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Idle Assemble: Car Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Reach Full Completion for All Cars Fast

If you like cars and you like idle clickers, you’ll probably want to check out Barley Game’s new mobile title, Idle Assemble: Car. The game promises simple gameplay, where all you have to do is to constantly upgrade the components of each of the different vehicles, upgrade the rate in which Energy (your main currency, and what you’ll use to construct more parts) is earned, and keep doing so until you unlock all five cars and reach 100 percent completion for all of them. It’s possible with a lot of patience and almost no clicking whatsoever, and this is yet another title that promises relaxing gameplay combined with stunning graphics and uncomplicated mechanics.

Some say that idle clickers are so simple that they don’t need much explanation — after all, almost all of these games are some variant or other based on classics such as AdVenture Capitalist, with very similar sets of features. However, there are always idle clicker newbies out there who want to know what the fuss is about, and each of these clickers have subtle differences in gameplay that need to be illustrated, in order for one to truly learn how to play the games.

With that out of the way, let us proceed to our Idle Assemble: Car beginner’s guide, where we shall tell you what you need to do in order to get to that point where you achieve 100 percent completion on all cars sooner, as opposed to later.

1. The Basics Of Idle Assemble: Car

Idle Assemble: Car, as the name of the game suggests, is your typical idle clicker game, but just like any other game in its genre, there are a few twists and turns that set it apart. But before we get to that, let’s take a look at how to play this game and how to load up on that energy to keep the assembly line moving.

The first car you’re going to be asked to build is the Wild Horse, a muscle car that obviously appears to be modeled on the Ford Mustang. Tires and Power Systems will be the first components that you need to upgrade, and as you meet the requirements stated in the succeeding parts, you will unlock more of them as you go on.

idle assemble car strategies

For example, you will need to reach the 200 mark for Tires (spelled Tyres in the game) and 100 for Power System to unlock Braking System, then you’ll need 1000 in Power System and 500 in Braking System to unlock Suspension. This would go on until you reach the bottom-most component, which is Glass, and as you keep producing more components until they reach the maximum (this could range from 2,500 for some parts to around 5,000 for some others), the Energy cost will keep going up. However, this will also increase the automatic Energy production rate per second, so just as long as you have Energy, you’ll want to keep producing more of a certain component/part.

In addition to hitting the buttons on the right side in the main menu in order to increase production rate, you’ll also need to visit the Upgrade menu by tapping on the rightmost button on the bottom of the screen. There, you will be able to upgrade Offline Production (the percentage of online earnings you can collect while offline), Offline Time (the maximum amount of time in which you will be allowed to accumulate offline Energy), Tap Production, and the production rates for all applicable components. You’ll need to upgrade these on a regular basis, though some upgrades will be more important (and more productive) than others — we shall be explaining this in the very next tip.

As you’ll see in the Cars menu, you’ll notice there are five different vehicles which you can unlock with the Energy you earn in the game. These include the Frostrider (a New Concept), the Daniel (a supercar that looks similar to a Lamborghini Aventador), the Bat Car (Future Technology — an obvious take on the Batmobile), and the Continent (a Family Car not unlike the Lincoln Continental). Each succeeding car will be costlier to manufacture than the last, but the upgrading process will be the same — you’ll see the same components and the same upgrade items in the Main and Upgrade menus respectively. And you’ll need to have a certain amount of Energy ready to unlock them — while all you need is 1 million Energy to unlock the Frostrider, you’ll need 100 trillion Energy, for instance, to unlock the Continent!

While upgrades in terms of the number of parts produced and production rate are mostly exclusive per car, take note that the Energy figure and rate per second you’ll see on the upper right of your screen apply to all cars combined — that means you can theoretically finish work on the White Horse faster than you normally would if you, for example, unlocked the Frostrider and the Daniel and done your share of upgrades on both vehicles.

For the upgrades on the main menu, you can adjust the number of units you add each time you increase production — by default, you’ll be adding 10 units each time you tap on the right-side button for a part, but you can chance this to as few as one unit or as many as 100. Of course, these buttons will be grayed out whenever you cannot afford adding to the production line.

Now, that you know where to increase production and how to increase the rate in which you earn energy per second, per part, let’s move on to the other components of the game — the items you should be upgrading in the Upgrade menu.

2. Upgrade Offline Production And Offline Time Ahead Of Everything Else

One key feature that we believe needs to be present in every idle clicker game is the ability to earn a ton of money (or its equivalent resource) while you’re not playing. Most of the Energy you earn in Idle Car Assemble will be collected while you’re offline, but in order to ensure this, you will need to prioritize upgrading Offline Production and Offline Time in the Upgrade menu.

In the tutorial stage, the game will ask you to tap on the Add Power button in the bottom center of the screen in order to earn more Energy. However, that won’t earn you too much Energy per tap before it becomes too expensive to upgrade, thus making it impractical to even as much as tap occasionally on the screen in order to increase your Energy. While you can upgrade the amount of energy earned per tap by paying Energy or watching videos, your best option is to upgrade Offline Production and Offline Time instead.

idle assemble car production

We would recommend increasing Offline Time to about eight hours or so (or slightly fewer or more, depending on how long you usually sleep), so that way, you could earn the maximum amount of Energy possible while you’re sleeping and obviously unable to open the app. Offline Production, on the other hand, is best upgraded to about 65 percent of online Energy or more — the maximum for each would be 80 percent for Offline Production and 9 hours for Offline Time.

Once you’ve collected your offline earnings, you will be given the option to watch a video in order to double those earnings — sometimes, the option may not be available right away and you may get a message telling you that videos are not yet available. We suggest waiting about five seconds, as you should be guaranteed a chance to watch a new ad video each time you collect offline earnings!

Regarding the “skills” that you can upgrade in the Upgrades menu, we suggest prioritizing the ones that earn you more Energy per second, as opposed to the ones that will be barely significant at the end of the day. For example, you’re much better off paying Energy (and watching a video afterward for an even bigger increase to the production rate) to upgrade the Energy production rate for doors (which are among the later components that get unlocked) than you are for tires (one of the first two available components), which you can pretty much leave as is once the next step is to watch a video for a further upgrade.

Remember the genre of this game — it’s idle, which means there’s no real need to tap. And since there aren’t any tapping-based challenges either, you can, in fact, leave the Tap Production section alone for the entirety of your play through and still achieve your goal quickly and easily, just as long as Offline Production and Offline Time get the necessary upgrades.

3. Using Time Travel, Earning Gems, Boosting Your Energy Earnings, And Spinning The Wheel

As you keep playing Idle Assemble: Car, you will see that there are various tools that you can use in order to speed up the earning process and help you get more Energy that will, in turn, allow you to produce more components and get closer to completing construction on the cars. The first tool we shall be discussing is Time Travel, which essentially allows you to “skip forward” a certain number of seconds and earn the offline Energy you’d normally earn over that period of time.

By watching a video, you could skip ahead 300 seconds (5 minutes) via the Time Travel feature, though you may use those gems you earn — the game’s premium currency — to skip ahead 1,000 seconds (16+ minutes, 15 gems), 5,000 seconds (83+ minutes, 45 gems), 12,000 seconds (200 minutes, 80 gems), or 30,000 seconds (500 minutes, 150 gems). As you can see, you can get better value if you spend more gems, and since you start out with 50 gems and can earn this currency in a variety of ways, it may be a good idea to save up early and make bigger purchases when using Time Travel. (Time Travel options are also among the daily rewards you can earn for logging in.)

idle assemble car wild horse

Just how do you earn gems in the game? We’ll be discussing another way to do this later on in this tip, but you can get free gems by watching ad videos (just tap on the video icon on the upper right if it’s available — you’re allowed three videos a day via this method) and earning 10 gems per clip. You can also earn 5 or 10 gems per clip by watching videos in the in-game store, which can be accessed by tapping on the store-shaped icon on the upper left corner.

These are available via the daily rewards you can collect per day you log into the game. — you can earn 10 for your second consecutive login and a whopping 75 for your 12th! Furthermore, completing construction on a car earns you 20 gems per completed vehicle, thus giving you a nice incentive for getting 100 percent completion.

Additionally, you can also pay real money for gems, though we don’t think you’ll have any real need for this while playing Idle Assemble: Car.

The next tool you can use to improve your earning potential is the speed boost, which is the second button on the menu bar in the middle of the screen. These allow you to double your earnings for a specific period of time, though the catch here is that you cannot watch videos or pay gems (5 gems) if the boost is currently running. Again, the daily rewards will allow you to earn some Speed Boosts every now and then, but your most common method of earning them may be the tool we shall be talking about below.

Last, but not the least, the Wheel allows you to earn a variety of rewards once you spin it — these include gems (from 3 to 12), speed boosts (good for an additional 200 to 500 seconds of double earnings), and Time Travel (120 to 400 seconds skipped ahead). You can get a free spin of the wheel by watching a video, or you can pay 5 gems in order to get one, and free spins are also among the daily rewards you can earn for logging in — that’s two free spins for Day 1, all the way up to six free spins for Day 10.

4. Keep On Tapping The Box And Watching Those Videos

While actively playing the game, you may find it difficult to stop playing and start idling. The reason behind this is the fact that several video opportunities will pop up while you’re playing — these are the boxes or crates that appear on the production floor and fly across the screen for several seconds.

idle assemble car power box

Now that’s something you will want to tap — tap on the “Power Box” and you will get to watch a 30-second advertisement video. After watching the clip, you will get one of several rewards — these may include extra spins at the wheel, Time Travel fast-forwards, free gems, and rocket boosts to multiply your earnings for longer.

Indeed, this is a game that relies a lot on video-watching in order for you to maximize your energy-earning potential. Fortunately, the game does offer a reward of sorts for those who diligently watch videos and insist on watching them whenever possible.

5. Complete Your Daily Tasks For Significant Time Travel Benefits

Given all the videos you have to watch, you may be wondering if there’s any endgame to it all — ad videos are typically short and sweet, but it can get tiring to watch the same ad over and over again (even with all the celebrities endorsing Coin Master), so there has to be some form of consolation for watching all those clips, right? We’d say it’s more than a consolation, because completing Daily Tasks is a great way of getting those all-important Time Travel boosters. And a lot of those tasks revolve around watching a certain number of videos.

idle assemble car daily tasks

Just as usual, these tasks are things you can do organically, but by tapping on the yellow calendar icon with a check on it (upper left corner, below the Store icon), you can view what those tasks are and have a good idea of what you need to achieve — these tasks will always be the same, however, and reset at 12 midnight local time.

So what exactly can you expect from task completion? Watching 5 videos gets you a 600-second Time Travel boost, and you can watch 10 for 750 seconds, 15 for 1,000 seconds, and 25 for 2,500 seconds. You can also earn Time Travel boosts for building components to reach the full level (as seen in the main menu) or upgrading skills to reach full level (as seen in Upgrades). Either way, Time Travel will always be the reward for your dailies, so this, in itself, makes this a great way to earn tons of Energy!

We do wish there were more, though, but the fact that they always stay the same (at least for now) makes it easy to focus on things and do what you could (while timing your upgrades and such) to complete the Daily Tasks within the given 24-hour time limit.

6. Evolution – When Should You Be Restarting Your Game?

Like your average idle clicker, Idle Assemble: Car allows players to “prestige,” which, for those who are not familiar with the genre, refers to the process of restarting your game from scratch and beginning once again from the very bottom, but with the additional perk of earning resources/currency faster and maintaining whatever purchases you had made. In this game, this process is known as “Evolution,” as shown in the leftmost button in the bar in the middle of the screen. How does this work and when is the best time to evolve?

idle assemble car evolution

We would suggest using the Evolution feature once you’ve completed work on the White Horse and the Frostrider and are past the midway point with the Daniel, with some work done on the Bat Car and the Continent. At this point, increasing production on certain components could reach 100 trillion per 100 units added, which means it may be best for you to start fresh and accumulate Energy faster, rather than wait several hours to collect your offline earnings, double them by watching an ad, and finding out that you barely have enough to increase production or upgrade the “skills” you want upgraded.

The multiplier that you see once you tap on the Evolution button will then be applied to the rate of energy produced per second on the upper right corner of the screen, so in the example we included, you will be earning 4.37 times more energy per second (before any and all upgrades) once you’ve restarted your game.

After evolving, everything will go back to how you started out in your first play through — only the Wild Horse will be unlocked, no parts are lined up for production, and none of your “skills” will be leveled up. Even Offline Production and Offline Time will be at 10 percent and 10 minutes respectively. You’ll even get a fresh set of 50 gems, regardless of how many gems you had when you evolved — this makes spending as many of your gems as possible before evolving a must before you hit that button.

It will only be the multiplier — which you would have gotten through patient upgrading, spending gems on Time Travel, and the like — that will be different, as you can expect your second playthrough to be faster than the first, your third to be faster than the second, and so on — just as the case should be in a good idle clicker title.

And that’s all you need to know to succeed in Idle Assemble: Car. If you happen to know any other tips or tricks for the game, feel free to drop us a line!


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