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Kawaii Mansion Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Solve Every Puzzle Easily

Kawaii Mansion combines an ingenious hidden object puzzle solving adventure with an expansive home design simulation of sorts. Presented in a vibrant and cheerful anime art style, the hidden object puzzle solving aspect of your adventure in Kawaii Mansion can easily leave an impression of its challenges being seemingly easier than most loosely similar games in the genre. Kawaii Mansion, however, comes packed with a lot of distinguished elements that make the entire experience aptly challenging, perhaps even more for complete beginners.

The initial set of puzzles come with bits of instructional guides, walking you through all the basics. The pictures or items listed at the bottom of the screen are the ones you need to look for in the huge scenario and you only need to tap on the right object to clear it.

kawaii mansion guide

Being able to zoom in and out through a pinch gesture is actually very helpful and you will find yourself doing that a lot. You will get introduced as well to various tools that can help make your life easier in solving puzzles.

While the game mechanics in Kawaii Mansion are as simple as they come, the game has numerous creative ways of making a simple concept be riddled with challenges you can never expect. If you find yourself struggling to complete certain puzzles and are searching for more efficient means to redesign your mansion, we have got you covered as our Kawaii Mansion guide has loads of tips, tricks and strategies you need to solve every puzzle efficiently!

1. Maintain Focus On 1 Item

The puzzles in Kawaii Mansion make it so that you can search for up to 4 items at a time. Finding any one of those items will clear them from the list below the screen and a new one will be added, unless you are down to the last set of items to find. Some experienced and veteran players can multitask to the point of keeping all those items in find as they search for any of it on the puzzle location.

As efficient as that sounds, however, we recommend taking a more beginner friendly approach towards solving each puzzle and taking on an item 1 at a time. Considering to take note of more than 1 object to find, keeping them in mind, while all the time searching for all these items everywhere you look can be a very difficult task. While it can work for some people it will certainly take its toll on the mental focus you need to keep at all times.

kawaii mansion tips

It will seem to take much longer, and most likely would, if you check an item to search for and then only focus on finding that item. This approach, coupled with an orderly fashion by which you screen the entire scenario, should make it easier to find the object in question.

Whether you sweep the screen from left to right or top to bottom is up to you, but the point is that if you focus on just 1 item to look for and have a way of checking the scenario’s entirety, you will most certainly find what you are looking for quickly enough.

2. Set Personal Time Limits To Move On Or Use Tools

In general, the above strategy we discussed should set a firm pillar to support you as you take one challenge after another. However, it cannot be denied that some objects are simply harder to find than others. There are plenty of objects in every puzzle that are entirely out in the open but some are tucked neatly away, showing only a fraction of the item and some are even situated behind another object.

Just like answering important written exams, taking too long on 1 question may leave you out of time and unable to answer questions that you could have otherwise answered in seconds. This same concept should be applied on how you try to solve each puzzle in Kawaii Mansion. If you cannot seem to find an item within a personally set period of time, then you should move on to the next one.

You are given 90 seconds to solve puzzles outside of the tutorial session. It can actually be intimidating and glancing at the countdown timer at certain intervals may cause as much harm as it helps. Taking note of the timer at the upper left side of the puzzle screen does serve its purpose, but constantly glancing at it can leave you distracted from concentrating on your search.

kawaii mansion time limit

The best thing to do is to simply keep in mind that it is a timed game but just enough to avoid having the idea pour more pressure on you. In addition to that, having your own standards as to how many seconds you should focus on looking for an item before moving to the next should be established.

You can initially set it at 5 seconds, for example, and then try setting it to 10 seconds on another round until you find the best fit for you. This is just a sample of a basic strategy you could utilize to keep an organized and systematic approach towards solving any puzzle.

3. You Can Often Employ Logic And Reasoning

As a valuable supplement to having a systematic approach towards solving each puzzle in Kawaii Mansion, you can also apply basic logic and reasoning skills to help you find some of the objects you need to look for. In addition to the usual challenge each puzzle provides, randomly relocating some of the items in the search area ups the difficulty level by a notch or so.

For starters, if images or silhouettes are laid out for you to find, they all come in the same size, more or less. This is to naturally fit them into the bottom of the screen. It can sound pretty basic but this can have an impact on the way you search.

Maintain a mindset that the items you are actually looking for are closer to what their actual sizes ought to be than the sizes of the pictures. The objects you can find in the puzzle can be several times bigger than the photo or silhouette size at the bottom of the screen but will never be, in any case, smaller than it.

Another common consideration Kawaii Mansion provides within its puzzles is rationale as to where you can more likely find the item you are looking for. Suppose the puzzle location is the kitchen and one of the items you are looking for is a pair of slippers.

It should only make sense not to find the slippers on the table or the sink, so you will either check for it on the floor or hanging somewhere that would not in any way carry risks of having dirt on food or kitchen utensils. In some cases, different pots can be found on the floor when they should not be there but at the very least, you will never find any object that is so awkwardly displaced.

using logic and reasoning in kawaii mansion

Last, but not the least, one of Kawaii Mansion’s common tricks to make every puzzle even more challenging aligns well to the logical positioning of the item you need to search for. Had every item to find been as perfectly visible as the reference pictures are, then every puzzle would be a couple of folds easier. Expectedly enough, the case is that you will often see mere parts or portions of the items you are looking for and for good reason.

Items are perfectly blended into the puzzle’s background room and if each of them can be seen as a whole, then it would mostly look like they are floating above the background. It is only logical to present some of the items you are looking for to be found behind other objects in the background or even tucked nicely into a cabinet, drawer, or other storage areas that carry other items as well.

You cannot expect lots of open space in any puzzle but even with its abundant share of details, you can still easily make sense of what everything you see actually is. The puzzle backgrounds are also designed in such a way that contrast is lower than usual, giving a bit of faded effect to its entirety. Despite that, it should not take much effort to distinguish one item as an entire object on its own rather than a part of something else.

Having a keen eye as a basic requirement for Kawaii Mansion goes well beyond simply being able to find any of the items. Taking note of where you found the object and making sense of why they were there can help you understand the logic of each object’s placement in the puzzle scene.

Additionally, having a good level of familiarity with every bit of the background will help you notice more easily a change in the scenario. As some items get relocated in subsequent runs, you will have a quicker turnaround time in finding them by focusing on some puzzle areas that seem differently organized.

4. The Pause Button Is Your Ultimate Weapon

One of the unique aspects each puzzle in Kawaii Mansion has is the experience and difficulty relationship that goes as you progress further into your adventure. You will naturally have a keener eye for the objects you need to find and memorization through repetition can also have a positive impact on every succeeding session.

To some extent, however, there is a bit of luck involved as well that affects your performance. Playing on the same puzzle does not always yield the same results given that random objects form part of the list you need to complete and this same randomization also applies to where each item can be located as well.

As some runs yield great results while some will unavoidably prove wanting, Kawaii Mansion also provides you with some magic tools to utilize in such instances. We were actually thinking about adding a tip as to how you should utilize the tools at your disposal. Based on our experience, however, these tools simply ought to be used when you need them.

You should always consider prudence as not every consumable is easy to come by but you also should avoid hoarding these helpful tools. There are dire scenarios where choosing to use these tools can save you from repeating a level. If you are careless, it can also happen that you will fail to clear a puzzle even after using a magic tool.

using the pause button in kawaii mansion

Beyond these consumable but tremendously helpful items, what we appreciate more than others is the ability to pause your game. This simple and often ignored feature can help you more than any of those magic tools and can even spell the difference between success and failure in any puzzle. You can find the pause button at the upper right side of the puzzle screen and there is no limit as to how many times you can utilize this in a puzzle.

There are a number of scenarios where simply keeping the pause button’s existence in mind can reduce, if not completely diminish the pressure buildup as you solve a puzzle. Emergencies, restroom break, or even quick rest periods are common examples of these. For us, one of the common applications of pausing the game take place on puzzles that show the object’s name instead of their pictures or silhouettes.

We are not going to lie and we actually encountered a lot of words that we are not familiar with and needed to use our “Google-fu” to search for an image of the object. To some extent, we feel that this can be a common predicament to other players as well.

5. Be Careful What You Click On

Kawaii Mansion offers the simplest of controls in that a mere tap on the object in the puzzle and pinching in and out to zoom stands as the entirety of what you need to know to be able to play the game. As simple as clicking an item in the puzzle is, it carries with it a dangerous catch that can make it extra challenging for you to actually clear the puzzle.

kawaii mansion controls

In some cases, you can guess wrong and click on an item that you are not supposed to and that is completely okay. These are mistakes bound to happen at least one and you are more likely to repeat the same mistakes in Kawaii Mansion. On the other hand, what is equally likely to happen is that you have no intention on clicking on a particular spot but accidentally do so, unleashing the red “x” mark indicating an erroneous click.

A single instance of that has no consequences but every 3 wrong clicks will reduce the remaining time to solve the puzzle by 10 seconds. Given the very limited time you have in solving each puzzle, a 10 second penalty can really have a huge impact on your overall performance and lowers the chance for you to clear a puzzle so you best be careful with every click you make.

6. Take Advantage Of The Ad Boosts

Kawaii Mansion is one of those games that you can very much enjoy and progress in even if you do not have as much free time in your hands. Each puzzle can last a mere 90 to 115 seconds although pauses can extend that. Regardless, the quick pace of actually playing the puzzle game combined with a limited stamina or energy to do so gives you more or less half an hour before you have to take a break from your puzzle solving adventures.

Given that it consumes 10 stamina to attempt solving a puzzle, you can make about 10 attempts before completely draining a full supply of it. Once your stamina is lower than its max value, it starts to replenish every 2 and a half minutes. For casual players, that should be sufficiently satisfying. If you want to have more energy and solve more puzzles, however, Kawaii Mansion actually provides additional means for you to extend your play time.

Once your remaining stamina is no longer enough for you to take on a puzzle, you will be presented with an option to play a 15 to 30-second video ad. Video ads have always been a common content among free mobile games so you should not be surprised of their existence in Kawaii Mansion. What is good about it, though is that no video ads will ever play without you actually allowing it to do so and your games will never be interrupted by these ads against your will.

kawaii mansion ad boost

We have taken advantage of this feature several times over and feel that you can get free energy as many times as you need. At this point as well, you may have already experienced running out of time and basically failing to finish a puzzle.

Twice each day, you can play a short video ad and gain 25 additional seconds to try and solve the puzzle. If you are close to doing so like you only need to find 1 item, then you should use this feature. After exhausting 2 ad boosts here, the only other option to get extra seconds is by spending gems, which is simply not viable.

Lastly, you can also grab free hints by playing a short video ad. On the main screen, you can tap on the “+” button beside your stamina to be taken to the shop. You can claim free stamina on the first tab and you can obtain free hints on the second one. While free energy seems unlimited at the time of this writing, hints can only be obtained a certain number of times per day.

7. Use The Screenshot And Pause Combo

It is actually a cheap trick that counts as cheating but there is actually a way to effectively stretch the time limit you have in solving any of the puzzles. We already love having a pause button available in Kawaii Mansion and we shared with you its practical uses above but this one takes the cake. It is a simple combined application of taking a screenshot with your device and knowing how to pause the game.

At any time during a puzzle solving run, you should keep a good view of the puzzle, preferably zoomed out so more of the area can be captured in the screenshot. How to screenshot depends on the device you are using so if it is not the volume down and power button at the same time, you should find out how to do it on your device before attempting this trick. Once you have taken a screenshot, you should pause the game and go to where you can view the screenshot image.

kawaii mansion tricks

While the game is paused and effectively freezing time to solve the puzzle, you can spend as much time as you need to locate the items you need to find or even study the entire puzzle altogether. Do note as well that you can zoom in on the captured image a lot better than you can in the actual game, so that gives you yet another excellent advantage.

Once you feel that you have mastered the contents of your screenshot, you can get back to Kawaii Mansion, unpause your game, and continue to solve it with more knowledge. Feel free to continue doing this combo until you find all of the hidden objects. Not everyone may agree to using this method and that is okay. This is almost as good as a guaranteed completion of any puzzle and almost eliminates any challenge it can offer.

We are surely expecting more features and game modes to be added to the game in future updates but for now, this is where we wrap up our Kawaii Mansion guide. We certainly hope that our collection of tips, tricks and strategies we shared with you will go a long way and help you beat each and every challenge. If by chance you have also stumbled upon a cool trick or strategy and wish to share them with us, feel free to drop us one or a couple down below!