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Hotel Empire Tycoon Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Grow Your Hotel Empire Fast

There are a lot of mobile game developers that cater to players who enjoy casual games and idle clicker games. When it comes to the latter, Codigames is among the most popular and successful with its 12-strong app portfolio that has earned well over 40 million downloads across its games from the Google Play Store alone.

While Codigames does have games falling within the RPG and strategy genres, it’s top games are Idle Supermarket Tycoon, Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon, and Idle Theme Park Tycoon among other idle clicker simulation games.

Hotel Empire Tycoon is the latest mobile game from Codigames, that’s out now on iOS and Android. Like many of the company’s idle clicker games, Hotel Empire Tycoon offers some of the common features players love and enjoy and introduces a few twists that can challenge even experienced and veteran gamers. The game has, in a sense, surpassed the company’s previous games in terms of popularity as Hotel Empire Tycoon managed to earn spots within top 10 lists of games in 29 countries and was quick to reach over a million downloads following a month after its release. If you are up for an idle clicker game that is more challenging than the usual, then be sure to check this game out.

The game puts you in the shoes of a budding entrepreneur who just started owning a hotel and strives to balance profit and customer ratings. Naturally, every bit of income you earn can be invested in improving the hotel’s facilities and services but income and expenses should always be monitored to ensure your hotel’s survival and growth. It is a long journey to finally reach a 5-star rating from customers, but with some patience and sound business strategies you can be sure to get there. You can always spend some time offline and away from the game and continue to earn profits. Spending a little more time and actively tending to your hotel’s needs, however, will guarantee higher profits.

The controls and interface of the game is as simple as it can be. While the game’s mechanics may seem a little daunting at first, it boils down to expansion through building new rooms or areas, then improving it as needed with new furniture and services. If you have played several idle clicker games before, then progress in Hotel Empire Tycoon is a bit slower. If you are taking a little longer to purchase new upgrades or constantly baffled by dissatisfied customers, check out our Hotel Empire Tycoon beginner’s guide. We have come up with a bunch of tips, cheats and strategies for the game, which guarantee to help fast track your progress towards becoming a top hotel tycoon!

1. Activate The VIP Campaign

Unlike most idle clicker games that sets progress faster than most other game genres, Hotel Empire Tycoon takes it down a notch and makes earning income take a little longer for you to appreciate every bit of progress you make a little more. While you can make small investments on your hotel every once in a while at the early part of your venture without any boost, earning twice as much does you a great deal of help.

how to activate the vip campaign in hotel empire tycoon

Before you proceed to tend to your growing business, be sure to tap on the “play” button at the bottom of your screen. This will open up a window that can initiate an ad campaign for 10 minutes following the launch of a 15 to 30-second video ad. You can actually continue to play ads for 12 times and accumulate up to 2 hours of profit boost that stays active even if you are offline and away from the game.

Take note that you should always keep the boost at maximum duration before choosing to leave the game. You can always play ads while doing something else so if you want to spend time on the game without attentively playing it, you might as well fill up the 2x profit multiplier bar.

2. Complete The Missions

Earnings and expenses are just some of the things you need to keep a close look at and as your first hotel continues to grow, looking into each room and each section may give you a challenging time to choose which one to prioritize. If you are somewhat confused as to how to grow your business further and more efficiently, you can secure an idea from the missions that you can view via the checklist icon at the upper right side of your screen.

hotel empire tycoon missions

Missions vary in difficulty as some can be accomplished outright while some may require more money and take a long while to complete. In any case, these missions not only serve as a quick guide on what you have to work on next as far as constructions and upgrades are concerned but it also rewards you with 5 gems for every objective you complete. There will always be 3 missions available for you to accomplish and a new one instantly appears once you complete any of the available feats.

As missions grow more difficult the farther your hotel progresses, be sure to focus on one that is easily achievable so you can farm gems for those special furniture that can tremendously boost your income.

3. Reinvest Your Earnings As Soon As You Can

While there are some upgrades in the hotel that cost tons of money, some are rather cheap and still contribute to your earnings positively. As you hop from one room or one area of your hotel to the next, be sure to browse through available furniture and amenities that you can purchase to make your clients happier and also boost income even by just a little every once in a while.

hotel empire tycoon investments

You should only consider saving money when you are close to purchasing a huge investment like a new room or an expensive upgrade. Likewise, you should also leave enough of your earnings to ensure that your employees will always be paid their salary. Other than these reasons, anything in excess of what you need for salary should be invested in your hotel for your business to thrive better.

Relative to this, you should also consider spending gems earned on special items that can give profits a big boost. Under the management section, which you can access through the icon at the lower right corner of your screen, you can check under the last tab each room and service area’s performance relative to profitability to help you decide as to which one to invest more in.

4. Keep Things In Balance As Much As Possible

In addition to profits and losses, power is also a factor to consider when it comes to balancing things out. As each new room you construct as well as some of the appliances you purchase and add into some rooms consume electricity, you will also have to consider the required amount of electricity needed to keep your hotel running smoothly.

hotel empire tycoon daily balance

The electrical room will be your main source of power and while upgrading the power generator may cost a lot more money, you can always go for small boosts by installing and upgrading additional batteries. Relative to this, always take note of each new item you invest in, in terms of their respective power consumptions. Some items may not require power at all to be installed or to have an impact on your hotel.

It is always part of the business to influence and manage traffic leading to and within your establishment. As such, you should always be conscious of where bottlenecks occur especially when it negatively affects your business. For starters, what you need to pay close attention to is the average number of people you attract in relation to the number of vacant rooms you have. If there are long vacancies in-between client stays, then you may want to invest in marketing.

There are various advertising campaigns available for you under the management section so be sure to have one activated. Take note that advertising campaigns have varying price tags with the more expensive ones yielding higher client turnovers. Likewise, ensure that there is always sufficient parking space to avoid missing potential customers.

Another ratio you need to keep in balance is the employees assigned to their respective stations against the number of people they can attend to at a time. When you click on an area within your hotel, remember to check the last tab and take note of the employee’s capacity to attend to people. Although hiring additional employees naturally incur higher operational costs due to increased wages, you need to ensure that customers and even potential clients are taken cared of satisfactorily to avoid clients leaving their rooms and the hotel and miss opportunities for all the other amenities to earn extra money.

5. Watch Video Ads For Other Perks

Video Ads have become a common part of many free mobile games and most especially in casual games that hardly offer other in-game items for sale on top of premium currencies and ad-removal payments. While there are still games that randomly play video ads in-between levels or randomly while you are playing, idle clicker and simulation games typically resort to inserting these video ads through perks and such incentives that you can obtain to boost your progress following each instance you chose to play an ad.

hotel empire tycoon rewards

In Hotel Empire Tycoon, there are several other perks that can tremendously boost your earnings or your hotel’s performance through playing these ads on top of activating the double multiplier feature we discussed earlier. Just beneath the missions icon at the upper right side of your screen, you can see various icons pop up and clicking on it gives you an option to play a 15 to 25-second video ad in exchange for an instant boost.

The most common one you will see is the VIP or very important patron that earns you instant cash after playing an ad. Another big help is the extra customers that you can attract to your hotel, which can also be enabled after playing an ad. With housekeeping being among the most challenging section of the hotel to keep profitable, or at least not leading to losses, activating the instant cleanup will help you whenever a lot of the hotel rooms need to be tidied up immediately.

Last but not the least, a boost that lets you skip night time can become available as well and it works very much like time warps in other simulation games, instantly awarding you rewards from the wee hours and lets you actively play on the more profitable time of day. Watching or playing ads isn’t a requirement for you to progress in the game but just the same, if you want to speed up progress and don’t mind playing ads, then take advantage of these perks as much as you can.

6. Quick Intermittent Sessions Work Best

Hotel Empire Tycoon, much like most idle clicker simulation games, can keep you busy at the early part of the game. Once upgrades cost more cash and require more time to grind for, you will soon be left with little choice but to wait for boosts that depend on your patience to play some ads to amass the cash that you need. Whenever you go offline, however, your hotel will keep on operating and earn income just the same for the next 2 hours.

hotel empire tycoon strategies

As such, it would be best to secure the maximum allowable time to earn double income and then log out of the game and come back 2 hours later especially if you do not have a lot of spare time to spend on the game. Whenever you do have some time for actively managing your virtual business, then spend that time looking at the statistics to plan ahead in terms of the upgrades you need in relation to the missions at hand.

That’s the entirety of every tip and strategy we have for you, as far as our Hotel Empire Tycoon beginner’s guide is concerned. We hope that you were able to learn how to efficiently grow your hotel business with the tips and strategies we presented in this article. If you know something we have yet to discover in the game, feel free to share your discoveries with us through the comments below!


Friday 14th of October 2022

Where in the second location is the energy room?


Monday 30th of November 2020

Can i use the money earned from one hotel for the investment into another?


Sunday 11th of October 2020

How do I get back into my game? Front page comes up with rolling advice and I get notifications but it still won’t open even after rebooting, several times. Help!

Flo :)

Tuesday 26th of May 2020

I don't know how to pay the they are leaving! And the annoying thing is that it's not even my fault!!!!!


Saturday 13th of June 2020

you must always keep money in your account, never use it all. I keep at least $700 at all times for hotels 1 and 2. If you have more workers, you might need more money. the game pays the workers automatically with your account balance, so don't spend all your money at once :)


Saturday 18th of April 2020

I have 4/5 stars on the third hotel and the bar to get the fifth star if full and everything is at 100%.. not sure how to get it to collect the last star..


Wednesday 22nd of April 2020

Make sure everything is upgraded in all the rooms and each service, you may just need to upgrade say a bath or decor and you will get the 5 stars. Check control panel stats to see which rooms are not earning as much.