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Durango: Wild Lands Crafting Guide: Tips & Tricks on How to Craft New Items and Equipment

Created by Nexon, Durango: Wild Lands is an engaging MMORPG for mobile devices. Set in an imaginary world, you will have the opportunity to use sophisticated equipment in a prehistoric environment. Sounds weird? Well, Durango: Wild Lands is a one-of-a-kind game, and it will take you on an unforgettable journey through the world full of dinosaurs.

With that being said, it is important to note that Durango: Wild Lands is a complex and elaborate game. In other words, it offers endless possibilities. You can explore uncharted terrain, tame the animals, hunt for resources. All in all – your goal will be to survive.

durango wild lands crafting tips

That is why our survival guide would be a good option for players who are new to Durango: Wild Lands. For all those who are familiar with the basics of the game, this guide will unravel all the secrets of crafting in Durango: Wild Lands.

What Is Crafting?

Before we move any further, let’s start with the fundamentals. So, crafting is a very important element of the game and will have a significant effect on your progress. As a matter of fact, you will not be able to complete many missions without crafting skills.

Therefore, the definition of crafting would be that this is the process of using raw material and resources to come up with new items. Crafting will provide you with all sorts of tools, weapons, and other equipment. In a way, crafting is one of the essential survival techniques.

How To Craft Items In Durango: Wild Lands?

When playing Durango: Wild Lands, you can craft items in three ways. The first one is the quickest, and you only need to click on the Menu icon in the bottom left corner. After that, the third option from the top on the left-hand side will take into the crafting room.

how to craft items in durango wild lands

Also, you can go into the crafting section by using items in the game. Namely, you can use the Bonfire and the Workbench. As the name suggests, the Workbench is ideal for Do-It-Yourself projects. Similarly, the Bonfire uses the power of heat to help you create new equipment and tools.

What Type Of Items Can You Craft In Durango: Wild Lands?

As we said, the possibilities in this game are endless. The maps are vast and spacious, and you can explore the islands for days on end. During these adventures, you will come across all sorts of plants, trees, dinosaurs, and other animals. Raw materials such as stone or mud will be at your disposal as well.

So, the survival and subsequent progress on the islands will require a lot of items in your inventory. For instance, you will be able to craft weapons, clothing items, cooking utensils, decorations, and so on.

Of course, the class of avatar you pick at the beginning of the game will affect the crafting skills. In other words, your progress in the Career Guide will unlock new items that you can craft and use in your missions. So, check out the Skills section from time to time and invest the Points to unlock some new skills. By doing so, you will open up new opportunities in the Crafting section.

Crafting Categories In Durango: Wild Lands

Without further ado, here are the main categories of items you can craft in Durango: Wild Lands.

1. Material Processing

We are starting off with the Material Processing since this is the basis of all your other crafting activities. Once again, the name itself reveals a lot. Thus, Material Processing mostly deals with raw materials that need to be transformed or merged.

durango wild lands material processing

For instance, the items that you can craft in this section are a long stick, long strap, rope, charcoal, leather, nails, and so on. As you can see, these are all ‘basic’ survival materials, and they do not require many resources. For example, you can make the long stick by joining together two branches, and a similar principle can be applied to the long strap as well.
To sum up, Material Processing is the foundation of all your other crafting efforts, and you will return to this category every once and a while. In fact, the items produced in this section are required for almost all other items in the game. That is why Material Processing is the alpha and the omega of crafting in the Durango: Wild Lands.

2. Cooking

To survive in the wilderness, the players of the Durango: Wild Lands will need to develop some cooking skills. After all, berries and fruits are not as nutritious as a stake or meat soup. For that reason, cooking is a life-saving activity in the game. The health bar in the top left corner can drop down quickly if a vicious dinosaur perceives you as a threat. In those moments, a delicious meal will restore your health as well as boost your stamina and reduce fatigue.

durango wild lands cooking

So, the Cooking category in the Crafting section will provide you with basic utensils and even some meals. For instance, a juicy skewer is the first item you will unlock in this category. After that, you will be able to craft a cake or even a stake. Of course, the prerequisites for those items are branches or sticks, together with some dinosaur meat.

3. Tools

Of course, you cannot do much work without proper tools. The same goes for surviving in Durango: Wild Land. Moreover, if you want to survive and thrive, a set of useful tools is a must. With that reason, the Tools category in the Craft/Build section is one that you’ll be visiting on a regular basis.

durango wild lands tools

For instance, this category allows you to craft the hoe or a pickaxe. By using these tools, you can collect raw materials much faster. After all, you will need a lot of boulders and wood, if you want to progress in the game. Also, this category provides you with some basic cooking utensils, as well as a repair kit. In short, the Tools category is an important one, and we advise the players to craft the best tools possible at all times.

4. Clothing

Even though it may seem that clothes are a cosmetic detail, they do have an impact on your health. In other words, you are more vulnerable if you do not have clothes as protection against the elements, and also against the animals that roam around. With that being said, the Clothing category is the place that will provide you with several types of items.

durango wild lands clothing

For instance, you’ll be able to craft leaf bags, leaf hats, and straw headbands. Of course, footwraps are available as well. Moreover, you can craft complete outfits in this section as well. But, you will need to have proper ‘ingredients’ first. To clarify, you will need to have two leaves in your inventory to create the footwraps, for example. By clicking on the items that you want to craft you will notice that most of them require leaves or straws. Also, you will probably have to go back to Material Processing to make some ropes or straps to tie it all together.

5. Weapons

Durango: Wild Lands is an action-packed mobile game, and the quality of your weapons plays a big role in the gameplay. At the same time, your fighting skills need to be as good as possible. So, you should invest some Skill Points in learning some new moves every time you level up.

durango wild lands weapons

But, the Crafting section can also be of great assistance. A wide array of items is available even at the early stages of the game. Needless to say, you will unlock a lot of new weapons as you progress through Durango: Wild Lands. For instance, the Weapons category will allow you to craft axes, knives, hammers, or bows.

To craft the weapons, you will need suitable resources and materials. So, a one-handed stone hammer will require that you have some pebbles in the inventory. The most advanced weapons will require sticks and ropes, as well as more ‘sophisticated’ blades. To sum up, you’ll need to be resourceful and cunning when crafting the weapons in Durango: Wild Lands.

6. Installation / Decoration

Even though the name of the next category on our list would suggest that the items in this section only serve a decorative purpose, this is not the case. On the contrary, a couple of highly useful items can be crafted here.

durango wild lands installation decoration

For instance, if have enough branches and rope, you can craft fish traps. Since food is a valuable commodity in the game, a supply of fresh fish is more than welcome. Also, the Installation/Decoration section allows you to craft warp holes. As you probably know by now, these locations are a great way to skip over large distances and teleport to a new location.

Of course, Installation/Decoration lets you craft and create several decorative elements as well. For example, you can craft road signs and place them near your domain in the Tamed island. Once again, some wood and nails will be required to craft this item.

7. Fence / Gate

The next category also deals with territorial markings in Durango: Wild Lands. In other words, the Fence/Gate section will provide you with everything you need to close off your domain. By doing so, other players will have a hard time walking into your field and collecting the food. Or they will not chop your wood, and so on.

durango wild lands fence gate

The items that you can craft in this category are fences and doors, obviously. At the early stages of the game, there are several types of fences you can craft. For instance, you will start with a Makeshift Fence, then move on to a Carnation Fence, and then you will unlock the White Rose Fence.

Of course, new levels will bring improved items and equipment that you can craft in the Fence/Gate category. Also, this section allows you to craft new doors and gates for the domain. The materials and resources required for these items are mostly wood, nails, and rope. In case you forgot, you can craft these items in the Material Processing category.

8. Rest / Shelter

Earlier in this Durango: Wild Lands guide, we mentioned fatigue as one of the factors that can affect your progress. Well, the ultimate cure for fatigue is resting, and the same goes for your avatar in the game. Of course, you can recharge the energy by drinking an energy drink or eating high-calorie foods. But, nothing beats the good old nap.

durango wild lands rest shelter

So, the Rest/Shelter category is all about crafting the items that can provide you with some coverage and protection. For instance, you can first craft the Makeshift Tent, and later you will unlock the ‘proper’ Tent. Later on, even Barracks will come into play.

Also, the Rest/Shelter category is important because it lets you unlock the Bonfire. By learning how to craft the Bonfire, you can stay warm anywhere you go and you can process the food over the fire. On top of that, the Bonfire requires very little resources, and you only need a couple of branches and a log to craft this important item.

9. Storage / Workbench

As you know, your inventory in Durango: Wild Lands, i.e. the bag you are carrying has a limited number of slots. As a result, you cannot bring everything you create together with you on the missions. Nor should you. Experienced players of the game know very well that your bag needs to contain only the most important items. Everything else stays back in the domain on the Tamed island – a place you can go back at all times.

durango wild lands storage workbench

So, how to leave the stuff behind? By going into the Storage/Workbench category in the Craft/Build section and creating a basket. A couple of branches and leaves, together with some straps will be enough to craft a basket. This item will safeguard all your belongings.

Other than that, the Storage/Workbench category lets you craft another valuable item. The Workbench is important because it helps you craft new items and equipment while on the go. So, check the requirements for this item and craft one as soon as possible.


With the final advice, we conclude our list of the most important Durango: Wild Lands crafting tips, tricks and strategies. As you could notice, you can craft and create all sorts of tools and equipment in the game. Some of those items will require more ingenuity than others so stay on your toes at all times and be creative. In case you know any other crafting tips for Durango: Wild Lands, don’t hesitate to leave us a message in the comment section!