reason for the posts is that you can earn a Heart for each post.

purrfect tale we cat

You can also earn more Hearts and some Cod if you opt to watch an ad before collecting. The social media system encourages you to mix and match furniture and decorations to unlock more posts, earning more Cod and Hearts as you go. You can even share these posts on actual social media apps if you want.

2. The Story Of A Sorrowful Student

The main story of Purrfect Tale can be accessed through the Journal button at the bottom of the screen, and consists of several acts which are split into chapters. The first chapter of Act 1 is accessible from the start, but all subsequent chapters will require Hearts to unlock, with the costs increasing as you go. In practice, her “name” will be whatever you input when starting Purrfect Tale for the first time, so the intended mood of cutscenes might not land because of your chosen username.

purrfect tale story scene

Each chapter is largely a set of images, with the occasional tapping to scroll through different panels. At times, you will have to drag something on the screen or tap things in sequence in order to progress, revealing more of the game’s story as you go. Some of these are simple enough, but one particular task can get frustrating for some people: trying to read something while your teacher is not looking.

purrfect tale hidden book

Sometimes, you will try to read some manga behind the teacher’s back, which has you tapping the screen while the teacher has his back turned, stopping when the game tells you to. It looks simple enough, but the timing of the warning seems to be off at times, and the penalty for getting caught is a hefty deduction to your manga progress.

The penalty increases every time you are spotted reading in class. In case the penalty becomes too much, you can leave the chapter and restart it, which should also reset the penalty count. Similar minigames may exist in later chapters, but this particular one can get a bit frustrating to some people.

As for the story itself, it revolves around your character as she struggles with her studies, and getting into arguments about her passion for drawing from both her teacher and her mother. After a nasty argument with her mom, she storms out of her house in anger and finds herself in a nearby alleyway.

purrfect tale oliver

There, she finds an abandoned cat inside a box, who turns out to be more than an ordinary stray. The cat can transform into a human when it wants, but he finds blending in with humans to be a difficult thing. After a pep talk between the two newly-forged friends, your character decides to name her new pet Oliver and bring him home with her.

Oliver stays in cat form while the two of you are alone, though you promise to help him fit in. Oliver will appear in your house and is interactable like the other cats, and, like Gumi, his name remains fixed.

Completing each chapter rewards you with a sum of Cod and special rewards that cannot be found in either the store or the gachapon, such as unique furniture or even special cats like Oliver. With the way the game works, this results in completing what chapters you can purchase, then spending time with your cats and managing your house to earn the necessary Hearts for the next chapters ahead.

Understandably, this gameplay loop can get tedious, and can make purchasing Hearts with money very tempting if you are stuck progressing. Fortunately, the game has ways to expedite the grind.

3. Fruitful Felines

Earning money in Purrfect Tale can get very routine, especially with Hearts, and can make progress in the main story slow to a crawl. That said, the game does have various means to cut down on grinding time, to the point where you will have lots of Hearts to spare for future Acts or other purchases.

purrfect tale cat name

First off, your cats’ demands for attention is a good source of easy Hearts when their Affection requirements are low. Eventually the Affection required to reach the next level will become quite high to reach, but by then you should have collected enough cats that your cumulative Hearts earned should be enough to make significant headway in the game’s story. Meanwhile, any new cats and dogs you find as you keep playing should help relieve any pets who have reached high affection.

As you can guess, the catcha will generally serve as your main way of finding free decorations, clothing, and cats for your home. The biggest gachapon will naturally take time, but the game will tell you which ones are ready to open. If you are running low on Cod, you can share whatever prize you find in the gachapon on other apps.

Whenever you run out of free attempts, just wait for the stock attempts and the refill video to refresh by tomorrow, as Hearts are precious and there is generally just one Heart to collect in the catcha. Simply trying to break even is a wasted effort.

purrfect tale decoration

If you find or purchase a new decoration, piece of furniture, or article of clothing, consider using it for a while to trigger any WeCat posts, returning any unneeded things once said posts have been made. Remember that WeCat posts offer a one-time reward of Hearts and Cod if you are willing to watch an ad to boost that reward.

It is worth noting that BadMouse encourages sharing your house and any stories you have on their official Facebook and Twitter accounts, as they regularly hold contests. Should you be short on either Cod or Hearts, you may consider showing off how your house is laid out or what tales your tailed companions have to share.

Finally, the game does feature an incentive for playing daily. There are three rewards to collect, two of which require an ad watch in order to get them. The free reward is a single Heart, while the ad-locked rewards are a medium-sized gachapon and three Hearts. Saving up these goodies can help you out in the long run. These rewards are refreshed on a daily basis.

purrfect tale daily rewards

And that concludes our guide to Purrfect Tale. It is a nice game to unwind to after a busy day, and managing both your in-game cats and house can be relaxing for some. If you have any tips or tricks to share with us, please let us know in the comment section below! Have fun, and game on!


Thursday 17th of March 2022

I think there are about 68-80 cats now.


Monday 15th of November 2021

How do I change the cats clothes


Thursday 17th of March 2022

You can go to the part where you can change clothes and press an arrow to go to the next cat or person and you can choose a piece of clothing for your cats to wear(but of course you need to have one) and you can't use the same clothing for both cats at the same time.