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BitLife King Henry VIII Challenge Guide: How to Complete the King Henry VIII Challenge

BitLife is nearing its second anniversary, and the challenges are still coming in once a week, offering iOS and Android players a chance to complete a limited-time series of tasks that are based on a given theme. As we’ve seen, the challenges are oftentimes general or pop culture-related — celebrities, songs, TV shows, movies, you name it — but there are also a few times when historical events serve as the inspiration for Candywriter’s BitLife challenge of this week. This happens to be one of those occasions.

A few weeks ago, Candywriter rolled out the Red Queen Challenge, and now, the male version of that challenge is here. In the King Henry VIII Challenge, you’ll get to recreate some of the more infamous moments of that historical king, but how quickly can you get those things done before the people revolt and try to get you ousted from power?

bitlife king henry viii challenge requirements

Fortunately, this was quite an easy challenge, but if you want to get it done faster, we recommend checking out this week’s BitLife mini-strategy guide, where we go through each requirement in the King Henry VIII Challenge and show you how to complete it with as little rework as possible.

Can’t Wait to Be King? A Little Regicide Via Hitman Might Help

When creating a character for the King Henry VIII Challenge, the only real prerequisites is that the character be male and that he is born in a country that has a royal family — in this case, we chose the United Kingdom. Make sure that your character is born a Prince, which you can select on the character creation screen — choosing any other Royal Status won’t have you anywhere close to first in line to the throne!

bitlife prince royal status

There’s really nothing special you need to do during your childhood and teenage years, though you may want to do some Public Service acts to keep your Respect high enough for starters. You can even start dating in high school, marry your girlfriend, and have a kid with her even if you’re still a Prince — that will still count toward the requirements that ask you to have six wives and one child with each wife.

But you will need to actually be King in order to execute people, and if it’s taking too long for the King or Queen to croak, you might as well take over from Father Time or the Grim Reaper and do the dastardly deed. You’ll be doing more despicable things once you’re king, so why not run with it?

hiring a hitman in bitlife

The safest way to kill the King or Queen — and any older siblings you may have who are ahead of you in succession to the throne — is to hire a hitman. As you may know from this option, which is found under the Crime section, there’s a chance the hitman will run off with your money or turn out to be an undercover cop. You can always quit the game and restart it if that happens to be the case, but either way, you can only use the Hitman option once a year.

You Can Use Any Method You Wish When Executing Your Wives

The next step in the King Henry VIII Challenge would be executing your first wife, and unlike in the Red Queen Challenge, where you had to be creative by choosing a different method of execution per victim, the method you use doesn’t matter in this one. You can repeat methods, whether unintentional or not, because the important thing here is executing your wife after you’ve had at least one child together.

execution in bitlife

After executing your first wife, you can go to the Love section and use Date or Dating App to find someone else for your second wife. You can propose to her immediately, and she’s guaranteed to accept, regardless whether you have a ring or not, regardless of the location.

public outrage in bitlife

Choose any kind of reception you wish, as that’s largely irrelevant as well. But it’s pretty much a case of rinse and repeat here — date, marry, have a baby, execute, apologize to angry public — so don’t fret over the small details.                                    

Getting Remarried After Executing The Last Wife Only Helps Respect So Much

After executing your first wife, you’ll deal with the usual fallout from such a cruel and barbaric action — the public will turn on you and torpedo your Respect to zero. Apologize, and Respect will go up a bit.

However, you may notice that stat jump back up to the 50 percent range or greater after you marry your second wife. That should help buy you some time and protect you from the risk of getting forced to abdicate your throne, but it only works for so long and for so many new wives.

royal wedding in bitlife

By the time you marry your fifth wife (that is, after your fourth one is executed), not even a lavish ceremony with over a thousand guests at the reception will save your Respect — at this point, we’d say your subjects have wised up to your routine of marrying women, having a kid with them, then having them executed.

Although you probably won’t be able to recover even a sliver of respect, no matter how many acts of public service you do, you need not worry about any potential revolts. You can confidently proceed with the rest of the challenge, which should be smooth sailing once you do away with your fifth wife and start looking around for the sixth one.

You’ll Likely Complete The Final Requirements Simultaneously

If you’ve been following the above steps, then you should be at a point where the only thing left to do is to marry a sixth wife, have a child with each wife, and make sure that you have a son with your sixth wife. Again, finding a woman to marry shouldn’t be hard — use the Date or Dating App functions under Love, propose immediately, plan your reception, you’re all good with wife #6.

baby boy in bitlife

The next step is having a child, so you may have to do the old quit-and-restart trick a few times until you end up having a son. Once you do, that hits two birds with one stone — the “child with each wife” and “son with sixth wife” requirements — and you should be done with the King Henry VIII Challenge.

As you’ve seen, this is probably the easiest royal challenge we’ve ever played since BitLife launched its Royal Update, so once you’re done with it, you can do the honors as usual — choose a prize chest and add to your accessories with a new piece of headwear or eyewear.