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MU Origin 2 Class Guide: Tips & Strategies to Have the Right Build for Your Chosen Character Class

MU Origin 2 has certainly lived up to the reputation of its predecessors as it started and continues to be strong in the mobile gaming arena. There is still so much yet to be seen in the game as players, especially fans of the series, await upcoming seasons and updates that may showcase some of the characters and events they have grown fond of as well as new ones that haven’t been featured in any of the game’s previous incarnations. Although as it is, the game certainly has a plethora of offerings that can keep players hooked into it for several hours on a daily basis. While MU Origin 2 currently stands to have fewer than average character classes than other MMORPGs, there are fair amounts of customization options and an abundant supply of diverse gears, with near limitless features, which players can engage in to have their character as unique as they want it to be.

In as much as you can make good progress in the game even without paying critical attention to your class build, there will certainly come a point in the game where you need to decide on focusing on key strengths and specific stats and buffs, to be an effective solo or team player. If you are new to MU Origin 2 and have only recently started playing the game, then we strongly suggest that you read our beginner’s guide as it discusses important tips and strategies that can help you get a good start on the game and keep you on track towards raising your combat power faster to quickly progress on the game.

mu origin 2 best class

For this guide, we will discuss in greater depth, each character class, particularly each one’s strengths and potential builds which should make it easier for both new and experienced players to build their character better. As you may have already created and character and played the game for a while at this point, it’s good to know that you can create up to 4 different characters per account and resetting stats are totally free before you hit level 200.

Although MU Origin 2 makes it easy for total beginners to be acquainted with its mechanics and numerous features as fast as any other RPG can, automating some of these elements may not always be the best way to go, especially if you want better results. Just like how much better you can perform in combat by manually controlling your character and timing the skills activation right, so too will your character be much better with manually distributed stats.

Regardless of which class you choose as your first character, having a clear idea of what role you want to play specific to your character requires having an end in mind as far as gears, particularly their stat buffs, and stats are concerned. Although the default setting of auto assigning earned stat points with every level up isn’t totally bad, it plays on the average standards not designed specifically for anything more than average solo play. So if you want to be efficient in single battles or in team plays, for PvP or PvE, then there are suggested stat considerations we can present to help you work on the ultimate build for your chosen character.

The Swordsman Or Dark Knight Class

As a good choice for total beginners, the swordsman class exemplifies the most basic starting class in conventional RPGs. Although MU Origin’s swordsman is much flashier as far as skills go, it still boils down to the basic consideration of having a good balance between offense and defense, and being able to hold out on your own far better than the other classes. As the master of melee combat in the game, the swordsman relies on either raw strength for its strikes and slashes which can be achieved with one-handed or two-handed weapons.

mu origin 2 swordsman class

In MU Origin 2, the basic difference between wielding a one-handed and a two-handed weapon is that two-handed weapons have more raw power while one-handed weapons can be equipped on each hand and while it may not have as much raw strength as its two-handed counterparts do, having great stat options on both can very much make up for it. Additionally, you can only carry a shield if you equip a one-handed weapon, which makes one-handed weapon wielders a little more versatile.

If you are up for being an average damage-dealing swordsman who can stand on your own, then either choice for one-handed or two-handed weapon will work well for you. The auto assignment of stats will also be fine as it balances between offense and defense to give you an average build suitable for solo plays, even for one-on-one PvP duels.

For maximum damaging power with no worries about health and defense, then you should consider pouring a lot of stat points on strength and leave just enough stamina points for your preferred choice of weapons and armor set. With this build, it won’t be entirely easy to survive on your own on harder mobs and dungeons, but killing mobs in relatively easier areas will be fast. Additionally, this is a considerable option if you tend to always play in a party and there aren’t enough damage dealers. Truthfully enough, it’s going to be a challenge to secure wins against ranged combatants in PvP but with high attack power and hit rate, landing your attack first could very much be all you need to do to win.

A popular team player build for swordsman is a tank standing at the forefront of battles. Following this build requires you to put in only the minimum required stat points on strength based on the weapon and equipment you want and spending everything else on agility and stamina to boost defense and raise maximum HP values. As it is, you won’t be doing as much damage as regular swordsmen would but you will definitely be the toughest one in your team to take on most damages meant more the entire party. For this build, be sure to consider a one-handed weapon as having a shield will be a requirement.

The Mage Or Dark Wizard Class

Even from the first MU Online game, there were hardly any much variance in terms of how mages were built in the game. As typical as it is, mages should always bank on putting in as many stat points on intelligence as they can to raise their magical attack damage. In MU Origin 2, much like its previous games, the difference in builds lie on how much offensive power you want to have, and with lies the question of how much defensive attributes are you willing to let go for offensive power.

mu origin 2 mage class

Like swordsmen, mages can wield either a one-handed or a two-handed staff, with two-handed ones being more powerful but with the former offering an opportunity to carry a shield. Likewise, each piece of gear you can obtain has its own minimum required stat values on agility and stamina, which means that if you want to go for a higher level set of armor and staff, you will have to spend more points both agility and stamina and allocating a little less on intelligence.

Given these considerations, what you should consider primarily is whether you would want to do more damage or would want to invest a little more on your defensive capabilities with hopes of raising your survivability. If you will be playing a lot on your own rather than with a party then consider the staff and shield option and go for the best armor set you can get a hold of as every bit of defensive stat will help you survive on your own. Keep in mind that mages are naturally weak defensively so even if you breeze through the first areas of the game, you will soon have difficulty surviving the more challenging maps and dungeons.

If you will be fortunate enough to always have a team with you for the greater part of your adventure, particularly with a health-boosting swordsman and a healing archer, then you can very much do away with the one-handed staff. Likewise, you can go all-in with the more powerful two-handed weapon along with settling for a less agility and stamina-demanding armor set to bank more of your earned stat points on intelligence.

The Archer Or Elf Class

Unlike in the original MU Online where the archer class can either be built to be a killer or a healer, much of what you can do with archer in MU Origin 2 stands in-between the general build you can work on with the class. As the damage dealt by the archer is now based on strength instead of agility, and with attack speed no longer a stat factor, your build options for the archer class will be dependent on how much damage you want to deal at the cost of how much you want to invest on defensive stats.

mu origin 2 archer class

Even with the best bows and armor sets you can grab and equip on an archer, there will still be plenty of stat points to play with to customize your build. If you are all for offensive strength, then put in more stat points on strength to raise attack power and hit rate. This is much preferable is your almost always adventuring with a team as the archer is a great damage dealer either on a single target or small mobs of enemies.

On the other hand, raising your archer’s survivability in either PvP or PvE battles require more stat points allocated on agility, especially considering that stat points assigned on agility boosts the archer’s flee rate more than the other classes. If you see yourself playing the game alone on most times, then be sure to consider this option.

The Diviner Class

Although the diviner class has yet to be released on global servers, it is still a great pick for an extra character in MU Origin especially considering its indispensable value to team battles and party plays. As another powerful AoE and crowd control magic user, the diviner can also be built differently based on your preference as far as offensive capabilities and defensive stats are concerned. This would be relative as well to whether or not you prefer engaging in adventures mostly on your own or exploring with a team of friends or guildmates. For one, putting as many stat points on the diviner’s intelligence attribute makes for an efficient damage dealer all packed with various debuffs that can decelerate or immobilize mobs of monsters at a time. Fairly enough, simply having those crowd control abilities, even without the corresponding damage values, are great to have in any full party.

mu origin 2 diviner class

For solo play, you are free enough to keep a good balance between offensive strength and survivability depending on your preference and play style. The auto assign function in the stats menu is not that bad but tinkering with it a bit should give you a better design especially if you have yet to acquire your desired armor set and weapon. As defensive gears have their respective minimum levels of agility and stamina, you are left with spending stat points on either intelligence to boost your skills’ damage; or spread a bit on agility for defense boost and flee rate and stamina for additional HP. While flee rate is important for all classes, having more HP also works well for the diviner in relation to her “Lethal Sigil” skill which regenerates health over time.

In a full party or anything less that has more than enough designated DPS players, having the option to invest more stat points on the diviner’s build still works well. Truthfully enough, the diviner’s crowd control abilities are of most importance in the party and the contributing damage is only an added bonus. In addition, having Lethal Sigil’s ultimacy, Solidarity, which extends HP bonus and double damage chance for allies makes the diviner a much-wanted enough member of any party.

Be reminded that once you go above level 200, stat resets will cost diamonds each time, so be sure to experiment some test stat distributions early on to have a better idea of the stat build you want to achieve later in the game. To answer as well what some players ask, there is no such thing as a best class in MU Origin 2. If you are still uncertain about which one to use, feel free to test each one out. There are 4 character slots in an account so you can spend a bit of time with each class and focus on the one you enjoy playing the most. Like all other MMORPGs, the best class for you is the one that best suits your preference and play style.

And this ends our MU Origin 2 class guide. We hope that with the tips and strategies we shared with you were enlightening enough on how to work on your current or subsequent character class in the game. Remember that no one can build the best character class for you except you, so go on ahead and experiment as much as you can with your favorite character class (or classes). If you have relevant ideas and tips you would like to share with us, we would love to hear from you so please don’t hesitate to write something in the comment area below!