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BitLife Rocket Man Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Rocket Man Challenge

One reason why people still keep playing BitLife despite the fact it’s already around two years old is the Challenges feature. The game’s developer, Candywriter, has been regularly rolling out new challenges every weekend for well over a year now, and these limited-time events are available to iOS and Android players alike.

If you’re new to the game, challenges include a set of tasks or requirements, usually around four to six, which are all based on a certain theme, and need to be completed in about four days, or sometimes a bit longer than that. And since many BitLife challenges are inspired by pop culture, this new one should be another treat for music fans.

bitlife rocket man challenge requirements

A few weeks ago, Candywriter celebrated the first anniversary of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s smash hit from 2020, “WAP,” with a challenge of the same name. This time around, they’re paying tribute to a completely different artist from a completely different era with the Rocket Man Challenge. In case it wasn’t obvious enough, this challenge tips its hat to the legendary Sir Elton John, and while the challenge won’t require you to recreate the dark moments in his career, as seen in the biopic of almost the same name (they spelled it as one word), the requirements represent some of the most basic, yet positive moments in his personal and professional life.

This challenge is easier than the WAP Challenge before it, but if you still need some help getting it done, be sure to keep reading this BitLife mini-strategy guide  for tips on how to complete the Rocket Man Challenge sooner rather than later.

Creating A Character And Completing The First Few Requirements

The only requirement when creating a character for BitLife’s Rocket Man Challenge is that your character be born male — you don’t necessary need to make your character British like Elton John. If you have God Mode activated, be sure that you’re choosing Music as your Special Skill, and setting your sexuality to Gay, though as we’ll be explaining later, that doesn’t seem to matter in the grand scheme of things when trying to complete one of the five requirements of this challenge.

If you don’t have God Mode, you can try re-rolling, i.e. creating a new character if things don’t work out as they should during early childhood. By that, we mean looking out for certain random events in your character’s log before they enter school — in this case, any line that pertains to having musical talent at an early age, such as burping the melodies to your favorite songs.

taking piano lessons in bitlife

The earliest age to learn an instrument is 6 years old, so once you turn 6, that’s when you can start taking piano lessons. We recommend taking three lessons per year — anything more than that and you won’t see any change in your Skill bar after the lesson is completed. Our test character mastered the piano at age 9, but even if you don’t have Music as a special skill, there’s a chance you can achieve full mastery before high school graduation. (Most of the time, though, you may hit a wall and fail to progress beyond solid piano-playing skills!)

When auditioning for record labels as a solo artist, the only important thing to choose here is Piano as your instrument. Genre is irrelevant, and the game won’t let you choose your genre anyway, so take whatever is offered to you unless you’re okay with quitting and restarting until a label offers you a contract to record as a rock or pop artist, so as to mirror Sir Elton’s genres of choice.

bitlife record contract

Becoming a famous musician should be very easy — just release a couple singles/albums and the game will notify you that you are officially famous.

Going Double Platinum May Take A Lot Of Work

If you forgot what we mentioned in our guide for the WAP Challenge, let us remind you that reaching double platinum certification is still largely dependent on luck, and may take a lot of patience. But for what it’s worth, we seem to be closer than ever before to discovering the secret sauce (as we described it last time) that turns solid but unspectacular Gold certifications into Double Platinum.

First of all, you’ll need to practice your instrument before recording your first single, and once you’ve released it, you’ll need to regularly perform concerts and go on tour. Keep a close eye on your Popularity bar, and make use of the classic Fame features, such as publishing a book and appearing in commercials. Make sure to open at least a couple social media accounts too — Elton John may have made it big at a time when social media was decades away from becoming a thing, but you should remember that your character lives in the present.

concert in bitlife

Get those accounts verified once you’ve reached famous musician status, and you should see your Fame reach 100 percent once everything’s said and done. You can also try experimenting with other sub-genres every few releases instead of solely sticking to one — fans may get bored if you keep giving them the same old stuff with every new release!

The good thing about the Rocket Man Challenge is that unlike the WAP Challenge, which required you to reach double platinum status twice, you only need to reach it once. And going back to what we mentioned above about being close to cracking the double platinum (or better) code, we noticed during our test playthrough that absence does indeed make the hearts of fans’ grow fonder.

bitlife double platinum release

That means you can try taking a break of about two years from recording any new singles or albums — during that downtime, make sure to perform in concerts and book a tour or two. We did that with our Elton John stand-in, and he ended up going from gold on most of his past releases to double platinum!

Your mileage may vary when it comes to the success of this strategy, and you’ll also want to be prepared for the possibility that the above strategy may work too well — by that, we mean reaching diamond certification, which is better than double platinum, but not double platinum. That didn’t count toward our double platinum count in the WAP Challenge, and we’re guessing it won’t count either in this ongoing challenge. But if you get diamond certified, you can take solace in knowing you’re doing the right thing.

Save The Easiest Requirement For Last

Although you can have it easy if you have God Mode active and simply choose your character’s sexuality right from the get-go, BitLife’s mechanics still mostly render this irrelevant as long as you haven’t declared your sexuality yet. That means you can still go on the Gay Dating App ($100 per use) to find a male partner whom you will eventually marry, even if you end up with a straight character. This is the easiest requirement in the Rocket Man Challenge, and we would recommend saving it for last, once you’ve gotten through the hardest (getting double platinum certification for one of your albums).

bitlife dating app love match

Due to your celebrity status, you can go ahead and propose to your partner without a ring, though your fortune at this point in the challenge should make it easy for you to buy even an expensive ring at the jewelry store for an even higher chance that your partner will say yes. Once that happens, you can choose any wedding setup you wish — again, if you’re a famous musician at this point, money won’t be an object, and weddings cost “only” several thousands to plan at the very most.

marriage in bitlife

Complete this and you’ve completed the Rocket Man Challenge, allowing you to pick a prize chest and get a new hat or eyewear — no guarantees, however, that you’ll get something from Elton John’s wardrobe closet!