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World Flipper Tier List: A Complete Ranking of the Best and Worst 5-star Heroes in the Game

Kakao Games’ World Flipper cemented its mark in the mobile gaming world with its unique amalgamation of action RPG elements and pinball mechanics. With your trio of heroes bouncing into enemies and using their different skills to beat every challenge, World Flipper makes every battle and adventure an engaging and exciting one regardless of which characters you choose to go with.

World Flipper’s gameplay is certainly its main attraction and RPG fans as well as pinball enthusiasts are bound to get hooked on the challenges the adventure brings. Action strategy RPGs like World Flipper that host a plethora of heroes to collect and upgrade tend to exponentially increase the adventure’s fun factor.

Although we feel that any team of characters with the right strategy can help you through most challenges, banking on the strongest heroes, along with good team synergy and good execution, can tremendously shift the tide of battle to your advantage.

Despite every developer’s intent to ensure balance across all playable characters in a game, some are simply bound to stand out. In most cases, some characters are re-balanced following updates so a tier list is always expected to change over time.

world flipper tier list

Likewise, and just like all other tier lists we created, you can expect this one to be highly opinionated. Different players and different play styles naturally lead to varying tastes and preferences when it comes to gauging each character’s overall strength and unity. Our World Flipper tier list merely serves as a basic guide towards what to consider when it comes to choosing which hero or heroes to bank on, not just in general challenges, but specific situations as well.

If you have just started diving into the world of World Flipper and still in the process of grasping all its basic features and game mechanics, be sure to peek into our beginner’s guide. Our World Flipper beginner’s guide holds all the basic tips and strategies you need to get started right on your adventure, including a reroll process to help get you the top characters from this tier list.

In this new article, we will be exclusively focusing on the 5-star heroes in World Flipper, showcasing their traits and unique abilities to help you get to know each one better as well as form ideas on the kinds of teams you can build to dominate every challenge that comes your way.

World Flipper S Tier Heroes

These are the heroes we would recommend that you hunt early on and would definitely be the ones to keep an eye out if you are rerolling. Building around these heroes make it a lot easier to conquer the earlier challenges even with the rest of your elemental team being lower grade heroes.

Celtie (Warrior – Wind)

celtie world flipper

Celtie can tremendously boost hero own and her team’s damage ouputs following certain conditions. If you are a player who is all about attack damage outputs then Celtie is certainly someone you would want to build around. Doing so means going for an all-wind elemental team as her leader skills would want you consider even 3-star wind heroes over 5-star heroes with other elemental affinities. Just note that banking on Celtie means pumping those combo numbers up.

Celtie’s leader skill, The Pride of Sadia, activates whenever the combo count reaches 10 or higher and increases the ATK of all wind elemental allies by 60%. Her active skill, Enlil, Release, does damage to enemies directly above and below her and the amount of damage is based on the current combo count. Celtie’s first passive ability grants her a 30% ATK boost. Her second ability requires a combo count of 10 or above to activate, increasing her ATK further by 80%. Finally, her third passive makes her attacks hit twice and also adds an extra 20% damage, making it relatively easier for her to make full use of her abilities that depend on combo count.

Razelt (Warrior – Light)

razelt world flipper

Razelt might not appeal much to players who want a higher DPS hero or team but he is certainly someone you would want to build around if your team is centered on survivability with pinches of ATK boost. Razelt is a warrior who possesses numerous support skills. Paired with a healer, his kit will certainly make for a sturdy team that grows stronger as the battle stretches longer.

Razelt’s leader skills apply only to light elemental units, boosting their ATK by 40%. Additionally, whenever any light unit in the team is healed, their ATK is increased by 4% each time, up to a maximum amount of 40%. This also increases their Dark RES by 1.5%, up to a full amount of 15%. His active skill, Lord’s Aegis is an exemplary buff with multiple effects, providing a shield that raises ATK, grants regen, and gives resistance to weakness as well as all elemental attacks.

Razelt’s set of passive abilities will surely make you appreciate your team’s healer even more. His first passive grants your heroes a 60% ATK boost provided that their HP is above 80%. His second ability also increases the whole party’s ATK by 30% for 10 seconds, every tenth time that he takes damage. Lastly, he gets a 30% HP boost and can take damage in place of his allies, complementing his second passive.

Vyron (Warrior – Dark)

vyron world flipper

Much like a counterpart to Celtie, Vyron is the perfect leader of a full offensive team composed of dark elemental units. He is all about boosting damage and also comes with a penetrate buff for his allies, ensuring a quick and efficient way to rip through every enemy the party encounters.

Vyron’s leader ability, An Old Hand’s Hidden Talon, increases the attack of dark elemental allies by 65%. His active skill, Killing Territory, deals damage to entering enemies, boosts his ATK, and also grants his allies a penetrate buff for a short period of time.

Vyron’s passives are all about boosting ATK values as well. His first passive ability increases his own ATK by 30%. Passive number 2 provides his allies a 60% ATK increase for the duration of the penetrate buff they receive from Killing Territory. His third passive skill also increases his ATK by 30% and boosts damage by 25% against beasts, sprites, dragons, plants, and undead enemies.

World Flipper A Tier Heroes

One thing to keep in mind is that World Flipper is a team-based game, and no decent team can be built with just the S tier heroes. For the most part, having other characters of the same element serve as partners for your leader already creates synergy and with only 3 elements represented in the above tier, you can be sure that other elements can have their top members from this tier.

Clarisse (Special – Fire)

clarisse world flipper

Clarisse’s incarnation in World Flipper can be a decent leader while also being an excellent member of any team, a little less on ones that are not limited to having specific elements. Her specialty lies in boosting skill damage while also filling up her own skill, enabling her to use her active skill more often. She also comes with fire RES debuff and buff removal, which can be utilized on almost every scenario.

Clarisse’s leader skill, Clarisse-chan Most Kawaii, boosts the skill damage of all fire elemental units in your team. Her active skill, Alchemic Flare, creates an explosion in front of her not just to deal fire damage but also to inflict a fire RES reduction on enemies within its area of effect. This will also remove 1 buff from each of the targets struck by the explosion.

At the start of each battle, Clarisse’s first passive ability gives her a 15% skill damage boost as well as fills her skill gauge by 80%. Passive number 2 further increases skill damage by 50% every time her skill activates and will stack up to 3 times. Last but not the least, her third passive fills her skill gauge by 20% with every 5 enemies defeated in combat.

Marina (Warrior – Fire)

marina world flipper

Marina largely contributes to increasing damage outputs for the team not just with ATK boosts but also with the help of multiballs. Her play style relies on ball flips and power flips that naturally occur, so activating those boosts will naturally happen.

Marina’s leader skill, Charismatic Captain, increases the HP of fire elemental allies by 15& and their ATK by 30%. On every twentieth ball flip, fire characters also gain an extra 5% ATK and this can stack a maximum of 5 times for a total of 25% ATK increase. Her active skill, Pirate’s Rush, summons a pirate ship that deals fire DMG to enemies above and calls forth pirate underlings as multiballs to also deal fire DMG to enemies.

Marina’s first passive ability outright grants her a 30% ATK boost. Her second passive skill grants her a 12% ATK boost and her pirate underlings a 6% ATK boost every twentieth ball flip and this can be stacked up to 5 times. Her last passive also banks on the twentieth ball flip, giving her a penetrate buff as well as a power flip damage boost of 50% for 5 seconds.

Phiria (Support – Wind)

phiria world flipper

Phiria stands as one of the best support units in our book and an excellent leader to choose for a team exclusively composed of wind elemental units. With her ATK and HP boost working in tandem with her healing skills, your team is definitely covered on both offense and defense.

Phiria’s leader skill, Girl Loved by the Wind, grants a 115% ATK boost to wind elemental allies, provided that their HP is above 60%. Keeping the team’s HP well above the 60% mark is relatively easy with Phiria given that her active skill, Sylphilia Breeze, heals all allies regardless of element but provides a bigger heal effect on wind elemental units. This skill also grants them a float buff.

Phiria’s first passive ability gives wind elemental allies a 10% HP increase. Her second passive ability boosts the team’s ATK by 30% while the float buff is active and her third passive skill provides a heal for any ally whose HP goes below the 60% mark. The heal provided equals 30% of Philia’s max HP and only activates once per battle.

Sonia (Warrior – Water)

sonia world flipper

Sonia can give herself as well as her water elemental allies decent amounts of ATK boost. Her strength lies in keeping her ATK buffs on herself active as well as performing huge combo counts. Both of these conditions, however, are aptly covered by her passives making her a decent choice either as a leader or member of any water elemental-based team.

Sonia’s leader skill, Illusory Dance, grants water elemental allies a straight up 30% increase in ATK and, upon reaching a 30 combo count, provides an extra 12% ATK boost with the subsequent ATK boost being stackable for 5 times. Her active ability, Shamshir Baladi, deals water damage to enemies based on buffs on her and also grants an ATK buff to the whole team.

Sonia’s first passive increases her ATK by 10% for every 30 c0mbo count and can be stacked up to 6 times. Her second passive skill extends the duration of her ATK buff by 50%. Last but not the least, her third passive ability grants her attacks to hit 2 times and also deal 50% more damage so long as her ATK buff is active.

World Flipper B Tier Heroes

Despite having 2 tiers and 7 characters above this tier, it does not necessarily make the heroes grouped in this tier ineffective. These heroes are decent in their own right and can be the best partners for the ones in the above tiers. There are also 3 and 4-star heroes in World Flipper that are plausible candidates but in the absence of decent ones to pair up with your top picks, these characters are still very much worth the investment.

Belsidia (Deadeye – Dark)

belsidia world flipper

Belsidia can tremendously increase her own and her party of dark elemental units’ ATK values. The catch is that her ATK boosts mostly activate only when HP is below the 50% mark, almost suggesting a team with the absence of healers and support units. Blesilda makes for a glass cannon strategy that can push players to be overly aggressive in eliminating enemies. If you are up for such play styles, then a dark elemental team with her on the helm will suit you.

Belsidia’s leader skill, Abyssal Gate, grants any dark elemental unit in your team a 140% increase in ATK whenever their HP goes below 50%. Her active skill, Cosmic Pierce, opens a portal to the nearest enemy and deals damage to enemies in that direction at the cost of her own HP.

Belsidia’s first passive ability boosts her own ATK by 30%. Her second passive gives her dark elemental allies a 30% ATK boost when their HP goes below 50%. For her third and final passive skill, Belsidia receives a 250% skill damage boost provided that her HP is at 50% or below.

Cagliostro (Support – Thunder)

cagliostro world flipper

Yet another collaboration guest in World flipper, Cagliostro’s incarnation in the game is a decent support unit that provides a lightning team a variety of buffs. If you prefer well-roundedness and a healthy mix of offense and defense support skills over DPS, then having her as well as thunder elemental units is a good choice to make.

Cagliostro’s leader skill, Cutest in the World, provides multiple buffs to lightning elemental allies, giving them a 10% HP boost, a 20% ATK boost, and a 60% skill damage boost. Her activated skill, Ars Magna, does damage to all enemies around Ouroboros and also heals all allies with bigger amounts to lightning elemental units.

Cagliostro’s first passive ability increases healing effectiveness on the party by 5% every time her skill activates and can stack up to 5 times. Passive skill 2 increases her skill damage by 20%, up to 100%, every time she heals herself. Her third passive ability activates when she is revived, filling her skill gauge by 40% and healing her by 20% of her max HP.

Inaho (Special – Thunder)

inaho world flipper

Inaho is a unique special unit that works around the fever mode mechanic. She comes with some decent ATK boost and her ability to inflict paralysis on enemies is certainly appreciated. In the absence of a better lightning elemental hero as leader, having her take point is a fine choice.

Cagliostro’s leader skill, Nine-tailed Animal Spirit Thunder Princess, increases the ATK of lightning allies by 40% and also extends fever mode duration by 30%. Her active skill, The Heavens Rumble, Beckon Lightning Forth, does lightning damage to all on-screen enemies and inflicts paralyze on each of them as well.

Cagliostro’s first passive ability outright provides a 15% ATK boost to lightning elemental allies. Her second passive skill generates a 15% meter gauge fill whenever an ally activates a skill. Her third passive ability increases her ATK by 200% during fever mode.

Nephtim (Special – Light)

nephtim world flipper

Nephtim is like the light elemental counterpart of Cagliostro, also capitalizing on the fever mode mechanics. She has ATK boosts that apply readily but the rest relate to extending fever mode duration and increasing damage outputs during its effectivity.

Nephtim’s leader ability, Stars in the Night Sky, provides a 40% ATK boost to light elemental units in the team and also extends fever mode duration by 30%. Her active skill, Amun-Ra, summons a shower of meteors that deal light damage to enemies it hits as well as those near them, filling up the fever gauge as well.

Nephtim’s first passive ability extends fever mode duration by 20%. Her second passive skill increases her damage outputs by 25% against downed and broken enemies and her third passive boosts light elemental allies’ ATK by 60% during fever mode. This also fills up her fever gauge by 25% every time she is healed.

World Flipper C Tier Heroes

The challenge and the low probability of nabbing a 5-star hero in any strategy RPG makes getting any of them a cause for celebration. Again, we feel that there is no such thing as a useless character in the roster, most especially a 5-star one. The heroes in this tier each have unique skills that are not entirely useless, but simply difficult to utilize or activate.

Eclair (Warrior – Light)

eclair world flipper

Eclair is a light elemental warrior that has numerous ATK buffs for herself and also helps her allies. The downside is that some of her passives rely on having 80% or more HP, making her and her abilities largely dependent on a healer for them to activate.

Eclair’s leader skill, A Shining Star’s Way, boosts a light elemental ally’s ATK by 115% provided that their HP is above 60%. Her activated skill, Illis Blade, activates while she is on the move and damages enemies along its path, dealing light damage as well as granting her allies a penetration buff.

Eclair’s first passive ability boosts her attack by 75% when her HP is at the 80% mark or above. Her second passive gives her an additional 10% ATK boost every time she is healed and stacks up to 6 times. Finally, her third passive ability grants her light elemental allies an extra 80% ATK boost. This will again require her to have at least 80% of her max HP or more to activate.

Leon (Warrior – Wind)

leon world flipper

Leon seems to have a wide range of skills that are each useful, but how they synergize can be a puzzle. ATK boost, power flip DMG boost, HP increase, and taking damage in place of an ally form part of his unusual kit. He is not useless at all but seem to be a weak choice for a wind elemental team unless you are out of options.

Leon’s leader skill, Will to Return Alive, boosts the ATK of wind elemental allies by 40% and also increase power flip damage by 40%. His activated skill, Favourable Wind, unleashes a tornado in front of him, dealing wind damage to all enemies caught in its path and grants an ATK buff to allies as well.

Leon’s first passive ability lets him take damage meant for the third party member and increases his max HP by 15%. Every 30 combo count activates his second passive and increases power flip damage by 10%, stackable up to 6 times. His third passive skill gives him a 20% ATK boost every third time he takes damage and it can stack up to 4 times, for a total of 80% ATK boost.

Suizen (Support – Water)

suizen world flipper

Suizen combines HP increase and poison damage on her kit. While both are still useful and can be utilized across various challenges, there are simply more attractive and seemingly effective kits to bank on.

Suizen’s leader ability, Balanced Theory, boosts the max HP of water elemental allies by 40%. Her activated skill, Gu Poison Conjuration, deploys a magic circle around herself that deals water damage to all enemies within its area of effect while inflicting poison damage to them as well.

Suizen’s first passive ability gives her a 20% HP buff. Her second passive skill increases her poison damage by 90%. Finally, her third passive ability increases DMG allies inflict on poisoned enemies by 20%.

Vagner (Deadeye – Fire)

vagner world flipper

If you were to judge quickly on which characters to consider for your party based on their looks, Vagner could easily snatch your attention. Unfortunately, however, Vagner’s complete reliance on the power flip mechanics for his efficiency makes him a little more challenging than most heroes to work with.

Vagner’s leader ability, Fire Dragon Style, boosts the ATK of fire elemental allies by 40% and also increases power flip damage by 40%. Hi active skill, Prominence Blaze, lets him breathe and deal fire damage to all enemies in front of him.

Vagner’s first passive ability boosts power flip damage by another 40%. His second passive skill gives him a 10% ATK increase for every fifth power flip and it can stack up to 6 times. Lastly, his third passive reduces the combo count needed to reach power flip level 3 by 5 and adds another 40% increase to power flip damage.

And that’s the end of our World Flipper tier list. We certainly hope that you enjoyed and learned something from our tier list. Again, it is important to remember that individual skills and attributes are important but simply lumping together the top tier heroes will not necessarily create an efficient team. Regardless of each hero’s placement in the tier list, their overall efficiency is more largely impacted by the team you build them with. There are plenty of powerful team combinations to make and you should definitely not limit your choices to 5-star units.

Despite possible differences between our choice of picks and yours, we respect and understand differing opinions. Did your favorite 5-star characters make it to the top of our list? Let us know about your thoughts and opinions down in the comments!