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Kingdom: The Blood Pledge Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Build the Best Characters and Accomplish Every Quest

Kingdom: The Blood Pledge is an exciting MMORPG from Efun Technology, an Asian mobile gaming company, that’s behind numerous successful titles such as BLEACH: Eternal Soul, Crisis S, and Master Topia just to name a few. While the company has launched some titles categorically belonging to genres other than RPGs, their long line of successful hits in the role-playing category almost guarantees that each new RPG title released is at the very least as successful as its predecessors.

It is no secret that there is a plethora of RPGs flooding both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store on a regular basis. Kingdom: The Blood Pledge sets itself apart from most of them with its homage to classic MMORPGs, bringing back traditional gameplay mechanics that hardcore fans of the genre timelessly love and enjoy. Kingdom: The Blood Pledge, however, leaves plenty of features and mechanics friendly enough for complete beginners in the genre pick it up as easily as modern day RPGs.

Kingdom: The Blood Pledge prides itself with a huge seamless open world, allowing players to explore the land freely if they choose to do so. While there are neither customizations nor gender choices for the given 4 classes of characters, the personalization of your character’s build as far as stats, skills, and gears go has enough depth to wow both beginners and experienced adventurers alike.

kingdom the blood pledge strategies

There certainly is a lot of information to take in to learn even just the basics in the world of Kingdom: The Blood Pledge. With a bit of patience, especially in the early parts of your adventure, each new feature or aspect of the game will be discussed through a brief tutorial. The auto mode in terms of going to different locations and even attacking mobs make it convenient and the fast travel option is certainly a treat. Knowing everything that the tutorial can provide, however, is just the surface of what you need to excel in Kingdom: The Blood Pledge.

Now, if you are just starting out in your adventure in its vast world, in search of tips, tricks and strategies to maximize growth and progression, then we have you covered as our Kingdom: The Blood Pledge beginner’s guide has everything you need to build the best character and dominate each challenge!

1. Choose The Best Class For You

Having a choice as to which class your character will have has been an integral element of almost every MMORPG. Some players may regard it as a sort of limiter as far as personalization or customization of your virtual avatar goes but, in essence, it provides players, especially newer ones, a more focused approach towards character types that make sense, with specialized roles that have variances from one type to the next.

Class types are basically established to categorize different play styles much like providing different roads towards the same destination. Now, regardless of the number of selectable classes to choose from, the perennial question that always comes to mind centers around which of the available classes is the best one. In Kingdom: The Blood Pledge, much like any other MMORPG, the irrefutable answer is always the same and the best class for each player is the one that more suitably reflects their preferences and play style.

There are 4 distinct classes to choose from in Kingdom: The Blood Pledge. These classes are very much familiar to experienced and veteran players of conventional RPGs. If you are a total beginner in this respect, it is critical to identify each one’s unique roles in combat, whether they are on their own or with a group, and likewise be aware of each one’s weaknesses or limitations as well. Keep in mind that each character class is designed to be on equal footing with one another and in Kingdom: The Blood Pledge, each one can be built to focus more on having offensive strength or defensive prowess. With much freedom as to stat distribution, you can go anywhere in-between of the offense and defense pendulum as well.

The warrior stands as the most basic class in Kingdom: The Blood Pledge as well as in most other RPGs. Warriors are rather simple and direct and can be built to deal decent damage outputs as well as increased survivability. Strength is the most dominant stat attribute that needs to be focused on to increase offensive capabilities while the warrior’s HP growth rate is also well above others, meaning that you get more out of it with every stat point allocation. Higher HP means being able to soak in more damage and staying longer in the fray.

kingdom the blood pledge warrior class

Yet another common class is the ranger, typically called archer in some RPGs. Rangers have potential to deal higher amounts of damage than warriors and has the advantage of range as well. It is typical for ranged combatants to naturally have lower HP as the idea revolves around not having enemies close in on you. Investing points in STR only applies to melee combatants. For the ranger, increasing AGI boosts damage, hit rate, as well as critical rate.

Next up is the assassin, which is similar to the warrior in the sense that it is a melee class as well. Assassins likewise rely on STR to boost their damage but will not benefit as much as warriors do with beefed up HP. Assassins are typically built more for the offense type than warriors are but can expectedly lag behind warriors in terms of defensive capabilities.

Last, but definitely not the least, are Mages, known to be the top magic user among all the available classes. Mages rely on INT to raise their attack damage, hit rate, and critical rate. More stats allocated on INT raises their offensive strength but stat points also need to be allocated on SPIR or Spirit to boost their magic defense, max MP, and MP regeneration. Note that mages are not exclusively built for dealing damage as this class can also perform healing spells.

Kingdom: The Blood Pledge provides players with extra slots to create multiple characters. With this, you can freely switch to another character if you play-tested one class and then realize your play style suits a different one better. Although there is always an option to switch between or among multiple characters in most MMORPGs, it is always best to stay focused on one as the time it takes to max out one character is certainly a huge challenge on its own already.

2. Prioritize Completing The Main Quests

With an enormous open world to explore and tons of activities to engage in, Kingdom: The Blood Pledge leaves a tempting option for you to venture without purpose or direction. It certainly has its share of fun and excitement, especially encountering mobs of monsters in distant areas that appear to be superior to you given your current level. For efficiency’s sake, however, the best way to go is to adhere to the main quests and simply continue on doing so until you hit an insurmountable challenge.

At the start of your dive into the world of Kingdom: The Blood Pledge, there will hardly be any introductions as to what you should do next. The quest on the left side of the screen actually serves as a one-tap button that leads you to accomplish the present quest. Simply tapping on the quest will enable you to pursue it and soon enough, the fast travel icon will appear beside it, enabling you to teleport to where the target objective lies.

As expected, each quest completion comes with a set of rewards that includes a decent amount of EXP to level up your character. Early on, the most basic of resources will form part of these rewards, and an introduction to each of its uses will form part of the basic tutorial. These quests may often involve slaying a certain number of mobs but there are also instances of simply interacting with NPCs.

kingdom the blood pledge main quest

The mobs of monsters you go after also come with random drops and bits of EXP. To some extent, it can be a tempting scenario to hack and slash away at the surrounding mobs even after you have completed the relevant quest. However, the rewards you can get out of it pale a lot in comparison to the benefits of completing quests, not just in terms of the material rewards but the associated EXP gains as well.

Beyond having a quest that is difficult for you to beat with your character’s current abilities, there are plenty of side activities that break the monotony of hunting mobs one after another. Replenishing supplies of potions and items for combat, equipping new gears as well as upgrading them or crafting new ones, and managing your inventory fall along these lines. Accomplishing quests as far as you can handle and amassing as many resources out of it will be your primary key towards progressing forward in your adventure.

3. Focus On Your Character’s Build Early On

Choosing your character class is just the starting line of the numerous decision points you will encounter as you bring your character into the world of Kingdom: The Blood Pledge. There is a huge room for customization as far as building a character goes and having a solid idea of what a particular class excels in as well as what his or her limitations are can help you decide on how you want your character to grow.

For starters, every new level your character reaches will earn them distributable stat points. Each class starts off with a different set of stat allocations, giving you a hint of where you ought to invest some points in. STR, AGI, and INT all relate to boosting a character’s offensive strength depending on their class but VIT and SPIR are equally considered as support attributes that carries with it benefits with every point added.

kingdom the blood pledge character build

Each character class in Kingdom: The Blood Pledge also has at least 2 options for weapons they can use and while these weapons can be switched around working on your character’s build is best done in connection with your weapon of choice. For the warrior, as an example, you can either opt for a sword and shield or a 2-handed sword. The former naturally grants more defensive strength thanks to the shield but the latter provides more destructive power in comparison.

Characters can also learn a wide array of active skill and passive abilities. While for the most part, you can utilize these skills and abilities regardless of how you build your character as well as which weapon you opt to focus on, the effectivity that each skill has can have may also depend on your build. For example, the warrior can learn shield bash, which is an offensive skill that can stun enemies.

Naturally, you can only use this when you have a shield equipped. Mighty Strike, on the other hand, has the same stun effect add-on and can take longer to unlock but can only be used with a 2-handed sword equipped.

4. Ease Down On Gear Upgrades

Weapons and other gears in Kingdom: The Blood Pledge are also classified by their rarity grade as indicated by their color. Gray ones are common, which you will be starting off with. Green ones are R grade, Blue ones are SR grade, Red ones are SSR grade, and Purple ones are UR grade. It can be expected that it will take a lot of work and effort for you to acquire a weapon of gear belonging to the next grade and the patience and grinding involved also increases the farther you get.

You can likewise expect that weapons of a higher grade will have far superior stat boosts. Each weapon and gear can further be enhanced using scrolls. We recommend going easy on the enhancement feature for a variety of reasons, all relating to saving up money and resources.

To start off, you can earn several scrolls as rewards from quests and will also be having an overabundance of gold at the early part of your adventure. While this can give you a sense of abundance at this point, you should know that resource-gathering and material consumption will naturally grow more challenging in essence as you make further progress.

kingdom the blood pledge gear upgrade

You can always purchase enhancement scrolls from the in-game shop using gold. The prices may seem low in comparison with the millions you probably have in stock as a beginner, but there are plenty of needs for gold and without caution, you can just as easily run low on it quickly enough. The bigger chunk of the attributable expense comes from the success probability attached to each enhancement session.

Failure to upgrade does not merely equate to the loss of gold coins and scrolls consumed in the process but includes losing the item being enhanced as well. This would be easier to take if the weapon or gear in question is merely purchased from a shop in town but if it is a product of your crafting, then it becomes very difficult to risk losing it.

In any case, investing time and resources in the lowest grade gears are definitely out of the question. When it comes to R grade and above weapons and gears, though, you are likely to make the enhancement worth it given that it will take a while for you to secure the next grade items. Just the same, be sure to keep an extra copy or alternative of the gear you want to upgrade. In case the enhancement fails and you lose the item, it is always best to still have something to take its place.

5. Do Not Shy Away From Using Consumables That Boost Stats

A huge part of your adventure across the massive open world within Kingdom: The Blood Pledge involves hunting down and killing various mobs of monsters as part of your main quest. After several instances, you will notice that even the seemingly weak mobs that you are supposed to eliminate with relative ease take some time to beat and a simple errand of eliminating 20 small monsters can take a long while.

Slower kills and slower quest completion times mean an equally slow rate of gaining EXP points and levelling up your hero and if there’s one thing any player would want to experience in an RPG adventure, it is a shorter path towards each new level.

This is yet another common point of comparison between Kingdom: The Blood Pledge and most modernized MMORPGs. The latter almost always lets players stride to the early content, leaving little to no appreciation of the mobs and monsters of the starting area. Progression may seem slower and more demanding in Kingdom: The Blood Pledge, but it works at a pace that does not undermine the early half of the adventure nor does it prevent players from hastening the experience a bit on their own.

kingdom the blood pledge stat boost

One part of the tutorial discusses using shortcut buttons for potions and skills and with that, you should know that health potions are set to be automatically consumed, freeing up quick slots for everything else. You will be introduced early on to potions that boost movement speed as well as potions that increase attack speed and while hoarder in you will want to keep you from using any of them, what we recommend is for you to actually use them regularly if you are completing quests actively.

Higher movement speed and faster attack speed, especially in tandem, greatly increases your efficiency in hunting mobs. This will result in faster quest completion times and more resource and EXP rewards at the end of the day. Beyond these potions, there are also scrolls that increase your stats for a limited period of time just like those potions do. You should not hesitate to consume these items for the offensive boosts they provide.

Taking advantage of the auto mode in combat includes browsing through the different items you have obtained while you are slaying mobs of monsters. From time to time, be sure to peek into the contents of your bag as some of these consumable items are best used sooner than later.

6. Utilize Pets And Transmogrifications

Kingdom: The Blood Pledge provides players with more than the usual numbers when it comes to the types of gears and accessories they can equip on their characters. Combine that with gear enhancement, and crafting better gears and there is more than enough to look forward to as far as raising combat power is concerned.

As we mentioned earlier, there are also potions, scrolls, and skill you can activate for a temporary boost in combat prowess and to top all of that off, Kingdom: The Blood Pledge also has a pet and transmogrification feature that not only adds further to variety but also serves as an avenue for an increase in combat power.

It may come as a big surprise but Kingdom: The Blood Pledge actually incorporates its own gacha system in the game. While character classes are free to choose from before you begin your adventure, there are pet card summons and transmog card summons that you may regularly receive as part of the rewards. Note that these cards will often come from treasure chests that you need to open from your inventory.

The menu button at the upper right side of the screen is your portal to the numerous features of Kingdom: The Blood Pledge. You can click on a transmog card summon to consume it and summon a random transmog card. A transmog card lets you transform into different monsters using transmog scrolls. Transmog cards are consumable just like the scrolls and when you transform into the specified monster, it will only be temporary.

kingdom the blood pledge pets

Transmogrification not only lets you take on the physical appearance of your selected monster. Each one comes with several stat boosts as well. Getting the same cards over and over is not a bad thing as more copies of the same card you earn increases the stat boosts you get out of them. Transmog cards also have rarity grades just like gears and the higher the rarity means the better the stats you temporarily gain.

An important consideration to keep in mind regarding transmogrification is that the stat boosts you get are largely dependent on your current stats. Suppose you are a warrior with most level up stat points allocated to STR, using a transmog card of a monster that boosts STR is the better option.

That holds true even compared to a higher grade transmog card that boosts ranged ATK or attack range, as increasing those stats even by a certain percentage hardly means anything to your character. In essence, you should choose to utilize cards that are more in line with your chosen class or build.

Pet summons work very much like transmog cards in a lot of ways in the sense that probability surrounds their acquisition and they also have different rarity grades that determine the amount of stats they provide you. Summoned pets likewise have limited staying power and will leave you after some time.

In contrast with transmogrification, the stat boosts you gain from summoned pets are more general in nature. This means that the pets you choose to accompany you in combat will not have perks that heavily depend on your character’s class. Boosts such as EXP gain bonus and gold gain bonus are a common treat. Increase in DMG, Hit, and MP Regen are equally beneficial to every character.

7. Fill Those Albums Up

There is more than fun, excitement, and utility involved in collecting all available pet cards and transmog cards in Kingdom: The Blood Pledge. The collection itself, which can be seen in an album within each section comes with additional perks that help raise your character’s stats. For both pets and transmog cards, being able to unlock specific ones grant you stat boosts across the board and every bit of it matters regardless of which class you choose to play with.

There is a third album that you would want to fill up as well but it is far more challenging than the first 2. Weapons and gears can also be added to an album and perks will be granted following the completion of specific sets. The tricky part is that you might accidentally add a weapon or gear that you still need. Items added to the album are forever lost so its either you add them only when they have duplicates or if you are certain you no longer have any need for them.

If you can afford to do so, you can also purchase some of these gears from shops in town or craft them if you have extra resources to do so. In line with this, be sure to explore every town you come across with and always check what each unique shop has to offer. Remember that visiting towns and replenishing supplies comes as a regular part of your adventuring.

kingdom the blood pledge album

That sums up what we have for you and despite feeling that we have only scratched the surface of what Kingdom: The Blood Pledge has to offer, this is where we wrap up our Kingdom: The Blood Pledge beginner’s guide. We hope you will find friends in the game as having travel companions will be very important.

As Kingdom: The Blood Pledge is largely a PvP-centric world, be sure to be always wary of your surroundings. Teleport scrolls are among the items that should be in your quick slot and keeping eyes off your character on the field always comes with a risk.

There are plenty more features in Kingdom: The Blood Pledge that we feel should be left for your own exploration and discovery. If you happen to have spent a great deal of time in this game and discovered some cool tips, tricks, or strategies you feel are worth sharing, do not shy away from telling us about it in the comment area!