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Caribbean Odyssey Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Become the Wealthiest Pirate in No Time

Mobile games have come a long way since the introduction of Snake nearly 3 decades ago. From what used to be a common alternative to passing the time, especially away from home, to becoming among the top reasons for some people to upgrade their devices, the mobile gaming industry has tremendously flourished to more than compete with their PC and console counterparts.

Even with a constantly rapid pace of development in the mobile gaming scene veered towards better graphics, sound, and overall quality, these traits still cannot be expected to appeal to everyone who is into mobile gaming. This is primarily attributable to time constraints or, rather, how much time some people can actually spend to dedicate to a particular game. For that reason, casual and hyper-casual games have remained to be popular genre in the mobile gaming scene and will likely continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

There are numerous kinds of casual games and for people who have very limited time they can spend on games; the choices are as many as the genres of games themselves. From action and adventure down to puzzles and sim games, there almost certainly is a game built for just about anyone.

Caribbean Odyssey is a casual title exclusively available on Android, that categorically belong to the dice game genre. While games either center on skill or luck, Caribbean Odyssey revolves mostly around luck, making it a simple yet addictive time-killer that players of different ages and preferences will find very easy to pick up and enjoy.

caribbean odyssey gameplay

While every throw of the dice, every spin of the wheel, and random treasure chest rewards all exclusively rely on luck, Caribbean Odyssey is a unique adventure that can certainly call for a set of strategies for a more efficient play through.

Caribbean Odyssey is a type of casual game that leaves the impression on some players that you can get real money out of playing it. Although the in-game currencies seem to be convertible into something of real value, we have not seen any information on the app description itself of such promise nor have we grinded enough to actually make it past having enough to withdraw. In any case, Caribbean Odyssey has much to offer in its content beyond the promise of earning real money as some people deem it to be.

The game does not come with any sort of tutorial and for good reason. All it takes is a tap on the screen to roll the dice, and that is basically the most important thing to learn and every other feature comes second.

Caribbean Odyssey is basically a game anyone can progress in with little effort and skill but if you are up to earning each of the currencies at a much faster and efficient pace, then read on as our Caribbean Odyssey guide has everything you need to do just that!

1. Keep Rolling The Dice

Caribbean Odyssey is largely, but not entirely, about rolling the dice to randomly obtain rewards. The dice itself is like your stamina or energy in the game and somewhat limits the amount of adventuring you can have in a single go. Every map you travel around in has different tiles especially as rewards are concerned but the map itself is not without limit.

There are plenty of unique maps and adventures for you to discover and explore and the sooner you advance almost always means the more opportunities you will have to earn more rewards. Fifty dice rolls to start your adventure with is a lot and it replenishes every 10 minutes as well.

rolling the dice in caribbean odyssey

While it may take quite a while to consume all of that in one sitting, what you instead want to consider is to avoid keeping it full as you will basically miss out on the free dice roll that replenishes over time.

The faster way of expending dice rolls means claiming rewards as fast as possible and rolling again afterwards. This, of course, means claiming every reward outright and missing a plethora of opportunities every step of the way. In this sense, going fast does not necessarily equate to gaining items and currencies faster, especially since a great chunk of the rewards you can get present opportunities through ad boosts and random instances you can choose to ignore.

2. Take Advantage Of Ad Boosts

As much as we recommend a steadfast approach towards expending your dice rolls, it should never be at the cost of losing out on exceptional opportunities. Caribbean Odyssey provides plenty of ways and means for you to exponentially boost the rewards you earn and all of these opportunities only cost playing a short video ad to claim.

If you are completely new to the mobile gaming world and feel like traversing an unfamiliar territory with games that come packed with advertisements, then you should know that the existence and incorporation of such ads have long since been an integral part of mobile games, most especially ones that are free to play. More often than not, you will hear some people complain about their existence and seeing ads yourself may not be convenient or enjoyable experience at all.

We have played countless mobile games before and have, in a way, grown some level of immunity to negative feelings about the presence of video ads in free games. To start off, mobile games that are absolutely free can only generate bits of earnings through the existence of these ads most especially if they hardly sell anything at the in-game store for real money or if they do but most, if not all, the items available for purchase are not required for players to enjoy the game.

caribbean odyssey ad boost

With this mindset, it becomes a lot easier to bear even those types of video ads that pop up in between levels all on their own. Fortunately enough, there are no video ads in Caribbean Odyssey that would play unless you want them to.

All video ads form part of an ad boost, which means that you will always get something out of each of them but playing each of the ads is absolutely voluntary. Remember that you can always opt to skip these ads but doing so will have you miss out on some opportunities to exponentially increase rewards you receive.

To start off, choosing to play a video ad when claiming your daily rewards double the amount of items you receive. This comes with a daily random gift you can pick from among 3 choices that also requires watching an ad to claim. You can always opt to skip out of these but daily rewards are typically worth doubling.

If you visit the shop through its icon at the lower right side of the screen, there are plenty of very attractive items to purchase. None of these items cost any of the currencies you have and the exclusive means of securing them is through playing a video ad or 2. There are ships that you can claim one time, treasure chests with gears that you can each grab once daily, and extra cash, which is the most basic currency, as well as extra dice that you can seize an infinite number of times per day.

caribbean odyssey rewards

On the actual board itself, practically every reward you claim can be doubled through the ad boosts. Regardless of whether what you earn are outright rewards, random values from chests, or even random currencies from the spinning wheel, it will either be an ad boost to claim them or an ad boost to double the amount you receive.

There is also a floating gift box that you can see from time to time and tapping on it will present you with an opportunity to receive its contents. The rewards of these gift boxes may vary and it is entirely up to you to if you want to take advantage of the opportunities they provide on top of the numerous others that you will come across with.

Another important ad boost that you definitely need to take advantage of relates to the battles you engage in. If you happen to land on tiles with sword icons, be ready to engage in an automated pirate ship duel. This battle is not dependent on luck at all, contrary to most other aspects of the game. Instead, your pirate ships stats and overall strength in comparison with your opponent’s ship determines the outcome of the battle.

caribbean odyssey gift box

Higher numbers mean victory but in case you lose on your first go, you can always play a video ad to revive your ship at full capacity. Of course, if you lose a second time there will no longer be any means for you to revive.

The completion of all stages within the world of Caribbean Odyssey most likely will take a much shorter time if you choose to ignore each and every ad boost that presents itself to you. Taking on all of them may require as much time as you would invest in more demanding mobile games. In essence, Caribbean Odyssey is still very much a casual game given that you actually do not always need to pay close attention to it to make progress.

With practically infinite ad boost opportunities in the game, you can simply play video ads one after another to amass resources at a much faster rate. You can do this while watching a movie or doing something else in that you would not even notice how many of these ad boosts you have played over time.

3. Gather As Many Gears As You Can

Your initial pirate ship on its own will most certainly let you win against the first battle on the initial stage you set foot on. Beyond that, you will continue to encounter more powerful ships that will make short work of vessel if you engage them.

Beyond probable encounters in the stages, there are also treasure maps you can obtain that lets you battle different ship levels. It will surely come as a surprise how a ship of the next higher grade can have so much power over the previous ones and to be prepared for whatever challenge they bring; you must ceaselessly invest on upgrading your pirate ship.

There are basically 3 ways for you to strengthen your pirate ship. The first one actually involves changing the ship itself. The default ship can easily be replaced with better ones at the shop. All you need to do is to play the required number of video ads to obtain 2 new ships, with the latter apparently having more inherent strength.

caribbean odyssey gear

Your ship basically has 3 different stats to work with: attack or ATK, health or HP, and sailor, which is basically a multiplier for both. There are 3 equipment types you need to collect and these are designed to increase on of the 3 given stat attributes. The gears you obtain come with different rarity as indicated by their color and may either be common, advanced, or legendary with legendary being the top grade.

A unique game mechanic in Caribbean Odyssey as far as equipment are concerned is that every piece of gear you obtain has its worth. It is naturally best to obtain top grade gears but it does not diminish the value of common or advanced grade ones.

Every bit of equipment you obtain adds stat points for your pirate ship so even if you already have legendary ones equipped, subsequent acquisition of any gear will still contribute to an increase in your ship’s stats.

Given this scenario, it becomes very important for you to keep collecting gears and grabbing every opportunity to get even more. There will hardly be any case of having too many equipment of having your ship’s stats too high. On the other hand, there is a natural tendency for everyone to underestimate to rate at which enemy pirate ships can grow in strength.

4. Level Up Your Ship’s Stats

In relation to looting as many gears as you possibly can, it is also important to constantly level up your pirate ship’s stats. Of the 3 currencies you will consistently be earning, the third one, which is the cash, is the easiest one to obtain and amass. You will easily rack up millions of cash but can surely enough spend them faster than you earn them. The ship upgrades are the best use for this currency, so do not hesitate to spend every bit of them for upgrades.

upgrading ship stat in caribbean odyssey

Just like the gears you collect, stat upgrades will also affect one of the 3 different stats. Each one has a different upgrade cost and upgrade costs increase with every new level reached. You are very much free to decide how you want to go about levelling up each of the ship’s stats. However, we recommend balancing the investment across the 3 stats and going for the cheaper one in every instance.

It is a common scenario to experience running out of cash after just a few upgrades purchased. More common even as your ship’s stat levels grow higher. On top of the usual amounts of cash you can pick up from your adventure and the extra ones you receive from subscribing to ad boosts, there are various other means for you to earn more of them beyond the other 2 currencies so do not have second thoughts about spending them.

5. Conquer Your Treasure Maps As Soon As You Can

One of the least common items you can obtain through your adventures is a treasure map that provides you an opportunity to earn extra gears for your ship as well as huge loads of cash. These treasure maps come with different rarities, with higher grade ones guaranteed to provide better rewards.

Initially, these maps can give you the impression that they work much like the actual adventure stages you travel in as the stages seem to take place on a specific map. The treasure maps, however, are pirate ships duel that resemble the battles you engage in whenever your dice roll lands you exactly on a tile with swords on it.

Once you obtain a treasure map you can access it via the treasure maps icon at the bottom of the screen. You can collect a bunch of treasure maps before taking on them but what you would want to do is to finish the easier ones to obtain more gears and cash in preparation for the more challenging ones. You will have to try each one to be able to accurately gauge whether the enemy ship is beatable or not.

caribbean odyssey treasure map

Beyond the treasure map’s rarity, be sure to take note of its accompanying level. An enemy ship that can be beaten is not necessarily limited to the ones you can obliterate without being destroyed first. Rather, you should consider the one-time ship revival you can get from the ad boost in determining whether you can win against your enemy and loot the chest full of gears and cash.

If you succeed, then your pirate ship will most certainly be stronger immediately after and the treasure map will be gone. If not, then you still get to keep the map for you to challenge again at any time. Of course, there is hardly any point of challenging the enemy ship again without investing on more upgrades and securing more gears. You should more or less at least have a good idea of how much stronger your ship should become before you attempt to challenge the enemy ship again.

6. Push To Unlock Villages For Idle Rewards

Progressing your pirate adventure one stage after another is not just a seemingly unending quest to farm for various resources. Every stage you clear counts towards important milestones that will eventually lead to a more efficient way of earning cash. On top of grabbing a valuable chest at the end of each stage and having a change of view as you start with a new one, finishing a certain number of stages will unlock villages for you.

The village feature in Caribbean Odyssey works much like the fundamental concept within idle clicker games. You actually do not need to do anything except visit the village from time to time to collect the cash that each one has generated for you. The villages, unfortunately cannot be upgraded for them to increase the amount of cash they generate over time. Note, however, that while a per hour amount is indicated, the stated amount of cash is actually earned every second.

Clearing one stage will unlock the first village for you and the next 5 villages to unlock will require the completion of more and more stages to unlock. You can check the set of villages via its icon on the bottom of the screen. The more difficult villages are to unlock; the more cash they generate over time.

unlocking villages in caribbean odyssey

Although the amount of currency each village generates over time seem small, the aggregate value you can receive passively can help you with cash expenses that you will never run out of such as the upgrades on your pirate ship.

It is important to note that while luck in the virtual world can be programmed to simulate real life probabilities, our first-hand experience while adventuring within the world of Caribbean Odyssey seem to stray from it. The good thing though is that luck in our experience seems to favor the players. From every spin of the wheel down to each scratch card you get your hands on, it always ends up with the player winning something.

Although we have yet to actually withdraw real money off of the little time we have spent in Caribbean Odyssey, we can at the very least, confirm that that it has its share of fun that can effectively help you pass idle time. This is where we wrap up our Caribbean Odyssey guide and we certainly hope that you have learned a lot from the tips and strategies we shared. If by chance you have unearthed some unique tricks of your own to add to our list, do not hesitate to share them with us and your fellow players below!