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OVERHIT Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Raise Combat Power and Progress Faster

If you have played and enjoyed a lot of mobile games before, especially action, strategy and role-playing titles, then chances are that you have played one or several games form NEXON. As a pioneer and very popular developer in the mobile gaming scene, NEXON has ceaselessly stretched its apps portfolio to more than 40 games since its first app launch in 2012. Darkness Rises, Durango: Wild Lands and Godzilla Defense Force are just some of NEXON’s most popular releases with the first two earning more than 10 million installs. Today, almost every new release from the developer is an instant hit that fans are highly intrigued about.

OVERHIT is NEXON’s latest offering and it is certainly a Strategy RPG to grab attention. Packed with top quality visuals, intricate upgrade and enhancement systems, various game modes, and character designs fans of the genre would love, OVERHIT offers plenty of features that make it stand out over the rest of the games within its genre. If you enjoy turn-based strategy RPGs, anime-styled characters, and intricate character development and customizations in a game, then be sure to check this game out.

Journey to Ozenia as you gather your allies and embark on a quest to stop the Cabal on their plans to revive an ancient evil entity. As members of the elite group of heroes called Black Wings, who stand between the world’s safety and hordes of monstrosities plaguing the lands, your adventure will be one full of battles and other challenges. As you gather more allies to join you in battle, continuous enhancement and upgrades are necessary to succeed through the ever-increasing challenges ahead. While raw power is important, what matters more is your strategic prowess and the synergy of your team as you build your ultimate party from the 120 heroes you can obtain in the game. Alone or with friends, OVERHIT is a definite must-try for turn-based strategy and RPG enthusiasts alike.

The intricate graphics and overall package that OVERHIT presents might overwhelm you into thinking that it’s too complex especially for first-time RPG players. In all honesty, though, in as much as there are unique features that will be new even to experienced Strategy RPG players the in-game tutorial makes it very easy for even total beginners to learn the basic concepts surrounding the game and secure a firm grasp of the game’s mechanics. It does require you to pay attention to a lot of textual information provided as well as a little time on your own to explore the different icons and menus in the game. The game makes auto mode available right from the start and it can help loosen the tension for beginners who may struggle with manual management of the team in first few battles. Later on, though, playing manually will be a must as auto battle doesn’t put much strategy in its attacks and skill utilization in combat.

You can definitely make progress in OVERHIT regardless of how you play it. With a little more dedication and time on the game, as well as following the tips and strategies we have in our OVERHIT beginner’s guide, you can surely be able to raise your combat ability faster and dominate each battle you engage in as you progress through the game.

1. Follow The Guide Missions

Even just after a few minutes of diving into the world of OVERHIT, you may find yourself deeply submerged into a lot of information partly due to the game’s introduction of the story and largely because of the numerous features you will need to look into before proceeding further. Once you are free to do as you please, what you should consider to do first is to go through the guide missions which you can access through the icon at the lower left side of your screen.

overhit guide missions

While you should typically proceed with trying to progress through the main story campaign in similar RPGs, the battle scenarios, particularly the difficulty slope, in OVERHIT makes it a little more challenging for you to jump from one campaign stage to the next early on without spending some time to strengthen your team and make upgrades here and there.

Guide missions won’t only help you follow an efficient progressive line with which you can proceed with relative ease, each item you accomplish also provides rewards you will need to constantly make upgrades to your team. On top of each reward you receive for each objective completed, For the most part, you won’t be able to progress to the next objective in line prior to satisfying the current objective there will be instances when you can complete the succeeding ones right after completing the current one.

2. Aim To Secure 3-Star Ratings In Campaign

The main story campaign in the game is divided into chapters and each chapter has 10 stages. For each stage completion, your performance is rated basically based on how many heroes you prevent from being incapacitated and finishing each stage with all 5 of your heroes intact secures you a 3-star rating. Getting 3-star ratings across all stages in the chapter will reward you with Dimension Gems, which is a premium currency in the game you need to summon additional heroes and gears. As stages in campaign do grow more challenging at a faster rate than most RPGs, expect to complete some stages without immediately securing 3-star ratings on your first attempt.

how to get three star ratings in overhit

When you begin to experience playing through a stage and losing one or some of your heroes in battle before you finish the mission, then that should be a clear indicator that you need to make some upgrades, enhancements, or simple rearrangement of your battle plan. Likewise, you should also try to get used to playing battles manually as auto mode is devoid of any strategy pertaining to targeting enemies and efficiently utilizing the heroes’ special skills.

3. Form A Well-Rounded, Balanced Team

OVERHIT starts you off with enough heroes to form a good basic team and as you continue on the initial battles and earn rewards, you will soon have more than enough heroes to choose from to form a full team of five heroes. While rarity levels may play some role in determining each hero’s innate stats and skills, lumping together the top rarity heroes in your roster with no consideration for roles and elemental affinities will definitely not work out well for you.

overhit team

For starters, your primary consideration with regard to team formation should be the character types or roles that you need to place in the correct position in the team formation. Formations may vary on other game modes but for starters, and in general, having each class represented properly on any team should be at least fine, if not most efficient. Characters in OVERHIT may either be attackers, represented by the swords icon; defenders, represented by the shield icon; or support characters as indicated by the cross-like icon on the upper right side of their portrait.

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Attackers are naturally top damage dealers and regardless of whether or not they do melee damage, they should be placed in the middle row of your formation. Defenders are the toughest cookies you will have on your team and should rightfully be situated in the front lines. Defenders have much higher defense and HP values over other characters and as heroes in the front lines take most of the damage in battle, having two defenders in front is a good way of raising your survivability in any battle. Last, but definitely not the least, is the support type character which typically provide healing spells as well as character buffs that can boost an ally’s stats or provide added protection to an ally or the entire party.

Next to roles or classes, you need to pay attention to each hero in your team with regard to their elemental affinity. The usual “rock-paper-scissors” concept which has become a fundamental foundation of most strategy RPGs also takes effect in OVERHIT. There are three basic elements in the game which are fire, nature, and water. Fire is strong against nature but weak against nature; nature is strong against water but weak against fire; and water is strong against fire and weak against nature. In addition to the basic elements, there are also discord elements, light and dark, which are special in the sense that neither one is positively or adversely affected by the basic elements and are exclusively contradicting one another. For best results, plan on having a good variety of elements represented in your team. If possible, consider one defender whose elemental affinity is strong against the element which the other is weak against, and likewise consider the same for both attackers.

Beyond character classes and elemental affinities, you may encounter challenging decision points between some loosely similar characters, so to refine your selection further, take some time to look into the details, particularly each hero’s set of skills and how they will compliment your entire party.

4. Regularly Upgrade Your Heroes And Gears

Although it’s a fairly goo d idea to try and test each hero in your roster out if you have the time, you will certainly have a select few who will grow on you and become your usual favorites for a variety of battles and challenges as you progress through the game. As resources are always limited and you will never have enough for the upgrades and enhancements you need to do, be sure to spend each available resource wisely.

The most basic method of raising your character’s combat power is through gaining experience points to level up. This can be achieved primarily through actual experience in battle and the more you use characters on campaign and other game modes, relative to the battle’s difficulty, the more experience points you gain. As this will hardly be sufficient to continuously meet the increasing demands of latter stages, you should utilize the fortification function to tremendously boost the levelling up of your top heroes.

Fortification is a method where you give more experience points to a hero by sacrificing other heroes, as well as some arn, to do so. On a positive note, this method makes it less regretful to obtain lower rarity heroes from rewards and gacha as they will have the purpose of strengthening the ones you actually use. Keep in mind that you will earn additional experience points if the sacrificed heroes hold a similar element to the hero you are fortifying. As you may have less of the “sacrificial” heroes later on in the game, be sure to make good use of each fortification attempt and invest wisely on heroes you will most likely use for a long time.

overhit heroes upgrade

Beyond fortification, you can also raise a hero’s level cap by 5, and boost his or her stats as well, by combining the hero with a similar hero. As this method can be done up to 5 times, the initial level cap of 40 can be raised to 65. Relative to this, some in-game rewards from accomplishments or events come in the form of choice cards where you get to choose which specific hero you can get. IF you like the hero you are currently using on your team, be sure to choose that hero on your picks and try not to rush into getting those rewards so long as you get back to it within the claimable period.

On a more challenging note, you can tremendously boost your hero’s stats by increasing their grade. Each hero will start off at having a grade D and through the use of elemental elixirs, you can raise a hero’s grade all the way to A, then finally S. Again, as these elixirs are not as easy to come by compared with other materials, be sure to invest it wisely on heroes you are certain will be in your main team for a long time.

Each of the hero’s skills can also be upgraded through the use of skill stones. This can only be done, though, following the increase of a hero’s level cap. Be sure to take some time as to which skills you may want to enhance first and likewise save this for your mainstay heroes.

Like any other RPG, the fun in choosing heroes and enhancing each of them won’t be complete without further customization through various gears that offer a variety of effects. Each hero can be equipped with a weapon, armor, accessory, and grimoire. Higher star level gears offer better stats but as you may acquire a variety of gears having the same star rank, be sure to read through each one’s details to select the best one for the character in consideration based on his role or class.

Like heroes, gears can also be fortified to boost their level and increase the stats they provide your heroes. The process works similarly as well in that you have to sacrifice similar types of equipment to raise the level of the ones you want to fortify. Another method of boosting your gears’ efficiency is by raising its level cap by combining similar gears together. This makes good use of otherwise obsolete low ranking gears which would otherwise be just sitting in your inventory. Like most resource management concerns we mentioned above, be sure to consider each fortification and level cap raise with these methods as resources are finite and you may secure better gears later on that are more worth the resource.

5. Expend All Attempts On Additional Game Modes

On top of the story campaign which basically reflects OVERHIT’s basic game mode, additional game modes will be unlocked as you clear certain chapters in the campaign. Special modes and challenges offer plenty of unique game modes for you to revel in and some rewards you can obtain by actively participating in these modes are either difficult to obtain anywhere else or will be very helpful in pushing your progress in the game further. Keep in mind that as each game mode offers different challenges and mechanics, you may want to consider a different formation, or roster altogether, to achieve better results on each one.

overhit tips

The Terra Shift is the first set of extra game modes you will unlock as you progress through OVERHIT’s story campaign. Within the Terra Shift are the Merchant’s Treasury, the Mystic’s Warehouse, and the Warrior’s Armory each providing the most basic resources you will always need in the game. The Merchant’s Treasury is where you can earn extra arn; the Mystic’s Warehouse is where you can obtain random elemental upgrade materials for your heroes; and the Warrior’s Armory will be your constant daily supply of extra equipment. Completing the first level within each game modes unlock a higher difficulty one which offers better rewards. Take note that the spike in difficulty levels is a bit steep but don’t be afraid to make an attempt on the next tier as unsuccessful runs won’t count against your 2 daily attempts at each dungeon.

As there are numerous other game modes that would take so much time to discuss in detail, we will leave the above as an example which should suffice to establish the importance of making these runs daily if you want to progress fast in the game. Perhaps we can discuss the other game modes in detail on a succeeding guide, but for now, we will consider this as sufficient for beginners.

6. Push To Obtain Top Rewards From Missions And Events

In addition to the outright rewards you receive from each battle you go through, OVERHIT provides plenty of additional rewards which comes from as easy as logging in daily to more dedication-challenging feats based on accomplishments and milestones you achieve as you play the game. There are plenty of extra rewards to get from both Missions and Events which you can access by clicking on the “Menu” button at the top right corner of the screen and clicking on the respective icon.

overhit tricks

Missions include daily, weekly, and monthly accomplishments as well as one-time achievements which gauge your general progress in the game. Events, on the other hand, are generally time-limited, but oftentimes coincide with the usual objectives you need to accomplish relative to your daily mission objectives. Be sure to attempt to go for the top rewards on each category as doing so will tremendously boost the growth of your combat power and positively impact your progress in the campaign, and the game in general.

7. Don’t Forget To Check Your Mail Regularly

Some of the rewards you receive through achievements and events will not go directly to your inventory and will have to be claimed from the mail, which can be accessed through the mail icon at the top of your screen. For the most part, you would want to obtain these rewards immediately but in some cases, you may need to go back to your heroes as some rewards actually give you a choice between heroes or upgrade materials which should be based on what you most urgently need.

overhit hints

In instances where heroes are up for grabs, you can choose to obtain a new one that seems promising, provided that you have a hero in your party you feel like replacing. If you are otherwise happy with the roster of heroes in your team, then you should bank on duplicate cards of heroes you want to enhance further through raising the level cap. If you cannot readily decide on this, don’t worry as much as the game gives you a month or so to keep the rewards in your mail. Likewise, we suggest banking on duplicate cards for your defender or tank. The same goes for upgrade materials. Feel free to look into your top heroes and check which one you would want to enhance the most before claiming the elemental enhancement material.

OVERHIT definitely still holds so much more content and features but for now, this is where we will end our beginner’s guide for the game. We hope that we shared enough tips and tricks for you to jumpstart your game and efficiently make use of your hard-earned resources. Again, the more time and dedication you invest in the game, the further your power and progress will go. If you have some tips or strategies for OVERHIT that you would like to share with us, be sure to drop us a note in the comment section!


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