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Master Topia Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Increase Your Power Fast and Beat Every Challenge

EFUN caters to a variety of players with its app portfolio of 23 games that span across different game genres. While their action, arcade, and card games positively contributes to the more than 10 million aggregate downloads the company has amassed from the Google Play Store alone, EFUN has excelled in the role-playing genre with Crisis: S, Kings Throne: Game of Lust and Mirage Memorial Global being some of its most successful titles.

Master Topia is EFUN’s latest MMORPG title that’s out now on both Android and iOS. Like most of the company’s RPG titles, Master Topia comes packed with tons of features and content that includes the usual stuff that MMORPG enthusiast love and enjoy as well as a dash of its own unique features and game modes. The overabundance of content to peer through may take a couple of hours on a daily basis to complete but with ease of controls and auto modes available, Master Topia makes itself a viable action adventure for both casual gamers and hardcore MMORPG fans.

Master Topia takes you to the magical world of Asran. Blessed by the guidance of the Tome of Knowledge and empowered by the Dragon Soul within you, you and your companions take on a fantasy adventure of epic proportions. The fight against monsters and bosses can be a challenge for a solo adventurers, but with trusty companions and other adventurers like yourself to aid you in some battles, the journey and each trial within it becomes more fun and exciting.

master topia strategies

Although the number of icons and buttons to greet you as soon as you dive into the game can be quite overwhelming, especially for beginners, Master Topia is actually easy to pick up and play much like EFUN’s other MMORPGs. Everything is as easy as a click of a button and auto mode not just takes you to where you need to be but also makes it possible for your hero to engage combat on his or her own.

Every bit of new feature or game mode you unlock comes with a brief but encompassing tutorial so even if you are a total beginner, everything is simple enough to follow. If you have just started on your adventure and need advice to get stronger as fast as possible, then we got you covered! Our detailed Master Topia beginner’s guide includes a bunch of tips and strategies to increase your power fast and complete every challenge in the game.

1. Choose The Character Class That Suits You

One of the most important decisions you need to make before you begin your long journey within any MMORPG is the class or role of the character you want to have. Naturally enough, every MMORPG gives you choices as to how you want to take on the challenges that lie ahead and give you a sense of uniqueness as you build your in-game avatar.

The typical question that beginners have relate to which from among the given classes is the best, but in Master Topia, just like in any MMORPG, no hero class is better than any other. Instead, what matters is that you choose the class or character type that suits your preferences and play style.

paladin class master topia

You can choose from among 4 distinct character classes in Master Topia and in contrast with some MMORPGs, each class can hold well on their own and are largely independent. While character class choices are often split across solo adventuring and questing with a party, the 4 character classes in the game more or less have the same value and level of effectiveness on their own or with a team. Each one, however, are better compared to others in terms of a particular stat attribute, but in any case, will not cause others to lag behind as much considering individual strength.

The 4 classes are the paladin, shadow, mage, and archer. The basic stats for consideration are attack, defense, AoE, and control. High attack stats can mean higher damage outputs on the target.

This is of course considering a single target only. Higher defense makes the character sturdier and can take more hits and damage. AoE applies to the innate ability of characters to damage multiple enemies at a time with their skills. Control relates to the ability of each character to debuff or incapacitate enemies.

shadow class master topia

The paladin stands as the most basic class likable to the knight, warrior, or fighter class in conventional RPGs. The paladin sports the highest defense values and at the same time has decent attack and AoE stats. Definitely fit for the front row, paladins are the only tanks in the game.

The shadow is an assassin type character that is the only other close combat fighter like the paladin. Shadows, however, excel in attack prowess and also exhibit decent defense traits. If you enjoy being more on the offense and want battles up close and personal, then the shadow is the best pick for you.

mage class master topia

Mages are not so much about having neither high damage outputs nor strong defense values. On the upside, though, mages can effectively deal more damage to mobs of monsters with strong AoE attacks. Likewise, mages have strong control skills as well that complement their AoE skills, making them the best choice of character class for enemy mobs.

Last but not the least, archers are the ranged combat counterparts of shadows. While they share the same typical role of DPS units, archers are not as strong in terms of defense and is comparable to the mages in that area. Archers do have powerful AoE attacks as well.

archer class master topia

In some cases, it can still be difficult to decide on a class by exclusively relying on their stats and descriptions. You can always take one class for a spin and create another character if you feel like another class will suit your taste better. You actually have 4 available slots and can create 4 different characters in an account. For efficiency, though, it is best to decide on a specific one and focus on that character.

2. Complete The Main Quest

Once you start your adventure in Master Topia, you will be quickly directed towards the right side of the screen where the main quest can be found. Simply tapping on it will initiate the game’s auto pathing feature, which will take you to where you need to be, who to speak with, or which enemies to battle to progress the quest. When battles ensue, auto battle is activated automatically as well leaving you only to click on confirmation buttons to skip cut scenes and dialogues or to speed up the screen transitions.

ancient commander master topia

Immersing yourself into the lore of Master Topia’s world and its inhabitants to better understand the reason for your quests and struggles is a basic component of every RPG. Beyond that, the main quest line is designed to serve as you basic guide towards knowing and understanding each of the game’s many features.

Many MMORPGs of the past may actually involve a lot of grinding and farming for you to make good progress in the game. Master Topia, like most modern RPGs, is designed to help you progress a lot faster if you push forward with completing each quest before you. As each quest objective you complete earns you the most basic rewards and resources you need to continuously strengthen you character, it is best to prioritize it over other activities and game modes. Man quests also reward you with a lot of XP to level up your hero a lot faster than grinding away at random mobs.

main quest master topia

There will naturally be a lot of instances where a quest’s completion will unlock a new feature or game mode and you will have to take a dive into it as a sort of tutorial. Once the task is completed, you should hop back into progressing the next quest. In certain situations, you will not be able to readily proceed to the next quest as there is a minimum level requirement you need to meet prior to initiating it. That would be the best time to explore other avenues for growth and, again, once you have qualified for the next quest, you should head on to it immediately.

3. Don’t Hold Off On Upgrades

Master Topia provides numerous ways and means for you to strengthen your character. Most especially at the early part of your dive into its world, you will likely experience a boost in power almost every after a few seconds. While some of these means are conventional enough to make it easy for experienced players to navigate through, the initial salvo of numerous upgrade and enhancement features can seem overwhelming to total newbies in the genre.

Fortunately enough, there is a “Power Up” icon at the right side of the screen that guides players towards the means for them to earn more power. Simply put, this feature is the all-in-one shortcut to Master Topia’s numerous enhancement and upgrade features that require attention. Tapping on this button will show a list of activities and features you need to spend time on as you have available resources needed to perform an upgrade.

character upgrades master topia

Just to get into the basics, having different sets of gears has long been an integral part of any RPG, especially MMORPGs. One of the seemingly never-ending tasks accorded to players is to ceaselessly pursue and upgrade better equipment to grow in power and ability.

In some cases, like earlier conventions within the genre, upgrades are attached to each piece of equipment, leaving players an option to hold off on valuable resources until they find a more suitable gear that are certain to be worth the investment.

pet master topia

In Master Topia, however, upgrades and enhancements are attached to the gear slot itself, which means that even if you switch to a better piece of gear later on, the enhancements will technically be transferred to the new one as they are lodged on to the equipment slot. Basically, this same consideration applies to every bit of enhancement and upgrade option on pets, mounts, divine weapons, and so on.

As such, there are no worries related to wasting resources and there is also no point in hoarding any enhancement material. As soon as you are able to, you should expend the resources to increase your character’s power sooner.

4. Join A Clan As Soon As You Can

If it is an online game with a cooperative or competitive feature, you can certainly expect it to have a clan feature as well. Clans, guilds, alliances, factions, or any similarly-themed player groupings have grown to become a staple element of many online games, especially RPGs and strategy games. While initially serving as an extension of a virtual world’s social features, clans have grown to become an integral aspect of every player’s growth in the game, making it necessary for everyone to form part of a clan.

Given that progression in Master Topia is very fast, almost ensuring that you can go beyond level 150 in a day’s play, the clan feature becomes easily and quickly accessible. Despite numerous quests and game modes that can be participated in entirely on your own, there are some events and perks that are available exclusively to members of a clan.

Ultimately, there is no question on whether or not you should join a clan but rather, which one to apply membership on. Unless you have plenty of free time and is dedicated enough to start your own clan, the obvious choice, especially for beginners, is to simply join one. Of course, it is not recommended to go solo on the entire adventure.

clan master topia

The main menu icon at the right side of your screen serves as an access point to numerous features and systems in Master Topia. After clicking on it, you can visit the clan icon at the lower left side of the list. You can instantly apply to clans that have vacancies as soon as the feature becomes available to you. While some clans may require confirmation from the leader before you join in, most will instantly accept you as soon as you apply.

At the clan’s main page, be sure to sign in on the daily attendance at the lower left side of the page. You will instantly receive a reward for it. A list of time-limited events exclusively for clan members can be seen as well on the right side of the main page.

Take note that there are numerous tabs on the left side of the page that you should freely explore to check other features and perks to obtain from your clan. You can check members who are online, and perhaps identify readily which ones you can team up with for team battles and challenges.

One of the biggest perks to take advantage of from any clan is the clan warehouse. You can donate tier 4 and up equipment that you no longer need to earn points and use those points to claim some gears donated by other clan members.

clan level upgrade master topia

This will be very beneficial for you if you started a little late on the server you are in. With most clan members potentially ahead of you in general progression, particularly gear quality, chances are that you will see and be able to obtain much better gear from them through the clan warehouse.

Activities you engage in as a member of a clan earns you merit points, which in turn can be consumed to upgrade clan skills. These are actually stats that directly boost your character’s power and, in essence, can be a point of prioritization based on your character’s class. Each higher level of skill upgrade will require more merit costs and spreading investments across attributes is a good way to go.

If you want a build that suits your character the best, though, you should prioritize on stats that bank on your character’s strengths. As a paladin, for example, you may want to prioritize investing in defense and HP, while boosting attack and ability is more suitable for an archer.

There are clan jobs you can take on, which is basically challenging different bosses that have tremendous differences in power. You can check each one’s power and can always ask for assistance from fellow clan members. Beyond this clan-exclusive fights, be sure to take advantage of being in an active clan to find a consistent supply of fellow adventurers that you can team up with to more easily beat other challenges.

5. Push To Accomplish All Daily Challenges

Just as Master Topia is brimming with a wide range of enhancement and upgrade features, a plethora of various game modes is available as well to help you earn every variety of resource materials you need to continuously empower your characters.

battle master topia

As it will naturally be a grueling task to keep track of daily activities you have yet to partake in, most especially those with limited attempts available, the game makes it easy for players to readily see activities left for them to do. The list can be seen if you tap on the “Daily” icon at the upper right side of the screen.

Once you are at the daily menu, you can see the list of dungeons as well as activities that you should participate in on a daily basis. There are too many activities and dungeons to discuss in detail on our beginner’s guide, which is why we will only be breezing through its entirety.

What is important to take note of is that clicking on the “go” icon at the right side of the activity will instantly transport you to the dungeon or activity. You can also see the number of attempts per day, and the number of attempts you have used up.

grimoire level master topia

Note that beyond the immediate and often plentiful rewards to earn from each attempt or activity, you will also earn experience points for your grimoire and level it up. Be sure to upgrade it to the next level as soon as you can as every bit of additional power you gain will help you through tough battles and make you more efficient on relatively easier ones. The other tabs within the daily feature are added links to the different categories of dungeons. In any case, all these are covered by the list on the right side of the daily page.

6. Accomplish Goals For Extra Rewards

Despite the numerous rewards you can instantly earn from practically every activity you spend time on, Master Topia provides extra means for you to earn even more rewards, based naturally on how active and dedicated you are. These rewards can be earned through the accomplishment of goals, which are the equivalent of achievements or milestones in other MMORPGs.

goal master topia

Chances are that you will be frequently visiting this feature especially since a check mark on a completed goal will appear below the main quest. While you will inevitably be able to clear a lot of goal objectives without specifically knowing the task, efficiency should push you to look into each objective and strive to clear them as soon as you can.

Since the first tab of the goals is all-encompassing, you may want to peek into a sub-categorized version of the list via the other tabs. Some are naturally easier to accomplish than others but you should let the entire list serve as your guide towards progressing faster in your journey. Note as well that goal points earned will net you additional valuable rewards at the left side of the page.

7. Never Shy Away From An Arena Battle

The arena is the most basic PvP content in every MMORPG. As ba beginner, you will typically shy away from engaging in it especially if you still lack confidence in your skills in combat or simply not fond of any PvP element in any game. The arena in Master Topia, however, does not set you up for real-time combat, and instead pits your auto-controlled character against that of your chosen opponent.

demon crusade master topia

You have 10 daily attempts to challenge other players in the arena and every bit of climb up the ranks you accomplish amounts to something. Win or lose, you still have to make an effort but if you can, you should consider banking on more wins by saving some attempts towards the end of the day when you have gained more power.

You will choose from among 3 opponents which one to challenge. A green color on the enemy’s power means that it is below yours while a red one means he or she is stronger. As an auto battle mode will largely be based on power level alone, it is best to stick to challenging players with lower power first. Note that you can always hit the refresh button below the page if all opponents in the selction are more powerful than you.

arena fight master topia

Beating a player will earn you his or her arena rank while losing will only cost you the attempt. Win or lose, you will earn honor points that can be used to purchase various items from the honor shop. Note that some items in the arena shop cannot be obtained anywhere else, so every bit of honor points you earn is valuable. Beyond the instant honor points earned, you can also obtain additional rewards for breaking certain milestones relative to your arena rank.

8. Remember To Claim Passive Earnings And Server Rewards

One unique feature of Master Topia that sets it apart from most conventional MMORPGs is the overabundance of added incentives that does not directly require you to make a lot of effort. These incentives come in the form of passive earnings and server rewards that you should claim on a regular basis.

To start off, the Drill feature lets you earn gold, clan earnings, pet exp. potions, and even dragon vitality transcend pills over time. You can proceed on your own but an extra 20% bonus can be earned with a full party. The amount of passive rewards you earn can stack for up to 12 hours on VIP 0, and can extend as your VIP level rises.

drill earnings master topia

If you are active enough, though, there is no harm in claiming rewards every so often. There are always chances for you to earn other valuable rewards from the Drill, so be sure to make the most of it as soon as you are able to. You can quickly access this feature by clicking on the cube button at the lower left side of your screen.

Master Topia also provide all players within the server, additional benefits based on the milestones or achievements accomplished by players within the server. While every bit of activity you engage in contributes to its totality, it is technically not a requirement for you to be able to reap rewards from it. One of these features can be accessed via the charts icon at the top of the screen.

server rewards master topia

These charts simply rank the top players based on different categories. While the top 10 players in terms of power and level are rewarded with special prizes, gifts are available for everyone in the serve to claim. Be sure to tap on the gift box icons to claim your rewards.

One source of added perks which may be a little easy to miss comes from the global banner underneath the boss icon. The global phase is a cross-server event pitting servers against one another. Even if you do not participate in the conflict at all, there are numerous chests that contain valuable rewards for you to claim. Be sure to check within the global treasury menu and the conflict tab. Whenever you see a shaking treasure chest, you can tap on it to obtain some rewards.

9. Don’t Rely On Auto Mode During Tough Battles

Auto mode in mobile MMORPGs certainly makes everything progress faster and easier. As convenient as it is, however, some things are still better left in your own hands. While watching your character battle mobs and bosses automatically can be entertaining, it is not as effective as you behind the wheel.

If you are a complete beginner, or even consider yourself to be somewhat inexperienced in MMORPGs, it is only natural to lack confidence in your own set of skills, thinking that you are better off letting the A.I. take full control of your character. On the contrary, though, you are most likely to perform much better in tougher battles than auto mode as you will learn and develop your own strategies with each fight and become better on every succeeding challenge.

For starters, and this spells a huge difference in efficiency, auto mode only uses offensive skills, completely disregarding your ability to dodge. While you can stand toe-to-toe against even bosses that have much higher power than you, their special AoE attacks are what gives them an huge advantage over you in terms of trading blows. Leaving your character on auto mode mostly means taking these attacks as they come although you can still manually dodge attacks on auto mode.

manual control master topia

The big difference is that dodging will be directed towards the front on auto mode while in manual mode, you can easily direct where you can dodge, as dodging forward will not always take you to a safe spot. Note that the dodge ability can be used twice consecutively although it charges up to become available again.

Another advantage that manual control brings you is the ability to properly sequence your attacks, most especially skills that have control effects. Auto mode unleashes whichever skill is available, devoid of any strategic approach towards utilizing them to the fullest. With you taking full control, you can provide more flexibility as far as activating skills go, and be able to utilze each one fully especially for continues battles like in the boss hunts.

And that sums up all the tips and strategies that we have come up for Master Topia. This game certainly still holds a lot of game modes and features we cannot dive into in detail but we are fairly confident that the advice we shared with you is sufficient to help you progress much faster in your adventure and dominate every challenge that comes your way. If you have spent a lot of time in the world of Asran and have discovered additional tips, feel free to share them with us!

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