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BitLife Dangerous Woman Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Dangerous Woman Challenge

It’s safe to say that Candywriter’s decision to launch weekly challenges for BitLife players on iOS and Android has helped keep the game very much relevant despite the fact it has just turned three years old.

The mostly bi-monthly stream of new feature updates may have stopped (despite a few teases hinting at something big), but as long as Candywriter has new limited-time events and special themes for their BitLife challenges, you can be sure that players will be spending the last few days of the current week and the first few days of the new one trying to complete each and every requirement the challenge lays out for them.

bitlife dangerous woman challenge requirements

It seems that the musical challenges have been quite a hit (no pun intended) with BitLife players, and that’s because Candywriter’s challenge for the week pays tribute to one of the most popular female singers in pop music nowadays. The Dangerous Woman Challenge, of course, is a reference to Ariana Grande and one of her more popular hits (and albums), and compared to the WAP and Rocket Man Challenges that came before it, this new one appears to be even harder and trickier to pull off.

But if you want to complete it as fast as possible and without having to dip into the Time Machine for a dollar each time you make a serious mistake, we suggest reading on for the rest of our BitLife mini-strategy guide for the week — a guide on how to quickly complete the Dangerous Woman Challenge.

Getting Started – Don’t Forget Those Voice Lessons!

God Mode players should have it very easy — choose Music as a Special Skill, give your character high Looks and above-average Smarts, and make sure she’s a female born in Miami, Florida. But if you don’t have God Mode enabled on BitLife, the same old process of re-rolling until you get a character with those stats should apply — it’s also best to be on the lookout for early signs that you’ve got a musically gifted character, such as musical references showing up in the log during her formative years.

voice lesson in bitlife

It may take patience, and you may have to redo everything once you reach the age of 8 and aren’t doing well in your voice lessons (i.e. red Skill bar after one or two lessons), but one thing you absolutely have to do at the earliest possible time is to get those voice lessons.

As always, we’d suggest getting voice lessons from the age of 8 onward and taking them about twice or thrice per year, and if you’ve got Music as a Special Skill, your Skill bar should be completely filled up shortly before your 18th birthday. And while this is optional, it always helps to open social media accounts in your early teen years, as having verified social media accounts and posting on them, even on an occasional basis, could be helpful in the tougher requirements in the Dangerous Woman Challenge.

Start Proposing Marriage Young And Early, And Keep Proposing When You’re Famous!

It should go without saying that Ariana Grande has had a colorful love life that has consistently been fodder for the likes of TMZ and similar publications. That means you should do the same as part of the Dangerous Woman Challenge — the requirement states that you should call off at least four engagements. But you don’t need to be engaged while you’re already famous — in fact, you could start as early as middle school, and successfully propose without a ring!

proposal in bitlife

We suppose it’s because kids can be very, very naive, but it is what it is — our test character was engaged twice before she graduated from high school, and all it took was spending one year with her boyfriend (and spending time/having conversations) before proposing.

becoming a famous rapper in bitlife

The same applies once you’re already a famous singer (or rapper — we’ll explain below why genre choice is both relevant AND irrelevant to completing the challenge), as the people you date will likely be too enchanted by your celebrity status to reject your proposal. But in any case, you can simply propose and cancel the engagement within the same year, then repeat the process as you look for another partner. Just make sure you get this done before you turn 30 years old in the game!

Choose Your Genre Wisely

It’s very easy to become a famous singer once you’ve gotten signed to a label — just release an album in your first year, make sure it does at least decently, and that should give you the momentum you need going forward, as well as some fame as a BitLife celebrity. You don’t necessarily need to become a teen actress like the real Ariana Grande, as the Dangerous Woman Challenge’s description suggests — in fact, that could cost you some valuable time when keeping the “do this all before age 30” requirement in mind.

record contract in bitlife

Instead, you should start auditioning with the record labels right after you’re done with high school — we’d suggest a solo career for bigger earnings and what seems to be better chances of platinum success — and redoing the audition until the Performance bar is well into green territory. (You may get signed even if you have a poor or mediocre audition, but that might jeopardize your chances of getting even one album certified Platinum!)

After failing in two prior test runs, one thing we realized is that you need to be a little picky when it comes to the genre you’re asked to perform. In the real world, performers establish themselves in a certain genre before getting signed — all the executive meddling and potential genre shifts come into play later on. But in the BitLife universe, it’s the record labels that pick your genre, and it can be very, very random.

bitlife discography

So with that in mind, we suggest quitting and restarting/redoing your auditions until a label asks you to perform a popular genre — Pop, Rap, R&B, Rock, and Country are all good choices. It doesn’t necessarily need to be pop so you can match the real-life Grande’s career — in fact, we didn’t get Pop in at least 20 tries while trying to complete the challenge! But we’d suggest avoiding niche genres like Metal, Folk, and Worship, as it seems to be considerably harder to get platinum certification if you record music in those genres.

Going Platinum – Still The Hardest Thing About These Challenges

Just like in the WAP Challenge and the Rocketman Challenge before it, the Dangerous Woman Challenge’s biggest hurdle is the platinum album requirement. But not only is the requirement much tougher — six platinum albums total — there’s also the additional twist of accomplishing all of that before your 30th birthday. That means you won’t have the luxury of waiting a couple years in between album releases in order to make consumers hungrier for new music. Instead, you need to act fast and make sure you hit the proverbial two birds with one stone before you reach the big 3-0.

So what would work when it comes to reaching this impressive milestone in no more than a dozen years’ time, assuming you started your musical career at 18 as we recommended? We observed that the best thing to do is to take care of a number of things before recording a new album — do some posting on social media, cut a commercial and do a magazine photoshoot, and play some concerts and tours, always exiting out of the game in case your performance in any of these endeavors is anywhere close to mediocre, then redoing it once you get back into the game.

double platinum album in bitlife

This isn’t 100 percent guaranteed to result in Platinum certified albums, especially if you release new albums one year after the other, but it seemed to work fairly well for us, and it ensured our test character’s Fame and Popularity bars were always at 100 percent or close to it.

Once you’ve recorded and released your sixth platinum album — take note, the game counts albums, not certifications — that should do it for the requirement and for the challenge as well, allowing you to collect a new hat or eyewear to add to your accessories. But we should also include one quick and useful note, especially with regard to your early releases — if an album only does solidly (i.e. Gold certification) early on in your career, the sales of your subsequent releases could help drive that older album’s sales to the point that it belatedly gets certified Platinum!