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Mario Kart Tour Update Adds Badge List, Point Checking Feature to the Game

It has been a few weeks since Mario Kart Tour hit the app stores. The game has continuously been evolving as new features are added through updates. The Tokyo event that launched earlier this month added 14 new characters, 5 new courses, and a number of new karts and gliders. The latest Mario Kart Tour update adds a new badge system and tweaks how points are displayed.

mario kart tour update

There have been several changes to Mario Kart Tour that involved quality of life improvements. The new point-checking system now shows players how many points are needed in order to earn a Grand Star. Players used to just keep playing until they earn it, but now they at least know how far along they are towards their goal. The point-checking system also shows players their current high scores on the screen for courses and bonus challenges.

The badge list added to Mario Kart Tour allows players to view all the badges they earned while playing. This makes it easier to keep track of all the achievements each player has. It is also the best way to show off one’s skills since the multiplayer option is sadly still not available.

When Mario Kart Tour was first announced, players dreamed of being able to beat each other in competitive races. Unfortunately, that remains a dream since there is still no news as to when multiplayer mode will be available. Until then, players will just have to keep honing their skills in single player mode and settle for flexing their respective badges.