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BitLife Red Queen Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Red Queen Challenge on Your First Try

We’re still waiting for the big update Candywriter was promising for its long-running, still-popular life simulator game BitLife, but in the meantime, they’re still keeping us busy at the end of the old week/start of the new week with weekly challenges. Regardless whether you play the game on iOS or on Android, these challenges give you a limited amount of time to create a character and meet a set of requirements/complete a set of tasks based on the week’s theme. So what is this week’s theme about, anyway?

Following last week’s Fast and Furious Challenge, Candywriter kept the pop culture trend going with the recently launched Red Queen Challenge — from blockbuster action franchise to classic children’s literature, how about that? As part of this challenge, one of your goals will be to kill a whole lot of people via execution, but unlike the Red Queen of Through the Looking Glass infamy, it won’t be simply “off with their head” — you’ll need to get creative in your methods of execution, as we’ll be explaining in this guide.

bitlife red queen challenge requirements

And there’s one especially tricky requirement, though we will tell you what it is and assure you that everything else is mostly straightforward and simple. So with that out of the way, let’s proceed to this week’s BitLife mini-strategy guide and show you how to finish the Red Queen Challenge quickly — and without having to replay it.

Keep Re-Rolling Until Your Character’s Got A Haunted Royal Estate

We mentioned that the Red Queen Challenge is a simple one, except for one tricky part — owning a haunted royal estate. We had several passes at the challenge before we realized that it’s not about buying expensive haunted houses like castles or manors — they may be homes fit for a queen, but they aren’t technically royal estates.

Royal estates refer to Buckingham Palace and other similar royal residences, which means you cannot buy them from a realtor like you normally would in BitLife. This will need to be your place of birth as a royal, and that means re-rolling your character until you get someone who’s born in a haunted royal estate.

bitlife haunted castle

That said, the only other requirement when creating a character for the Red Queen Challenge is obvious — the character needs to be female, as she will eventually grow up to become her country’s queen. Since there’s no such thing as an infant queen in the BitLife universe (unless you’re actually the King or Queen, you’ve got only one child born in wedlock, and you get killed right after their birth), you’ll need to start out as the second in line to the throne, which would normally mean choosing Princess when creating your character.

Looks, Smarts, and all other stats aren’t important here — they may, however, help in the popularity department, which, in turn, comes in handy when it comes to the next requirement in the challenge.

Make At Least 11 Friends In School

One of the key requirements of the Red Queen Challenge is to kill at least ten of your friends through different means of execution. But before we get there, you’ll need to make those friends first, and as a young royal, this will be done during your elementary and high school years — college is optional in this challenge, and you probably won’t need to pursue higher education due to how easy it is to make friends as a Princess.

making friends in bitlife

Granted, not everyone will be willing to make friends with you, and some may even bully you — comes with the territory of being a royal, we guess — but your Popularity should generally be high as a Princess, and most attempts to make friends should be successful.

Although the game requires “only” ten friends to be executed, we noticed a bit of a quirk where BitLife stops recommending friends as your next targets once you’ve executed nine of them in a single year. In order to work around this, we suggest making at least 11 friends, so that way, you’ll likely be able to execute them all before hitting the Age button to move forward.

Finding A Husband Is Easy, But Avoid Having Children Out Of Wedlock

Just like making friends as a royal, finding a husband to settle down with should not be a problem in BitLife’s Red Queen Challenge. If you choose not to date while in school, you can use the other dating options in the Activities section to find your would-be prince.

bitlife love match

Even if you don’t buy an engagement ring, they will almost always say “yes” when you propose, and when it comes to the wedding ceremony, there’s no need to be budget-conscious — as a Princess, you will be able to afford several lavish ceremonies and then some. There is, however, one thing you should avoid if you want to keep your approval rating as Princess as high as possible before you let it all crash down, and that’s having a child out of wedlock.

Not only will this child be considered a Commoner if you find yourself pregnant before getting married to your future prince — this could also result in a public scandal that could tank your approval rating substantially! After all, royals are so frequently put on a pedestal, so if they do something that’s still frowned upon by a minority, that could result in an in-game public relations nightmare. But on the other hand, you may not care too much for approval ratings when the main thing you’ll need to do as the Red Queen is to shed the blood of your innocent friends.

husband profile in bitlife

As for staying married to your hubby for 25 years, that should not be a problem unless your husband dies prematurely for one reason or another, which is very rare. Don’t cheat, don’t make big purchases without permission or against his wishes, and even if he does fool around, don’t divorce him until you’ve completed the challenge.

The ‘Bloody’ Part Of The Challenge – Keep Track Of Your Execution Methods

In order to have the authority to execute someone, you’ll need to be your country’s ruling monarch, meaning the King or Queen — the latter, obviously, for this particular challenge. You will generally have two options for the requirement of becoming Queen — you can wait it out until both your parents die, which would usually be of old age, or if you can’t wait that long, you can get prepped for your eventual Red Queen status by having them killed.

Don’t specifically have them executed just yet — you can hire a hitman to do the dirty deed without anyone knowing about it. (Unless, of course, they turn out to be an undercover cop, in which case you can quit the game, restart it, and look for someone else to carry out the hit.)

execution in bitlife

Once you’ve ascended to Queen, and preferably once you’ve reached the 25-year mark for your marriage, you can start executing the friends you made way back in your school days — ten of them, to be exact. The important thing is to use one method per friend, so if you had one of them executed by catapult, choose something else for the next one — feed them to the rats or dust off the guillotine so it’ll be “off with their head,” perhaps?

We would recommend using Notepad or a similar program to list down the friends and the methods you used for their execution to minimize the risk of duplicating methods. Don’t worry about the public outrage — you’ll be doing this all in the span of one year, so you can worry about getting overthrown once you’ve finished the Red Queen Challenge.

After killing your tenth friend, that should wrap things up, thus allowing you to pick a prize chest and get a new hat or pair of eyeglasses for your characters (and NPCs) to use in subsequent BitLife playthroughs!