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Idle Theme Park Tycoon Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Build Your Dream Theme Park and Increase Your Profits

Idle games are oddly satisfying. Whether you play as much as you want or play once a week, you feel this sense of fulfillment whenever you open the app again. It is the same for Idle Theme Park Tycoon, the latest game from Codigames, the company which is responsible for the highly successful Idle Supermarket Tycoon.

In Idle Theme Park Tycoon you will get to know what it is like to manage your very own theme park. As the manager, you are in charge of building attractions, upgrading amenities, and satisfying your park visitors while earning a lot of cash in return. It follows the traditional idle management game where you upgrade in order to earn more and expand into the park of your dreams.

idle theme park tycoon guide

Although you cannot customize the rides and their placement to your liking, seeing the evolution of each attraction right before your eyes is enough to keep you entertained. The animation and graphics are entertaining and look adorable. Being able to see if your park visitors are pleased, unhappy, or simply disgusted makes you think of what your next step should be. Visitors are your main source of income and it is up to you to get them to come to your park. You can even sell your theme park and open a new one for double the income.

In this Idle Theme Park Tycoon guide we will share with you a bunch of tips, cheats and strategies. You will learn what necessary steps to take in order to build and upgrade rides, how to manage your park effectively, how to satisfy your park visitors, how to increase your profits and more.

1. Build And Upgrade Rides

The first thing you should do in Idle Theme Park Tycoon is to build an attraction. There are different kinds you can build depending on which island you are on. The game shows you how to start by building the Shooting Range. After building it, you should start making upgrades. Upgrades for each attraction include the ride itself, the number of people allowed on the ride, and the queue of people waiting. Which upgrade to prioritize depends on a number of situations. You can access ride upgrades by tapping on the ride itself.

If you think your ride is not earning enough, upgrade the quality of your ride by selecting the first option. This raises the quality of the ride and raises the price. It also fills up the stars of that particular ride. You can also upgrade the number of seats on your ride in order to accommodate more people and earn more money as well. If you notice your park visitors getting upset, it might be they cannot get on or even queue up for it. This is when you should upgrade the number of people who can wait in line.

idle theme park tycoon cheats

When you are earning more, you can build more rides. For the first island, there are a total of three attractions: The Shooting Range, the Ferris Wheel, and the Roller Coaster. Other rides are unlocked when you sell the current island you are on and take on a new island. Each unlocked island features a ride that corresponds to the theme of that island.

For example, you unlock the Jungle Ride once you buy the Wild Island. There is also the Horror Island, Pirate Island, Moon Island, and Hidden Island. Horror Island has the Valley of Terror. Pirate Island has the Treasure Island. Moon Island has the Space Launch. Hidden Island is for future updates to the game. All of the rides unlocked previously are available at the next island you purchase.

As you purchase upgrades for your rides, there is a bar that gets filled whenever you upgrade the ride. Once you fill up that bar, a new feature is added. What is amazing is you actually see each evolution happening for each ride. For example, with the Valley of Terror, you start with just a plain ride. But as you upgrade and evolve it, you will end up having ghosts, zombies, and even a huge haunted mansion in the middle of it all. Seeing something that starts as very simple that grows into something way bigger than what you initially have started from is just wonderful and gives that satisfying feeling.

2. How To Manage Your Park

Because this is an idle management game, this is where you need to mainly focus on. Building and upgrading rides is your main source of income. A red exclamation mark will appear at the management office near the entrance or at the clipboard icon at the bottom of the screen if you have enough money to build a new ride. Aside from the building tab, tapping on the clipboard icon will also show you the marketing tab and stats tab.

idle theme park tycoon epic upgrades

The management tab is where you can choose an ad campaign that you can operate in several media to attract more park visitors. There are four kinds and these are the newspaper campaign, the radio campaign, the TV campaign, and the smartphone campaign. The newspaper campaign guarantees +20% of visitors in 30 minutes. The radio campaign guarantees +40% in an hour. With the TV campaign, you get +60% visitors for 2 hours. Lastly, with the smartphone campaign you get +100% visitors for 4 hours.

The best one out of all campaigns is the smartphone as this guarantees you double the number of visitors meaning more income for you. Although it costs the highest, it will be worth it than having only a few people in your park. You should save up your money to purchase this ad campaign as soon as you start the game to keep the flow of visitors going.

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The stats tab is where you can see the overall status of your theme park. It shows your earnings, how many visitors you have, if you need to add more seats to your rides, if the entrance needs another booth, or if you need more parking slots. It also shows you which rides are profitable or not. This helps a lot in knowing which ones to upgrade and focus on if you don’t know where to start.

3. Do Not Forget The Entries, Parking, And Restroom

Aside from rides and attractions, there are other things you need to take care of to keep the overall satisfaction of your park visitors. The Entries is where people purchase tickets to gain access to your theme park. Through parking, your park visitors can park their cars. Of course, a theme park would not be complete without the restroom where your customers need to recover from your rides. Each one of these can be upgraded for the betterment of your theme park.

The Entries is the where you can see the main entrance of your park. You start off with one entry booth. By tapping on the main entrance, you can add more booths as time goes by. Adding an additional booth costs more than the first time, so only build them when necessary. You can also upgrade each booth in order to reduce the waiting time of people in line. If the people wait too long, they will get upset and leave. There are a total number of eight entrance booths you can place. As you add a booth, upgrade them at the same time to make all of entrance booths have equal quality and waiting time. You do not want one booth to get people in really fast while the others take too long.

idle theme park tycoon management

When it comes to parking, tapping on the parking lot area in front of your theme park will open the parking menu. Here you will see the price for parking, the total parking spaces, and the number of occupied spaces. You can upgrade the parking spaces to add more slots, meaning more visitors and more money.

You can also add security cameras and security guards to increase parking revenue. The security cameras and security guards are one-time upgrades and do not need to be upgraded any further. You can just purchase these immediately to get them out of the way. But of course, being able to make more people visit is the priority, so upgrade parking spaces first.

A feature that can be easily overlooked is the restroom as this is not shown in the tutorial. When you notice your park visitors having a speech bubble with a green disgusted emoji on them, it may be because of the restroom. The restroom can be found near the Roller Coaster at the left side. In the Restroom menu, you can upgrade it to improve its quality and to reduce waiting times. You can also add more toilets to increase the number of park visitors who can use the restroom at the same time. The maximum number of toilet seats you can place is 8, and adding one each time will increase the cost of upgrading.

4. Launch A VIP Campaign

The VIP Campaign is a way for you to earn double the amount for several hours through watching ads. You can access this by tapping the film reel icon at the bottom of the screen. In this menu, you can tap on the video button to watch an ad and it will fill up the bar shown. Watching an ad adds one hour to that bar. When you first start the game, the bar gets filled for a maximum time of 6 hours. For those six hours, your earnings are doubled. Over time this number will increase through the help of Epic Upgrades which will be mentioned later on in this guide.

idle theme park tcyoon vip campaign

In addition to doubling your earnings, you can also get free stuff from the Vending Machine by watching three ads. You only get one free try to access the Vending Machine daily. You can purchase more tries with tokens. Inside the Vending Machine are toys that can be used for Epic Upgrades. When the bar starts to get too low or is about to run out, start watching ads to fill the bar again. This is one way to make sure you earn a lot of money in this game.

5. Check Your Missions

At the top right side of the screen just under your token count is where you can find your missions. Completing these missions will give you money and tokens. These missions can be done whenever you want. They can be anything from upgrading a ride to a certain level or getting a given number of visitors on a ride. There is a total of 87 missions that can be done as of this writing.

Sometimes when you are so into the game, you might overlook the missions you have completed. To know if you have completed any mission, a checkmark will appear meaning you can claim the reward for that mission. If an exclamation point is shown, it means all the missions on the list are not yet completed. Completing missions is an easy way to earn tokens.

6. Receive Money From Investors

In your theme park, you might have noticed a helicopter right near the entrance. When you tap on this helicopter, you will be asked if you want to receive money and sometimes tokens from investors in exchange for watching an ad. Always accept this offer because this is the easiest way to earn huge sums of money without having to wait long. The kind of offers vary from really high amounts to just mediocre ones. However, these offers are still way better because you will earn a lot in just a few seconds. Refusing an offer will make the helicopter go away, but it will definitely come back again.

This is a huge help if you want to upgrade your rides and facilities much faster. You should be on the lookout when the helicopter lands. Grab this opportunity immediately, especially if you just purchased a new island and opened a new theme park. Having the investor help you as you are just starting out will save you lots of time waiting for that amount of money from your rides.

7. Save Your Tokens

idle theme park tycoon epic vending machine

Tokens are the premium in-game currency in Idle Theme Park Tycoon. Tokens can be earned by completing missions and through the Investor. The main use of tokens is to buy the vending machine or the epic vending machine. The vending machine contains normal and special collectibles while the epic vending machine contains normal, special, and collector toys. Having these collectibles gives you special effects on your rides, services, security, visitors, and VIP Campaign. For example, with rides, they can reduce upgrade costs, increase profits, and speed up the ride.

To see all the epic upgrades, tap on the star icon at the bottom of the screen. Here you will see all the collectibles. You can tap on each one to see what effect they have. If you get a duplicate collectible from any vending machine, it will become fragments that are used to level up that specific toy, meaning a much better effect for you and your theme park. It is best to save your coins in order to get the epic vending machine because you have a chance to get collector toys which give the best effect out of all collectibles.

8. Watch Ads For Boosts

If you think you could not watch any more ads, you need to think again. There are three boosts that appear once in a while that greatly help you as you are starting out. These boosts pop-up at the right side of your screen. There are three boosts which give you extra customers, express lane cashiers, and faster rides. You will know which one is which by tapping on them and through their icon. The ferry icon gives you extra customers through a ferry. The number of customers is random.

The ticket icon gives you express lane cashiers for 30 seconds where the entrance booth charges the park visitor immediately and no waiting time needed. The gauge icon is for faster rides which doubles the speed of all your rides for a few minutes. Aside from the three boosts mentioned, you can also watch an ad when you return from playing to double your offline income.

idle theme park tycoon extra customers

When you are just starting out, grab every possible opportunity and watch as many ads as you can. It may seem tedious, but every second you watch will be worth all the rewards you get in return. Some ads are even interactive, so it might not be so tedious after all. Nevertheless, watching or not watching an ad is entirely up to you. You can choose to ignore these boosts and offers if you do not want to watch them. It may not seem to be so idle if you need to watch an ad with every chance you get, but doing this will definitely give you a huge benefit as you are starting out.

That is all for our Idle Theme Park Tycoon guide. We hope you remember these tips and tricks so that you can manage the theme park of your dreams. If you have any additional tips or tricks that we haven’t mentioned in this guide, please let us know by leaving a message in the comment area below.


Wednesday 26th of July 2023

I need 900N to get summer race and its taking forever. I have to maxed out rides at aqua and every time invester Johnson comes I get 1N and cant upgrade a ride. Can someone help its taking forever.


Tuesday 1st of November 2022

What are the time warps for?


Wednesday 26th of July 2023

@Mosang, It gives u the money u would make in that time. it lies so not great value


Wednesday 28th of September 2022

What does it mean when my customers have an angry face or a puking face when leaving


Wednesday 23rd of September 2020

I the first four rides and the water park ride maxed out but that’s it.


Monday 31st of August 2020

Definitely hit a wall at the Quattordecillions level. The VIP doesn’t even bring enough for one full upgrade. At this rate, the programmers have made it virtually impossible to max out the island. Has anyone maxed the main island out?


Sunday 27th of February 2022

Same,i now busy with the valley of terror and im now 6 minutes over 1 upgrade.