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Digimon ReArise Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Become the Best Digimon Tamer

Bandai Namco Entertainment, Inc. is no stranger to gamers several generations over as the gaming giant has developed and published game across every gaming platform over the decades. Bandai Namco currently has a massive 64 titles under its mobile games portfolio. Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage and Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle are just some of the company’s top titles on mobile with each having been downloaded more than 10 million times from the Google Play Store alone. Suffice to say, Bandai Namco’s games, especially those based on popular franchises are practically instant hits on the mobile gaming market.

Digimon ReArise is Bandai Namco’s latest game for Android and iOS platforms and is the first Digimon title ever to be released on mobile. As the popular franchise has been well known and loved for the anime, comics, and the plethora of games on various gaming platforms across a multitude of genres, Digimon ReArise is a definite treat for long-time fans of the franchise.

As a turn-based strategy RPG with plenty of content to offer and tons of customization options to explore and revel in, Digimon ReArise is likewise an attractive game to get into even if you are not familiar with the franchise. If you are currently looking for a strategy RPG you can play and enjoy on your own as well as with other people, then you should definitely check this out.

Digimon ReArise puts you in the shoes of a budding Digimon tamer who has just been introduced to the world of Digimon as well as the mysterious and malevolent force that suddenly started attacking. As you unlock and collect unique Digimon, or the tamable unique monsters that grow to become your pet and partner, you will constantly need to train and care for them in preparation for greater challenges that lies ahead.

digimon rearise strategies

Digimon grow in many ways but the central and most important aspect of each one’s growth lies in their evolution called Digivolution. Digivolution not only changes a Digimon’s appearance and size but it also tremendously makes their stats and skills stronger. As each Digimon is unique, creating the right team requires a good understanding of what each one can do on its own as well as for the entire team.

Even for veteran RPG players as well as those who have played numerous incarnations of the game, Digimon ReArise still offers plenty of new stuff to learn. While the enormity of its content and features may seem overwhelming especially for total beginners, the systematic tutorial that you need to follow makes it all easier. As you progress and unlock more features and game modes, helpful information is available. Aside from the brief information you will be presented with as you encounter something new in the game, there is a help section you can access via the menu. Tap on the gear icon at the lower left side of the main screen to access it.

You can very much make progress in Digimon ReArise regardless of how you play it although there are certainly efficient ways of how to go about doing so. If you find yourself confused by some of the game’s mechanics or looking for an efficient way to have the best Digimon in your collection, then read our Digimon ReArise beginner’s guide, as it comes with plenty of tips, cheats and strategies to jumpstart your game!

1. Progress With The Main Story

Like any RPG that contains a story, Digimon ReArise comes with and engaging enough storyline that is desgined to introduce the Digimon world to players who have not played any of the Digimon games before. With a mix of new and existing characters in the series, the game’s story focuses on the importance of the bond aspect between tamer and Digimon through each of the main story’s chapters. On top of getting to know the lore behind the game, however, progression in the main story will be your key to unlocking all other features and game modes that Digimon ReArise has to offer.

digimon rearise main story

On top of the loot, bond, and experience points you gain from completing stages in the main story, you will also earn extra rubies every chapter if you manage to secure a 3-star rating across all of its stages. Be sure to look into each objective as you dive into each stage but if securing all 3 stars on a stage is too troublesome for you, feel free to settle for a victory with any rating and just replay the stage later when you become stronger.

What is more important with regard to main story battles is that it consumes stamina. As stamina is limited and will soon become a resource you will constantly yearn for, be sure to spend it wisely and do not let it stay full or go beyond full as it will stop replenishing.

2. Reroll For The Best Digimon

While some players fully play for fun and enjoy whatever they get out of any in-game gacha machine, the luck-dependence of securing decent Digimon for your team is already a huge challenge on its own. While there may be games that plays balance across all characters for a healthier variety of characters to choose from, the same cannot be attributed to Digimon ReArise in its current state. Like all other monster-taming and collection games out there, there are definitely favorite Digimon and for good reasons.

how to reroll in digimon rearise

As we mentioned earlier that the most important feature of Digimon is their Digivolution, it so happens that not all of them has the same number or level of Digivolution stages. Each Digimon typically starts at its Rookie or first stage of evolution. While all Digimon can make it through to their Champion and Ultimate stages, only some of them have a Mega Digivolution stage.

As such, it is important to keep an eye out for distinguished Digimon on your first 10 + 1 gacha particularly for evolved forms as well as types of Digimon that can go all the way to the final Mega evolution stage. Being able to secure these Digimon will save you a lot of resources through the entire game and will boost your chances of having an easy life towards the end game.

For those new to the idea of rerolling, the act simply means getting to a point in gacha games where you can summon your initial sets of characters and then restarting the game over and getting back to that point in the game until after you have secured a good enough “roll” and finally obtain a suitable set of characters to start your game with a bit of an edge. On any Android device, you can erase your game data relatively easy by finding the game under the apps section of your device’s settings and clear its app data and cache. On iOS, you will have to delete and reinstall the app again.

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In Digimon ReArise, the tutorial finale brings you to your first 10 + 1 summon totally free of charge. Although the succeeding ones will cost you 200 rubies, you will soon enough be able to afford another round of summons with the rewards and gifts you will earn at the early part of the game. It may take a couple of times to finally nab the Digimon you would want but if you are aiming to start out strong in the game, this is part of the sacrifice you should be willing to make.

3. Form A Balanced Team

Given that you would naturally want to go for a team of Digimon, each being able to evolve all the way to a mega evolution stage, there are also other considerations to look into when forming your battle team. Each Digimon has a different attribute as well as personality that you need to take note of and to do so, you can view these details on the profile of each Digimon you have. Tap on the Digimon button at the bottom of your screen, then choose the Digimon List. Choose a Digimon and then click on the profile button at the upper right side of the details page.

how to build a balanced team in digimon rearise

There are 9 different attributes a Digimon can have and it may also vary after digivolution. The Digimon’s attribute may be fire, water, wind, electric or other elemental indicators, which seems to give the impression that elemental affinities as basis for strengths and weaknesses may exist in the game but for now, there are no such mechanics. It is still important to take not of these attributes, however, as this will determine what the Digimon likes to eat as well as the Digivolution materials you will need to collect for them. As such, having a team of Digimon, each with a different attribute, will be beneficial in the sense that you will have more items and materials for each of your top favorite Digimons.

Personality, on the other hand, has more impact in battle than attributes. There are five different personalities available in Digimon ReArise and each one influences a Digimon’s stats and skills. Deft types have balanced stats and can have either PWR or TEC type moves. Digimon with a tenacious personality will sport higher defense stats and exclusively have PWR type attacks. Brave Digimon have higher attack stats and also have PWR type attacks. Calm Digimon also have high attack skills but use TEC type attacks. Last, but not the least, are Digimon with devoted personality types. These Digimon will typically possess support type skills.

As you would want to have a team where each Digimon plays a specialized and significant role, be sure to consider having different personality types with at least one high defense Digimon as a tank, a devoted one that can heal and buff, and of course, Digimon that specializes in dealing damage.

4. Be Very Selective When It Comes To Upgrading Your Digimon

Unlike typical RPGs that allow you to power up your characters as much as you desire, Digimon ReArise has a systematized way of upgrading each of your Digimon. While the thrills and excitement accorded the evolution of your Digimon is practically incomparable as it grants an overall boost in stats, skills, and gives them a totally new appearance, the road towards each digivolution stage is a long and costly one as far as resource materials are concerned.

how to upgrade digimon in digimon rearise

The most basic enhancement you can do to your Digimon is upgrade them by raising their level. To do this, you need to access the Train Menu through the icon below the screen and tap the upgrade button. This only requires bits, which serve as the most basic currency in the game. Each new level reached boosts the Digimon’s stats and each higher level requires more bits. Keep in mind that there is a level cap practically every step of the way, and you would have to train your Digimon further through workouts and awaken your Digimon to raise the cap further.

Each workout set for your Digimon consists of 6 different exercises that require different types of chips to initiate. Each one will result in different stat boosts as well. If you do not have a specific chip needed for the specific exercise, simply tap on the “Get Workout Chip” button to see the game modes or main story stages where you can get them.

Once you have raised the level cap to the next one and managed to cap it again, along with completing the training sessions and successfully awakening your Digimon, the only thing left to do is to max out the bond with it. This is perhaps the easiest feat to accomplish as you will only need to take them into battle with you to increase their bond. Beyond that, you can also care for them and give them their favorite food every once in a while to boost the increase of your bond with them.

With all the upgrade systems we discussed so far, it should be clear enough that most of the means to make your Digimon stronger relies on resources. Even if you seem to have a little more than enough of some resources at the early part of the game, you will soon run out of it if you do not manage the resources well. As such, be sure to thoroughly think things through before you start investing in any Digimon. While you need to come up with a 5-member team early on, you can invest in fewer Digimon initially and have them carry the rest until you acquire more Digimon you are certain that is worth the investment.

5. Engage In All Game Modes Once You Unlock Them

The main story in Digimon ReArise very much serves as the introductory part to what the game has to offer. As you make progress through the main story’s chapters, you will soon be able to explore and participate in a variety of other game modes where you can more easily farm for much needed resources.

digimon rearise game modes

The Dimensional Vortex is where you can farm for much needed chips you need to train your Digimon. Although it follows a cycle and does not stay open indefinitely, you can use vortex keys to force open a particular vortex with the materials you need. Clash Battles are like boss battles where you will likely be unable to defeat the enemy all on your own.

This is one game mode where you can call for support from friends and if the enemy is defeated, all participants will be rewarded with DGV codes needed for digivolution. The Battle Park serves as the PvP arena in Digimon ReArise and as each battle earns you BP Medals you can exchange for rare items at the shop, your rank at the end of the season also determines additional BP Medals and Digirubies you can earn.

6. Complete Missions And Challenges For Extra Rewards

On top of the immediate rewards you earn from every activity you engage in as you play Digimon Arise, there are more rewards to be earned easily through the numerous missions and challenges that the game offers. While there are plenty of valuable rewards for a little less effort up for grabs in both features, taking a quick look into each objective set can help you accomplish them faster and progress through the game much more efficiently as well.

how to get more rewards in digimon rearise

Be sure to check both the mission and challenges icon at the upper left side of your screen. As most of the targets here form part of what you would normally partake in as you play the game, you are more likely to accomplish a lot of the objectives enumerated in the lists without even knowing.

Missions are separated into daily, weekly, total, and special categories. Daily and weekly missions are apparently time-limited in the sense that you will see these same missions the following day or week, respectively. While there are no end-rewards to claim for accomplishing all daily missions, you do need to be active enough as it contributes to reaching your targets in the weekly missions.

While each objective offers instant rewards upon completion, the goal you would want to reach is completing all weekly missions as this will reward you with a super DGV-Code, which is a digivolution material that is very difficult to obtain anywhere else. Missions under the “total” category are much like milestones that offer one-time rewards while special missions come up one by one and you will have to complete it to unlock the next one.

7. Add Friends For Social Points And Additional Support

digimon rearise friends

While you can very much enjoy playing Digimon ReArise all on your own, having some friends to provide you aid as you play it will contribute greatly to progress. For starters, you can send and receive greetings from friends on a daily basis for social points. Social points earned can be used for social point plugin summon.

Beyond that, having friends give you a back-up Digimon that can fight alongside your team in battle. Having high-level friends make this a lot more necessary. Be sure to also offer yoiur support to your friends as much as you can. You will most likely receive a lot of support requests from friends who engage in clash battles.

8. Do Not Hesitate To Use And Purchase Stamina Drinks

Stamina is actually the only delimiting factor in Digimon ReArise. Even if you find yourself still lacking in battle power to move forward with the main story, there are several avenues for you to grind at and farm items to strengthen your Digimon team further and eventually be able to conquer the next main story chapter you were preciously stuck on. As every battle consumes stamina, you will either have to let it replenish for a while first before continuing with your adventure or use stamina potions to instantly replenish it.

digimon rearise stamina drinks

Missions and challenges may earn you stamina potions that you can use whenever you run out of stamina nad still itching to play the game some more. These stamina potions end up in your bag, so be sure to check your inventory by tapping the menu icon at the main screen and then tapping on the item list. Stamina potions are categorized under the “Other” tab of your inventory.

With free stamina potions and some stamina replenishment upon reaching a new tamer level, it may still happen that you need more in some situations. If you are especially close to reaching a new level or in similar scenarios where you simply cannot wait for your stamina to replenish, do not hesitate to purchase some stamina potions at the shop. While Digirubies are naturally meant to be spend wisely, using this rare currency on stamina potions is the next best thing to saving them for 10 + 1 summons.

There you have it! This pretty much sums up all the tips, cheats and strategies for Digimon ReArise. We hope that you have learned a lot from the tips and strategies we shared and that you will readily be able to apply what you have learned from our Digimon ReArise beginner’s guide, as you continue your adventure moving forward. If you have discovered other tips and strategies that you would like to add considering everything we discussed in the article, feel free to drop us a line in the comment area!