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OVERHIT Best Heroes Guide: A List of the Best Characters to Build a Powerful Team (Tier List)

OVERHIT is an awesome turn-based gacha RPG developed by Nexon, the gaming giant, that’s behind a number of popular mobile games including Durango: Wild Lands and Godzilla Defense Force to name a few. The game features all the usual elements from turn-based gacha RPGs: summoning units, training them, and making them fight for you. We already touched on how to build a team in our OVERHIT beginner’s guide, and here we are going to give more in-depth tips to make the most powerful team to defeat the campaign, the raids, and other players in the arena.

This OVERHIT guide assumes you already know how the various roles and elements interact, and its main focus will be on the best characters to complete the campaign. Also, please note that there are many characters in the game, and most of them are more than capable to at least progress through the campaign somewhat competently, provided they have an adequate level and gear. The heroes in this guide are merely the best ones you can have to make getting 3 stars as smooth as possible. We tried to pick them from different elements as well, so that you can mix and match them more easily to clear the harder levels.

Lastly, you can get all of the following heroes through the “Premium Gacha” pulls, which means you can just grind them out without having to resort to farming obscure currencies or spending money. So without further ado, let’s dive into our OVERHIT best heroes guide for tips and tricks on how to assemble a powerful team in the game!

1. Best Attackers In OVERHIT

Ash, Colette, Celesta, Jasper, and Ludmila

overhit ash

Ash is great. He is the first hero you get when you start up the game, you get another copy of him by playing the story (which is necessary to raise his level cap), and his leader skill is downright amazing. Since you start with one, he will also always be up to speed regarding levels, which means you will be able to focus your resources on other heroes. His abilities deal a lot of single target physical damage, and lower the enemy’s Attack and chance of resisting critical hits. Another great aspect of Ash is his Leader skill: he can increase the Attack of his allies by up to 45%. He belongs to the Fire element.

overhit colette

Colette is a Water element hero, she deals magical damage, and she specializes in hitting multiple targets and debuffing them. Hailstorm hits up to 3 enemies, and increases their chance to get statused by spells, her Brinicle Blast hits up to 5 enemies at once, and has a 30% chance of applying Chill status on them, which means they will take additional damage every 4 seconds for 36 seconds, based on Colette’s Attack stat. Like Ash, her leader skill increases the Attack of her allies. Winter Haven is another powerful debuff she applies when she hits enemies with her spells, decreasing the damage they deal and increasing the damage they take from the chill status.

overhit celesta

Celesta sports the same leader skill as Ash and Colette, and she is a mix of the two regarding her abilities. Fatal Impact hits a single enemy, dealing physical damage and reducing their Defense, while Cyclone Shredder hits up to 4 enemies at once, and has a chance to inflict Bleeding to them, which decreases their healing. Celesta’s most peculiar ability is her Faerie Dance, where she increases the cooldowns of the skills of the opponents she hits with her own spells. This ability also increases the Attack of her allies whenever she attacks.

overhit jasper

Jasper is all about dealing damage to multiple people in an area, Extreme Ride can silence all the enemies it hits, which is amazing, as silenced units can’t use any ability, they can only attack. Hitting a silence on the enemy heroes focused on magic damage and support can win you even the most difficult fights. Omega Drive does damage. A lot of damage. Way more damage than you’ll expect. His passive increases his own attack whenever he uses an ability, while reducing completely blocking the healing the struck target can receive.

I know I said I would focus on units you could summon through “Premium Gacha” only, but Ludmila definitely deserves an honorable mention here. She increases the attack and max hp of all Fire allies through her leader skill, and the damage she deals is so high. Infernal Lava deals damage to 3 enemies and burns them, while Cremation deals damage and then inflicts additional damage on the enemies that are affected by burn. Volcanic Formula increases the crit rate of Fire allies, and it just so happens to combine perfectly with the burn status that Infernal Lava applies.

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Furthermore, she can lower her own skills’ cooldowns by 6s every time she performs a regular attack. What’s there not to love? Ludmila is crazy powerful, way above most other attackers, the issue is that you can only get her through the Legendary Gacha Pulls. A real shame.

2. Best Defenders In OVERHIT

Ophelia, Cicero, and Demian

overhit ophelia

Ophelia is an incredible defensive asset to any team. Her ability Shield of Sverin is insane. It hits up to 3 of her allies, and it transfers half of the damage they take to her, but here’s the caveat: Shield of Sverin also buffs Ophelia herself, reducing the damage she takes by over 35%, which means she is insanely good at protecting the backline, as even if your opponents manage to hit it, they will only take half damage. Furthermore, the shielded allies receive a bonus to their piercing rate, which means they will ignore part of the enemies’ defense when they damage them. If all of this wasn’t enough, she is also able to heal herself thanks to her passive, Ground Upheaval, which grants her health regeneration every time she gets hit.

overhit cicero

Cicero is another incredible addition to any team. You get him when you start the game, so, much like Ash, he will require fewer resources to keep up with the rest of the team. His leader skill decreases the damage all of his allies take by 5%, while his other spells focus mostly on buffing his allies. Wings of Astraea heals him based on his attack stat, while increasing the defense of his entire party. Elegant Strike is what sets him apart from any other defender, it deals respectable damage, but the real scary part of this ability is the buff it places on Cicero himself. It applies a buff called Reflected Damage, which results in 20% of the damage Cicero takes being reflected to the attacker, it is quite the powerful spell, especially against enemies that rely on bursting down targets.

overhit demian

Demian is our last choice for the best defender. He is all about being in the frontline and being beefy. Compared to Ophelia and Cicero, he is a lot more offensive. Demian deals a lot of damage, his leader skill enhances the attack of his allies, and both of his abilities deal damage to multiple enemies. What makes Demian so good at defending is the amount of sustain he has. Everything he does heals him, and even taking damage makes him heal. He is very tough to knock down because of this, and even when you finally manage to defeat this beast, his Blood Infection heals all of his allies based on his own attack stat. You will need a lot of healing reduction to deal with a team that has Demian among their ranks. Bloodbath is also a very frustrating ability, as it has a chance to inflict the blind status to the hit enemies, halving their chance of actually hitting their attacks.

3. Best Supports In OVERHIT

Sophia, Shoumei, and Yggdrasil

overhit sophia

Sophia is one of the heroes you get at the start of the game, she is also the face of the game. She is one of the main characters of the story. Coincidentally, she is also very good! Her leader skills enhances the defense of all her allies by 40%. Her first spell, Tender Care, massively heals up to three allies, but it is the second spell, Resplendent Bloom, that makes her different from anyone else. It resurrects one ally and give him 50% of their hit points. Both these spells are incredibly powerful, and then you read her passive, Maiden’s Blessing, and you will notice that it boosts them even further. This passive’s first effect is decreasing the cooldown of the skills of the allies hit by her spells. The second effect is an increase of all healings of all allies. It works both on her Tender Care, and her Resplendent Bloom. Additionally, it boosts up any other healing your party may have. Very powerful in conjunction with characters that heal a lot like Demian.

overhit shoumei

Shoumei’s biggest asset is her second spell, Flower Burst. It grants to up to 4 of her allies immunity to status effects, while also reducing the damage they take. Status Immunity is one of the best statuses you can have on your teammates, and this is why Shoumei is so high on this list. Immagine avoiding getting silenced by Jasper because of this, and then casting a game winning spell right after. Her first spell, Bountiful Blooms is also very much decent, though it is nothing spectacular. It heals every party member based on Shoumei’s attack, and also increases their defense.

Shoumei’s passive is rather interesting, as it involves her regular attacks. When she performs a regular attack successfully, she completely block all form of healing to the struck target for 30 seconds, and then she also has a chance to heal herself by a percentage of her attack stat. Despite all this focus on defensive and support spells, she has an offensive leader skill, as she increases the attack of allies by 25%.

overhit yggdrasil

Yggdrasil is different from the other two, as he is more focused on preventing damage than outright healing it. First off, his leader skill, Verdant Power, increases the Status Effect Resistance of all allies by 10%. Pretty good, although nothing too crazy unless combined with additional sources of resistance. His first spell, Mystletainn’s Blessing, is by far the most interesting skill he has, as it applies a buff on 3 allies giving them complete immunity to the next source of damage that strikes them. Utilizing this spell well takes a while to get used to, but when you get used to the enemies’ timers, you will be able to block the majority of damage their most powerful spells deals. Additionally, this spell also reduces the cooldowns of the blessed ally with the highest attack, which always comes in handy.

His second spell, World Tree’s Light, is rather uninspiring. It provides health regeneration to the whole party for 40 seconds, while also increasing their defense for a minute. Nothing outstanding, but it’s nice nonetheless. His passive, called Popohype, additionally decreases the damage taken by the ally with the highest attack that gets hit by his spells, while also giving Yggdrasil himself a chance to increase the healing on himself by a percentage of his attack for a brief moment. This ensures that Yggdrasil can survive a battle and keep casting his protective buffs while healing himself and his mates.

This wraps up the list of who in our opinion are the best units to progress through the main campaign of OVERHIT. All of these heroes are also more than capable of carrying you through the ranks in Arena. This list isn’t exhaustive obviously, and as we have already said, most heroes are at least capable of getting past most stages, provided you play your cards well. Elemental matchups, team formation, and even the spells you cast are all factors that influence the course of a fight. Do you agree with our picks? Did you find out that there’s other heroes that are also insanely good? Please, let us know in the comments!