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MythWars & Puzzles Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Rank Up Fast and Complete All Levels

Karma Game is a China-based mobile game development company that has been around since 2015. If their name does not ring a bell, it’s probably because the company currently has only one game under its app portfolio. While that holds true, the only title under their name, MythWars & Puzzles, has been a fairly successful game.

MythWars & Puzzles is a combination of a match-3 puzzle game and an RPG, mixing the elements of team synergy and tactics with the player’s very own puzzle-solving strategies. While each of these popular game genres provide game mechanics and challenges that players have grown familiar with over time, blending together common features within these genres make for a unique challenge on its own.

The gameplay revolves around gathering a 5-unit team with varying abilities that charge up with evry There is also a bit of base-building included, adding to already extensive variety of content it holds. If you would like a good mix of strategizing around team compositions as well as matching colored gems, then you should definitely check this game out.

mythwars & puzzles tactics

The initial minutes you spend as you dive into the world of MythWars & Puzzles will be more than enough to learn all you need to know to play the game. The controls are as simple as tapping on the heroes and swiping away at the gems you wish to move. Perhaps the only delimiting factor in the game lies with the in-game stamina that gets consumed with every battle you engage in. Even the battle mechanics are simple enough to understand that even complete beginners will have an easy time learning the game.

If you are, however, stuck in a particular level or simply searching for more efficient ways to level your heroes up and complete every level, then stay with us and check out our MythWars & Puzzles beginner’s guide. We have come up with a bunch of useful tips, cheats and strategies to help you through the entire game.

1. Going Over The Match-3 Requirement Is Better

As the genre’s name implies, progress in the puzzle is determined by the number of similarly-colored tiles that you successfully match. Typically, matching a certain number of tiles in an exclusively puzzle-oriented game is all you need to focus on. In MythWars & Puzzles, every match you successfully make causes damage to the enemies above you and charges up your heroes’ special skills. The similarity in mechanics extend as well to executing matches beyond the minimum required number of tiles.

mythwars & puzzles tricks

For the most part, it should not be difficult to match 3 tiles and in numerous instances, you will even be presented with a variety of choices. Whenever you can, always choose to go with matches that connect more tiles. Doing so will not only inflict a bigger amount of damage to each opponent it strikes, it will also net a bigger ability charge for your hero that shares the same color with the matched tiles.

2. There Is No Time Limit

While time limitations, as a means of imposing additional pressure on the game, has been an integral part of many popular match-3 puzzle games, there are no such mechanics in MythWars & Puzzles. Even in its absence, it may happen that you are inclined to deal damage to an enemy as soon as you can and get through the level within a shorter period of time. While this may occasionally work especially on the initial levels, difficulty shifts along with your progress.

As you reach higher levels, simply rushing in to deal damage will likely result in the loss of some heroes or even a total defeat in combat. From a more strategic standpoint, therefore, take as much time as you need before every action within your turn.

mythwars & puzzles time limit

There will often be several choice of actions available to you on each match. Make it a habit to look into every possible move and, if possible, even take it further by analyzing the impact of your move on the other tiles. Although it seems like a strategy better suited for more experienced players, being able to forecast the impact of each match to see potential subsequent combos should be made a habit early on.

3. Take Note Of Elemental Affinities

MythWars & Puzzles makes use of an elemental affinity system in dealing and receiving damage. While this feature may only increase damage and defense against opposing elements by a certain percentage in other games, in MythWars & Puzzles, the effect is doubled.

mythwars & puzzles elemental affinities

There are 3 basic elements in MythWars & Puzzles and 2 special elements. The regular elements are Fire, Earth, and Water and these elements follow the “rock-paper-scissors” of dealing and receiving damage. Fire is strong against Earth but Weak against Water. Earth is strong against Water but weak against Fire. Water is strong against Fire but weak against Earth. Light and Dark elements are both strong and weak against one another and have no special effects against the regular elements.

It helps that elemental advantages and corresponding disadvantages are constantly displayed at the upper left side of the screen. Additionally, you can also see the elemental affinities of the monsters you will face before you enter each stage. While this serves as the easy part, the more challenging part lies with how you devise and execute strategic matching of tiles with elemental affinities in mind.

On one part, you can prioritize dark tiles to damage a light enemy but keep in mind that you can also use light tiles to charge up the special ability of your light hero.
In any case, be sure to keep these considerations in mind especially if there are multiple available moves for you to choose from. Only go for matches that do not necessarily deal double damage if there are no other choices.

4. Be Selective When Investing In Heroes

On top of free summons as well as special ones you can perform through the Bifrost Portal, you can also train more heroes from the training ground inside your base camp. While it may take a long while to secure even 2 to 3 star characters, the idea is to have each available element represented within your team. You should probably avoid investing in 1-star heroes as the food requirements and sacrificial materials you need to enhance your team are very limited. Likewise, be sure to check each potential choice’s ability as not all of them possess damaging skills and instead heal or provide buffs to the entire team.

mythwars & puzzles hero list

Although not all heroes will be equally useful in any level, having a team that consists of heroes with varying elements ensures that not only will each match result in a skill activation meter boost but it also follows that you have someone who can always inflict double damage on any enemy. Although you can breeze through the earlier stages with however you form your roster, you will experience more challenging levels as the disparity between enemy strength and your team’s grow closer from an advantageous start.

As 1-star heroes are the easiest to obtain, you can use them as sacrificial materials to level up the 2 and 3 star heroes within your team. Sacrifing a hero of the same color nets a bigger experience amount than all other colors. Retain copies of the heroes you like as you will need them to ascend heroes once they reach the required level.

5. Keep Your Base Busy

A huge factor that contributes to your growth and development in the game relates to how fast you have grown your base. While there are numerous structures available to construct and upgrade, there are no complex or confusing issues to make it difficult to understand what your goal for the camp is. You basically generate food and steel and both resources are constantly needed to train more troops and upgrade each structure.

Perhaps the common issue you may always notice lies with the maximum amount of each resource your structures can hold. As such, be sure to always upgrade structures and take note of completion times as you can only work on constructions one at a time.

mythwars & puzzles base management

If you are not familiar with base-building games, the key requirement here is the castle and should be the top priority when it comes to upgrades. Upgrading the castle increases the upgrade level cap of all other structures as well as opens up more space for you to construct more buildings.

6. Choose To Match Higher In The Puzzle

mythwars & puzzles strategies

One trick you can always use whenever you are having a hard time deciding between various possible moves is to go for matching tiles that are higher in the puzzle. If there are several choices but you cannot choose from among them, going for the higher tile in the stack will cause more movement within the puzzle and has a higher probability of triggering combos that you would not expect. If there are no observable negative effects of choosing to match tiles in the upper part of the puzzle, then you should choose to go with it.

7. Don’t Rely On Auto Mode

During each match, you can see the fast forward button at the upper right side of the screen, which will initiate auto mode once tapped. While convenient and can win you some battles early in the game, it will not be much help later on when you reach levels that require more strategy.

mythwars & puzzles auto mode

Just to give you an idea, auto mode chooses the move that it recommends, indicated by the blinking tiles that are visible even without auto mode activated. Beyond that, auto mode activates special tiles automatically and also utilizes your heroes’ special skills as soon as they become available. Devoid of any strategic concept as well as timing, we can guarantee that you can perform much better on any battle even as a beginner than using auto mode.

8. Accomplish Missions For Extra Rewards

While various rewards can be earned after completing each stage on the map, there are plenty more rewards you can claim by accomplishing objectives within the “Missions” feature of the game. Be sure to tap on the book icon at the bottom of the screen to see the milestones you can reach for various valuable rewards.

mythwars & puzzles missions

Unlike most games, however, MythWars & Puzzles only has missions that relate to milestones you reach as a testament of your progress in various areas within the game. There are no daily missions but then, playing the game regularly enough will certainly net you easy rewards from these missions.

9. Join An Alliance As Soon As You Can

While alliances, guilds, factions, or similar player groups in games have always been an important feature of multiplayer games, some games that are not intrinsically a multiplayer game or even have bits of multiplayer aspect still employ the feature and offer perks as benefits. Regardless of how much or how little you get for joining one in any game, it usually comes without a corresponding liability whatsoever.

mythwars & puzzles alliance

In MythWars & Puzzles, joining an alliance is very easy and you can simply choose to join any alliance with a vacancy. While more features relating to alliances seem to be in the works, being in one now enables you to participate in titan battles where each alliance member can battle with powerful boss monsters and each member will be rewarded if the beast is defeated.

Take note that is likely impossible to defeat titans on your own or even deal decent damage against it. What is important is for you to expend all 3 attempts to attack it as every bit of damage you contribute helps in defeating it.

And this wraps up our MythWars & Puzzles beginner’s guide. We hope that each tip and strategy we shared has helped you earn a better understanding of the basic features and mechanics of the game as well as get you through some of the latter challenges. If there are additional tips you know in addition to what we have already mentioned, feel free to drop us a line in the comments!

Christian Eichner

Thursday 18th of November 2021

Für was sind Ausbildungshelden und wie verwende ich diese?

Jayne Stephens

Tuesday 30th of March 2021

Great help for a newbie. I went in blind . Wish there was something like this then.I have been trying to find instructions to add the Xan Bot to the Alliances group page on line. I know it exists because I have seen it and used it, but finding out how to install it has left me banging my head on a brick wall. Perhaps you might be able to help?


Saturday 16th of January 2021

YARDIM! Kale ve diğer yapılar 4 seviyede. Onlar yükselmiyor çünkü kaleyi yükseltmek için 47500 demire ihtiyacım var ama demir üretici en fazla 47000 demir taşıyacak kapasiteye sahip. Demir üreticiyi yükseltmek içinse kaleyi yükseltmek gerekiyor ama o yükselmeden kaleyi yükseltmek imkansız! Delireceğim! Sadece bende mi var bu sorun?

Ida McIntyre-Johnston

Friday 31st of July 2020

I have artifacts in my forge, but they won't show up so I can equip my heroes? Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?


Tuesday 11th of August 2020

Same here. What artifacts shall we use to be with the team? Where can we acquire those?


Sunday 7th of June 2020

hello there, my name is scottie, and i have 2 questions.....1) what does battle hero mean? and 2) can i use my banners in war? if so how? thank you for your time