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Idle Theme Park Tycoon Farming Guide: Tips & Tricks to Get Rich Quick

Idle Theme Park Tycoon is a simulation game by Codigames where you are in charge of a theme park. You can fill your park with rides, make improvements and upgrade them, run advertisements to make park visitors flood your entrance gates, earn tons of money, and expand to different islands in order to reach your goal of becoming the richest of them all.

As with all idle games, the mechanics are easy. You just have to tap around and do what needs to be done and watch your earnings increase at every second. While it is indeed a very simple game with just tapping and waiting for your money to pile up, knowing what to do to earn that money quickly is the real challenge. That is exactly what we’re here for. Read on and check out our Idle Theme Park Tycoon farming guide to find out the best ways on how you can maximize your earnings through farming and make as much money as fast as you can.

1. Raise The Value Of Your Attractions

Because you run a theme park, the main source of your money are the attractions. There are different kinds of rides that you can build, and you unlock more as you progress and purchase other islands. To raise the value of your rides, you have to upgrade them. As soon as you have the money, upgrade your rides. Any upgrade adds value to your ride, making its price increase, therefore making you earn more.

idle theme park tycoon tips

In order for you to see a more detailed look at a ride, tap on it to see information about a ride. Here you’ll see the price, seats, queue, duration of a ride, and the upgrades you can do to it. Upgrades include increasing the price of its tickets, adding more seats for park visitors, and expanding the queue so more people can line up and wait. For each upgrade you do, the star rating of your rides go up. But to raise the value of your attraction, you need to upgrade it by increasing the price of its tickets.

Upgrading ticket prices means the ride will be more profitable for you. Each upgrade to the tickets adds a level to your ride. In every ride, there are milestones when you reach certain levels. Reaching these milestones unlocks evolutions for your ride that you can visually see for yourself. For example, you start with a simple wooden Ferris Wheel, and later on you will have a futuristic-looking one with deluxe dinners being served.

idle theme park tycoon evolutions

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By tapping on the ‘i’ button beside the name of the evolution, you will see the complete list of evolutions including the ones that you don’t have yet. It also shows you the percentage increase of that ride’s price when you upgrade. With all this information, you will have an idea of what to look forward to when upgrading a ride.

2. Pay Most Attention To The Newest Ride

Always upgrade the ride that you last built before anything else. The newest ride you have is the one that has the highest price meaning the one that is the most profitable. Upgrading this further will make your earnings higher. Although it might sound better to upgrade your first ride because the cost of upgrades is cheaper than the newer ones, what you earn for this ride will still be lower than that of the newest one. It is best to upgrade the ride that makes you the most money before other rides.

idle theme park tycoon new ride

For example, if your newest ride is the Space Launch, even if this ride is a lower level than Shooting Range, Space Launch will still earn more. Upgrades might be more costly, but you will earn money faster this way than upgrading starter rides. Because your earnings are higher for the newest ride, focusing on it and upgrading it further will earn you so much more than upgrading other rides.

3. Check Your Stats

Taking a look at your theme park’s stats will help you know what you need to do to further improve your park. You can access your park’s stats by looking at the management menu. This is also where you can build rides and operate ad campaigns for your theme park. To look at your stats, tap on the bar graph icon at the top of the screen. You can also access this by tapping on the clipboard at the bottom of the screen and then selecting the marketing tab.

idle theme park tycoon stats

By looking at your park stats, you can see your earnings for your tickets, rides, and parking per minute. You can also see how much visitors come into your park per minute. The ride capacity for your park is shown as well. It also shows you how many customers are in queue, as well as free parking spaces. If one of these turn red, you need to go to that area and do something about it. For example, if the access queue is red, it means that the lines at the entrance are too long. You need to open another entrance booth or upgrade the current ones you have in order to keep the money flowing.

At the very bottom of your stats page, you can see the status of each ride you have in your park. It shows a ride’s level, its value, how much profits you earn from it per minute, the customer capacity of that ride, and the star rating. The most important thing to focus on is that it also shows which one is your best attraction and the least profitable one. By looking at this, you will know which rides to upgrade in order to make them more profitable.

4. Focus On Purchasing The Next Island

Once you have a stable theme park, what you should do is to prioritize saving for the next island. Moving to the next island will raise your earnings to more than what you currently have. There are currently 7 islands in Idle Theme Park Tycoon: Paradise Island, Wild Island, Horror Island, Pirate Island, Moon Island, Frenetic Island, and Desert Island.

idle theme park tycoon island

Paradise Island is the island you start with. By selling it you can purchase the next island which is Wild Island. By purchasing Wild Island, your income will increase by 200%. This is also the same for Horror Island and Pirate Island. When you get to Moon Island, your earnings increase by 300%. Frenetic Island makes you richer by 400%. Lastly, Desert Island adds 500% to your earnings.
What this all means is that when you sell your current island, your overall income increases to that percentage whenever you move to the next island. Doing this will make you start from scratch, and you have to build every ride once again. But all rides you have unlocked previously will be available on the next one and will have a bigger profit than before. This makes things a lot easier if you want to get a lot of money quickly.

5. Use The Vending Machines For Epic Upgrades

Epic upgrades are effects that you get for your theme park. Getting these will immensely help you reach your goals. You can get epic upgrades by purchasing them on the shop using tokens. The shop is located at the bottom right of the screen with a shopping cart icon. Here you’ll see two kinds, the vending machine and the epic vending machine. You can purchase whichever one you want depending on the number of tokens you have. Vending machines cost 100 and epic vending machines cost 350. What you get inside is random, and you have better results if you purchase epic vending machines.

All effects help you increase your profits. With rides you can lower upgrade costs, increase ride profits, and shorten ride duration. By lowering upgrade costs, you save money. Increasing ride profits need no explanation. Shortening ride duration lets more park visitors get on a ride. Other effects increase profits from food stalls scattered around the park. Tap on these food stalls to collect the money. You cannot upgrade or do anything to these food stalls but collect money from them.

These are all examples and there are a lot more of them. By using your tokens to buy vending machines or epic vending machines, your chances to earn more increases. You can also get vending machines through the VIP Campaign once every 24 hours. Watching three ads on the VIP Campaign lets you one free vending machine. Make sure to log in to the game at least once a day and watch three ads to get more epic upgrades that can help your park.

6. Hold, Don’t Tap

When you’re upgrading rides, especially when you want to reach milestones, sometimes you have to upgrade them multiple times before you reach the next one. To make things easier for you, instead of tapping every single time whenever you upgrade rides, you can press and hold down instead. This makes upgrading a breeze and you don’t have to constantly tap on your screen, especially if you want to reach that next level of a ride’s evolution. You can save a lot of time and energy this way.

7. Leave The App Open If You Can

You can leave the app open while doing something else. For example, you might be watching TV or doing something on the computer. You can leave your phone right next to you and look once in a while to see if the helicopter is there or if any of the boosts show up. By doing this, you get the most out of the game while you’re doing what you need to do. Ads only take a few seconds, and you don’t really need to watch it. Just do your thing while letting it play in the background. You don’t necessarily need to upgrade while doing this as your intention is to get as much bonuses as you can while doing the least.

idle theme park tyoon investor

Leaving the app open also gives you more chances to interact with the investor. Talking to the investor is actually the best way to earn money in Idle Theme Park Tycoon, especially if you play with the app for a long time. Although the investor offers random amounts, it is still a huge help if you are saving up for a new island or for an upgrade. As your theme park’s value increases, what the investor offers you increases as well. Just make sure you get to tap all the ad watching opportunities given to you and claim all those bonuses.

8. Before Leaving, Collect Everything

After you are done playing and before you exit the game, you should spend as much as you can for upgrades. Doing this makes your theme park earn more than if you didn’t upgrade anything before leaving. Although it may not be much, every little thing helps, so upgrade your rides, attractions, parking, entrance, before you leave.

Another thing you should to is to make sure you have the VIP Campaign bar full before leaving. By leaving it full, you can have double the revenue for the amount of time shown while you are away without having to worry. Time is added to your accumulative maximum time if you unlock specific epic upgrades as well.

idle theme park tycoon manager

Remember, your park is only open for two hours once you go offline. You have to get everything together to make the most out of those two hours. That includes the launching the VIP Campaign, using advertisements, collecting from food stalls, upgrading what you can before leaving the game so that you have a lot of money whenever you come back.

If you don’t mind spending at all, you can use real money to purchase premium upgrades such as the General Manager or the Golden Gates. Hiring the general manager, which is aptly named Walt Sidney, will make your park run for 10 hours instead of only two. Golden Gates will double your profits permanently with an additional gift of tokens. Both of these upgrades are permanent and will make things a lot easier for you when being away from the game for a long time.

And this ends our Idle Theme Park Tycoon farming guide. Apply everything you’ve read and you will be on your way to having the best theme park and becoming the richest of them all. If you have other tips and tricks in mind, please tell us about it in the comments!


Saturday 5th of March 2022

Can anyone tell me why there is no option to open the Piñata in the Piñata menu once it’s full?


Thursday 1st of September 2022

@Lindsey, you have to pay for the pinata each time before it opens and give u the coins

Richard wood

Saturday 7th of August 2021

I stop letting the extra customers in when I see more often red faces. My logic is that I want the customers in the park to go on every ride not Walk out before. I also choose my marketing wisely to not overfill the park


Thursday 1st of July 2021

Worth to add: To boost your income on a new island it's important to first buy the "Mobile phone Campaign" From the marketing tab. The bonus will then carry over to the new island, improving guests by 100% for 4 hours. It will cost less when you buy it just before you upgrade to a new island.

Random guy

Tuesday 4th of May 2021

Upgrade ur rides to the max and get everything fully done before doing the same thing on the aqua park


Tuesday 8th of December 2020

I have the last island how do I get more money?