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MU Origin 2 Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Level Up and Raise Your BP Fast

Webzen Inc. may have only been active in the mobile gaming market since 2013, but the company was founded in 2000 and rolled out its most popular franchise, MU Online, in the height of free-to-play MMORPGs a year later. As it had many successful titles on PC before, Webzen Inc. has continued to release top-notch mobile games like First Hero, MU Origin and QubeTown just to name a few.

MU Origin 2 is the company’s latest offering for both Android and iOS platforms an very much like the first MU Origin, has been highly anticipated and positively accepted by fans of the franchise, old and new alike. Though MU Origin can take back long-time players of the original game to a sort of nostalgic drive down memory lane as it contains a lot of familiar characters, equipment, enemies, and locations into the game, MU Origin 2’s amazing redesign of the game has made it a lot more appealing not just to fans but to MMORPG players in general as well.

With numerous free MMORPGs available in the market, MU Origin 2 stands out in terms of fairly extending power gap between free and spending players as it allows for everyone to grind for as long as they can to become stronger in the game. If you are into MMORPGs and looking for an enjoyable game to play with your buddies, then MU Origin 2 might just be the game you are looking for.

mu origin 2 strategies

Journey to (or back to) the legendary continent of MU and take on an almost never-ending quest to battle the hordes of monsters plaguing the kingdom. As you embark on an adventure on your own or with some friends, your chosen character continue to grow stronger each step of the way. MU Origin 2 has everything you would ever want in an MMORPG from leveling up your character, to finding and equipping better gears, enhancing skills, wings, mounts, and more.

On top of the mobs of monsters scattered across different maps within the game, tons of more powerful bosses as well as more challenging battles await in a variety of time-limited dungeons and hosts of special events. Mobs of monsters and bosses should not entirely be the source of challenges and peril as every area outside of towns in the game is open for PVP action. While most PVP battles in other MMORPGs happen only on specified areas like the arena, MU Origin 2 makes it as exciting as its predecessor does by giving each player more freedom to take on any other player, practically anywhere.

MU Origin 2 may seemingly have a plethora of complex mechanics and features at first glance, but don’t let such impressions overwhelm you right at the start of the game. You will be sufficiently introduced to the basic controls as well as each of the activities and feature you need to spend time on as they become available. There are numerous helpful indicators on each icon that require your attention, and the auto mode which is available right at the start of your game makes it easy to travel from one area to the next, hunt the correct mobs, and also engage in battle automatically.

All-in-all, MU Origin 2 is a pretty easy game to learn, even for total beginners, but offers a wide variety of challenges hard work for those who want to master it. If you just started playing the game and looking for ways to keep you ahead of the pack, then our MU Origin 2 beginner’s guide can send you on your way to levelling up and increasing your battle power (BP) more efficiently.

1. Choose The Character That Suits Your Play Style

There are three basic character classes in MU Origin 2 and each one more or less follows the most basic classes in conventional role-playing games. Following the knight, wizard, archer that players of many RPGs have grown overly-familiar with in time, MU Origin 2 initially makes the Swordsman, Mage, and Archer as the basic classes to choose form in the game. As of this writing though, the fourth class called Diviner has been made available for MU Origin SEA but have yet to be seen on the global servers.

mu origin 2 tips

It is important to know at this point that each class can survive well on its own for solo plays and quests. In parties, though, each one’s strengths will be highlighted more and a party consisting of varied classes are much better. Again, while each one offers its own advantage over the other classes, a lot of it will depend on your preference and play style.

The Swordsman, also known as Dark Knight in some incarnations, is the game’s close combat expert. Swordsmen have the highest vitality and defense and are the only tanks in the game. With overall top rank defense as well as high offense, the difficulty with Swordsmen lie in the fact that you need to get close to your target to inflict damage.

The Mage, otherwise known as Dark Wizard, is the game’s master of elements and best for AoE damage. Mages also sport a wide variety of single target DPS spells and can inflict some defensive buffs on allies and status effect on mobs as well. Mages are mostly built as glass cannons as they lack in defense what they more than make up for in terms of ranged elemental magic damage.

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Archers, then known as fairy elves, are popular for single target DPS as well as heal and cast attack buffs for the whole party. Much like mages, archers don’t have a high defense but with high enough agility, they can dodge some attacks. Archers can summon some companions as well that can be even groomed to take more attention to itself and away from its master.

The newer class, Diviner, which was previously called Summoner in previous incarnations, works much like the Mage in the sense that both are magic users. To differentiate however, Diviners are more focused on causing status effects to mobs and bosses with various crowd control spells that can serve her and her entire party perfectly in any team adventure or battle.

2. Accomplish The Main Quests As Much As You Can

Like many mobile MMORPGs that have a story built into it, MU Origin 2 lets you dive deeper into the game as it lets you progress to discovering the game’s lore through a series of quests. While each enemy you kill gives off experience points and gold, it’s loose change compared to the amount you will receive from any completed quest. Additionally, main quests provide you with gears you can equip on your character as well as numerous resources you constantly need for the various upgrade and enhancement options in the game. As main quests provide tons of experience points to level up your character fast, pushing to accomplish these quests will help you unlock more in-game features and game modes faster.

mu origin 2 quests

A lot of the steps you go through as you accomplish main quests won’t necessarily involve engaging in battles as some would lead you to travel to various regions in the continent as well as talk with various NPCs . Whenever quests require you to hunt certain mobs, though, be sure to stay on high alert. Mobs, especially at the early part of the game are very easy to deal with or without auto mode on, but there simply are a lot of players who attack and try to kill any player they encounter in the fields just for their idea of fun.

Succeeding progression of main quests will soon have a level requirement that you have to reach first. This will be your main cue to take some time off of it and explore other quests. There are various side quests in the game and then there are plenty of events to give you tons of experience points as well as other items and materials you will almost exclusively get from there as well. Be sure to hop back on the main quest track as soon as you reach the minimum level requirement, as you would want to take on the rest of your would-be daily routine as strong as you possibly can.

3. Keep Your Skills Upgraded

There are numerous skills available for each character in MU Origin 2 and you will unlock each one once you reach the level requirement for each skill. Within just a few hours of playing the game and accomplishing quests, you will most likely unlock each one. You can view all your skills by clicking on your character icon at the top left corner of the screen and then clicking on the “Skill” icon. There are 9 basic skills to unlock with the first one, being a passive skill that boosts your character’s damage and the rest are active skills for combat. Upgrading skills only cost gold which you will have plenty at the start of the game. As you reach higher levels and have more features to spend your gold on, you may soon struggle to max out each one as a skill’s level can go up to as high as your character’s current level and each level costs more gold to upgrade.

mu origin 2 skills

Once you hit level 60, you can begin to unlock each skill’s ultimacy enhancement which improves the skill’s efficacy even further. These may be done activated through completing quests or acquiring the needed items which varies depending on your class and skill. To identify the requirements, simply click on the icons beside each skill.

4. Enhance Your Gears Whenever You Can

There are plenty of equipment that you will earn as you play MU Origin 2 either from quests or events, and sometimes from the mob of monsters and bosses themselves. One good thing that makes it easy for even total beginners in the game is that the system automatically prompts you to switch to the better gear once you acquire them. Beyond each piece of gear having unique stat bonuses, each one can be further strengthened by spending coins and the necessary gems to enhance them.

mu origin 2 gear

For starters, you can view the gears you have equipped and enhance each one by clicking on your character icon and then choosing the “Enhance” icon. From level 1 to 7, you need the gem of blessing for each upgrade and the success rate is always 100%. Once you attempt to enhance a piece of gear beyond +7, you will need to consume gems of soul as well and the success rate will begin to drop as you enhance further. Blessed Gems, which are somewhat challenging to acquire, can prevent the gear from decreasing levels after a failed enhancement.

5. Expend Daily Attempts On Various In-Game Events

MU Origin 2 is, to say the least, jam-packed with an overabundance of daily events as well as time-limited ones to keep you hooked for hours each day as you dive deeper in the game. Some of these events require meeting a certain requirement in terms of quest progress, class rank, or even alliance level. As there are too many events to mention, we will only make short not of the ones you will most definitely have to do on a daily basis and with regard to the time-limited ones, be sure to always take note of it by clicking on the “Events” icon at the top right corner of your screen and also pay attention to notices that flash on your screen. The events are a mix of solo play as well as ones that require joining a party. In any case, progressing farther in the game and growing stronger fast means engaging in all of these events as much as you can. There are plenty of rewards to claim and, mostly, all it takes is a little time and effort to participate in these events.

First and foremost, always expend both attempts on EXP Dungeon runs. It’s a pretty quick run against mobs and a boss you can easily handle for tons of experience points that practically guarantees an instant level up or two for your character. In a lot of cases early on, finishing this will make you quickly be able to hop back to continuing with the main quest.

mu origin 2 cheats

Regardless of whether or not you enjoy PvP battles, be sure to try this out and expend the 10 daily attempts as much as you can to earn Fame and Hero Tokens. You will need Fame to upgrade your Sigil and hero tokens can be used to purchase various items at the store.

The Land of Trials is yet another simple game mode you can access early on and also grants huge amounts of experience points. Various gears as well as Emperor’s Tomes, which are needed to evolve your class can also be acquired from the mobs here. You have 30 minutes to spend on the Land of Trials each day and you will hardly be alone inside so be sure to find a good spot early on and be engage in it when you feel like taking a break and going AFK for the full 30 minutes or a little less.

Greed’s Cavern is one of the daily game modes that become available once you reach a certain class evolution stage. Early on, you will find yourself with an abundant supply of gold and doing all the upgrades and enhancements that require gold at the early part of the game seems to hardly put a dent on your overflowing supply of it. By the time you gain access to Greed’s Cavern, though, you will surely be relieved that you did as the cost of upgrades and other gold expenditures will quickly diminish your earned and saved gold.

Push to climb higher at the Demons Tower as each floor you complete drops better rewards for you. It’s no question that the higher you go, the more difficult it becomes. Be sure to disable auto mode when it becomes a little too challenging as running away from some fights to replenish your health is essential to your survival and using your skills more strategically puts you at a much better stance than what the A.I. does on auto battle mode. The most important rewards to claim here are upgrade materials for your wings which are difficult to acquire anywhere else.

There are also Daily Quests as well as Alliance Daily Quests you can engage in that offers experience as well as alliance contributions, in the case of the latter. These are simple enough errands that can be done almost automatically and leaves hardly any worry for tough battles.

The Devil Square and Blood Castle events become available intermittently throughout the day. The Blood Castle requires a Transparent Cloak as an entrance fee and the Devil’s Square requires a Demon’s Square Ticket. Each can be participated in up to three times per day. On both counts, be sure to party up with friends, guildmates, or even random people to boost experience points you earn.

There are still a wide variety of in-game events that are available currently in MU Origin 2 and perhaps, after some succeeding updates and new seasons, even more will become available. We may have only briefly went through a few of them but, in essence, each one can easily be understood in terms of requirements and rewards. One of the reasons you would want to raise your level early on in the game is to be able to access as many of these game modes as possible at the soonest as engaging in all of these events on a regular basis will tremendously boost your progress in the game, even without spending real money.

6. Join An Alliance As Soon As You Can

Alliances, guilds, factions, and similar player groups have long since become a staple feature not just in MMORPGs but also in numerous genres of online games. Whenever it is available, there’s no question about the necessity to join one as being part of a group in any game can only bring you benefits and none of the drawbacks. The fact remains that if you are playing an MMORPG, it’s very important to join an alliance as soon as you can and more importantly, find and apply for one that is both strong and active, with the latter being more important.

mu origin 2 alliance

Alliances become available in MU Origin 2 pretty early on and you can easily apply to join one. Be sure to stay as active as you can and make gold donations daily especially when you manage to join a strong and active guild as lack of activity and donation may leave you kicked out and looking for another guild to take you in.

On top of having a good supply of players to form a party with, there are numerous quests and events that you can participate in only if you are a member of an alliance. Several perks will become available depending on your alliance’s level and every activity you participate in relative to the alliance earns you alliance points that you can exchange in the store for gems and other valuable items.

7. Further Boost Your BP With Character Enhancements

Beyond skills and equipment, there are still plenty of enhancement and upgrade options available for you to further boost your BP in MU Origin 2. These features can be accessed by clicking on your character portrait and selecting the “Character” icon at the menu. By default, the stats that you gain as you level up are distributed automatically. You can uncheck the Auto Assign button to be able to assign points manually and even experiment with different builds by resetting and redistributing your stats. These are only free before you reach level 200.

mu origin 2 enhancement

The Horcrux feature is your best friend when it comes to disposing unwanted gear to clear some bag space and boost your BP. All obsolete or weaker equipment you acquire can be fused to increase the Horcrux experience points and level it up for some stat gains. Just to be sure that you won’t accidentally dispose of a gear that has higher BP than what you have equipped, take a quick look at the arrow on the lower right side of its icon, red arrows pointing downwards mean that the equipment is inferior and can be disposed of freely.

Your class can be evolved for tremendous stat boosts once you meet the level requirement for the next class and have enough Emperor’s Tomes to initiate the upgrade. Keep in mind that this is also important as far as unlocking additional game modes under events are concerned. Be sure to take special note of when there is an indicator in the Evolve tab as you would want to immediately upgrade your class as soon as it becomes available for you.

As a determinant of rank, Sigils can be upgraded as well provided you have enough Fame to to do so. Fame can primarily be acquired from the Arena as well as all game modes that have PvP elements. Don’t worry if you keep on losing on these events as Fame can also be obtained even if you constantly wind up at the losing end of these battles.

There are also a wide selection of titles to unlock and equip in the game and each one has certain requirements you need to fulfill for you to be able to activate their effects. There are Normal Titles which offer permanent stat buffs and then there are also Glorious Titles that offer even bigger buffs for a limited period of time.

8. Always Check Your Inventory And Mail

Your bag, which holds all the loot you acquire from the game wind up on your backpack that can be accessed easily through the icon just on the right side of the in-game chat. There are limited slots on your backpack and one of the reasons you would want to look into it regularly is that you constantly need to make space for potential loot before entering a dungeon. Likewise, some consumable items are best used sooner than later. There are treasure chests, stat and experience boosters as well as gem packs that you need to open through your inventory so be sure to check for consumables every now and then and always see to it that you have enough free space before a dungeon venture.

mu origin 2 inventory

Relative to your inventory, make it a habit to stock up on health and mana potions before going on an important mission. These basic essentials can be purchased with gold at the store and are very cheap so always remember to purchase at maximum amount, as it will be very difficult to run out of either one in the heat of battle.

Rewards you can’t claim due to not having enough space in your inventory as well as other sytem rewards from events wind up in your mail. You can access these by clicking on the envelope icon just beneath the minimap. Unclaimed items will be gone after a few days so be sure to claim your rewards that go into your mail within the required period.

There are still plenty of things to go through in MU Origin 2 as the load of its content is hard to contain in just a single article. We will surely be providing additional guides for this epic MMORPG soon enough but for now these are the tips and strategies we feel are most helpful for beginners. We hope you learned a great deal from what we shared and that you enjoyed reading through our article as well. If there are some tips and strategies you would like to share with us, don’t hesitate to do so and send us a message through the comment section!


Monday 13th of January 2020

Hi! How do I redeem anniversary wish cards? Thanks for the help!


Monday 23rd of September 2019

Hello! I just recently started playing the game. I wanted to ask about the spirit and accessories. Say for example, I am using Anima Dog and upgraded him for quite some time. Then I wanted to change into Griffin or something else. Can I just transfer levels of Anima Dog to the new Spirit? Same question for the Accessories. Moreover, I can't follow the Relation parts, should I just wait (for a very long time) to have all those who belong in a relation to boost my BP? Lastly, with the Recycle option on both Spirit and Accessories, are there any guides for using it? I always end up having the least expected item. Oooh.. one more thing, its about the chat system. there are players who keep using the World chat to bully, sadly ALL Filipinos, because its in Tagalog!! Thanks and more power!