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Crisis: S Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Level Up and Increase Your Power Fast

Efun has been providing high quality mobile games in the last couple of years, that cater to a wide audience. Kings Throne: Game of Lust and Mirage Memorial Global are among the most popular games in the company’s current app portfolio that consists of 22 titles. While the company develops games falling within the arcade, strategy, card, and casual genres, most of its titles are RPGs. If you have played and enjoyed several RPGs on mobile, chances are that you have played one or several games from Efun.

And the folks from Efun are back, as they have just released a brand new 3D MMORPG on mobile called Crisis: S. With graphics and gameplay comparable to most modern mobile MMORPGs, Crisis: S sets itself apart by having no selectable classes. Characters can choose genders and customize base appearance to some extent while progressing through the adventure and powering-up your hero can further lead to more customizations as far as stats and skills are concerned.

Within 2 weeks following its launch, Crisis: S has already amassed well over 100 thousand downloads along with respectable spots within Google Play Rankings. Crisis: S also currently ranks as the #16 RPG on the Apple App Store. On both platforms, the game has maintained largely positive average user review ratings and seems promising to rake in even more players in time. If you are in the current lookout for an MMORPG that is very easy to pick up and play, then be sure to check Crisis: S out and see what it has to offer.

Crisis: S takes you to a unique fantasy world where the evil Grovia Empire has unleashed the Scale Virus that threatens all human existence. As a former bounty hunter turned agent of the organization called “Crow”, it has become your quest and duty to secure the antidote and save what remains of the human civilization. Most of your adventure may make it look like you are on your own but you will be joined by your pet and trusty mount at the early part of your journey.

crisis s strategies

As you get stronger with each trial you conquer, more challenges become available for you to take on, either by yourself or with some other agents of Crow. Nothing keeps you from continuing with your quest for power as time and dedication to the cause will certainly reap its rewards.

Long-time RPG enthusiasts may quickly and easily grasp the basic game mechanics and features that Crisis: S holds. For the uninitiated, however, it may all seem overwhelming at first but progression is designed to tackle each new feature you unlock one at a time.

Naturally, the auto path and auto battle feature makes it very easy even for complete newbies. The pop-ups and notifications also provide clear direction as to where to go or what to do next and, of course, every new feature you unlock comes with a quick and simple tutorial that explains the entirety of what you need to know about the feature.

There will be progress regardless of how you spend your time within the world of Crisis: S. If you found yourself unable to beat a particular challenge or simply want to level up and gain power fast, then we suggest you to read on and check out our Crisis: S beginner’s guide below! We have compiled a detailed guide for Crisis: S, that comes with a bunch of tips, cheats and strategies to boost you rise to power!

1. Prioritize The Main Quests

Beyond the plethora of extra content and features to ensure a wide variety of activities for every player to engage in and enjoy, every MMORPG at present employs a story mode you can progress to know more about its world and the lore behind your seemingly unending quest. As you dive into the unique fantasy world within Crisis: S, the main quests are set to introduce you to its world along with a background of the dire situation that you must strive to relinquish.

crisis s main quests

Levelling up and boosting your hero’s power is a perennial task within any RPG. Although conventional RPGs always leave a lot to grinding for EXP from mobs in a vast open-world or so, more modern RPGs like Crisis: S banks more on completing quests to earn you huge amounts of EXP. Beyond that, completion of main quests also reward you with the most basic gears and resources you will need to take on other challenges moving forward.

Main quests may not directly provide the key to unlocking additional game modes in Crisis: S. However, the amount of experience points you can earn per quest accomplished will quickly enable you to level up and consequently unlock additional game modes and features one by one. If you are totally new to the basic concept or framework of modern MMORPGs, then you should know that most, if not all, extra game modes that these RPGs offer come with limited attempts per day. As such, unlocking as many of them as possible early on will greatly contribute to your hero’s growth and development.

Some main quests will often require you to jump into a recently unlocked game mode as a trial. Some newly unlocked features will have you go through an initial upgrading session as well. Regardless of wherever you wound up in, however, simply clicking back on the main quest line at the left side of your screen will lead you back to your main priority.

The only impediment that would prevent you from pushing forward with the main quest is a minimum level requirement of latter stories. As you reach those points, you can freely take on side quests and other daily quests to reach the needed level and proceed with the next chapter.

2. Upgrade Each Gear As Much As You Can

While every new level reached comes with an increase in overall stats and power, RPGs typically involve numerous ways and means of increasing the hero’s strength beyond the limits of what he can achieve based on his or her level alone. Like any other RPG, Crisis: S is packed with a plethora of upgrade and enhancement options, with gears being the main source of it.

Most traditional MMORPGs may give rise to apprehensions when it comes to investing heavily on any piece of equipment you come across with in your adventure. Latter quests and challenges are bound to give you better gears for your hero and often enough, all the resources you invested in a piece of gear go to waste as you equip a better one. In Crisis: S, much like most modern MMORPGs, what is actually being upgraded and invested on are the gear slots of the character itself, thereby ensuring that every bit of upgrade made will be retained as you switch from one gear piece to the next.

how to upgrade gear in crisis s

There will be a prompt that pops up on your screen whenever a better piece of equipment becomes available for you to use and tapping on it instantly replaces the appropriate gear. Likewise, there are also indicators that show you when you have enough resources to enhance your gears, much like every other enhancement option in the game.

To check on your equipped gears, you can tap on the menu button at the upper right corner of your screen and select the “Forge” icon. You can choose to enhance 10 levels at a time or tap on the auto-enhance button for continuous enhancement. Enhancement only costs gold, which you will have an abundant supply of early on. Note as well that you will hardly have enough gold to max out your gears’ enhancement level once you progress further and acquire higher tier equipment.

One tip you should always consider when it comes to prioritizing as to which piece of gear you should enhance first is that each one relates to a couple of stats. As such, you should spend a bit more on those gears that boost the stats that you need more of. Gears have enhancement level caps based on the tier or grade that they have. As you make progress and complete higher level quests and challenge stronger bosses, you will eventually secure higher grade gears with higher enhancement level caps.

Beyond enhancement, each gear can also be embedded with gems based on their tier level. Up to 5 different gems per gear can be equipped at gear tier 10 while the remaining slot can only be unlocked at vip level 5. Gems of the same attribute can be used for its upgrade and while you may not acquire as many gems as you need early on, you will soon have more than enough to fill all vacant slots in gears and upgrade them accordingly. By clicking on a gem, you can also see where you can get more ofthem, just like most resources in Crisis: S.

3. Enhance And Equip The Right Skills

If there is one good thing about idly farming from the various mobs you can find in the world of Crisis: S, it is the fact that each skill activation raises your proficiency with a certain skill. Within a relatively few quests completed and some progression made, you will have a fully equipped skill set that utilizes all active skill slots you can use in combat. As you reach higher grades, more skills can be unlocked and you will have a total of 8 skills to choose from.

how to enhance character skills in crisis s

Beyond active skills, your hero also has wide array of passive skills. A lot of these skills can be activated following your progression in the main story as well as completing very specific challenges and milestones. In any case, be sure to keep an eye out on notifications relating to your skills as you would want to upgrade each one as soon as you can.

4. Expend Attempts On Daily Quests

While Crisis: S’ main quest line initially provides you with the most basic resources you need to perform various upgrades that raise your power, the extra game modes you can unlock and partake in as you reach higher levels will tremendously bolster your growth and progress. As each of the daily quests provide you with very important rewards such as huge XP boosts and resources difficult to farm anywhere else, there are only a limited number of attempts you can engage in each one per day. This gives you more reason to ensure that you expend every bit of those limited attempts.

As there are too many of these daily quests to briefly discuss in our beginner’s guide, a good distinction between the types of battles or activities you can find in it should be made. When you click on the “Daily” icon at the top of the screen, you will see a long list of available daily quests and dungeons you can engage in although some may still be unlocked based on your current level.

crisis s daily quests

By tapping on each icon, you can find a brief description of each activity as well as the possible rewards you can earn. With this, you should be able to distinguish which, from among the available activities, will be impacted by your current level or power. In this sense, pushing to accomplish those quests that reward you just the same regardless of performance would be the better course of action. As you become stronger as a result of completing those tasks, you can take on those quests that reward you based on how strong you are.

As an example, the bounties cycle you through a series of quests that are very easy to accomplish given your level. In doing so, the mobs and even bosses you eliminate provide experience points or even drops that do not matter a lot. Instead, the value of this activity comes with every bounty you complete making the entire activity among the first you should take on daily.

The escort can be achieved in every attempt and its outcome is not dependent on your overall strength at all. However, certain time periods within the day boost the rewards you can earn from it and should be done, as much as possible, within that limited time period.

On top of the immediate rewards you receive from accomplishing each daily quest, every attempt used also earns you activity points. At the right side of the Daily Quest window, you can see just how many activity points you have earned and a corresponding reward can be claimed for each milestone.

For the most part, there are more than enough quests and corresponding activity points to be earned so if you just do not have the time to take on all of the unlocked and available daily quests, at least aim to accumulate enough activity points to claim the top rewards.

5. Keep Your Companions Fully Upgraded

Like many modern MMORPGs, no adventure in any RPG is complete without mounts and pets to accompany you in solo missions. Pets may help with the battles itself while mounts make travelling the wide open world a lot faster. In most cases, both contribute as well to an increase in the hero’s stats and overall power.

In Crisis: S, you will easily be able to acquire a pet and a mount at levels 45 and 50, respectively. As much as that sounds high level in conventional RPGs, you can actually make it to level 100 in the game within the first hour of playing. In this sense, acquiring both offers no real challenge, but pushing for either to reach their full potential goes a long, long way.

how to upgrade companions in crisis s

You can see the details of both your pet and mount in Crisis: S by tapping on the menu button and choosing the Mount icon. Each one can be upgraded in the same way except that they require different kinds of growth stones and other materials. In any case, either one will have a corresponding indicator whenever an upgrade is available.

The most basic method of boosting each one’s strength comes from the blessing that they gain from the respective growth stones. Upon maxing out a full line of stars in their upgrade level, both can transform into a different form along with a corresponding boost in stats.

You can also use potential stones on both your pet and your mount. These are mostly acquired from special events and impact a specific stat for each one. Skins and gears can also be equipped on either one but securing those will come a lot later in your adventure.

6. Join A Guild As Soon As You Can

Every MMORPG as well as most other games that sport a cooperative or at least a social feature employ the use of a guild system that enables like-minded individuals, or at least by concept, to band together for a common goal. Guilds, alliances, factions, or other similarly termed associations have often become a core feature of such games. While you can play Crisis: S entirely on your own, you will still lag behind if you do not align yourself with other players especially considering that some content can only be engaged in as part of a guild.

crisis s guild

As such, there is no question about having to join a guild as soon as you are able to. As much as you may often expect to be presented with a lot of options to choose from, there may not be enough guilds in Crisis: S as of yet or some have high standards that may take a while for you to reach. In any case, you can always opt to start your very own level 1 guild with enough coins or even a level 2 guild if you are willing to spend diamonds.

As soon as you join a guild, you will already reap a lot of benefits with the daily attendance incentive. Another great perquisite you will surely benefit from, especially if you are a beginner, is the guild warehouse feature. You can donate every piece of gear you no longer need or cannot use as they may be gender-specific and earn points that you can spend to redeem better gears donated by other guild members.

There are also numerous other activities you can only engage in as a member of any guild so if you are raring to be among the strongest in the server, then continuing to be always active and participating in these activities on top of donating should be among your priorities on a daily basis.

7. Explore Other Features That Can Boost Your Power

As Crisis: S is brimming with numerous features that relate to boosting your power, it can really be a challenge to keep track of everything that you can upgrade or activate especially when you unlock most of the game’s content. It certainly takes time to get used to especially for total beginners but thankfully enough, Crisis: S is designed to make it as easy and convenient as possible for you to perform an upgrade or power boost whenever one becomes available.

On the main screen, regardless of what activity you are engage in, the power up icon will have an indicator whenever you have amassed enough resources to perform an upgrade or enhancement. Beyond enhancing gears, skills, your pet, and your mount, there are numerous other features you can visit and this icon is your shortcut to each one.

how to boost power in crisis s

The power up icon can be clearly seen above the skill buttons and on the left side of the jump button. Tapping on it may often provide you several items you need to cater to and the item will only disappear once you have performed an upgrade on the particular area. Like the pet and mount, one common area of improvement lies with your haste, wings, and divine weapon. These mostly work much like the pet and mount and naturally require specific upgrade materials as well.

One unique feature within Crisis: S lies within the diagram feature, which holds a recording of sorts relative to the various bosses you have encountered and defeated. You can activate a boss diagram once you have defeated them and on the dispatch tab, you can deploy them so they can begin earning gold and EXP for you whether you are online or not. The idea here is to always dispatch the higher level bosses to boost your gold and EXP earnings. More boss dispatch slots can be unlocked as you make further progress in your adventure. Be sure to keep updating the roster of dispatched boss monsters and claim rewards whenever you log in on the game.

Typically on a separate and distinct window or page is the achievements in Crisis: S. Contrary to typical MMORPG setups, the achievements in the game can be found on the third page of the diagram. It can be understood that you will visit the page whenever you reached a milestone as you stand ready to claim your rewards. For best results, though, it is advisable to check the list of achievable objectives within the achievements page to determine which ones are easily accomplishable.

8. Take Advantage Of Special Events

The immediate rewards you can get off of completing quests paired with extra rewards from earning activity points, guild contributions, and achievement rewards are truthfully sufficient enough to make every bit of activity in the world of Crisis: S as exciting and motivating for you to spend more time in it. Beyond all of the above incentives you can easily earn, however, more are still in store for you via the special and time-limited events that the game holds.

crisis s special events

One of the time-limited events you should take advantage of is the carnival event that starts as soon as you log in on the game. The event lasts for the next seven days provides you with a list of accomplishable feats within each day. On top of the immediate rewards you can earn for completing each task, you earn points that can earn you extra rewards for that day and points earned ultimately earn you a different set of rewards for the duration of the event.

While some tasks may seem difficult to achieve, take note that most of the objectives set here coincide with the usual activities you engage in as you play the game. Another convenient aspect of the vent is that you can continue to achieve targets set on days that have already passed. As such, it is best to always take note of targets you may have missed even on the latter days of the event.

It will certainly take a lot of time and effort to bag the ultimate reward, which is the Floating Cube mount but keep in mind that you only need to earn a certain number of points to claim it and not totally accomplish every objective in the list. Just the same, accomplishing more means more rewards so if you are pushing for faster growth and progress in Crisis: S, exert as much effort as you can to take advantage of this event.

Crisis: S certainly still holds a lot of features and secrets within its vast fantasy world. Though this is where we will end our beginner’s guide, we are fairly certain that all other features and game modes we could not go into as much detail are covered by the tips and strategies we laid out in the items above. We certainly hope that you found our article enlightening and worth reading and if you have played Crisis: S enough to discover your very own tips or strategies, feel free to share them with us in the comment area!

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