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The Addams Family Mystery Mansion Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Level Up Fast and Unlock All Characters

Pixowl, Inc. has been active in the mobile gaming industry since 2012. Entirely focusing on the simulation genre, particularly on building and management games, Pixowl, Inc. has met success with numerous games, from both all-original titles as well as titles featuring popular movie and TV franchises. The Sandbox, The Sandbox Evolution, and Peanuts: Snoopy’s Town Tale are Pixowl, Inc.’s top games with the first 2 having been installed over 10 million times from the Google Play Store alone. All six of the company’s games for both Android and iOS platforms have enjoyed largely positive user reviews as well.

Following the recent box office success of the Addams Family movie as well as the general popularity of the franchise in movies and cartoons several generations over, Pixowl, Inc. brings the kooky, yet wholesome family to life in The Addams Family Mystery Mansion. Much like its other building and managements sims, Pixowl, Inc.’s The Addams Family Mystery Mansion is all about restoring the family’s home into its full glory as you travel back in time and revel in filling the mansion up with all sorts of creepy stuff to make it whole again. There are plenty of quests to fulfill and items to craft and there is practically no limit to how much you can spend on the game to farm for the materials you need.

The Addams Family Mystery Mansion is a game designed for players of all ages. As such, there are no mechanics too complex, or goals too difficult to meet. All it takes is some patience and time and you will be able to move forward with every moment you spend engaging in various activities. The in-game tutorial that walks you through at the start of the game is very helpful and after a minute or two, you will already have a good idea of the works in its entirety.

Hitting a wall may come sooner as you await quest completions for experience points to reach a new level. If you are raring to level up as fast as you can to unlock all characters and earn more coins, then check out this Addams Family Mystery Mansion beginner’s guide. Our compilation of tips, cheats and strategies will surely help you progress faster in the game.

1. Complete Quests For Coins, Exp, And Rubies

One of the most noticeable goals you will see around you as you vbegin to play Addams Family Mystery Mansion relates to earning experience points to level up. As rooms, crafting items and other features are locked behind minimum level requirements; you will not be able to do various things at first and would naturally want to reach the next level at the soonest. While you can always just farm for items for as long as you want, earning experience points in the game comes only from completing quests.

how to get more coins, exp and rubies in the addams family mystery mansion

There are basically 2 character icons you will see in the game, the one on the upper left will cycle through all available characters you have unlocked while below that comes characters with pending quests. Before proceeding with anything else, you should make it a habit to look into the objectives you need to accomplish as part of each character’s unique quest.

Quests come in groups of two to three objectives and you need to clear each one to be able to claim the rewards. It may happen early on that characters will run out of quests. This only means that you need to place new items that generate unique resources, craft new materials, or reach new levels.

On the downside, it may take a long while before a new set of quests become available but then, finishing quests with extra time to spare leaves more room to generate items you will need for crafting.

2. Keep Each Family Member Busy

Each family member in The Addams Family Mystery Mansion can be controlled and directed to do something even outside of the quests they need to accomplish. As it will always happen that some quests will require time or such other pre-requisites before being accomplished, it should not in any way mean that you must keep some characters idle. Each family member starts off being able to generate some basic resource materials you will need for a variety of things. These items stand as the most basic ingredients for crafting other items and may readily be used to fulfill some random desires from each family member.

the addams family mystey mansion family members

Each item the characters can make have varying completion times associated with it. You may have to take note of each especially if you want to create items more efficiently. Primarily, you should prioritize items that are needed for any of the character’s quests or are ingredients for crafting a quest item. Beyond that, keeping a healthy stock of each basic resource should follow. There is a limit to how many items you can stock in your inventory so be sure to keep tabs on it by clicking on the bag icon at the top of the screen.

3. Increase Inventory Space Whenever You Can

As you will always need to keep a healthy stock of various materials for quests, and some desires to fulfill in exchange for coins, the need for amassing items in The Addams Family Mystery Mansion is a constant objective. There won’t be much challenge though if you can just hoard as many items as you want and as the case is, there will be a limit to how many items you can keep.

the addams family mystery mansion inventory

As you will start with only a cap of 10 items, you can expand this further through the use of other items. Each inventory upgrade will require a unique set of items but for starters, the needed items will be the most basic ones. Aside from quests which should always be your top priority, taking note of the needed items to increase your inventory limit should be the next priority. Be sure to make an effort to save or craft these items and upgrade your inventory as soon as you can.

It may happen as well that some needed items to upgrade your bag are not yet available. In such cases, be sure to tend to desires, craft some items, and never consider throwing any item away as much as possible.

4. Tend Only To Desires That Are Worth It

Each member of the Addams Family will always want some random items for a variety of reasons. You can always check the list icon at the bottom right of the screen and, most likely, it will always have an indicator more often than not as you unlock more family members. For one, you may want to fulfill each of their desire and give them the item they need or require but then, there are quests and other uses for each of those items.

the addams family mystery mansion desires

Just so you won’t find yourself in a regrettable situation where you have given away an item that you need for something more important, check each of the desires more carefully and cross reference the same to the items in your inventory. If the desired item are simple materials like wool, metal, matches, and the like, then feel free to fulfill the desire and get some coins. Some desires are likewise part of the character’s quest so tending to them is a must.

Desires that involve hard to obtain items, regardless of the amount of coins as a reward should not be entertained easily. Keep in mind as well that fulfilling one family member’s desire will instantly list in a new one. As some items that are being desired by family members are too difficult to grant, you can always swap it out for a new one. Doing so requires watching a short video ad, though, but it is very much worth it.

5. Always Go For 100% Spookiness

Keeping each family member busy does not only lead to farming more materials for you. Every action they fulfill also generates spooky spirits and as you assign each one of them to a particular task, you will see how many minutes the task will take to complete as well as the corresponding amount of spooky spirits it will generate. Just beside the inventory counter at the top of the screen is the Spooky-O-Meter and clicking on it will reveal the kinds of Kooky Boxes you can earn after reaching the required level of spookiness.

the addams family mystery mansion spookiness

You can only claim one of each type of Kooky Box per day and if you have yet to claim even the common one, you will see just how many spooky spirits you still need to able to claim the reward. Although it may take some time and dedication to claim the epic rarity Kooky Box as a reward, it is very much worth it especially if you want to progress fast in the game.

Just as a side not, some tasks and activities require certain costumes for each member of the Addams Family to obtain. The rarity of the costumes very much determine the rarity of the box they can be obtained with. As such, if you want to boost your chances of unlocking the extra costumes fast, you have to exert some effort into filling up the Spooky-O-Meter completely each day.

6. Engage In Moments Before You Log Out

A unique aspect of The Addams Family Mystery Mansion lies in its “Moments” mechanic where you assign family members on a single activity such as dinner. This moment takes hours to complete and costs coins for each family member that joins. If a member is busy engaging in any other activity, they won’t be able to join so be sure to consider initiating a moment once everyone is idle.

the addams family mystery mansion moments

Although moments cost coins, you will always get more of it as a reward. Additionally, spooky spirts and some rare items will be rewarded as well once the moment has finished. As this will take hours to complete, be sure to engage in it only if you will be away from the game for a long time. Otherwise you may not have enough members to generate items and go through quests if most of them are locked in a moment.

7. Watch Short Video Ads For Extra Rubies And Kooky Boxes

Just to be clear, The Addams Family Mystery Mansion does not contain video ads that pop up randomly as you play the game. Each of the video ads you can watch are entirely optional and truthfully enough, you would want more of some of them as the rewards are worth it.

how to get more rubies and kooky boxes in the addams family mystery mansion

We explained earlier that you can forget about a particular desire of any member and refresh it after watching a 5 to 15-second video ad. For the best part, though, you can claim a free Kooky Box once every 2 hours after watching a 15 to 30-second video ad. You can likewise visit the shop through the bottom left corner of the screen and under the “rubies” tab, you can watch a short video to earn 1 free ruby. There are no clear indicators yet as to how many rubies you can get out of it but for as long as you tap on it and an ad plays, you will receive your ruby immediately after.

It should go without saying that you should not spend any of your hard-earned rubies on anything until you have unlocked Wednesday’s room which costs 100 rubies. As it may be quite a challenge to earn 100 early on, you should sacrifice some time and consider watching as many ads for free rubies as you can. With this method, you are likely to reach 100 rubies and unlock Wednesday on your second day of playing the game.

And that is all we have for you as far as our Addams Family Mystery Mansion beginner’s guide is concerned. We hope that you learned a lot from the tips and tricks we shared with you and that you enjoyed reading the guide. If you have played and enjoyed the game a lot and have your own kooky tips and strategies you would like to add to what we discussed, do not hesitate to let us know in the comment area below!


Tuesday 21st of July 2020

how do you get "Thing"?


Friday 17th of April 2020

How do you get the pet kitty?


Monday 23rd of March 2020

Contact customer support. I had the same problem and they were awesome and fixed the game for me. They will tell you they need you to log out for quite a few hours so your progress isn't lost. They will keep in touch through the setting icon and there will be a little message icon in the top right corner as they update responses to you. They even gave me extra coins, rubies, and experience points when I logged back in. I just had this problem fixed a week ago and now I'm at level 10.


Saturday 21st of March 2020

I’m stuck in level 4. I have completed all the missions and just have Saint Patrick’s missions that don’t make me win experience points.


Saturday 21st of March 2020

I’m stuck in the same level. I cannot find out how to continue. :-(


Friday 17th of January 2020

How do you earn extra exp points? I'm stuck on a quest that requires me to open something at level 8 yet I'm only on level 5 with no way of adding more exp points