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Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Maximize Your Profits

Spanish-based Codigames has been in the mobile gaming market since 2012 and has been home to several popular titles spanning across multiple genres, though the majority of which are in the idle simulation category. Idle Supermarket Tycoon and Idle Theme Park Tycoon are just some of Codigames’ most popular games with the first one earning more than 10 million downloads from the Google Play Store alone. Each of the company’s games has made it to reputable spots within top lists of games around the world and has likewise enjoyed maintaining largely positive user reviews on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon is Codigames’ latest simulation game available for both Android and iOS platforms. Closely following the success of its predecessors, Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon has already earned more 500 thousand downloads from the Google Play Store alone within just a month after its release.

Likewise, it holds the #13 spot of games in the Apple App Store under the strategy category and ranks within the top ten games in the Google Play Store in 27 countries. Loosely following the style and mechanics of Codigames’ other popular “idle” titles, Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon can be a fun and enjoyable game for a wide variety of players. If you are currently in the lookout for a casual game you can play and enjoy at your own pace, then be sure to give this game a try.

idle fitness gym tycoon cheats

As a budding entrepreneur who started a business in the fitness gym industry, your goal in Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon is actually not to grow the business as it is a guaranteed outcome in the game. As you continuously earn money through your customers, what you would aim for is to grow your business as fast as you can. While everything in the game ultimately leads to profits, investment decisions and actual management of your gym are highly influential factors that affect the growth of your enterprise. With so many improvements and upgrades you can do to each facility and equipment within your gym, as well as the expansion of premises and the upgrade of the gym itself, there will be no dull moments if you want to actively manage and hastily promote your business’ growth.

Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon sports simple game mechanics everyone can learn in a minute. While it offers numerous upgrade options and features that all relate to boosting profits, the idea that you can never incur losses leaves little to no pressure as much as time commitment is concerned. Simply, the game is designed in such a way that you will continue to prosper regardless of how you play it and likewise will not require you to dedicate much time to be able to move forward.

Although it may seem a little more complex than some idle games in the market, the quick tutorial you go through, as well as the informative menus and windows, makes it all easy to play and enjoy. While you will continue to earn profits as soon as you start the game and regardless of what you do, there are certainly more efficient ways of boosting profits and growing your gym. If you are raring to maximize your profits to become a top tycoon fast, then read our Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon beginner’s guide for some useful tips, cheats and strategies!

1. Keep The Profit Multiplier Up

Although there will initially be a ton of items to look into after the tutorial and upgrades that help boost the income your gym generates, the first thing you would want to attend to is the profit multiplier. You can visit this through the play button at the bottom of the screen and through it, you can double all profits for an hour by watching a short video ad. You can stack up to a total of 6 hours after watching 6 video ads. On top of the huge boost that it provides, successfully watching 6 ads through this feature rewards you with 30 gems. As gems are the premium currency in the game that is a lot more difficult to obtain than cash, every opportunity to obtain them should not be ignored.

how to maximize profits in idle fitness gym tycoon

You can still continue to watch ads for another hour or more of having double income if you need to, but the gem rewards can only be claimed once a day. In any case, be sure to max out the double income duration before you log out of the game and if you can, be sure to hop back before it expires to max it out again.

2. Balance Your Investments Across All Areas

What you would essentially be inclined to do in Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon is to spend your earnings to upgrade the equipment in each area. As doing so will boost profits, it is only practical to focus your resource on levelling each training equipment up to significantly boost your earnings. On top of this, though, you also need to ensure that there will always be enough of the same training equipment for your patrons and ensure as well that no customer will wait on queue too long and leave with a bad experience. As such, you should always be conscious about the upgrades you do and aim to do more with the funds you have in hand.

idle fitness gym tycoon investments

The costs associated with each improvement you purchase increase exponentially but so does your profits. As you would want to make the most out of each investment you make, you should consider banking more on the affordable upgrades. Basically, each newer facility within your gym has costs associated with it much higher than the previous one. In a similar manner, each additional equipment for the facility will also cost more on top of the level requirements you need to meet beforehand. Considering these, the best approach is to start investing in the cheaper upgrades so the profit stream will grow bigger to reach the next cheapest upgrades a lot faster.

3. Always Upgrade To The Next Milestone

Whenever you invest money to level up a certain piece of machinery or equipment in a training area, you will notice that above the current level, the next milestone level along with the boost in profits it provides can be seen. For example, a level 24 thread mill will only earn you as much as a level 1 does just like a level 499 earns as much as a level 400 does. As you would want your investments to be fully realized through the profits they should turn to, invest in levelling up an equipment by a cycle at a time.

idle fitness gym tycoon milestone

Keep in mind that the equipment level cuts across all extra units so maximizing profits by levelling up to the next milestone should almost always lead to purchasing the next extra unit that it unlocks. As far as improvements relative to the time it would take to complete a session, each upgrade you spend on has a direct effect on cutting down the time. As such, feel free to spend on it as you please considering the average queue for that particular area and affordability of the upgrade.

4. Invest In Entrances, Lockers, And Bike Parking

As you might be inclined to only put your money on areas that directly lead to a growth in income, you might forget about two important sections in your gym that equally impacts your profits. These sections may not earn money outright but if not tended to well enough, will result in losses stemming from opportunities. In essence, what you need to consider to ensure a fast and steady growth of profit in any business is customer awareness and satisfaction. Tending to these 3 sections will focus on the latter and as customers become satisfied right from the gym’s entrance, there will be less angry emoticons and less loss profits.

idle fitness gym tycoon locker room

Customers who are dissatisfied from waiting in line too long will leave instead of spending on your gym. This can happen at the entrance, at the lockers, the bike parking, or even in queue while waiting for their turn to use the gym equipment they want to train on. As upgrades on each training section will shorten waiting time for patrons respectively, Cutting down waiting time everywhere else can be made with upgrades that add units. As such, you should always consider these areas along with profit-earning training sections as a consistent part of your investment cycle.

5. Spend On Marketing Campaigns

Beyond investing in equipment and various sections of your gym, paying for campaigns can also tremendously increase your profits. While marketing ads do cost a heavy sum of cash, the returns are guaranteed to be much bigger than the money you spent. In any case, just be sure that you will be able to stay and play for the duration of the campaign as much as possible to maximize profits. For campaigns that last longer than 2 hours, you may want to log back in after 2 hours as that is the longest amount of time you can be away from the game and continue earning profits.

idle fitness gym tycoon marketing campaigns

To see the marketing aspect of managing your gym, tap on the megaphone icon at the upper right side of the screen. For starters, you should consider investing in permanent improvements to your brand image and enjoy having more customers per minute. Beyond that, all other investment options at the bottom of the page are temporary boosts in number of customers but at a certain percentage of increase.

6. Watch Video Ads For Extra Cash And Various Boosts

Progressing in Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon is relatively fast as it is and you will find something new every once in a while especially if you play a little actively. Beyond that, though watching ads can help a lot in terms of generating profits, earning gems, and even acquiring more customers as well as speeding up training sessions. Video ads can take between 15 to 30 seconds of your time but in effect, it saves you a lot more as the perks you get out of watching ads are way more than what you could have playing normally with the time spent on playing those ads.

how to get more cash and boosts in idle fitness gym tycoon

For starters, after being offline and away from the game for 2 hours, you can watch a short video ad when you log back in on the game to double your offline profits. At the bicycle parking area, you can activate a promotional campaign thru watching an ad and for the next 30 minutes, 20% more customers on bikes will come to your gym.

You will find two important boosts randomly appearing at the upper right side of your screen and watching a video ad is all it takes to activate them. The first one instantly finishes training sessions and ultimately draining queue lines across all training sections. The other one grants extra customers and as you can never have too many of them, grabbing the boost as it becomes available is also a wise choice especially if you want to raise income faster.

VIP sponsors also randomly appear at the front desk, and you can click on them or their icon at the upper right side of the screen to play a video ad and earn a huge sum of cash or some gems. Keep in mind that the more profits you have, the higher the cash rewards go so the longer you are at a particular gym, the more beneficial this boost is for you.

7. Accomplish Missions For More Gems

Gems are very valuable in Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon as it is the premium currency you will need for a lot of epic upgrades, instant cash, or speeding up athlete training. As gems are much harder to obtain than cash, you should always grab every opportunity to earn them.

how to get more gems in idle fitness gym tycoon

There are missions you can accomplish following regular gameplay and you can view these missions via the checkbox icon at the upper right side of the screen. Missions appear only 3 at a time, but it can happen that some will already be accomplished by the time you see them. These missions all fall within what you would normally engage in as you play the game so be sure to check the list out occasionally to see if there are objectives you are close to achieving.

In any case, even without cheking the missions list, a notification will pop up at the top of your screen whenever you accomplish a mission. Be sure to claim the gem rewards as having them sooner than later is always better.

8. Invest In Epic Upgrades Wisely

Each training section inside your gym holds a general upgrade list that only requires cash, and an epic one that consumes gems. Across each training area, you can spend gems to cut down training time by 50% and also an option to boost profits by 2%. While the latter is much cheaper, every upgrade that follows will become more expensive. Unlike general upgrades, epic upgrades will not be reset whenever you renovate your gym. As it will take a long time to be able to afford all these upgrades, you should choose to invest more carefully with the gems you have.

idle fitness tycoon epic upgrades

For starters, take note of which area is most profitable by visiting the stats tab under the management section. If you want to spend gems to increase profits of a training area by 2% or more, then you should prioritize spending gems on your most profitable training section.

With regard to cutting down training time, observe the gym as a whole and check which training area has the longest queues. If they are all flowing fast enough and does not generate waiting customers, then go for the most profitable one again.

9. Proceed With Renovation As Soon As You Can

Once you reach a certain level of income, you will be given an option to renovate your gym and start over but gain a huge multiplier bonus. You can view the next level by tapping on the dollar icon at the top of your screen and see the required profit amounts you need to reach to be able to qualify for the renovation.

how to renovate the gym in idle fitness gym tycoon

Renovating resets all upgrades you have invested on using cash but all epic upgrades will remain. Earnings will revert back to zero as well but you will come to find that reaching the previous state of your gym prior to the renovation will be much faster. Given this feature, the idea in general is to earn as much as you can to reach the needed amount of profits to renovate. Once your earnings are close to the target amount, you can freely stop on spending and just grab free cash from watching ads to reach the goal.

And that sums up all the tips and strategies we have for our Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon beginner’s guide. Again, while it is an idle simulation game, it basically reflects business management practices in the sense that a business’ profitability can depend on you tending to each aspect of your business and spending more time on it. As such, while there is no real pressure in the game to actually spend long hours on it, being online and active will be your fastest way to becoming a top tycoon in the game. If there are tips or strategies you know apart from what we shared in the article, do not hesitate to share them with us in the comments!