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King’s Throne Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Grow and Strengthen Your Kingdom

King’s Throne is a unique mix of kingdom management and RPG that offers a plethora of features and activities to keep you hooked into its world for countless hours. While battles between armies and generals make up the entirety of the action part of the game, the scope of activities you will engage in as you manage your kingdom and seek ways to improve its numerous aspects. King’s Throne can be progressed in a variety of ways and you, as the emperor of your own kingdom, has impactful decisions that decide its fate.

There are definitely loads of information for you to read through to understand the core concepts and features that the game offers. As you will be taken through all the basics as well as each new feature you unlock, be sure to try and take note of everything that will be explained.

king's throne guide

In any case, there are information icons you can tap on to help you grasp each concept better in the event that you missed a few details. Overall, the path towards achieving greater power leaves a lot of room for you to play around with.

If you find yourself suffering more losses in battles or if you are simply searching for efficient ways to raise your power and progress faster in the game, then be sure to read our King’s Throne beginner’s guide. Our comprehensive strategy guide comes with loads of tips, cheats and strategies to help you become a top-tier ruler in the game.

1. Follow The Main Quest

King’s Throne sets you on a quest of lifetime towards restoring peace to your kingdom in the aftermath of your father’s untimely passing. As chaos ensues around your kingdom, the task of rebuilding and expanding falls into your hands. You will not be alone to handle all your royal affairs, however, as you will be surrounded by your trustworthy advisers as well as your King’s Guard. There are a lot of information to take in but the tutorial makes it very easy to follow and accomplish each task you need to accomplish to progress in the game.

king's throne game of lust main quest

Following the tutorial, there will be a lot left to explore on your own as you venture within and outside your castle to engage in various activities. For starters, be sure to pay attention to the main objectives that can be found at the lower left side of your screen. The quests laid out are actually easy to accomplish and fall very well within what you should normally be tending to as you play the game.

In essence, these tasks guide you on the right path towards strengthening your kingdom and rewards you with various resources as well as new heroes to help you on your quests.

While you can only see main campaign objectives one at a time, you can actually accomplish some of them without strictly adhering to the sequence in which they appear. While you focus on the objective at hand, you can accomplish some feats that have yet to appear in the main campaign but as soon as they do, they will appear completed and you will earn the respective rewards. In the early hours of gameplay, the rewards that you should look forward to are more soldiers to keep you engaging on campaign battles as well as heroes that help raise your overall power.

2. Push Through The Campaign With Minimal Losses

One of the main determinants of your overall progress in King’s Throne is how far you have battled through the campaign as clearing chapters within it unlocks new features for the game. Power is an exclusive element that determines whether you will win a battle or not and this is dependent on how much larger your army is compared to the enemies per stage and how much power your top military specialist has.

king's throne game of lust campaign

Going through each battle on auto mode adds convenience without much adverse effect on the outcome. Just to minimize the reduction of your army numbers, be sure to check for the amount of potential casualties on the pre-battle screen and in addition to comparing strength in number of soldiers as well as military power. Note that you should consider only pushing through if there will be low casualties on your end.

At the last stage of each campaign chapter is a boss battle where your hero with the highest military power goes against the chapter boss. There won’t be any loss of military units here but be sure that you have one hero that excels in military prowess above all else.

3. Strategically Upgrade Your Heroes

As you progress through and complete the tutorial, you will be joined by a set of heroes each having unique traits and attributes that contribute to your kingdom’s power. Progressing through the campaign as well as accomplishing certain quests earn you more heroes. Military relates to strength in battles; Provisions boost the amount of food you gain; Fortune increases gold acquisition; and Inspiration affects soldier recruitment numbers.

how to upgrade heroes in king's throne game of lust

While each of these attributes are important, it is important to look at which of these does each of the heroes in your roster excel in. An attribute icon or 2 can be seen at the upper left side of each hero’s portrait, indicating which of the attributes they excel in based on their quality skills. Although it would be best to capitalize on each hero’s innate strength, you are always free to invest in each of them however you want.

To start off, you should spend some gold to level up each hero in your roster. Each increase in level has a corresponding boost to all of the hero’s attributes. The growth in attributes, however, depend on the level and potency of their quality skills. You can use tomes to dramatically boost each hero’s attributes. On the other hand, manuscripts, quality scrolls, and quality skill experience can be used to level up quality skills. There are tourney skills that can be boosted as well but these attributes are only applicable in tourney grounds.

While some quests involve levelling up a certain number of heroes up to a certain point, spreading your gold across to earn as much power is actually a good strategy. Beyond that, though, you should primarily capitalize on one hero with high military prowess to bolster your army’s strength in combat followed by focusing on one hero for each of the remaining attributes. The level cap is initially at level 100 but you can easily promote heroes to increase the level limit.

4. Make The Most Out Of Activities Within Your Castle

As you need to constantly gather resources and grow in power, you should always take advantage of limited attempts and cool down periods relating to the various activities that you can engage in within your castle. While some of these features may remain locked early on, you can easily unlock most of them within a few hours of playing the game. There are highly noticeable indicators for each structure within your castle that requires attention and going through all of them only takes a couple of minutes.

The most important area to visit is the throne room where levies are collected and decrees are acted upon. Both of these activities are delimited per visit but attempts replenish over time and grow in number as your kingdom’s level rises.

Under the levy part, you can collect gold needed to level up your heroes amongst all other things; collect grain that is required to recruit more soldiers; and recruit more soldiers needed in raising your power and engaging in campaign battles. Raising your heroes’ levels, having more children and maidens, and increasing bond levels all contribute to the amount of resources you can obtain from levies.

With respect to royal decrees, there are no right or wrong choices with the actionable issues you are confronted with. You simply need to choose between dichotomous decision points based on the resource you need more. In either area, there are seals you can consume for extra attempts so if you need more of a certain resource, do not hesitate to spend them.

king's throne game of lust tricks

Whenever you defeat a boss from the campaign, they will be held captive within your castle’s dungeon. You can punish these prisoners and earn rewards at the cost of standing that you earn for each battle you win in the campaign. You can view potential rewards from each prisoner by viewing their portraits.

Training grounds are a source of quality skill experience points and tourney skill experience points for your heroes. Although you have the first slot unlocked by default, you will need to spend diamonds to open additional slots. As earning power is the most important objective in King’s Throne, spending some diamonds to unlock at least two more slots to train more heroes consecutively should be a priority early on.

The game’s title is perhaps largely attributable to the maiden collection and development aspect of the game. While you do have heroes that contribute largely to your kingdom’s overall strength, maidens and the offspring they can give you, play a vital role in boosting your power. Each visit with a maiden increases their intimacy and charm by one point as well as earn them maiden exp. The higher the intimacy level, the better the attributes of the baby they will have.

Charm, on the other hand, determines the amount of experience points they earn per visit. While random visits only cost attempts that replenish over time, you can freely select which of your maidens to visit at the cost of diamonds. There are gifts you can give maidens to improve their intimacy and charm levels. As you will most likely proceed to go with random visits, it would be advisable to spread gifts across all maidens to have fair attributes of your potential offspring.

In terms of charm, you can focus more on maidens that have bond skills with heroes you are building up to further boost their attributes. You can secure more maidens by completing quests or by going through processions and chancing upon them in your travels.

Every visit to the maiden’s chambers comes with a possibility of bearing a child and once you name your baby, you can raise him or her into adulthood to be wed off to children of other players. The children’s chambers is where you will raise your children and your intimacy level with the child’s mother will determine their potential and level limit. These will also impact their aptitude when they grow into adulthood and while each child contributes to the amount of collections and recruits you can earn via the levies, successfully marrying them off will yet earn you more attribute bonuses.

Processions provide you with opportunities to meet other maidens within your kingdom and luck will be a major factor in determining the outcome of each travel. Each goodwill you spend to travel reduces luck but it replenishes over time. You can also donate gold, grains, or even gems to boost your luck to a certain extent although you hardly need to do so.

In any case, goodwill replenishes a point every 30 minutes and you can stack up a total of 3 points. Just make it a habit to frequently log back into the game to expend these as well as your other activity points to progress faster in the game.

5. Accomplish Quests For Extra Rewards

Every activity you engage in as you play King’s Throne earns you instant rewards. As you progress farther through the campaign and reach higher kingdom levels, more features become available for you to explore and spend time in. At some point, you may even lose track of some activities especially considering the sheer number of areas you need to visit with varying cool down periods. Beyond the immediate experience points and resources you obtain by actively playing the game and earning extra items from progressing the main quest, there are additional rewards to obtain from daily quests, weekly quests, and achievements.

king's throne game of lust quests

The objectives you need to accomplish in line with these quests are fairly easy to achieve and since each objective coincides with the usual activities you partake in following your routine, chances are that you will accomplish a lot of these missions without even knowing it. In any case, be sure to always check the quest icon at the bottom left corner of your screen to view these quests divided into 3 tabs.

Daily quests are the easiest to accomplish unless you have yet to unlock some areas or features in the game. For the most part, you can use the list of objectives found here to verify which aspects of the game you have yet to spend time on. There are rewards for achieving each objective and you earn activity points as well. Earning points can unlock chests at the top of the page and completing 14 objectives earn you the rewards from the top chest.

The level of your activity relative to the completion of daily quests also amount to the progress you make with regard to weekly objectives. The mechanics for earning points and earning rewards are similar to that of the daily objectives but rewards are more valuable. Last but not the least are achievements under the progression tab. These reflect milestones you have reached in the game and offer one-time rewards for your accomplishments.

Relative to these quests, there are also time-limited quests available for you within the first 7 days of playing the game. These objectives relate to your progression in the game in terms of gathering and spending or consuming the common resources found within your kingdom. As you reach a certain milestone and earn its respective reward, a higher level of target is set for you to accomplish.

6. Check Your Inventory For Consumables

While most rewards you receive from activities and quests are resources or materials you can use outright, some rewards come in the form of treasure chests, reward bags, or even scrolls that need to be used first for you to receive the real rewards. As you will be getting a lot of these kinds of rewards, make it a habit to look into your inventory, through the bag icon at the bottom of the screen, and highlight unfamiliar items to know more about them as well as to open consumables that hide other rewards. All of these items are best used sooner than later, especially the scrolls that provide you with more gold, grains, or even soldiers.

king's throne game of lust items

There are certainly a lot more features to uncover as we dig deeper into the game but these are all we have for you right now. We are confident that while other aspects of the game which can be unlocked a little later were not discussed, the content we included in this King’s Throne beginner’s guide will suffice to give you a good idea on how to partake in the other contents of the game.

We hope that every tip and strategy we shared with you in the article will help you progress much faster and more efficiently in the game. If you have discovered something in addition to what we have already discussed, feel free to share them with us in the comment area!

Ernest Smith

Sunday 22nd of May 2022

I have a hero who is ‘venturing’….what is this?

Bill Stark

Thursday 19th of May 2022

Is there a way to earn more rewards with married children?

Virginia Brysacz

Monday 11th of January 2021

How do I use a tourney pass?


Saturday 9th of January 2021

There is a check box when you use the food and drink for a small or large feast. One of the two check boxes is to Broadcast Feast. If you haven’t checked it before opening your feast then it won’t show up on the broadcast thread. It has happened to me and I just put into general chat my player is and ask people to come along.

Chuck Woods

Tuesday 29th of December 2020

Can you explain how to work through a host feast. I can’t get past the ID portion so I can tell others about my having a feast.