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Solitaire Grand Harvest Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Clear Levels Fast and Plant All Crops

These days there’s an overabundance of solitaire tripeaks games to choose from and play on your mobile device. There are many versions out there that put different spins on the classic game. For instance, blending farm elements into the gameplay.

If that sounds like fun, then perhaps you might want to check out Supertreat’s farming take on the solitaire tripeaks affair which is called Solitaire Grand Harvest. While you might not have heard of this developer before, you are probably quite familiar with Playtika, their mother company, which brought us titles such as June’s Journey and Pirate Kings.

solitaire grand harvest tips

Anyway, Solitaire Grand Harvest revolves around reinterpreted solitaire tripeaks levels which you need to solve in order to start planting crops on your farm and take care of your animals.

Despite the plethora of similar games out there, Solitaire Grand Harvest manages to include enough unique mechanics and exclusive elements to keep gamers hooked on the action. Of course, levels start off easy enough but they soon become quite complicated.

While there’s a certain amount of luck involved when it comes to beating levels, there are some basic strategies that you must make sure to apply in order to maximize your chances of success. So if you’ve just taken up the game or are having a bit of a hard time figuring out how to solve a particular level, this Solitaire Grand Harvest guide might just be the thing you need to give you an idea on what to do next.

1. Take Your Time When Choosing Your Next Move

Your main goal during all Solitaire Grand Harvest levels is to clear all the cards from the playfield+. As you enter a level, you’ll notice a series of cards are face up, while others are hidden underneath. Below you have your deck of cards with one active card face up and waiting for you. Use this card to remove other cards from the board. Just tap on the face up cards that are either one point above or below than your active card.

solitaire grand harvest next move

Don’t rush when making the choice of which card to remove next. If you move too quickly, there’s the risk of overlooking an important match. Focus your attention to make sure you utilize each active card to the maximum before dealing a new card from the reserve. Once your card deck runs out of cards, you’ll be forced to restart the level and you’ll want to avoid that as much as possible.

While it might be tempting to simply rush through these levels, we recommend resisting the urge. Take your time to pick the next card, the levels aren’t timed so really there’s no good reason to be in a hurry.

Unless, you want to replay the same level over and over again. Just keep in mind that in Solitaire Grand Harvest you have to pay a sum in gold coins each time you want to play a level, so if you do that multiple times you’ll deplete your resources extremely fast.  Instead, the goal is to be able to solve the challenge as fast as possible.

2. Clear As Many Cards As You Can In A Row

Removing as many cards in a row as possible is a great way to expand your deck of active cards. The more you have at your disposal, the better your chances to win the level are.

So every time you select a new card to remove, consider if it has the potential to create a chain. Let’s look at an example. Say your active card is a 7, but your playfield includes both a 6 and an 8, therefore you’re faced with a choice.

Which one should you pick? Well part of figuring out the answer is to determine which route allows you to make a larger chain of cards. If you pick the 6 is there a 5 or a 7 nearby? Continue to look beyond and inspect whether the 5 can be followed up with something else. The same goes for the 7. What about the other option? The 8, does it lead to a 9 or a 7?

clearing cards in solitaire grand harvest

In this particular example, the 7 can be followed up by a 6-5 chain but that’s where things end (unless you uncover new cards which can continue the chain, but that’s all left to chance). On the other hand, you can pair the 7 with a 6 then 7-8-9, thus creating a longer chain. So in this instance, you are better off selecting the second option which is the 6 followed by a 7.

Getting rid of several cards in a row will activate the streak meter (located in the upper right corner). Watch the meter closely and see how many cards are needed to create a combo. In some cases, all it takes is 4 cards to unlock a coin reward, while other times you require 5 or 6 cards in a row to get an additional active card delivered to your deck. Sometimes, this extra card can be of a special sort.

Once the you’ve filled up the streak meter once, don’t stop. If you can go ahead and fill it up again by chaining up more cards, you’ll soon get another reward and so on.

3. When Faced With A Choice, Remove The Card On Top Of The Biggest Card Pile

Now, there’s another thing you should consider doing when you have to choose between multiple cards. The majority of cards on the board are faced down, and you’ll need to uncover them all gradually in order to remove them and ultimately clear the level.

To do that faster, you should always prioritize removing the cards that are sitting on the bigger pile of cards. So for example, in the example illustrated by the screenshot below, you should pair the active card (the 3) with the 4 that is sitting on top of the pile of cards in the second row, as opposed to the 4 in the first row. This way you’ll uncover more cards and you’ll have more options to choose from when trying to create matches.

solitaire grand harvest strategies

It’s a good idea to go through all the possible scenarios in your head before making the choice of which card to pick, don’t just select the first card you spot as a match for your active card. There might be better alternatives on the board, you just have to look carefully.

This is why we consider slowing down while playing Solitaire Grand Harvest an excellent strategy. If you go over the cards on the board too quickly you might fail to observe a nice match that could lead to uncovering even more cards.

4. Aim To Fill The Harvest Crates Faster And Get Access To Prizes

Each level you’ve completed is rated at the end of the stage, depending on how many coins you’ve accumulate. The maximum you can get 3 stars, while the minimum is only 1 star. The amount of coins you receive at the end of a level is influenced by the amount of leftover cards in your deck, as well as the streak meter rewards you’ve collected. 

Now, while it’s absolutely fine to finish most levels with the minimum rating, our advice is to strive to do a little better. Aim for a 2-star or 3-star rating, because your efforts will be rewarded quite amply later on.

unlocking crate in solitaire grand harvest

The stars you accumulate can be used to fill out crates which are brimming with all kinds of prizes and come in different sizes. The Wooden crate needs only 8 stars to be filled up and will unlock one prizes, but the Golden crate require you pour up to 40 stars. So when you get higher scores, the harvest creates fill out faster thus giving you access to Boosters and more coins in a shorter amount of time.

There are other rewards to grab which ca be yours independent of the stars you’ve accumulated so far. Once you hit certain milestones (successfully finishing level 25, 35, and so on), the game will unlock progress rewards for you which consist of coins and Boosters.

solitaire grand harvest prize

As we touched upon earlier, it’s possible to replay levels as many times you want, but – and there’s a big but – doing so will heavily impact your coin reserve. Which is why we feel we should once again stress the importance of clearing a level from the first few tries.

Of course, luck also plays a major role in this game. Sometimes, no matter how careful you are you just might not get the right active cards, as draws are randomized. So remember, don’t spend your resources on an endless quest to solve the level on your own. Try it once or twice and if you can’t succeed make sure you use some of the Boosters you’ve won by unlocking harvest crates and progress rewards.

5. When In Need, Use The Cheaper Pre-Level Boosters

Naturally, the game developers designed some tools to help you cope with tougher challenges. The problem is they all cost gold coins and you’re already busy spending those on levels or replaying them.

solitaire grand harvest pre-level boosters

So what happens when you really need help? You go for the cheapest boosters you have at your disposal. There are three pre-level power-ups which you can equip before a level stars and the most affordable one is the one with the scissors drawn on it, which shreds 3 cards at the beginning of a new level.

It costs 2000 coins, but depending where you are in the game, there might be cheaper alternatives. The other two boosters can clear all faceup cards on the playfield and add 3 Wild cards to your deck, but they are a bit pricier.

solitaire grand harvest booster

In the first part of the game, however, it makes sense to use the 5+ Cards booster more. If you have a few leftover cards on the board, then it’s no use to restart the level because it will drain an additional 1,500 coins from your resources and you have no actual guarantees you’ll be able to finish this time around. Instead, you can buy 5 more cards for the same price.

As you progress, however, the price of these 5 extra cards gets higher and higher, so you’ll reach a point where buying this power-up will be a lot more expensive than getting one of the pre-level Boosters we talked above.

solitaire grand harvest wild card

Another power-up we should talk about here is the Wild Card. This is a golden card which can be purchased in-level and acts like a Joker card. Basically you can match any cards to it. However appealing that might sound, Wild Cards don’t come cheap.

At first you can get one in exchange for 1,000 coins but as you continue to make headway in the game, prices will rise up sharply. Eventually they will get way too expensive for you to consider buying them.

The only stable prices are to be found with pre-level Boosters, so when in need you can turn to them for help. Try not to do that too often though, or you might run out of gold very fast. These power-ups are to be used sparingly, in case you’ve run into a really though level you can’t seem to best. If you feel you’ve gave it your all but no avail, then it might be time to consider spending on a power-up. And if you require help, try going for the cheapest option first and see if that helps.

6. Set A Reminder To Return To The Farm And Harvest Your Crops 

Your ability to play levels in Solitaire Grand Harvest depends on your funds, as you have to pay a fee to unlock each new stage. To this end, you’ll need all the gold you can collect, especially since you’ll stumble upon levels that aren’t simple and so you’ll need to pour a larger sum of coins to be able to pass them.

harvest bonus in solitaire grand harvest

Fortunately, there’s a way to boost your finances without having to do much. When you’re not playing the game, make sure you set a reminder to go back to the game every hour. The app usually sends notifications to alert you that produce is ready to be harvested, but sometimes this system can malfunction so it’s best to remember to do so yourself.

With each portion of the game you’ve covered, you’ll unlock a new type of crop which yields produce. Once it’s time to harvest, you should log back in and collect the goods and cash in some extra coins. Do so several times a day and you’ll have some funds once again. Depending on the range of crops that are available for harvesting, you can get quite a nice sum of money and expand your finances.

solitaire grand harvest apple

To this end, if you have run out of resources and don’t have the means to pay for a new level, we suggest waiting for the end of the day to start a playing session in Solitaire Grand Harvest. Until then, make sure you log in the game every hour and collect the money prizes. Once you’ve collected a nice sum towards the end of the day you can go ahead and resume from where you left off.

7. Complete The Missions For Extra Cash

Need even more cash? Check the Missions tab in the lower part of the display to get your hands on some nice rewards. Some of these quests are simple enough, for example, collecting a number of stars, while others are trickier.

solitaire grand harvest daily missions

For instance, you’re going to be tasked to win 2 levels Highest Mode. It’s possible to Boost your winnings before starting a level, which means it’s possible to score 2x or 4x more coins, as well as Gems. The problem is that you’ll have to pay a lot more to unlock such a level. While a standard stage takes you back with 1,500 coins, one in Highest Mode will drain 6,000 coins from your account. If you have the resources, go for it and try to complete this missions, but if you don’t it’s alright. There are others you can take up.

8. Don’t Invest In The Challenge Stages

You might be tempted to take on the challenge stages (tap on the red chest in the upper right corner to access them) to improve your crops’ yield and get access to other prizes. But honestly, the gains are not that great and you still have to pay coins to play these extra levels.

solitaire grand harvest challenge stage

Finishing off five challenges in a row gets you a nice coin rewards, but achieving this level of success is pretty unlikely. So our advice is to simply skip these challenges and hold on to your gold. If you ever reach a point where you’ve managed to hoard a lot of gold, by all means go for it. But keep in mind that even the increase in crop yield doesn’t justify spending the amount of dough needed to complete these challenges.

The better tactic is to just save up the gold from the harvest throughout the day, then spend it on new levels and power-ups to help you complete these challenges. Then repeat and so on.

9. Remember To Spend Gems

Events are an important part of Solitaire Grand Harvest, as they can unlock hefty prizes for you.  There are a lot of them going on at the same time, but when one does take place it can extend over the duration of multiple days.

During one such event you’re required to collect gems in order to restore one of your friend’s farm. Renovate as much as possible and unlock progress rewards as you continue to revive a dilapidated farmstead.

spending gems in solitaire grand harvest

Players can collect gems by playing solitaire levels just like before, and will find that these precious stones are hidden behind some of the cards. Collect enough of these gems and you’ll be able to start renovations on the next farm.

What’s cool about this particular event is that every completed chapter has an effect on the production of the main farm. Finish a set of tasks in the event, and you’ll be able to increase your farm bonus. This means you’ll be able to get more money with each harvest. So as you can see it pays to play during these events. Make sure you don’t forget about spending these gems, because the rewards will really come in handy.

10. Special Cards And Special Levels

The game spices up its levels with unique mechanics and elements from time to time. For example, during some challenges you’ll find purple cards hidden among the standard cards on the board. Once revealed, these cards will place themselves in your deck of active cards, which increases your chances at beating such a level.

solitaire grand harvest purple cards

Given that you start off with a meager deck of cards, it’s essential that you begin uncovering these purple cards so you can beef up your deck. Running out of cards too soon is a major risk during these types of levels, so you need to move quickly to extract the purple cards from the others and get them into your deck.

Another unique type of level is where you are supposed to play the leftmost card(s) to scroll and reveal more cards. The goal is to reach the far right to remove all the cards on the board. In this case, you must prioritize getting rid of the cards that appear on your left. If faced with a choice between one of the leftmost cards and another one, you should go for the former, as to work towards revealing all the cards that are still hidden from view.

solitaire grand harvest special level

These are merely a few examples of the kind of special mechanics you might be dealing with during this game, but the common strategy to dealing with any sort of unique element that might pop up is to tackle them as soon as possible. The sooner they are out of the way the better so you can focus on removing all the other regular cards from the playfield.

With this last tip we conclude our guide for Solitaire Grand Harvest. We hope these tidbits of knowledge will aid you in learning how to solve levels fast and unlock new crops for your farm. If you have some of your own tips and advice to share for this game, do not hesitate to share them with us in the comment section that you can find below!

Linda Mayet

Thursday 19th of August 2021

Love the game sgh. I've even gone as far a to get help support to start my game from the beginning again.


Tuesday 17th of August 2021

What are the umbrellas for? Thanks!