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OVERHIT Farming Guide: Tips & Strategies to Farm Every Resource Swiftly and Efficiently

Nexon’s OVERHIT has certainly made a good mark in the mobile RPG world as it presents practically everything fans of the genre love about strategy RPGs as well as introduces a good variety of new concepts and game mechanics in one awesome package. Like most mobile RPGs, progress in OVERHIT is highly influenced by the time and dedication you can spend on it. Despite that, action points or AP delimit most actions you can do in the game so careful management of it to get the most out of each battle you engage in is important if you want to push farther beyond being among the fastest growing players in the game.

Fairly recently, we published a beginner’s guide, that covers basic tips and strategies to help you progress faster in OVERHIT. If you are still on that stage where intrigue has just nabbed you to check the game out or if you have already played and still going about the beginning stages of the game, then we recommend that you first go through our previous guide and head back here once you have the basic concepts and strategies covered.

In this OVERHIT farming guide our main focus will revolve around the numerous resources you constantly need in the game and where you should spend more time if you need more of them. Actually, you will never run out of needs for any of the game’s resources but then again, it all boils down to prioritization as some needs will be more immediate than others as far as enhancements and upgrades go.

1. Arn

As a substitute to gold or coins in most games, arn stands as the basic currency in OVERHIT. While you may enjoy overwhelming amounts of this currency at the early part of your adventure, much like in any mobile RPG, the costs of various upgrades and enhancements will wear down your savings fast. So, despite having sufficient amounts of the specific materials you have earned for a particular upgrade, you will find yourself always looking for more arn.

For starters, what you would want to take on is the Merchant’s Treasury that can give you as much as 260,000 arn for completing the master difficulty with a 3-star rating. Although it may take a while to be able to unlock it, strive to do so and don’t be afraid to fail as it won’t reduce your free daily chances. Likewise, strategize in terms of formation and bank on whatever works for you. If you can hold on your defenses with a strong tank, then you can switch in more attackers. Otherwise, bank on defensive plays and perhaps more than one support character if you find yourself struggling. Lastly, don’t use auto mode unless you can easily breeze through the stage without much effort or strategy.

overhit arn

There are various in-game events that reward you with loads of freebies for practically completing the usual daily routine. In some unique cases though, events include new stages you need to engage in and conquer to obtain rewards based on your accomplishments. Currently, there is a special event in OVERHIT, called Colette’s Event Dungeon, which offers plenty of unique rewards like special tickets you can consume for a unique gacha reward table as well as an SSR character. Once you have earned some tickets, you can begin spending them by clicking on the Event Dungeon Gacha which you can access through the events icon under the menu.

There are various rewards to obtain in the events gacha and there are limits as to how many times you can obtain each one. You need 700 event dungeon trade tickets to clear the whole grid and reset it again to be able to obtain the same set of rewards again. It will be relatively easy to bank 700 of these special tickets on your first go, considering that first time completions of event stages provide free tickets by the hundreds, but the succeeding ones may become a challenge. As such, you may want to opt for the easiest and fastest way to obtain these tickets and clear the rewards board before the event period ends.

To farm these special tickets efficiently, you can replay the first stage of the event under the easy difficulty setting. Even for starters this should not be much of a challenge and you can most likely breeze through it with your main team. You can earn 2 tickets per run and each attempt will cost you 3 AP. If you find that you can overpower the stage very much, you can also opt to just use one strong character, Like Ash, and carry some of the less utilized SR characters in your roster for them to seize some experience points easily.

Luna’s Board Game Event is also a good source of free extra arn. You can obtain as many as 6 tickets per day as you accomplish simple objectives that you pretty much do following your daily routine. On the board game itself, it’s pretty easy to make the dice land on your preferred spot, so if you are in dire need of extra arn, strategize on the target board spots with each dice roll to land on the arn spots on each side.You can earn as much as 25,000 arn each full trip and consume 4 to 5 tickets each cycle.

2. Hero Essence

Essences are the sole and exclusive materials you need to unlock each hero’s abilities to make them more efficient in battle. There are plenty of sources for these reagents, but then as your heroes become stronger and unlock more abilities, the costs affiliated with the succeeding ones become more and more expensive.

overhit hero essence

The best choice to obtain hero essences outside of special events is through exploration. Exploration, which you can access through the challenges icon from the menu rewards you with skill stones on top of essences. There are 4 routes available but you need to accomplish one before unlocking the next one. It’s a great choice to spend 10 dimensional gems to reset exploration and give it another go once you have unlocked the master difficulty but prior to doing so, it’s still very rerasonable.

Relative to the Colette Event we touched on above, you can easily gain 4,000 essences per board (20 essences x 200 pulls). Considering the entire rewards list can be reset up to four times, you can get as much as 16,000 essences off of the event if you heavily spend your AP and time in the game ceaselessly going through the event stages to earn those special tickets. If you require even more essences, then you can target each essence spot on Luna’s Board Game Event and net 250 essences per trip on the board.

3. Elemental Catalysts

Yet another basic necessity for upgrading your heroes are catalysts specific to each hero’s elemental affinity. Each hero starts at grade D, and ranking each one up all the way to grade S requires varying consumptions of elemental catalysts as well as increasing amounts of arn. Initially, only basic catalysts are needed but once you are to upgrade a hero’s class to rank A, Rainbow Catalysts become a requirement as well.

Your basic source of these catalysts comes from the Mystic’s Warehouse under the Terra Shift game mode. Like the Merchant’s Treasury, you have 2 daily attempts here each day. There are 4 difficulty levels with the more difficult ones being unlocked following the completion of the easier stages. Likewise, higher difficulty dungeons provide better rewards. Be sure to go for at least an expert level of difficulty as soon as you are able to as this is the first tier where you can be rewarded with rainbow catalysts. Even if you cannot accomplish the stage with a 3-star rating, you will still earn one on top of the other standard rewards.

overhit elemental catalysts

There are also a variety of trek missions you can take on to obtain free catalysts. The typical limiting requirement to take on some of the higher level trek quests are character levels of specific types of heroes. As such, consider to switch in some of your “lesser” SR heroes on easy event stages for them to level up enough and be able to take on more varieties of trek missions.

As far as events go, Angelo’s Bingo Event which is available in the game now until June 12 holds various catalysts and jewels that you can easily get from the event. Rewards are based on the lines you unlock with your coins and you can earn as many as 6 coins per day by accomplishing basically what you do on a daily basis while playing the game. Like other events, you can reset the whole bingo table once you have claimed all rewards. You can do this 2 times, which means that each reward can be obtained 3 times.

You can also earn as many as 5 of each elemental catalyst and 10 water catalysts per board completion on Colette’s Event. In addition, therefore, to the basic resources to shoot for in line with this event, this gives you more reasons to take advantage of this and aim to reset the board 4 times to claim each reward 5 times over.

4. Skill Stones

Each skill that your hero posseses can be levelled up to boost its efficiency provided that you have increased that hero’s level cap. Beyond the prerequisite, you also need enough mana stones or jewels of the correct elemental property and some arn to initialize a skill upgrade. Considering all other resources we discussed so far, these skill stones are perhaps the most challenging to acquire. But then again, it won’t be that easy to secure duplicate cards of your favorite SSR or SR heroes that much in the game anyway, so these won’t be as critically important as the rest. Just the same though, you can never have more than enough of any material or resource in OVERHIT. Considering as well that every bit of increase in each hero’s combat ability helps you through more challenging feats, you should also consider investing some time and resource in farming for these skill stones.

overhit skill stones

Outside of special events, the best place to acquire skill stones regularly from is the exploration which we mentioned earlier. The skill stones you can acquire from this event vary each day of the week. Dark enemies are up on Mondays, which means that you will exclusively receive dark skill stones on exploration that day. It’s fire for Tuesdays, water for Wednesday, and Wind for Fridays and all these basic elements become available on Saturdays. All elemental skill stones can be acquire on Sundays. This means that if you need one skill stone over the others, then you should take note of days where you may want to reset for an extra attempt on exploration runs.

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Considering the current special events in the game, only Angelo’s Bingo Event provides skill stones rewards. Given the randomness of what you can earn from this event though, you might as well go all-in and aim to clear the bingo table and reset it as many times as you can.

5. Action Points

Action points or AP are essential in that it is your basic energy or stamina that gets consumed with most battles you engage in as you play OVERHIT. Naturally, you can’t expect to be rewarded with AP for the campaign, game modes, and even special dungeons where you spend AP to partake in. However, adhering to daily, weekly, and even monthly targets relative to participation in the arena can earn you a lot of it easily. It’s easy because you are not required to even score a win in PvP. As participation is the only requirement, just some time and dedication to expend daily attempts are sufficient to earn you large volumes of AP.

overhit action points

As current special events also don’t provide free AP, your option to acquire more would be the shop. As you may be hesitant to spend dimensional gems on AP, you can also use friend points and purchase additional AP from the shops. This should naturally push you into making the most out of the 30 friends you can have in the game. Each time a friend uses your hero in battle, you can earn friendship points. Relative to this, be sure to assign your top heroes representing each element on your profile, which you can access through the portrait at the upper left side of your screen.

6. Dimensional Gems

As the ever-important premium currency you need to acquire additional heroes or equipment from the gacha, as well as purchase just about anything that arn won’t let you do so, every bit of dimensional gems you earn and hold are vital to your progression in the game. Dimensional gems have many sources to earn them from, and each and every aspect of the game where you can secure them from should be well participated in over potentially any other resource area.

Outside of events, the initial mass of dimensional gems you will receive will come from the campaign. As the initial stages are relatively easy to accomplish, earning all 30 stars per chapter can earn you a total of 60 dimensional gems. On top of this, pushing through with chapter completions form part of the guide missions, where dimensional gems are occasionally up for grabs as well. Daily, weekly, and monthly missions, as well as one-time achievements also hold plenty of dimensional gems as rewards.

overhit dimensional gems

As special dungeon events contain stages much like campaign battles, securing a 3-star rank on these stages will net you some dimensional gems. In the case of the current time-limited event, you can earn some gems outright from the dungeon battles but the special tickets you will earn can score you more from the gacha board. You can earn 100 dimensional gems per board and with 4 resets to aim for, you can earn as many as 500 gems in total from this event.

Given that a lot of the resources we discussed are farmed considering the existence of time-limited events, it will naturally come to a point in time when these areas won’t be available. Surely enough, though, OVERHIT will continue to have various events in the future where pretty much resources, most especially the basic ones will be made available. Beyond concrete tips and methods on how to farm resources fast and efficiently, the idea we want to impart relative to farming, is finding the best courses to take that either spend the least amount of time over taking on more difficult challenges for potentially better rewards.

As in the case of Collete’s Dungeon, you can definitely farm for more or even better loot from higher stages or even the more challenging difficulty levels. If you need to decide between or among some choices, be sure to consider how much time you can spend on that activity in relation to how much time it would take for the farming activity to complete. Likewise, if you are really in dire need of a particular resource, much like arn for example, then focus on it and ignore additional resources you don’t need which may impede your procurement method designed to earn you the resource you specifically need.

Well, that’s all we have for you as far as our OVERHIT farming guide is concerned. We certainly hope you learned from it and that you found our guide helpful and enjoyable. If there are some discoveries you have made relative to farming resources, don’t hesitate to share it with us and leave us a message in the comment section!