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Konosuba: Fantastic Days Tier List: A Complete Guide to the Best Characters in the Game

KonoSuba: Fantastic Days is a timed combat gacha RPG based on the KonoSuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World manga and anime series. Much like other gacha games such as Cookie Run Kingdom, Azur Lane, and Alchemy Stars, some characters fight better than others. The timed nature of the battles put a heavy focus on dealing loads of damage, since even if you can tank through the enemies’ attacks, you can still lose by running out the timer.

We have compiled a comprehensive tier list for KonoSuba: Fantastic Days, which is arranged according to character and not individual cards, as each character typically follows a more or less predictable pattern: All Cielo and Amy cards make good healers, Megumin cards should all be regulated by the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty, Aqua cards use physical attacks in spite of her powerful Magic ATK stat, and nobody knows what the heck Mia is doing with her life.

konosuba fantastic days tier list

The tier list also reflects the damage-focused nature of the meta, with the healers being on top with the damage dealers since they let the already deadly damage dealers pour on even more pain than they would alone. That being said, the game does not have PVP and is balanced in such a way that you will eventually plow through the enemy if you feed your team hard enough and get them the weapons they need.

Even the lowest tier characters on this list have some specialized uses or good quirks to keep in mind, or odd cards that might be worth using. Speaking of which, we also listed down noteworthy cards for each character. So without further ado, we present you our KonoSuba: Fantastic Days tier list, as we showcase the best characters the are currently available in the game.

S Tier Characters

You can be sure that any character on this tier has multiple of the best cards in the game, and even their lower star cards (As a dedicated healer, even a 2 star Cielo is a better healer than many 4 star battle medic-type cards thanks to her powerful healing super) can be used in teams thanks to their overall character pattern.

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This area also holds the best damage dealers in the game, considering Konosuba FD’s battle timer puts emphasis on hitting hard as a meta. There is a difference between “Pretty good!” and “Holy heck, we didn’t need to kill them THAT hard!”, and these guys tend to cause the latter reaction.


megumin konosuba fantastic days

Cards Of Note: 4* Nice Explosion!! (This card sums up Megumin in a nutshell), 4* Tonight’s Lead (Light element, has greater self-buff than normal)

Magic Attack, Nuker, Kamikaze, Chuunibyo Of Mass Destruction

When it comes to deleting whole waves in a single blow, nobody holds a candle to the master of explosions herself. Megumin’s ultimate, Explosion!, is exactly what it says on the tin: A giant explosion that is almost guaranteed to clear an entire wave, or leave them so horribly crippled that her surviving buddies can finish the rest off with little hassle.

Note how we wrote surviving buddies: She can only use it once since she knocks herself out doing it, but it’s worth it. Explosion deals a Geneva Convention-violating 433% AOE magic damage, twice that of most supers, single damage or AOE.  Her other skills are no slouch either: On most of her cards, she normally has an AOE attack and a self-buffing single target skill that cause her to do her one job better.

Of particular note is her 4 star Explosive!/ Nice Explosion! card that, on top of having a self buffing skill, also comes with a defense reducing AOE attack. Her only downside (apart from blowing herself up) is her physical basic attack, which does not mix well with her high-explosive kit. Put Megumin in a bossfight, or in normal play, she doesn’t care: As soon as her SP Bar is full, they’re all toast, including herself!


cielo konosuba fantastic days

Cards Of Note: 4* Fun Sleepover Party (Has a non-attack normal heal with defense buff)

Magic Support, Healer, General Damage Buffer, EEEEEK DON’T TOUCH ME AAAAH!

One of the two best healers in the game, this shy androphobic tomboy is a powerful support with her super, which is a heavy heal with a buff to both physical and magical attacks. Even her weaker 2 star cards are worth putting in a team if only to match elemental weaknesses, as she has an elemental basic attack. The non-super heal they have is good enough for most jobs, though it’s usually a rather weak attack-heal.

The choice between Amy or Cielo mostly depends on whether or not you’re fielding physical and mixed teams vs pure mage teams, since Cielo’s super buffs both physical and magic fighters, while Amy’s only buffs mages but comes with more reliable non-super heals. Of course, damage dealing isn’t her forte but every bit helps. You can put her in as a general purpose healer in most comps, whether or not it’s a physical comp, magic comp or even a mixed formation.


amy konosuba fantastic days

Cards Of Note: 4* My Alone Time (Has a magical damage buff as a normal skill), 4* Dancer of the Oasis (Has SP Gauge charger)

Magic Support, Healer, Magic Damage Buffer, Not Actually Mia’s Mom

Mama Amy’s here to make the pain go away. Amy is the other best healer in the game, with a  chunky heal like Cielo’s but with only a Magic ATK buff. Putting her in a team with Megumin is generally a good plan. If Amy pops her heavy healing magic buffing super, Pain Pain Fly Away, Megumin can typically flatten a wave without using her Explosion super, instead using her AOE magic bottle attack.

Just like Cielo, she comes with a magical elemental basic attack, allowing her to better take advantage of elemental weaknesses. While one could call her 4 star cards battle medics since they tend to have damaging healing skills, her low damage percentages mean you’re using them primarily to heal and not to bring harm. Again, a very important character to get cards for.


melissa konosuba fantastic days

Cards Of Note: 4* Treasure Hunter (High agility for spammy skills, Physical ATK is only weaker by so little it doesn’t even matter and is still dangerously strong, buffs own agility with skill)

Fighter, Debuffer, Physical Attack, Cuteness Proximity Victim

About as effective as physical fighters can get, the domineering Melissa happily steps on the heads of most of the other physical fighters, with Kazuma being a literal case. She’s a lot like Dust in that most of her cards come with some kind of debuff option, except hers tend to be more debilitating and varied: Blind to ruin enemy accuracy, lowered elemental defenses, attack power debuffs, all depending on what card you’re using.

In fact, they’re so varied you may want to occassionally use 3 star cards too just to give yourself more tactical options with Melissa. She has a relatively high physical ATK around 300 on most of her 4 star cards, and her Treasure Hunt card comes with higher agility paired with an agility buff, allowing that specific card to pour on the pain in a hurry.

Her super also reduces a single enemy’s defenses against physical attacks, which lets the other sword swingers, spear stabbers and knife shankers on the team do their work. Bring her in bossfights for this.


erika konosuba fantastic days

Cards Of Note: 4* Axel Hearts (Higher emphasis on support rather than damage), 4* Dancing Adventurer (High Luck and skill damage percentages, still does Physical ATK buffs)

Physical Attack, Crit, Spammer, Physical Buffer, The Cutest In The Entire World

Erika is built just as aggressively as her boisterously diabetic personality implies, as a physical attacker capable of either buffing teammates or debuffing enemies, though rarely at the same time. Her buffs usually buff other physical attackers, so letting her go ahead of the likes of Melissa or Dust is usually a good idea, though pairing her with mages is usually a bit pointless unless Cielo’s in the field.

As a Dagger user, she typically gets high agility, and her low ATK stat is Her ultimate attack, Self Call and Response, hits one target and buffs your physical damage dealers. Try not to waste this on dying enemies, but the buff ensures this attack is never wasted completely unless she’s in a team full of mages.


iris konosuba fantastic days

Cards Of Note: 4* Beautiful Gift (A weird outlier with a def debuff attack rather than healing or buffing), 4* Princess’ Day Off (Extremely high single target damage with still decent agility)

Battle Medic, Physical Attack, Buffer, Single Target Damage, Adventure Princess

A physical support character barring her one ultra powerful damage-dealer card, Iris typically fills a similar niche to Aqua and Mitsurugi. She’s closer to Aqua though as most of her cards have some sort of heal, with buffs being a bit rarer but still there. Her super, Extertion, isn’t the most special, a simple AOE physical blow but with Light element rather than no element at all.

That being said, she typically has an extremely high Physical ATK Stat of roughly 311, and this plays into her strongest card: Princess’ Day Off puts Iris right into S tier, as this card has a single target non-super skill that hits as hard as most supers even without buffs (Most supers deal 200-300% damage, her Shining Slash hits for 223% and doesn’t need a full SP Bar) with its high percentage.

When mixed with her typically high Physical ATK stat, this allows her to rip bosses in half with alarming speed. Add Cielo and Melissa to back her up for comedic amounts of damage.


wiz konosuba fantastic days

Cards Of Note: 4* Sound Asleep (Has skill percentages to match Iris’ strongest card and extremely high Magic ATK stat of 320, let down only by poor Agility)

Magic Damage, Lifesteal, Totally Just A Kindly Shopkeeper

Quite possibly the most lovable undead lich in the history of the fantasy genre, Wiz is a sweet-hearted but fairly business-blind shopkeeper who happens to be one of the Demon King’s dreaded generals. Though she only keeps the Demon King’s shield running so she can avoid doing anything evil or important.

She’s a weird sort of magical off-tank, either having a life drain for a basic attack, or a stronger life drain as a skill and a magical elemental projectile as a basic attack. She also has an insanely high magic ATK stat to match Aqua’s, and Wiz actually uses it to hurt people! Her super has a fairly average percentage, 208%, very close to most other magical AOE supers, but her big fat Magic ATK makes it hit harder than one expects.

The only problem? She can only be healed by herself or by Kazuma’s Double Drain Touch. As an unholy lich of darkness and evil, she burns even at Aqua’s useless but still technically holy touch, and non-life drain healing skills hurt her, albeit not  by a lot.


komekko konosuba fantastic days

Cards Of Note: 4* Prospective Future Komekko (Her only 4 star card and a weird outlier, being a more straightforward damage dealer than her debuff reliant 3 star cards)

Magic Attack, Debuffer, Tiny Extortionist

Komekko is Megumin’s little sister, and it shows. They are very similar, both damage dealers who use magic. Komekko has the advantage of having a magical elemental basic attack and the fact she doesn’t blow herself up with her own super. Komekko’s super is very powerful at 277-380% damage, not quite Explosion but still better than a lot of other AOE supers when fully upgraded.

Her lone 4 star card also comes with 314 Magic ATK, higher than her older sister’s average, though that card has nothing in the way of AOE skills other than her super. Her 3 star cards are a lot like Dust’s or Melissa’s if they used magic rather than stabbing, with her ability to cause debuffs and do extra damage to those crippled by said debuffs.

A Tier Characters

Put simply, these cards are good. They get the job done just fine. Their only real downside is the fact the monsters in S tier exist and they get overshadowed, and we can’t really blame them for it.


arue konosuba fantastic days

Cards Of Note: 4* Crimson Demon’s Scenic Writer (heavy single target damage skills with blind and self buff, useful for bossfights)

Magic Damage, Buffer, Debuffer, Aspiring Novelist

Arue is an aspiring writer capable of turning absolutely everything she hears into less than innocent innuendos, though you’d never guess it from her cards’ skill sets. She’s a more or less standard magic damage dealer, and a decent one too with her debuffs usually being a straightforward magic defense reduction, and some self buffs to magic damage, and an elemental basic attack.

Her super isn’t the strongest, as Cursed Lightning deals AOE dark magic damage with no frills, debuffs or utilities attached. Her Crimson Demon’s Scenic Writer card is particularly nasty, as it’s the only one that has both a debuff and self-buff at once, making it utterly deadly against bosses weak against Blind.


yunyun konosuba fantastic days

Cards Of Note: 4* Trick Or Friends (Has a skill that applies party-wide speed buff)

Magic Damage, Offensive Buffer, Debuffer, Eternal Rivalry

Yunyun calls herself Megumin’s rival, but she really just wants her as a friend, as evidenced by their cards often working well together. Yunyun comes either with debuffs for enemies, buffs for allies and sometimes just herself, but rarely both at once. Unlike Megumin, Yunyun’s 4* card with the speed increase skill isn’t an event-exclusive, which makes it a more realistic goal.

Her often good set of normal skills is made up for with a rather boring (yet nicely synergizing) super that deals Light magic damage to all enemies regardless of her card’s element. Overall, she just has a really good set of cards and you want at least one team comp with Yunyun and Megumin together in it.


mia konosuba fantastic days

Cards Of Note: 4* Pillow Fight (Abnormally high Physical ATK stat for Mia at 302 compared to her usual 275 average, comes with an SP Gauge charger and decent attack percentages)

Multipurpose, Defense Buffer, You Are What You Eat And Mia Eats Everything

Now this is how you make a generalist character with KonoSuba FD’s gameplay quirks in mind. Mia has an extremely varied set of cards, each specializing in a task but never trying to do everything all at once. Sometimes, she’s a damage dealer, sometimes she’s a battle medic, sometimes she’s a support, sometimes she causes debuffs, but never all at the same time.

Her 4* Pillow Fight card hits abnormally hard compared to her other cards, with 302 Physical ATK and the ability to charge people’s supers. Her own super is fairly average, with Rock Bomber dumping rocks in an AOE. Quite possibly the least predictable character in the game.


lia konosuba fantastic days

Cards Of Note: All of them (Lia’s super, a defensive buff with an SP charger, is just that rare and strange)

Support Tank, Buffer, Supercharger, Physical Attack, Taunt

Lia leads the Axel Hearts, and as any good leader is wont to do, she provides support so her team can fight more effectively. Her skills tend to be fairly standard for a good tank kit: Most of her cards have some form of phsyical damage buff for her team, debuff cleanup, or the occasional taunt since she’s the toughest of the three Axel Hearts.

Her super is very weird yet extremely good for long-winded fights: Defense Prelude neither heals nor deals damage, instead providing physical and magic defense with an increase for everyone’s SP gauge. The more you pop her super, the more her teammates pop theirs, making the shiny big numbers pop up more often.

Being able to charge up supers is a rare and coveted ability, and even Lia’s lower star cards could find a spot on your team simply because all her cards have this as a super. It makes sense that she pairs pretty well with Cielo and Erika since the three of them make up the Axel Hearts. On the other hand, Lia pairs poorly with Megumin unless you put her in the backline as an emergency grenade, since Megumin can only use her super once. The only tank up here thanks to her super.


rin konosuba fantastic days

Cards Of Note: 4* Orthodox Sorcerer (Spammy skills with debuffs, but low stats), 4* Laundry Day (has an SP Bar charging attack)

Magic Attack, Support, Debuffer, Defensive Buffer

Dust’s minder and semi-professional sorcerer, Rin is a rather standard mage with a couple of really good cards. Her super, Blade of Wind, deals AOE wind damage while protecting her squishy mage buddies from being bullied by physical attaclks. Her cards are quite varied, having options for either being a debuffer, or a defensive buffer, or a plain old focused damage dealer, though never all three at the same time.

Of particular note is her 4* card, Laundry Day. It has a skill that charges your team’s SP Bar, allowing them to use supers more often. Orthodox Sorcerer is also a potential choice thanks to its light yet spammable debuffs, though damage is lacking due to its unusually low stats, and another downside is that debuffs don’t stack, they only get overridden by heavier debuffs.


chris konosuba fantastic days

Cards Of Note: 4* Burglar Maid (One attack with a high percentage and defense debuff, and another attack with a self damage buff, very deadly)

Physical Damage, Buffer, Spammer, Debuffer, Panty Stealing Demon’s Teacher

The main reason Kazuma can nick someone’s panties without even touching them, much to her eternal regret. Chris is a damage dealer, often buffing herself or other stabby teammates for more damage and speed, or dealing debuffs to enemies.

Both her ATK stats are unusually low at around 270%, but she comes with high Agility for rapid strikes. Her super, Wire Tornado, is great against bosses and long fights. It increases the team’s survivability by slowing down enemy attacks. Paired with her spammy attacks and constant self-buffing, this lets her shred enemies in safety.

B Tier Characters

These characters are weird: The majority of their cards might be great in certain specific situations but overall, you might want to pass over them. For one thing, a lot of the battle medics hang out here since you wouldn’t need them once you get any Amy or Cielo card that isn’t a starter.

This area also has a lot of tanks. Using a tank in a game that has a battle timer is a questionable decision, though the battle timer’s existence itself could be considered the same. That being said, the game doesn’t have PVP and any of these characters’ cards will kill anything as long as they’re properly leveled (read: overleveled) for the task at hand.


dust konosuba fantastic days

Cards Of Note: 4* Delinquent Sibling (Lacks AOE options and debuffs in exchange for SP Bar Charge)

Fighter, Debuffer, Buffer, Physical Attack, Delinquent Fun Seeker

The delinquent brawler Dust is rare in that he’s got a card that has a skill which charges his SP bar. This means he’ll get his super out faster than the other characters more often than not. His super is a physical AOE attack, and while it isn’t particularly special when compared to other supers, being able to spam it or drop it early could mean a triple crown beating the thirty second timer.

He is also good at applying debuffs, with all of his cards 3 stars and above (Except Delinquent Sibling since super spamming is that powerful) able to cause some form of debuff, usually poison or an attack gauge speed reduction depending on the card. If you’re using him, try to let him go first to soften up the enemy for his buddies.


cecily konosuba fantastic days

Cards Of Note: 4* Beautiful Cafe Waiter (Comes with a team-wide speed buff)

Battle Medic, Debuffer, Magic Attacks, Physical Attacks, JOIN THE AXIS CULT!

Much like the useless goddess she worships, Cecily is a battle medic who often comes with a healing skill (Whether or not said skill can also hurt enemies depends on the card), but has a combative physical damage super unlike say, Amy or Cielo. Ironically, she doesn’t pair as well with Aqua as she does with Megumin or other more dedicated magic users.

You don’t want her for her healing though: Her super, Axis Attack, consists of the entire town of Arcanretia rolling over the enemy wave as a bloodthirsty lynch mob, severely lowering their magic defense after damaging them. Follow this up with any sort of magic AOE attack (As if Megumin’s Explosion isn’t already horrendously overkill on its own) and laugh like a maniac. Other than that though, she typically has poor stats, with lackluster agility and damage.


aqua konosuba fantastic days

Cards Of Note: 4* Legendary Adventurer (Extremely rare physical elemental basic attack with small team heal to all allies, making this specific card one of the best battle medics in the game)

Battle Medic, Physical Attack, Magic Attack, Goddess Of Toilets

Aqua in gameplay is far more useful than in the show or the story, though her stat distribution and usual skill set betray her in-character stupidity: She has one of the highest Magic ATK stats in the game at around 315. This is higher than even the walking war-in-a-bottle Megumin, and on par with Wiz, a powerful lich. Too bad most of Aqua’s attacks are physical attacks, making the stat as useless as Aqua herself, though at least her Physical ATK is often just below 300.

To make things worse, she has her abysmally true-to-the-show luck of 10 (60 luck is considered below average), meaning she almost never crits. Well at least that magical power goes into her healing ability, which is rather good for a battle medic-type. Of particular note is her 4 star Legendary Adventurer card, which comes with a small team heal as a basic no-cooldown attack.

On top of this, this specific card comes with an SP Bar charger (albeit a small one at 10% charge-up) and a big fat 6 second skill cooldown reduction skill for her teammates. If Megumin’s cards are war-in-a-bottle, this makes Aqua’s Legendary Adventurer card spam-in-a-can. Only reason this card didn’t shove her into S-tier? It’s an Anniversary Exclusive! Good luck trying to get it.


mitsurugi konosuba fantastic days

Cards Of Note: 4* Exclusive Bodyguard (Comes with a team speed buff, a rare offensive buff for him)

Battle Medic, Support, Tank, Physical Attack, The Chosen One

If Mitsurugi were the protagonist, perhaps the Demon King could be defeated a bit faster than it’s going now. Too bad for everyone involved, the perverted Kazuma’s a lot more genre savvy and knows he has enough plot armor to survive decapitation. He fills a similar niche to Darkness as a tank. His cards either have a taunt or a defensive buffing skill or even a bit of squad healing, though usually not all three at once.

Unlike Darkness though, he can actually hit things! You don’t bring him to deal mass amounts of damage, but his buff skills do also come with an attack more often than not, and he’s generally more reliable than Darkness is if you want a tank and still hope to triple crown a level.

C Tier Characters

 Ouch. If you’re down here, too bad for you. Only Kazuma and Darkness are stuck here. Though to be fair, Kazuma’s only C tier because of one really bad 4 star card, and Darkness because she’s built to be the ultimate hyper-specialist tank in a game where damage is the meta.

This is what happens when you add a battle timer to your game. Perhaps if Kazuma gets a truly amazing new card, or an new game mode without battle timers pops out for Darkness, we can get rid of C tier entirely. We doubt Darkness would like being bumped up a tier though, as she enjoys being berated.


darkness konosuba fantastic days

Cards Of Note: 4* Crusader’s True Self, 4* Legendary Adventurer (Both come with a speed buff, if you’re using Darkness cards, get those with anything to improve your team’s firepower)

Tank, Taunt, Team Defense Buffer, She’d Actually Be Happy To Be Down Here

Darkness has it pretty bad in this game, since she was built to be accurate to the story: While ridiculously tough, her damage ability is nearly nil since she misses the majority of her attacks, and even if they hit they do below average damage thanks to her poor skill percentages. This might be fine in any other game since she has loads of taunts.

Even her basic attack usually counts as a taunt on most of her cards, making her a tank par excellence: Unfortunately, KonoSuba FD’s battles often come with a timer! Bringing Darkness is usually a means to sacrifice getting a triple crown just to finish a level outright more safely, and even then you might end up missing the entire battle timer rather than just the 30 second crown award.

Use Darkness if the risk of death is higher than the risk of running the timer, like with long-winded event bosses. One thing she excels at though is being a sub-card: If you don’t have matching sub-cards for your characters, Darkness cards should usually be your first pick especially for healers or squishy damage dealers. Her insane defensive stats get partially transferred to whoever she is subbed to (Even 30% of her stats is a big bonus), and they don’t have to worry about her dismal accuracy!


kazuma konosuba fantastic days

Cards Of Note: 4* Reincarnated Hikikomori (Often considered the worst 4 star in the game due to abysmal stats mixed with Kazuma’s battle medic skillset causing very poor damage) 4* Small Theater Hero (One of his better cards, the reason we don’t have a D tier)

Lifesteal Battle Medic, Buffer, Debuffer, Crit, Didn’t Even Get Hit By Truck-Kun

Poor guy can’t catch a break, even in this tier list. He has the unfortunate distinction of having one of the worst 4 star cards in the game, but he also has one of the better cards in the game. He’s capable of doing both magical and physical attacks, with his skills normally being physical and his super being the magic-damaging team-healing Double Drain Touch.

While Drain Touch has a powerful 344% damage percentage, it is massively let down by Kazuma’s poor ATK stats of roughly 270 and lack of self-buffs. If you’re gonna use him, grab his Small Theater Hero card since that’s one of his best ones.

As a damage-focused card (agility buffs, defense debuffs to make up for miserable ATK stats, and decent percentages all in one) with his practically unfair luck stat of 87, you’re going to crit hard and often with this. Keep in mind Kazuma is the only healer who can heal Wiz other than herself.

And that ends our KonoSuba: Fantastic Days tier list. We hope this helps you aim for a certain characters’ best 4 stars, or come up with a plan for a good team. If you have any points to raise, don’t hesitate to write them in the comment section below!