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KonoSuba: Fantastic Days Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Fight Off Monsters, Vegetables, and Debt Collectors

KonoSuba: Fantastic Days is a timing-based RPG gacha game from Nexon, that’s based on the light novel and anime KonoSuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World!. The live2D art and the writing push this game far above a lot of others, and rightly so: It needs excellent writing quality to live up to its hilarious namesake!

The game starts out very easy, especially if you created your account during the release celebration, but it has a noticeable difficulty curve as your first week goes on: It’s never heartless about it though, and you have many options to get stronger over time.

konosuba fantastic days gameplay

KonoSuba: Fantastic Days follows Kazuma, a shut-in slacker from Japan who died in a way so hideously embarrassing, even the paramedics and his own family laughed at the circumstances of his doom. The goddess in charge of sending him to his isekai world, Aqua, constantly made fun of him during the process. In revenge, Kazuma chose her as the item he would take to the next world, much to her, and soon enough his, horror.

A lazy, sleazy dork stuck with a useless, crybaby idiot goddess, Kazuma and Aqua inevitably attract weirdoes like honey does flies: They are soon joined by the youthful (read:massively immature) explosion magic specialist Megumin, who can only cast her magnificently overkill Explosion spell once a day before toppling over. Then the distressingly masochistic crusader Darkness, who only classed as a crusader so she could deliberately goad monsters into beating the tar out of her.

In a fantastical world full of maniacs, angry fruits and vegetables, and explosions, anything is possible! Together, the four of them go on adventures, rack up massive collateral damage and monetary debt, and occasionally save the town of Axel from something other than themselves!

konosuba fantastic days kazuma

As a timing-based RPG, thinking fast is key in KonoSuba: Fantastic Days: Sometimes, you just need to get an attack out and not wait for your stronger skills to cool down, and it might occasionally be worth using Auto just to grind the enemy down faster than your all-too-human fingers can tap the screen.

Sometimes, it helps to slow down a bit, wait for your action gauges to fill up completely, then unleash a burst with a perfect attack order, with all your team’s skills syncing with each other to give out buffs to strengthen their blows.

So stay with us and check out our KonoSuba: Fantastic Days beginner’s guide below, for tips, tricks and strategies to save the realm from the Devil King!


konosuba fantastic days useless aqua

Just like in most gacha games, strengthening your cards in KonoSuba: Fantastic Days is an important part of preparing for combat. You can give them superior gear, cram them full of Power Potions, level up their individual skills, assign sub-members to them in the party screen, and increase their maximum level with Relics.  If you do all of this, even a goddess as utterly, painfully useless as Aqua can be a real lifesaver for the team! Here they are in detail.

Power Potions Down The Hatch

leveling up in konosuba fantastic days

One way to power up your team is to level them up. You can use Power Potions to do this, and before you do anything, you’ll want to drag at least one decent all-rounder team (5 members with a good healer like Cielo or Amy) to level 30. Your main way of grabbing them are through the Potion Free Quests, which you can do for an unlimited number of times if you press the little arrow on the side of the Free Quests tab.

That being said, they’re also often given as quest rewards, and from events. Accumulate them, then dump them on your strongest cards first, then those you plan on using as sub-cards. Have your party chug these like Aqua chugs bubbly.

Relic Hunting And Promotions

konosuba fantastic days relics

Once your character hits 30, you can’t level them up anymore, unless you start grinding for Relics. These can be acquired from the Free Quests, just like the Power Potions. Other than your Energy and Skip Ticket reserves of course. You can use them on a character to increase their maximum level by 5 (10 with the final promotion for a maximum level of 60), after which you can dump more Power Potions on them!

You can Promote them this way a total of five times, with the requirements getting steeper everytime. There are many different kinds of relics (Gems, Tablets, Manuscripts, Elixirs, Crystals, Grimoires and Chalices) and each character uses a different sort apart from Chalices which are important for all of them.

A Staff For Blowing Things Up

konosuba fantastic days gear

Once your account reaches level 9 in KonoSuba: Fantastic Days, you can unlock equipment slots for your party. Naturally you start off only being able to craft some accessories and the most basic of weapons. If you want to be able to craft better gear though, you’ll have to go through Story Mode to get the materials for them. You can also get them using Battle Arena tokens, specifically advanced weapon and accessory blueprints, though you’ll need a higher level account to unlock the recipes for such powerful gear.

You may also find it necessary to upgrade your old gear instead as getting the more advanced equipment means getting to Story Mode chapter 4 and further for the needed materials. Getting really strong gear is often the final step to getting a powerful team, since it’s the most difficult part.

Honing Skills

konosuba fantastic days skill tab

If you have dupes of a card, you have two uses for them, and both can lead to the same result if you wish: You can either use a duplicate card to level up a random skill or set of skills for a total of three levels, or sell it for Adventure tokens, which you can use to buy Skill Potions, which do the same thing but for any card, and are worth only one skill level. Since skills only go up to level 5 at most and you’ve got 3 skills per card, you’ll need 5 dupes to max out a card’s skills.

After that, it’s safe to dump them for Adventurer Medals. There’s also the option of keeping only the dupes of cards you use and dumping everything else to get some Skill Potions for your 4 star cards, since it’s much harder to get dupes for those.

Sub-Member Cheerleaders

konosuba fantastic days subs

In your Party screen, you can assign a Sub-Member to a main party member. Cards used as Sub-Members give 30% of their stats to the Main Member card they’re attached to, and 40% if they’re matching characters. You should level up not just cards you use directly, but also those you plan to use as Sub-Members. This way, even after you pull some fancy 4 stars, you can still make use of your older cards to power them up in battle.

Or ironically enough, use the beefy 4 star stats to Sub for a lower star card that fits the role you need better. That being said, some cards make better Subs than others in spite of the extra 10% for matching.

For one thing, if you’re lacking in matching cards, any properly levelled Darkness card is a safe Sub choice no matter the character she’s attached to: Darkness’ miserable attack accuracy only counts if she’s a Main Member, and her ridiculously strong defensive stats allow her to beef up anyone she Subs to. Usually the team healer, who you want to live for as long as possible.


konosuba fantastic days nuked

As an adventurer of his particular reputation, Kazuma will doubtless have many, many things that want him dead, killed, or even murdered horribly. Everything from the Beginner’s Bane wolf, the ancient and dreaded Mobile Fortress Destroyer, all the way down to the very cabbages and lettuce of this land want this guy as food.

As such, learning how to fight properly is paramount, so he doesn’t get his head chopped off by the Winter Shogun or have Aqua eaten by adorable giant frogs. Again.

Pre-Heat The Pan

konosuba fantastic days circle gauges

Always remember that your action gauge (That brown circle thing next to the HP bar that turns red and says OK when it fills up) can fill up twice, indicated by the red ring outside the big OK icon. This means if you sit on it for a bit, perhaps by refraining from using one of your teammates for a short period of time, you can use both actions to unleash a burst of damage by striking twice in a row.

You can also try and fill up all your characters’ gauges to keep damage flowing relatively consistently without pause, while being ready in case of an emergency. This is especially useful when you have characters with short ability cooldowns. You can only do this in Manual mode, as while Auto is a quickdraw, it does not know how to wait.

Roles Over Stars

konosuba fantastic days conspicuous two star

Between getting a team full of 4 star cards and say, bringing your two-star Cielo because you really need a fire-element healer, save a slot for Cielo. Fancy 4-star tier cards are nice to have, but having a proper team composition is more important, even if some of those cards aren’t 4 star. For one thing, even a 4 star Aqua is rather useless if you put her in a team of mages, since her 4 star version buffs physical damage fighters.

And a 2 star healer is better than no healer at all, even if the one taking the healer’s place is a 4 star damage dealer. Knowing each character and not just their cards are also important: You can always be sure that Cielo’s healing super powers up everyone’s damage, that Darkness deals extremely poor damage but tanks hard, and Megumin is a walking WMD.

Prepare The Elements

konosuba fantastic days pre-battle

The pre-battle preparation screen helpfully tells you what color element the target is weak against, and with bossfights, it will give you additional info such as any debuffs it may cause or its elemental attack type if it isn’t obvious from the enemy’s design. This means the only excuse you have not to prepare a party strong against such a foe is if you haven’t been grinding enough Power Potions to make specialized elemental parties.

It’s usually a good idea to have one beating stick party for easy tasks, then to make multiple elemental hit squads for stuff like event bosses and the Battle Arena. Keep in mind too certain characters who have elemental basic attacks like Cielo’s Arch Priest 2 star card: This means she’ll always do elemental damage even if all her skills are on cooldown, as opposed to most characters who have non-elemental basic attacks.

Bring A Healer Or Suffer

konosuba fantastic days healed

Always bring a healer for bossfights, and give them a defensive accessory strong against whatever element the enemy is using at the moment, or if you don’t have such accessories, anything you think will help them stay alive. Healing spells, while cursed with fairly long cooldowns, will often save you from a boss’ super attack.

And super healing spells (Like Ciello’s Divine Heal or Amy’s Pain Pain Go Away) will pretty much bring your whole party back to full even from near death, and give them a nice buff to boot. This makes them last a lot longer, and can stop a total party wipe from a boss enemy’s special attacks if you time it right, thus turning a bad fight around.


konosuba fantastic days debt

To prevent yourself from ending up in horrible, nation-sinking debt like Kazuma, it pays to know how to spend your gacha Quartz, and to use Skip-Tickets wisely. And other than buying and crafting things, there  are other things to keep in mind, especially things relating to how certain characters work. Here they are in detail.

Rolling Hard

konosuba fantastic days gacha screen

When using the gacha, always save enough Quartz for the 10-roll. These give out a guaranteed 3 star card, which are the second most powerful tier, striking a balance between being relatively easy to upgrade skill-wise and plain brute strength.

It also helps to roll in the Elemental gacha if you’re lacking in a certain type of elemental party. Rolling over and over in the same gacha also gets you points you can use to get the banner card, which is usually a 4 star or a costume, or both.

Know Your Characters

konosuba fantastic days megumin

Always pay attention to a character in cutscenes, or even from what you remember from the show. Little details like Wiz burning on Aqua’s useless touch (Useless but still holy goddesses and unholy undead liches don’t mix) translate to in-game mechanics. Turns out, being an undead lich means Wiz can’t take healing from anything that isn’t a lifedrain attack.

Same with Megumin only being able to use Explosion once before keeling over (Be careful using Megumin cards when the game is set to Auto!), and Darkness not being able to hit anything and goading everything into attacking her for child-unfriendly reasons (Don’t expect Darkness to do any damage, focus on team buffing). These are usually listed in a character’s stat sheet. To see a character’s full stat sheet, you have to hold your finger over their card in the Card Select screen, most easily found in the Character Enhancement tab under Team.

Of course, a couple of things aren’t listed, like Aqua’s God Blow doing nearly nothing to any kind of Giant Frog enemy even if she is vastly overfed, which is also true to the show. As long as you pay attention to the cutscenes (or the show if you’ve watched it), you’ll find out which of these little details might mess with the character.

Skip Tickets

konosuba fantastic days skip tickets

Skip tickets allow you to instantly win a single battle each. You can use these on battles you’ve already won and triple-crowned to grind quickly. These are great for Free Missions and Normal Main Story missions, though in the case of Free Missions it’s best to use them once you’ve beaten all of the levels with triple crowns so you can spam them on the Ultimate level.

Of course, there’s no harm in using it on Intermediate since Ultimate is pretty hard, and you’d need to grind to triple-crown it anyway. That being said, the best way to use the Skip Tickets is in Main Story’s Normal Mode after Chapter 4, as the Main Story tends to give out rewards you can get from Free Missions along with materials for 3 star weapons. Such materials have fairly small drop rates, so you’ll need quite a lot of tickets if you want to get a single 3 star weapon quickly, and eventually, the things you need for 4 star gear.

Endless Debt, Endless Work

konosuba fantastic days jobs

Once your account reaches a certain level, the Jobs tab will be available from the Home menu. This is akin to things like the Fountain from Cookie Run Kingdom or the commissions from Azur Lane mixed together, in that you assign three characters to do jobs and accumulate rewards. This time, you can just keep them there forever and you can check in now and then to collect.

Eventually, it fills up to a maximum amount, usually in a day. It would be a good idea to put characters you don’t often use there to accumulate Affinity points without having to use them in battle. This way, you’ll eventually unlock their Character Story cutscenes (and the Crystal rewards for watching them!) even if the gacha decides never to give you their high-star cards. Rewards include everything from Skip Tickets, Relics and Materials to Power Potions and Axis or Eris Medals. And don’t worry: You can still send them into battle!


konosuba fantastic days medals

There are enough distinct medals in KonoSuba: Fantastic Days that they’re worth their own section. You’ll need them to get some of the more advanced gear in the game, and if you’re as luckless with the gacha as Kazuma’s party is in making cash, some 4 star character tickets. In general, you need these to power up your characters, especially later in the game. Here they are in detail.

Adventurer Medals

konosuba fanstastic days adventurer medal exchange

Adventurer Tokens are the most important bread-and-butter token you’re going to grind. You get them by releasing duplicate cards you get from the Gacha. They’re extremely important because their rewards are some very basic essential needs: Skip Tickets, 4 star Guaranteed Recruit Tickets, and Skill Potions for both 3 and 4 star cards, which are hard to get dupes for.

What you spend them on ideally depends on what you want at the moment: If the Gacha’s been rude for an extended amount of time and you haven’t gotten some 4 star cards yet, you should save for the 4 star ticket, though hopefully you won’t need to as there are other ways to get guaranteed 4 stars like event quests and gacha points. If you already have good 3 and 4 star cards but can’t get dupes for them, you’ll want some Skill Potions to level up their skills.

If you already have a powerful team but are strapped for time and want to power up everyone you have already, go for the Skip Tickets so you can grind the Main Quest missions for weapon parts or the Free Missions for relics and potions. Of course, we suggest grinding the Main Quest after you’ve reached Normal Chapter 4, since Hard Mode can only be played a limited number of times and Chapter 4 is when the materials for 3 star weapons start popping up.

Arena Medals

konosuba fantastic days battle medal

The second most important token are the Arena Medals. You can get these from the Battle Arena three times a day. These are very slow to grind, but you’ll need them since the Arena Medal shop sells some of the best weapons in KonoSuba: Fantastic Days. Most of these are non-elemental weapons that will boost any character who uses them no matter their element, which you’ll need before you can start getting the stronger yet pickier elemental weapons.

This shop also sells defensive accessories, for a lower price than weapons. These are just as important, as there is nothing more annoying than getting Megumin knocked out before she can magically transform the final enemy wave into a smoking crater.

Goddess Medals

konosuba fantastic days goddess medal exchange

Split between Axis medals (Those belonging to Aqua and her few but fanatically bonkers Axis cultists) and Eris medals (those belonging to Eris and her far more common and sane worshippers), these are both extremely rare medals that you can get from both the Battle Arena and incredibly lucky Job reward drops. 

While both currencies need to be used for all the rather powerful items (More offensively oriented 4 star weapons compared to the Battle Medal shop’s balanced gear, 4 and 3 star Guaranteed Recruit tickets, Skill Potions and top-tier Upgrade Stones) most things cost more Eris Medals than Axis Medals. Makes sense, considering Axis cultists are far rarer than Eris’ worshippers, the same goes for their medals, with Eris medals dropping more often.

Event Emblems

konosuba fantastic days emblem

Emblems are medals you can only nab from Events like the Troll Attack event, where a big fat ugly Troll utterly ruins your mandatory anime beach episode. Apart from some rare materials, upgrade stones, relics, weapon blueprints and Power Potions, they also sell a limited stock of Eris and Axis medals and Unique Skill Potions for whichever specific card the current event is focusing on. The items here are on rotation, so grind those Events if you want to snap them up in a timely manner!

In conclusion, KonoSuba: Fantastic Days rewards patience and quick thinking. Patience in that you have many avenues with which to strengthen your characters. And thinking in that not only do you need to think your party through rather than simply dumping all your highest-star cards in it, you need to make use of them effectively in battle by timing their attacks, heals and spells well, as even a good team composition will lose if its members don’t use their skills at the right moment.

And this wraps up our KonoSuba: Fantastic Days beginner’s guide. Hopefully, with the help of our tips and tricks you will be able to save Kazuma and his team from his monstrous, ever-growing debt. If you have your own tips, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment section below for our readers to see!