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Digimon ReArise Tier List: The Best Digimon for PvE and PvP Battles

Since its global launch just a week ago, Digimon ReArise has definitely taken the mobile RPG world by storm with its popular cast of digital monsters and a widely engrossing gameplay that provides for hours after hours of fun and adventure. With over 100 thousand downloads from the Google Play Store alone and securing respectable spots in lists of top new games in several countries, Digimon ReArise has definitely proven to be a successful port of the popular franchise to both Android and iOS platforms.

While Digimon ReArise has superb graphics and a lot of gameplay aspects that make it attractive enough even for first-time Digimon players, its main attraction lies with the titular characters that make collecting and enhancing very addictive. As unique as each Digimon is in the game, as well as any of their incarnations that came before, it is expected that some Digimon will be better than others as far as PvE and PvP content is concerned. Primarily, it is attributable to the stages of digivolution that each digital monster goes through given that some will reach mega stage while others will not. Additionally, stats and varying personalities that each Digimon have can lead to a wide variety of team considerations in the game.

If you have just started playing Digimon ReArise and still need helps with the basics as well as some guidance on how you can jumpstart your adventure, be sure to read our Digimon ReArise beginner’s guide as it contains several tips and strategies to help you start the road towards being a top tamer more efficiently. In this new Digimon ReArise guide, we will be entirely focusing on our picks for what we consider are the best Digimon in the game right now. Naturally, expect that while these Digimon are at the top of their class right now, better ones will surely be on the way as the game will most certainly undergo a lot of updates in the future.

Just to provide you with a gist of each Digimon personality type, brave means high PWR attack while calm means high TEC attack. Deft means that the Digimon has balanced stats while tenacious relates to having high DEF values. Digimon with devoted personality will usually have support skills.

There are numerous Digimon that can only reach an ultimate level of evolution and still have better impact on your team than some Digimon that can reach mega level. However, these Digimon still pale in comparison with the top half od the ones that can reach Mega level so if you are serious about being a top-tier tamer in Digimon ReArise, you might as well focus on the best that you can have. There are still a lot of Digimon coming based on the Japanese version of the game and, truthfully enough, even the top picks we have in this article can be overshadowed by the yet unreleased Digimon.

Best Digimon For PvE

best digimon for pve battles in digimon rearise

WarGreymon [Brave]

WarGreymon is a definite top choice as a damage-dealer that focuses on a single target. Both his main and sub skills do tremendous damage which makes him a highly valuable member of any party in raids as well as boss battles in the main story. Terra Force, his main skill, deals a whopping 460% damage to a single enemy target. On top of its raw power, it also reduces the enemy’s PWR by 30% for 2 turns and also has a 60% chance to inflict stun on that enemy that lasts 2 turns as well. WarGreymon’s sub skill, P-Charge Prominence, deals a little less raw damage with only 320% but it also boosts WarGreymon’s PWR by 50% for 2 turns. As a bonus, WarGreymon’s passive skill nullifies blind status effects for the entire party for 3 turns. WarGreymon is a top-tier Digimon for both PvE and PvP battles. While we consider him as out top pick for PvE, he is among the best picks for PvP as well.

MetalGarurumon [Calm]

MetalGarurumon is, simply put, the TEC equivalent of WarGreymon as far as stats and skills are concerned. Both main and sub skills of MetalGarurumon exhibit the same amount of offensive prowess as WarGreymon’s skills except both are TEC-based and will work well with party members that boost TEC damage. MetalGarurumon’s passive skills boost the entire party’s critical hit rate and contributes more to boosting attack values of each team member. Likewise, MetalGarurumon is also a top pick for PvP content.

MegaGargomon [Calm]

MegaGargomon is a Digimon with decent stats and skills but his value is more towards the support nature of his abilities. His main skill deals 220% TEC damage to 4 enemies and reduces the targets’ PWR while his sub skill deals 220% TEC damage to 2 enemies and reduces their resistance to TEC damage as well. While his raw damage alone may not be as impressive as other Digimon, the PWR and TEC resistance debuff is a great utility to have in both PvE and PvP battles especially against PWR-based enemies.

Minervamon [Calm]

Minervamon is an excellent pick for AoE damage as well as debuffer in any party regardless if it is for PvE or PvP. For starters, Minervamon’s main skill deals 280% TEC damage to 3 targetsand reduce their counter rates by 20% for 2 turns. If that is not impressive enough, it comes with a 50% chance to inflict poison on them as well. Minervamon’s sub skill is also superb as it hits with 130% TEC damage to all enemies and reduces their block rate by 20%. Beyond activated skills, Minervamon’s passive skills decrease all opponents’ DEF by 20% and also gives her immunity from Freeze effects.

Boltmon [Brave]

For our last pick, we will go with Boltmon as he is almost as decent as Minervamon in terms of dealing AoE damage both in PvE and PvP. Boltmon’s stats may be subpar compared to most Digimons in their mega evolution stage but his value lies in his skills and its effects. His main skill deals 340% damage to 2 targets while his sub skills deal 160% damage on 4 targets. On its own both skills are not that great but with the added burn effect that causes damage over time, Boltmon is great to have especially in teams where there are members that can boost PWR.

Best Digimon For PvP

best digimon for pvp battles in digimon rearise

HiAndromon [Tenacious]

HiAndromon is actually an excellent Digimon for all kinds of battles. If the rest of your team are fragile in PvE, then feel free to use him as his DEF buff for the entire party is top-notch. HiAndromon’s value lies exclusively on the 60-80% defense buff that he can activate right at the start of battle and while DEF may not be as critically needed in the early chapters of the main story and some raid bosses, it is great to have in PvP as well as late to end-game conytent.

VenomMyotismon [Brave]

VenomMyotismon sports a very strong AoE damage and can really shred a lot of HP from multiple enemies. Although he has the highest PWR value in the game for now, he also sports the squishiest defense stats compare to all other mega digimon in the game. His 40% PWR buff for the party is an added value as well.

Sakuyamon [Calm]

Sakuyamon is also a viable pick for PvP content especially considering that both of her main and sub skills deal damage to all 5 enemies. Although her damage is not that great and her defense attributes are even less attractive, her skill seal debuff on all enemies is top-notch at debilitating even the most formidable units and her passive that grants immunity from it is useful in PvP and raid bosses as well. Additionally, she can also lower DEF values of all enemy units.

Puppetmon [Deft]

Another great crowd controller for PvP is Puppetmon. Although Puppetmons main skill does not guarantee inflicting sleep on all enemies, it definitely tilts victory more to your side whenever it hits. His sub skill is also good to have as it inflicts a single target damage with an added bonus of DEF down by 30%. Although Puppetmon only sports average damage, he is quite powerful once you have upgraded his skills.

Ravemon [Deft]

Another AoE attacker that packs decent damage is RaveMon. He is overall a good secondary DPS character to have in your party especially with his passive that grants immunity from darkness status affliction.

These are all our top picks for the best Digimon in the game right now. Keep in mind that while these are top picks, lumping them all up may not necessarily result in a winning team. Be sure to learn to mix and match some of these Digimon, if you have them, with the ones you personally like in your roster. While there are many tier lists and even team suggestions here and there, you can still chance upon a yet undiscovered dream team that can lead you to many victories. Do you have some favorite Digimon that did not make it in our list? Be sure to share them below in the comment section!